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Fight at the Trevi Fountain in Rome

When you throw a coin over your shoulder into the Trevi Fountain, it’s supposed to ensure that you will return to Rome. But there are some tourists Rome would like to never see again. On Friday evening, two women competing for the best selfie spot in front of the fountain set off a fight between their respective families. A 19-year-old Dutch woman and a 44-year-old Italian-American woman were pulling hair and shoving each other over the dispute before their relatives got involved. Soon, a ma...
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Tourist families feud over selfie spot at Rome's Trevi Fountain

An American woman (44) and a Dutch womman (19) started fighting over a prime selfie spot at Rome's Trevi Fountain. Their families sooned joined the melee, battering and screaming at one another in outraged indignation. Police intervened but as you can see in this video, were unable to control the louts. From the KOOT NITI news channel: Eight people were reportedly charged over violence that involved minor bruising. This came days after officials announced plans to make tourists walk past th...
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Selfie violence and illegal bathing at Rome's Trevi Fountain

A recent clash over selfies in front of Rome's Trevi Fountain turned into an eight-person brawl, while two other tourists were later fined for illegal bathing
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Two families got in a fight in Rome over the perfect place for a selfie

What’s the best way to ensure that you’ll get the perfect selfie at a famous landmark? Well, smack whoever tries to take that ideal spot you picked! Of course, I’m not being serious here, but two women at Trevi Fountain in Rome actually got into a fight over a selfie. And what’s more, even their […] The post Two families got in a fight in Rome over the perfect place for a selfie appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Tourists Vying for Perfect Selfie Spot Brawl at Rome's Trevi Fountain

Imagine standing before an iconic piece of Baroque architecture—and starting a giant fight. That’s effectively what happened earlier this month at the Trevi Fountain in Rome, where a 44-year-old American woman and a 19-year-old Dutch woman got into a violent argument over the best selfie spot.Read more...
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Travel News: August 13, 2018

DoubleTree by Hilton Appoints Chief Cookie Officer Travel Pulse In the business world, there are CEOs, CFOs and CMOs. And now, DoubleTree by Hilton is adding the title CCO to that roster. As in…Chief Cookie Officer. Yes, you read that right. Not Chief Communications Officer, but rather, Chief Cookie Officer. The new position, announced in conjunction with the recent National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, will be filled by Chef Roger Maune. He will be the first Chief Cookie Officer in the hotel bra...
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8 tourists brawl at Rome’s Trevi Fountain over selfie spot (Thanks to John Lobert)
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Tourists could be made to file past Rome's Trevi Fountain on one-way route in bid to control overcrowding

Tourists could be made to file past the Trevi Fountain on a designated pathway rather than linger at their leisure as officials in Rome warn that overcrowding at the monument has got out of hand. The Baroque monument was catapulted to fame by the 1960 film La Dolce Vita but the days when visitors could admire it in relative solitude – let alone wade into waist-deep it as Anita Ekberg did in the Federico Fellini classic – are long gone. Nowadays the fountain, and the piazza in which it is located...
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Best Day Trips from Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy by samueleagrimi_ Day trips from Florence, Italy can take to the best places in Italy within a few hours. Just hop on a train and in no time you can be riding in a gondola through Venice or sipping wine in Chianti or eating your way through Bologna or taking hilarious selfies with the Leaning Tower of Pisa. And I should know — I’m an expert on traveling in northern Italy. I lived in Florence for four months and have since returned to Italy more than a dozen times. I’ve traveled ...
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My Mixed Thoughts About Overtourism

When I first heard about citizen protests in Barcelona over the issue of too many tourists, I was annoyed. National and regional tourism marketers and politicians had literally spent decades promoting travel to Spain. They encouraged new hotels, they built new cruise facilities and they lobbied airlines to increase the number of flights into and out of the city. Barcelona has benefited from these millions of tourists financially in a way that would be otherwise impossible to replicate. The city...
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Most cliche places to propose

