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Google’s co-lead of Ethical AI team says she was fired for sending an email (techcrunch)

Timnit Gebru, a leading researcher and voice in the field of ethics and artificial intelligence, says Google fired her for an email she sent to her direct reports.  According to Gebru, Google fired her because of an email she sent to subordinates that the company said reflected “behavior that is inconsistent with the expectations of a Google manager.” Gebru, the co-leader of Google Ethical Artificial Intelligence team, took to Twitter last night, shortly after the National Labor Relations Board ...
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Insider Retail: Black Friday is not dead after all, the McRib makes a triumphant return, and Arcadia Group becomes latest pandemic victim

When that hotline bling, that can only mean one thing. Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for The h.wood Group Hello, happy Friday!Have you ever wondered what Drake smells like? While I personally can't say I have (no shade to Drake, I enjoy his music even if he will always be Jimmy from "Degrassi" in my heart), you can now buy an $80 candle that smells just like the rapper. The already sold-out candle, called "Carby Musk," is named after perfumer Michael Carby who developed Drake's signature sce...
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Tennessee senator slurs China for cheating and stealing, and top Chinese journalist calls her a 'lifetime b----'

Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in Washington DC on November 10, 2020. Susan Walsh/Pool/AP Photos Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn has been called a 'lifetime bitch' by a top Chinese journalist after insulting 5,000 years of Chinese history.  The exchange took place on Twitter and began with Blackburn thanking President Trump for blocking the import of cotton produced by the forced labor of China's Uighur ethnic minority. Chen Weih...
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Detained former Saudi crown prince at risk after social media attack, say lawyers

Exclusive: YouTube asked to remove video claiming Mohammed bin Nayef plotted to bring down current regimeMohammed bin Nayef – the detained former Saudi crown prince and interior minister – has been the victim of a sustained and coordinated attack from inside Saudi Arabia on social media that risks endangering his personal safety, lawyers acting for him have warned.The lawyers have written to YouTube demanding it take down a video, saying the content claiming he had been plotting to bring down Cr...
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Twitter Ends Threaded Conversations Tests After Negative User Feedback

This year, Twitter has been testing threaded replies for some iOS and web users, with the aim of making it easier to see how conversations evolve. However, it turns out the new-look, Reddit-style replies were actually more confusing for users of the typical conversation interface, and the company has decided to roll back the changes. Those who trialed the new layout for replies saw lines and indentations that were supposed to make it clearer who is talking to whom and to fit more of the conve...
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United States: Reply Evidence Sufficient To Establish Printed Publication Status Of Reference - Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP

In doing so, the Federal Circuit explained that the PTAB properly considered evidence submitted by Twitter in its reply brief that was not previously submitted in Twitter's IPR petitions.
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'What did you do?': Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez clashes with Marco Rubio on Twitter over PPP loan data

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). Mario Tama/Getty Images Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's tweeted about Project Veritas' high PPP loan and the inequities of government relief during the pandemic, calling it "Republicanism in a nutshell." Sen. Marco Rubio told Ocasio-Cortez to "work more, tweet less." Ocasio-Cortez responded with a list of the district and federal initiatives she took part in this week and asked Rubio, "What did you do?" Visit Business Insider's homepage for more storie...
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Twitter Shelves Threaded Replies And Beta App

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Twitter finally shuts down its abandoned prototype app twttr

Twitter is shutting down its experimental app twttr, which the company had used publicly prototype new features back in 2019. The app was first introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2019, then launched to testers that March. Its primary focus had been on trying out new designs for threaded conversations, including things like how to branch replies, apply labels and color-code responses, among other things. Some of those tests eventually turned into Twitter features and the twttr...
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Google’s co-lead of Ethical AI team says she was fired for sending an email

Timnit Gebru, a leading researcher and voice in the field of ethics and artificial intelligence, says Google fired her for an email she sent to her direct reports.  According to Gebru, Google fired her because of an email she sent to subordinates that the company said reflected “behavior that is inconsistent with the expectations of a Google manager.” Gebru, the co-leader of Google Ethical Artificial Intelligence team, took to Twitter last night, shortly after the National Labor Relations Board ...
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Influencers say a talent-management firm took $299 'deposits' up front but failed to deliver on promises and didn't refund them

