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Report: One In Eight Museums Worldwide Won’t Reopen

According to ICOM, out of the 1,600 international museums that were surveyed, 13 percent reported that they had plans to close permanently, and another 19.2 percent said the future of their museums were uncertain. As for the museums that reported they would open their doors again, 83 percent said that they would reopen with reduced programming. – Travel and Leisure
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Minneapolis’s Walker Art Center Becomes First Major U.S. Museum To Stop Contracting Police For Events

“In an Instagram statement that explicitly mentioned the Black Lives Matter movement and Floyd’s death, the museum wrote, ‘The Walker will no longer contract the services of the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) for special events until the MPD implements meaningful change by demilitarizing training programs, holding officers accountable for the use of excessive force, and treating communities of color with dignity and respect. Enough is enough.'” – ARTnews
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As Big Museums Reopen In Europe, A Benefit: No Big Crowds

Now, at most 450 people at one time are allowed in the Uffizi’s many galleries, chock full of some of the art world’s greatest masterpieces. – Washington Post
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Tate Museums Say They Will Reopen In August With Fewer Visitors

French art institutions—including the Louvre, the Centre Pompidou, the Musée d’Orsay, and the Grand Palais—revealed this week that they are planning to welcome visitors again in June and July. Some museums in Germany and Italy, with the Haus der Kunst in Munich and Galleria Borghese in Rome among them, reopened in May. – ARTnews
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Akron Art Museum And Its Former Director Sued By Ex-Staffer

“Amanda Crowe, a museum employee who was laid off on March 30, filed a lawsuit in a county court against the institution and [ex-director Mark] Masuoka last week, alleging that she had been the victim of libel, defamation, and unlawful workplace retaliation.” – Artnet
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How Awful Was It To Work For Akron Art Museum’s Ex-Director? Let His Former Employees Tell You

“Carol Murphy, whom [former director Mark] Masuoka fired in 2015 as director of external affairs, painted him as a boss who was ‘quiet,’ ‘strange’ and ‘extremely introverted’ yet also paranoid and retaliatory.” Another ex-employee says, “I was told by coworkers that Mark would sit in empty cubes and listen to the staff talk throughout the day.” By early 2019, things had gotten so bad that a basement room had become the designated place for employees to go and cry. – Akron Beacon Journal
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The Extraordinary Art Of Christo and Jeanne-Claude

What he and Jeanne-Claude, his wife and collaborator, achieved was so different from the work of anyone else, and on such a huge scale—seventy-five hundred saffron-colored nylon “gates,” in Central Park; the Reichstag, in Berlin, and the Pont Neuf, in Paris, transformed by their cloth wrappings into monumental and sensuous sculptures—that it’s hard to believe it was also ephemeral. Each spectacle drew huge crowds for two weeks and then vanished forever, without a trace. – The New Yorker
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Confederate Monuments Are Coming Down Amid Protests

Monday evening, in three Southern states—Florida, Alabama, and Virginia—protesters toppled graffiti-covered statues celebrating the former Confederate government that fought to uphold the institution of slavery, as crowds cheered. – The Daily Beast
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Nelson-Atkins Museum Caught In Protests Controversy After Kansas City Police Use Its Grounds As Staging Area

This past Friday night, as the KCPD prepared to confront people demonstrating against police violence in Minneapolis and elsewhere, security guards on duty at the closed museum agreed to police requests to park squad cars there — and the Nelson-Atkins got some harsh criticism online when photos of those police cars hit social media. Museum director Julián Zugazagoitia says that when he found out about this after midnight, he asked the KCPD to vacate: “It is exactly the opposite of what the Nels...
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Taj Mahal Suffers Damage In Severe Thunderstorm

“A deadly thunderstorm that rolled across parts of northern India damaged sections of the Taj Mahal complex, including the main gate and a railing running below its five lofty domes, officials said Sunday.” No structural damage was reported to the main mausoleum building. – Yahoo! (AFP)
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Louvre Expects Attendance Will Be Down By 70% After Reopening

The Paris landmark, which had been the world’s most visited museum, opens its doors on July 6 following the coronavirus lockdown. But safety limitations have been placed on crowd flow, and France will continue to have travel restrictions in place; three-quarters of the Louvre’s ticket-buyers come from abroad. The museum’s director does not expect attendance to return to normal until 2023. – ARTnews
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Remembering Six Of Christo’s And Jeanne-Claude’s Best Projects

“In fact, they are very humble projects, very simple projects, but they need to be put together in an incredibly clever way,” Christo once told Artnet News. – Artnet
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Many Museums Across Europe Reopen

Some 1,600 people reserved tickets in advance to see the Sistine Chapel and its sublime walls and ceilings on the first day the Vatican Museums opened to the public after a three-month coronavirus shutdown. – Washington Post (AP)
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Building A Sanctuary For Culture Lovers

April Gornik and Eric Fischl want to make the Sag Harbor Methodist Church into a community arts center … whenever people can gather again. Fischl: “We have to stop thinking about art as art. We have to start thinking about how the Church can bring creativity to the community on a larger scale.” – The New York Times
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Artists Paint Mural Of George Floyd Near Where He Died

Five artists finished the mural in 12 hours last week after the officers involved in George Floyd’s death weren’t all four arrested and charged with a crime. “The mural has quickly become a memorial site for locals, who come to honor Floyd and mourn his death.” – Hyperallergic
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The Chicken Church Of Java

The power of one man’s divine vision … and the internet. – The Guardian (UK)
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So Here’s The Sotheby’s Plan: One Auctioneer And A Lot Of Screens

This is the scintillating way auctions will happen this summer (and perhaps beyond, of course): “The Sotheby’s auctioneer, Oliver Barker, will be live, by video, in London, looking at screens showing his associates live in New York, Hong Kong and elsewhere, who will be on the phone with live bidders all over the world.” – The New York Times
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How Covid-19 Will Reshape Building Design, According To Architects

In short: “COVID-19 is likely to reshape the ways in which today’s architects design houses and offices, transit hubs and medical facilities. It will have architects reaching for new technologies and reintroducing old ones — say, a little less air conditioning and a lot more cross ventilation.” – Los Angeles Times
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Why Did The Guggenheim Decommission A Donald Judd?