Choosing where to propose can feel overwhelming. At first, your options can seem endless. Maybe you decide to confess your love in front of all your friends and family, or perhaps it’s just the two of you. Maybe you get down on one knee in the exact place you first met, or perhaps simply in the middle of your messy kitchen. Or, of course, you could go with one of the most popular proposal strategies: on your romantic vacation abroad. Proposals should be intimate, personal, and if possible, ori...
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Travel News: March 5, 2018

Disney Cruise Line adds new European ports to Summer 2019 Attractions Magazine Disney Cruise Line is setting sail to seven new European ports in Summer 2019, when the Disney Magic will take its first round-trip cruise from Rome and visit new destinations in Sweden, France, Spain, Denmark and Northern Ireland. Next year, the Disney Cruise Line‘s Disney Magic will visit the Mediterranean in early summer and northern Europe in late summer. On June 14, 2019, the Disney Magic will sail its first rou...
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airbnb announces luxury service

Airbnb has announced Airbnb Plus, a new premium service that aims to attract wealthier guests and “exceptional” hosts. The hospitality company has created a “100+ point quality” system for grading Airbnb Plus rentals, which inspectors will visit in person. The hosts themselves must be rated at least 4.8 (out of 5) before Airbnb grants them the “Plus” badge on their profiles. With the “Plus” rating comes guaranteed amenities such as fast WiFi, kitchen essentials, bottled water, and extra-c...
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Supercut of Instagram travel photo clichés

Filmmaker Oliver KMIA was traveling in Rome where he noticed the throngs of tourists surrounding the Trevi Fountain all trying to get the same photo of themselves with the monument. "I couldn't secure a picture of the Trevi Fountain for my Instragram account but I still had a very nice time in Italy," he writes. And when he got home, he was inspired to make this video, "Instravel - A Photogenic Mass Tourism Experience." "I'm basically making fun of something I'm part of," he writes. "The iro...
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Enjoying the Best of Rome Pre-or Post-Cruise

While many cruise lines have Rome on their schedules, it’s usually as either the start or end of the trip, which for the traveler means precious little time spent in this great world capital. That was the case for me on my most recent Viking Ocean Cruise from Barcelona to Rome and since Rome has quickly become a new favorite city of mine, I knew that I wanted to spend some time exploring it again following the end of my cruise adventure. Whether you arrive a couple of days before for a pre-crui...
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The Aleph Rome Hotel – Boutique Luxury in the Heart of the City

Enjoying Rome is a new sensation for me. It started last fall when I returned after a very long absence and surprised myself by falling in love with the city. There’s something about it that resonated with me on my recent visits that hadn’t happened before so, when I learned that my Viking oceans cruise ended in Rome, I knew I wanted to extend my stay. I spent two days in Rome after the cruise, with the mission of enjoying the city’s holiday traditions as well as revisiting favorite spots aroun...
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A closer look at Creative Commons licenses

Neville Hobson A closer look at Creative Commons licenses One of the great things about social media and social networks is the ability they offer to anyone to share a thought, an idea, or an expression, with anyone else who has a connection to the global internet. Take the photo above, for instance. It’s of the Trevi Fountain in Rome on a beautiful sunny late autumn day and I took the photo on a visit there in 2016. I’ve not widely shared it before now although it’s been in my Flickr stream s...
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Interactive Map Lets You Take a Literary Journey Through the Historic Monuments of Rome

Arches on arches! as it were that Rome, Collecting the chief trophies of her line, Would build up all her triumphs in one dome, Her Coliseum stands; the moonbeams shine As 'twere its natural torches, for divine Should be the light which streams here, to illume This long-explored but still exhaustless mine Of contemplation; and the azure gloom Of an Italian night, where the deep skies assume Hues which have words, and speak to ye of heaven, Floats o'er this vast and wondrous monument, And shadow...
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Trevi Fountain Runs Red For The Second Time

The Trevi Fountain turned red Thursday in efforts to protest the "return (of Italy as) the capital of art, life and Renaissance." 
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Photo Highlights From a Week in Southern Italy