IQ Advantage; Samantha Lee/Business Insider Hi, this is Amanda Perelli and welcome back to Insider Influencers, our weekly rundown on the influencer and creator economy. Sign up for the newsletter here.When looking for a talent manager as an influencer, there's a lot to watch out for. And there are some red flags influencers should be wary of.My colleague Sydney Bradley reported this week that the management firm IQ Advantage took $299 "deposits" up front from influencers and promised to h...
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Reflecting on Tony Hsieh's Death

I've been disconnected from my old world for awhile now...the one where my identity revolved around being "a connector" among and amidst technology entrepreneurs. It was the world of start-ups, the world of venture capital , the world of creators and engineers and a world predominantly led by men. It was a world where I never truly felt like I belonged, despite having many positive experiences and magical moments along the way . I always felt like a circle that didn't fit into the ...
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A recursive tweet that links to itself

That tweet above doesn't look very remarkable, but what it's doing is super weird and fun — it is retweeting a link to itself. How was this possible? Through a bunch of very clever detective work by Oisín Moran. — Read the rest
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Twitter Tweaks Its Annual Best Brand Tweets List to Reflect a Tough 2020

This year, Twitter took a different approach to #BestOfTweets2020, its annual nod to brands that use its platform in the most creative ways throughout the year, mainly because 2020 was such a different year. Instead, the platform updated the categories to include more relevant criteria befitting of 2020--for instance, swapping the best brand launch category...
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Attorney General KK Venugopal consents to contempt proceedings against cartoonist who criticised Supreme Court

We missed this earlier: The Attorney General of India, KK Venugopal, granted consent for proceedings to be initiated against Rachita Taneja, an artist who runs the Twitter handle @sanitarypanels, for allegedly being in contempt of the Supreme Court. This was first reported by Bar and Bench. Venugopal was replying to a letter sent by an Aditya Kashyap, a law student from Punjab’s Rajiv Gandhi National Law University, who had taken offence to a cartoon Taneja had shared. Taneja’s cartoon showed ru...
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The EPA Just Joined Parler and It's Going How You'd Expect

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency received the distinguished honor of becoming the first federal agency to join Parler on Monday, and the welcome the account is getting from the users of a right-wing social media platform that bills itself as a “free speech” alternative to Twitter is pretty much exactly what…Read more...
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Trump’s odd new attack on Section 230 is probably doomed

Trump’s crusade against a key internet law known as Section 230 tends to pop up in unlikely places. His Twitter feed on Thanksgiving, for one. Or at times you’d think the nation would be hearing from its leader on the matter at hand: a worsening pandemic that’s killed nearly 270,000 people in the United States. His latest threat to the law, which is widely regarded as the foundation for the modern internet, is unlikelier still. Now, Trump wants to veto the National Defense Authorization Act (NDA...
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'She's smart as hell': Biden stands by OMB director nominee Neera Tanden amid outcry from conservatives and progressives

Neera Tanden. Paul Morigi/Getty Images President-elect Joe Biden stood by Neera Tanden, his nominee for director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, during an interview with The New York Times. "I think they're going to pick a couple of people just to fight [over] no matter what," Biden said of Senate Republicans. Tanden's nomination has attracted increased resistance from Republicans, along with progressive activists that she clashed with during the 2016 Democratic preside...
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How to report a fleet on Twitter if it violates the platform's community guidelines

Twitter lets you report fleets that contain harmful content. Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images You can report a fleet on Twitter, just like you can with a tweet, if it contains offensive or graphic content. Fleets, Twitter's latest feature, allows users can post ephemeral images, videos, and text.  Visit Business Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. The latest feature from Twitter, Fleets, allows users to post story-like videos, images, and tweets that disappear in 24 hours. Reporti...
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Twitter now supports hardware security keys for iPhones and Android

Twitter said Wednesday that accounts protected with a hardware security key can now log in from their iPhone or Android device. The social media giant rolled out support for hardware security keys in 2018, allowing users to add a physical security barrier to their accounts in place of other two-factor authentication options, like a text message or a code generated from an app. Security keys are small enough to fit on a keyring but make certain kinds of account hacks near impossible by requiring ...
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Neera Tanden is being treated unfairly