The work is part of the controversial Panza Collection. “In the mid-‘70s Panza acquired from Judd a paper ‘certificate’ for an unconstructed work known as Untitled [Seven plywood boxes: open back] (1972–73). That document contained a rough sketch and dimensions for instantiating the work — a series of large, open, plywood cubes. When Panza later had the work made in Milan in 1976, based on the certificate and other more detailed instructional papers, Judd raised concerns.” – Hyperallergic
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When Art Became “The Show”

Today the more relevant split is the more recent one between modern and contemporary fields (the latter has no exact date of origin—1968, 1980, 1989?), which is a schism less between the university and the museum than between scholarly curators and flashy exhibition-makers. This split was opened up when the 20th-century art museum was penetrated by the culture industry, and it was deepened when the contemporary art world expanded into the global business of art biennials and fairs. With the fir...
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Why We Need To Rethink The Art Blockbuster

Over the years, the blockbuster has been frequently called into question, and with good reason. Do these shows really serve our audiences or do they just pander to the crowd in order to attract large numbers of visitors? – The Art Newspaper
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Coming In 2022: A Virtual Reality Biennial, Curated By An AI Program

“That’s right: the chief curator of the 2022 Bucharest Biennial is Jarvis, an artificial intelligence program in development from the Vienna-based studio Spinnwerk. … Jarvis will ‘use deep learning in order to learn by itself from databases from universities, galleries, or art centers’ and select works that fit the chosen theme, Spinnwerk founder Razvan Ion [said]. … Instead of a traditional in-person exhibition, the show will take place in virtual reality, meaning that it will be accessible to...
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Artists, Don’t Worry That The AI Robots Are Coming To Replace You

Ahmed Elgammal, director of the Art and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at Rutgers: “Can an artificially intelligent machine be an artist in its own right? My answer is no. While the definition of art is ever-evolving, at its core it is a form of communication among humans. Without a human artist behind the machine, A.I. can do little more than play with form, whether that means manipulating pixels on a screen or notes on a musical ledger.” – The New York Times
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How The Blanton Museum Repurposed Its Staff And Avoided Layoffs

The maintenance man stopped worrying about paint touchups and HVAC repair and started assisting the development department by drafting thank you notes for donors, making use of his beautiful handwriting. Security guards were redeployed to add “alt text,” or descriptions for the visually impaired, to images on the museum website. Art handlers and event planners have been doing collection research about the museum’s lesser-known artists. – Artnet
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How To Fence That Van Gogh You Stole

Arthur Brand estimates that a work of art in the criminal underworld is worth about 10 percent of its value in the legitimate art market — so if a painting might sell for $10 million at auction, it can be traded among criminals for a value of about $1 million. Octave Durham said the value is even lower than that — about 2.5 to 5 percent of market value. – The New York Times
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How To Reopen Your Museum? Here’s What To Think About

The prospect of reopening under the current circumstances also raises vexing strategic dilemmas. In recent years, museums have developed a sophisticated understanding of the many barriers to entry they inadvertently create, and how to overcome them, in order to pursue agendas informed by equity and social justice. No one wishes to raise additional barriers now. But visiting museums will inevitably become more difficult, not less, for the foreseeable future, and this will affect some visitors mo...
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‘Perfectly Preserved’ Roman Mosaic Floor Uncovered Near Verona

“Archaeologists were astonished by the find as it came almost a century after the remains of a villa, believed to date to the 3rd century AD, were unearthed in a hilly area above the town of Negrar di Valpolicella.” – The Guardian
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Philadelphia Museum Of Art Staffers Make Official Request To Unionize

At least two-thirds of eligible employees have signed authorization cards to request that the National Labor Relations Board oversee a union election, according to organizers. The union at the museum would be affiliated with AFSCME District Council 47, which “currently represents most white-collar employees of the city, including workers at the Free Library of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Zoo, [as well as] workers at several museums around the country.” – The Philadelphia Inquirer
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Guy In Hazmat Suit Tries To Steal Painting That Banksy Gave To Hospital

The piece, titled Game Changer and showing a boy leaving his other superhero action figures behind for one of a nurse, had been in Southampton General Hospital in England for all of two days when a man wearing a protective coverall and carrying a cordless drill was caught walking past the painting five or more times, “clearly having a good look.” – Artnet
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Italian Museums Reopen: A Survey Of How They’re Doing It

As museums begin to reopen, many are requiring visitors to book tickets in advance, wear masks, use hand sanitizer upon entering or undergo temperature checks, according to Fortune. In Munich, the Bavarian State Painting Collections’ museums are limiting the number of visitors to one person per roughly 215 square feet, reports CNN’s Karina Tsui. At the Giacometti Institute in Paris, meanwhile, just ten people are allowed in every ten minutes, and public bathrooms remain closed. – Smithsonian ...
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