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‘He Came, Fired, Then He Walked Out Normally.’ Survivors of ‘Right-Wing’ German Shooter’s Attacks Speak Out

(HANAU, Germany) — Piter Minnemann and his friends were eating when they heard shots fired outside the door of the snack bar in Hanau where they had gathered. Minnemann, 18, recalled that he had just got his pizza when the first shots were heard at the Arena Bar. It was the second site targeted in Wednesday night’s shooting of nine people by a German man who had posted an online rant calling for the “complete extermination” of many “races or cultures in our midst.” “We thought it was a blan...
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Violence In Syria Stokes Fears Of A Coming ‘Bloodbath.’ Will Trump Act?

Nearly a decade into a conflict defined by mass carnage and war crimes, Syria is suffering through what may be the worst humanitarian crisis in its blood-soaked civil war. For months, the Syrian military, backed by Russian air strikes, has been trying to wrest control of the northern territory of Idlib, the last province held by opposition forces. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has documented the death of 1,964 civilians there over the last year, as daily bombing runs have blown ap...
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Copley’s $3.4 Million Winter 2020 Sale Is One For The Record Books

Copley’s $3.4 Million Winter 2020 Sale Is One For The Record Books CHARLESTON, SC – -( Copley Fine Art Auctions, LLC ( ), the nation’s premier decoy and sporting art auction house set a company record for one of their Winter Sales realizing $3.4 million in total sales. The February 15th auction was held in conjunction with the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition (SEWE) at the Charleston Marriott in South Carolina. There was a frenzy of over 900 bidders participating f...
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The entrance to a Minneapolis museum has been covered with 2,400 life jackets that refugees once wore

"Safe Passage" by Ai Weiwei features life jackets worn by refugees making the journey from Turkey to Greece. Minnesota has the highest number of refugees per capita of any state in the US.
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'We have nothing left': displaced Syrians wait out war in Idlib

With the closed Turkish border behind them and Russian-backed forces at the horizon, Syrians have nowhere left to runHemmed against a border wall in Somme-like mud and misery, more than 1 million Syrians are awaiting their fate. Nearby, Iranian-backed militias and what remains of the national army are advancing towards them, as Russian jets pick them off in the crowded fields and ruined towns that are all that is left of opposition-held Syria.Convoys of the Turkish military, a protector of the d...
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Displaced Syrians From Idlib Province Set Up Tent Camps Near Turkey's Border

The stories come out in fragmented voice messages from Syria's Idlib province — people are leaving the area to escape the onslaught that's killed more than a thousand and displaced one million.
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Turkey: "Should We Comply?" - The Right Question Is: "Does It Apply?" - Esin Attorney Partnership

European Data Protection Board ("EDPB") recently published the Guidelines on Territorial Scope of the GDPR ("Guidelines") as adopted after public consultation.
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Don't Forget That in 2019, Turkey Threatened to Close a U.S. Base That Hosts Nuclear Bombs

A big deal.
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Will Turkey Drag America Into a ‘World War III Scenario’ With Russia?

The U.S. military is cautious about the role it is playing in Syria while the State Department is eager to step in and help Turkey as it tussles with Russia.
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Germany's immigrant community in Hanau reeling after attack

In the German town of Hanau, a longtime immigrant destination with decades of coexistence between people of different origins, residents were left with the fear Thursday that their community was targeted after a gunman shot and killed nine people of foreign background. Residents shook their heads at a level of violence that is rare in Germany, and wondered at the degree of anti-foreigner hatred expressed by the attack in a place where Turks and ethnic Kurds patronize the same hookah bars, and w...
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2 Turkish Soldiers Killed by Airstrike in Syria: Officials

(ANKARA, Turkey) — Two Turkish soldiers were killed Thursday by an airstrike in northwestern Syria, according to Turkey’s Defense Ministry, following a large-scale attack by Ankara-backed opposition forces that targeted Syrian government troops. The deaths brought to 15 the number of Turkish soldiers killed in clashes this month amid a crushing offensive by Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces aimed at recapturing opposition-held areas in northwestern Syria’s Idlib province. Intent on hal...
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Turkey to ditch tourist visas for BritsTurkey to ditch tourist visas for Brits

Move expected to entice a new crop of holidaymakers
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Chairman’s Note * Cayman Islands – Universal New Certified Location / No More “Island Time!”

