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Nikon Adds a Powerful New 14-30mm Ultra-Wide Zoom to Its Z-series Lens Lineup

For Nikon’s first foray into the full-frame digital mirrorless world, its new Z-series cameras have become worthy rivals to Sony’s A7 and A9 cams, sometimes even beating Sony at its own game when it comes capturing high-quality video.Read more...
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Nikon Z7 Review: A Worthy Mirrorless Contender, But Not a Sony Killer

Half a decade ago, a new kid named Sony made up a game called “full-frame mirrorless,” and has spent the last five years dunking on everybody else. At first, the cool kids thought this game was dumb and they were happy to let Sony play by itself. Then, as the game caught on, old veterans were suddenly scrambling to…Read more...
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Nikon Z7 hands-on preview

After years of hopeful speculation, Nikon has finally shown that it can do mirrorless right with the full-frame Z7 and its Z6 sibling. Can it hold up to Nikon’s DSLR pedigree? We take a first look. The post Nikon Z7 hands-on preview appeared first on Digital Trends.
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