Branding Joe Biden's nominee for the Office of Management and Budget a Twitter meanie whose online sparring makes her unfit for duty is hypocritical and dishonest, writes Jill Filipovic, coming as it does from some of the rudest people on Twitter, and others who have thrown their support behind the most famous Twitter abuser of them all.
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Rian Johnson Almost Used Anakin’s Force Ghost in The Last Jedi

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Rian Johnson Says He Contemplated Using Anakin’s Force Ghost in The Last Jedi Star Wars: The Last Jedi came out nearly three years ago this month, but that hasn’t stopped its director Rian Johnson from conversing about the film with fans. Recently, the director took to Twitter and shared an interesting nugget: the scene in which Yoda’s force ghost appears and advises Luke Skywalker was at one point going to feature Anakin’s force ghost instead. Check out the exchange via ...
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Trump Claims He’ll Veto Defense Spending Bill Unless Congress Repeals Legal Shield for Social Media Companies

President Trump, upset that Twitter and Facebook have been fact-checking his conspiracy theories alleging widespread fraud in the 2020 election, is attempting to strong-arm Congress into rolling back legal protections for social media companies by threatening to veto a $740 billion defense spending bill. Trump, with less than two months remaining in office before he’s […]
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In a first, Twitter flags BJP IT cell head’s tweet on farmers protest as ‘manipulated media’

Twitter has flagged a tweet by BJP’s IT cell head Amit Malviya on the ongoing farmers’ protest as ‘manipulated media’ — an audio-visual piece of content which has been “significantly and deceptively altered or fabricated”. This is perhaps the first instance when Twitter has applied this label to an Indian user’s tweet, ever since it rolled out its policy on dealing with manipulated media in February this year. Apart from Malviya’s tweet, Twitter also flagged the same video shared by conservative...
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Longtime investor and operator Adam Nash says he just launched a new fintech startup

Adam Nash, a Silicon Valley-born-and-bred operator and investor, is back at it again. Today, on his personal blog, he announced that he has started a consumer fintech company that has already garnered initial funding from Ribbit Capital, along with other “friends and angels” who appear to have also pitched into the round, including Box CEO Aaron Levie, Mighty Networks founder Gina Bianchini, Superhuman founder Rahul Vohra, and Amy Chang, who sold her startup Accompany to Cisco in 2018. Nash d...
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China's fake photo of Australian soldier harming child is part of 'dirty game,' Australian special forces soldier says

The image posted on a Chinese government official's Twitter account. @zlj517/Twitter A fabricated image of an Australian soldier harming an Afghan child, published on Twitter by a Chinese official, drew fierce backlash from Australia. China has doubled down on the photo, and an Australian special forces soldier who completed multiple combat tours in Afghanistan told Insider that it was part of a "dirty game." "It looks like they're trying to tarnish us for different transgressions," he...
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trusted spaces

In my PKM workshops we discuss the differences between communities and networks. This includes the dark sides of communities as well as the constant doubt and outrage on social media. My general advice is to seek diverse perspectives in social networks but to seek more private, trusted communities for deeper conversations and understanding. I use Twitter to show how to seek new ideas and opinions by selecting who to follow to create human knowledge filters. The list feature on Twitter is useful ...
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How to share a fleet in a tweet on Twitter's mobile app

It's easy to tweet out (certain) fleets you've made on Twitter. Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images You can share a Twitter fleet as a tweet, but only if you were the creator of the original fleet. Twitter's fleets feature allows users to share ephemeral images, video, text, and share tweets. To share a fleet as a tweet, your fleet has to be a still image or text-based fleet; it can't be a video.  The fleets feature is currently only available within the Twitter mobile app.  Vis...
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Escape to the Country star Nick Chapman reveals how her day has been a 'fail' - and we can relate!

Escape to the Country star Nicki Chapman took to Twitter to discuss how she had already...
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"Catturd" is trending on Twitter because the President of the United States is retweeting someone who calls himself Catturd.

I was thinking those claims of voter fraud looked pretty sketchy but then I read this tweet by Twitter user "Catturd" which was retweeted by the President of the United States and I have to say it made me think— Patterico (@Patterico) December 1, 2020 There are at least 2 other Catturd retweets in Trump's Twitter feed. I do see that there's a way to claim that this is a deviously clever move.... It does cause his antagonists to retweet his retweeting... It's the firs...
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