My Dear Friends and Colleagues, Have you ever wished your FBO Ground Service Handling experience in the Cayman Islands matched the beauty of this charming country?   Has the dreaded “Island Time” response levels of service providers, and mismanagement of Slots and Parking marred a previous trips, caused delays, diversions, cancellations, or even caused you to reconsider operating to the country? After many years looking for the right partner, I’m excited to announce that th...
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Turkey: Turkish Revenue Administration Directorate's Fresh Ruling: How To Pay "Which" Tax Through "Which" Bank? - Aksan Law Firm

The exception ensures taxpayers to process their above-mentioned tax payments via private bank accounts only if they conduct the relevant payment operation with a credit card.
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Turkey to abolish visas for UK visitors from next month

At present UK visitors must pay £27 for an e-visa [Author: Simon Calder]
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Turkey: Bankacılık Kanunu'nda Değişiklik Teklifine İlişkin Bilgi Notu - MGC Legal

İlgili Kanun Teklif'i, dünya genelindeki koşullar ve ülkenin konjonktürel yapısı neticesinde bir takım yenilikler getirmektedir.
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Turkey: Information Note On The Pending Amendment Proposal In Banking Law - MGC Legal

With a view to ensure harmonization and compliance with prevailing international standards and best practices across the financial sector.
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Turkey: Sermaye Piyasası Kanunu'ndaki Yenilikler: Teminat Yöneticisi, Borçlanma Aracı Sahipleri Kurulu, Proje Tahvilleri - Esin Attorney Partnership

6362 Sayılı Sermaye Piyasası Kanunu'nda ("Kanun") değişiklik yapılmasına dair kanun teklifi, 6 Şubat 2020 tarihinde Türkiye Büyük Millet Meclisi'ne sunuldu.
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Turkey: Innovations In The Turkish Capital Markets Law: Security Agent, Bondholders Meetings, Project Bonds - Esin Attorney Partnership

The Proposed Amendments to the Capital Markets Law No. 6362 (the "Law") was introduced for discussion to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey on February 6, 2020.
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Turkey: 7101 sayili icra ve iflâs kanunu ve bazi kanunlarda değişiklik yapilmasi hakkinda kanun sonrasi konkordato kurumu - ADMD

Cebri bir sulh anlaşması olan konkordato kurumunun uygulama alanı genişletilirken iflas ertelemesi kurumu kaldırılmıştır.
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Turkey: Effects Of The Law No. 7101 On The Amendments In Enforcement And Bankruptcy Law And Certain Laws On The Institution Of Concordat - ADMD

While the postponement of bankruptcy is abolished, the application of concordat as a compulsory peaceful agreement is rendered more applicable.
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Russia warns Turkey, blocks UN bid to end Syria bloodshed

Russia on Wednesday warned Turkey against intervening in Syria as it blocked a UN bid to end the Damascus regime's brutal assault on the last rebel enclave. Syrian aid workers called urgently for a ceasefire and international help for nearly a million people fleeing the regime onslaught in the country's northwestern Idlib province -- the biggest wave of displaced civilians in the nine-year conflict. Turkey, supporter of some rebel groups in Idlib, has been pushing for a renewed ceasefire in ta...
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Solo Female Travel in Turkey — Is Turkey Safe?

Is it safe for a woman to travel alone in Turkey? With the right preparation and research, absolutely. While I’ve done a lot of solo female travel in Turkey, I’m not an expert — that’s my friend Katie Nadworny, who has been living in Istanbul since 2013 and has traveled Turkey more extensively than anyone I’ve ever met. I love Turkey. The jagged landscapes, the steam-filled hamams, the warm hospitality, the blue Mediterranean, the endless tulip-shaped cups of tea. I wish more people realized ...
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Turkey and Russia exchange warnings against operation in Syria

Turkey and Russia exchanged warnings on Wednesday after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened an "imminent" operation in Syria to end the regime's brutal assault on the last rebel enclave.
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Russia warns against Turkey operation in Syria

Turkey and Russia exchanged warnings on Wednesday after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened an "imminent" operation in Syria to end the regime's brutal assault on the last rebel enclave. The UN envoy to Syria warned the war-torn country was facing "an imminent danger of further escalation" after the key players traded threats. Syrian aid workers called urgently for a ceasefire and international help for nearly a million people fleeing the regime onslaught in the country's northwestern Id...
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Turkey is now basically at war with Syria, thanks to Russian bombing that is driving 1 million refugees toward Europe

The fighting threatens to send 1 million refugees into Turkey, which has already taken in nearly four million since the Syrian war began.
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In northern Syria, currency switch shows Turkey's influence

Last month Hussam Shamo, a baker in northern Syria, stopped selling his bread in Syrian pounds after the latest slump in the currency forced him to push up prices yet again.
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Syria war: Turkish operation in Idlib ‘only a matter of time’

Turkey's leader warns Syria over its large-scale offensive against rebels in the northern province.
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Turkey: Turkish Appeal Court Rules In Cow Trade Mark Case - Gun + Partners

In a case concerning trade mark and copyright law, the Turkish Court of Appeal has ruled that the use of a figure intensively cannot prevent the use of similar figures, ...
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Prosecutors in Turkey seek detention of activist Osman Kavala hours after his Gezi Park acquittal

Public prosecutors in Turkey issued an order seeking the continued detention of businessman and philanthropist Osman Kavala on Tuesday, just hours after a court acquitted him and eight other defendants over the 2013 protests in Istanbul's Gezi Park.
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