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Bringing Maine researchers together to identify solutions to opioid epidemic in Maine

The MDI Biological Laboratory and the University of New England are bringing Maine researchers together to discuss how they can collaborate to identify solutions to the opioid epidemic in Maine.
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Paleontologists found a new species of dinosaur, and it’s just a little fella

Finding the scant remains of dinosaurs that roamed the Earth tens of millions of years ago obviously isn't easy. Finding the remains of entirely new dinosaurs that nobody even knew existed? That's even harder still, but researchers in Victoria, Australia did just that, and the newly documented herbivore would probably have been pretty adorable to see in person.As detailed in a new report in the Journal of Paleontology, Galleonosaurus dorisae was a small plant eater that stomped around pr...
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Opal-Filled Fossils Reveal Timid, Dog-Size Dinosaur That Lived Down Under

When Mike Poben, an opal buyer and and fossil fanatic, bought a bucket of opal from an Australian mine, he was surprised to find to find what looked like an ancient tooth in the pile. Later, he also found a fossilized jaw piece -- one that was shiny and glistening with opal. After showing the two opalized specimens to paleontologists in 2014, Poben learned that they were part of a previously unknown dog-size dinosaur species, a new study finds. This dino lived about 100 million years ago in Au...
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United States: New England Journal Of Higher Education Publishes "Support Responsibilities In An Age Of Campus Suicide" - Bowditch & Dewey

In 2004, then-University of New England President Sandra Featherman authored a piece for NEJHE (then called Connection) headlined "Emotional Rescue" and focusing on how a new generation
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United States: New England Journal Of Higher Education Publishes "Support Responsibilities In An Age Of Campus Suicide - Bowditch & Dewey

In 2004, then-University of New England President Sandra Featherman authored a piece for NEJHE (then called Connection) headlined "Emotional Rescue"
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Ex-UConn dean to lead University of New England pharm school

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — The former dean of the University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy has been tapped to take over as dean of a pharmacy school in Maine. The University of New England says Robert McCarthy will start his new position as dean of the University of New England College of Pharmacy on Aug. […]
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University plans new graduate degree in ocean food systems

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — A private university in Maine is launching a graduate program about ocean food systems as part of a new institute designed to foster partnerships between Maine and the North Atlantic and Nordic states. University of New England says the program will be one of the first at UNE NORTH: The Institute […]
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NYITCOM at A-State professor lends anatomy expertise to solve ancient mystery

Scientists have long wondered why the physical traits of Neanderthals, the ancestors of modern humans, differ greatly from today's man. Now, a research team led by a professor at the University of New England in Australia, with the aid of an anatomy and fluid dynamics expert at NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine at Arkansas State University (NYITCOM at A-State), may have the answer.
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Maine university getting more than $1M for seaweed-to-energy

BIDDEFORD, Maine (AP) — A Maine university is receiving more than $1.3 million in federal money to develop methods for the U.S. to become a leader at utilizing seaweed for uses such as energy. The U.S. Department of Energy is giving the money to the University of New England over three years. The award is […]
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Yelp! 18 kelp wheps get $22M in ARPA-E help

Yes, ARPA-E has unveiled its latest moonshot and is investing $22M in Macroalgae Research Inspiring Novel Energy Resources — also known as MARINER. The projects that comprise ARPA-E’s Macroalgae Research Inspiring Novel Energy Resources (MARINER) program seek to develop the critical tools to allow the United States to grow into a world leader in the production of marine biomass. Presently, macroalgae, or seaweed, is primarily used directly as food for human consumption, but there is a growing o...
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Anthony Albanese says parties should stop using negativity to win elections

Labor frontbencher decries instability prompted by leadership changes and the frenetic pace of the 24/7 media cycleAnthony Albanese says progressives need to stop wringing their hands about the age of disruption in politics but instead celebrate their achievements, and avoid deploying short-term negativity as a strategy for getting into government.The Labor frontbencher has used the annual Earle Page lecture at the University of New England to repeat his post-budget commentary about the importan...
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Morocco: George Mitchell to visit UNE's Tangier Global Forum To Present "Is Peace Possible in the Middle East?"

[allAfrica] Tangier, Morocco -- The University of New England's Tangier Global Forum will cap its spring lecture series with a visit from former U.S. Senator George J. Mitchell. A global luminary, who authored the agreement that brought peace to Northern Ireland in 1998 and served as President Obama's special envoy to the Arab-Israeli peace process from 2009 to 2011, Mitchell will present a lecture titled "Is Peace Possible in the Middle East?"
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Why is China so quiet in negotiations about fisheries in the central Arctic Ocean?

China's capacity to participate in Arctic affairs is still weak. Anna Filipova/Reuters Nengye Liu, University of New England China has become more active in global governance issues. Its involvement in new regulations about the changing environment of the Arctic is no exception. Arctic ice is melting at an alarming rate; according to a recent report from NASA, the Arctic has lost almost 95% of its older ice cover since 1984. Due to this loss and other impacts of climate change, the marine eco...
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Emergency Department Workers Face High Stress, Burnout

(Reuters Health) – - Emergency department workers face high job stress, but there is little effort to relieve their suffering, researchers say. A review of past research on doctors, nurses and other staff in emergency departments (ED) found plenty of sources of stress, but only a handful of studies on interventions to offset the constant strain. “Emergency department staff experience high volumes of work, and have to make quick decisions under pressure which carry a significant burden of respon...
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Chris Sharpley: the professor who went back to university at 60

Who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks? Belinda Smith chatted to the University of New England neuroscientist about his academic journey.
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Stephen McCormick: a mathematician who nearly failed maths

Angus Bezzina found out how the University of New England mathematician got his start – and who inspires him today.
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Hibernating pygmy-possums can sense danger even while dormant

What happens to hibernating or torpid animals when a bushfire rages? Are they able to sense danger and wake up from their energy-saving sleep to move to safety? Yes, says Julia Nowack of the University of New England in Australia, lead author of a study in Springer's journal The Science of Nature about the reaction of pygmy-possums in such instances. The study is the first to investigate in detail the physical response of hibernating animals to smoke and fire.
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Scientists used high tech ultrasound imaging to study tiger shark reproduction

Researchers from the University of Miami's Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science and the University of New England used the same ultrasound imaging technology used by medical professionals on pregnant women to study the reproductive biology of female tiger sharks. The study offers marine biologists a new technique to investigate the reproductive organs and determine the presence of embryos in sharks without having to sacrifice the animal first, which was commonly done in the past.
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Dino Down Under Sported Claws the Size of Kitchen Knives

The largest meat-eating dinosaur ever discovered in Australia had sickle-shaped claws the size of chef's knives, a daunting feature that likely made up for its fairly delicate jaws and small teeth, a new study finds. The dinosaur's 10-inch-long (25 centimeters) claws likely helped it hunt, said study lead researcher Phil Bell, a lecturer of paleontology at the University of New England in Australia. "They didn't have skulls like T. rex, which could crush bones with their incredible b...
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