Spending a week visiting Rome and Sorrento with Monograms Travel was as much fun as I’ve had in a long time. I haven’t traveled very extensively in this part of Italy, so the trip was very much one of new discoveries and moments of awe. I have a lot to say about my time in Italy with Monograms, but as usual I want to start with these photo highlights, all originally shared on Instagram. Trevi Fountain, Rome It’s always a good day when you get to spend it wandering around the Eternal City. I can...
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Rome Journal: No Swimming! Rome Braces for Summer of Tourists at Its Fountains

Already this year, stiff fines have failed to stop fountain-bathing in warm weather, and now the police who protect the Trevi Fountain, backed by a strict ordinance, have more officers on duty.
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Don't Miss This $390 Roundtrip To Italy

It's spring, which means there's an abundance of blink-and-you'll-miss-them flight deals in the air. The latest: You can book a roundtrip ticket to Italy for under $400. Here's how.Travel + Leisure reports that according to the airfare site The Flight Deal, American Airlines is offering some major discounts on trips from the United States to Europe, including to Milan, Rome, and Venice. And if Italy isn't on your must-visit list in the near future, the site has also found discounted tickets to ...
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What Is Earth Hour 2017? How You Can Get Involved

Cities all over the world are going dark this weekend in participation with Earth Hour’s 10th annual event to raise Climate Change awareness. The event will happen at 8:30 p.m. local time wherever you are. In past years monuments like the Trevi Fountain in Italy, Tower Bridge in London and The Sydney Opera House in Australia have gone dark for the event. The event is organized by the World Wildlife Fund and started as an event in Sydney in 2007.
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4 of the coolest neighbourhoods in Rome

Of course you want to see the sights – the Colosseum, the Vatican, the Trevi Fountain – but it’s only when you explore the neighbourhoods that you really get to know Rome. These are four of the most vibrant, all located in or near the city centre. Monti The tangle of streets stretching across the […] 4 of the coolest neighbourhoods in Rome is a post from A Luxury Travel Blog The post 4 of the coolest neighbourhoods in Rome appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Rome Journal: Fontana di Merda

Rome is famous for its fountains amongst them of the Trevi (the sight of a famous plunge by Anita Ekberg and Marcello Mastroianni in La Dolce Vita), the Fontana delle Tartarughe in the Piazza Mattei, and the Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi in the Piazza Navona. But there's another kind of fountain that can be ubiquitous in Rome depending on the season, and that's the fountain created by gastroenteritis and that can be located by listening to the moans coming from behind doors of hotel rooms occupied ...
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Here Are The Travel Destinations Everyone Was Searching For In 2016

A new year means new opportunities to hit the road. If you need some inspiration for how to use your new vacation days come January, 2016’s top trending travel destinations, recently released by Google, are a great place to start. This ranking is based on searches that had the largest spike in traffic over a sustained period in 2016 as compared to 2015. To make things easier for you, we put together maps of the attractions you need to hit in each destination. Whether you want to finally visit th...
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10-day itinerary for Italy: An affordable trip to Rome, Florence and Venice

When planning a vacation in Italy, it’s tempting to want to see and do it all. It’s very easy to over schedule your trip, especially on a tight time frame like a 10-day visit. To really get into la dolce vita, it’s better to limit yourself to a few cities or towns and take your time in each one. Delays and unforeseen events (along with these common tourists mistakes) can derail even the best-planned schedules and cause stress, which is the opposite of what your vacation should be about. If you’r...
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As asylum-seekers clog Italy's courts, Europe is no help

By Steve Scherer ROME (Reuters) - Angelo Trovato is in charge of Italy's asylum-request system, and it shows. In Trovato's office near Rome's Trevi Fountain, bulky columns of paperwork cover every inch of the bespectacled civil servant's desk. The 63-year-old manages a national network of committees that weigh who can stay in Italy and who should be sent home.
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Common Myths and Misconceptions Regarding Italian Culture Fostered by Guidebooks

Welcome back our monthly Italy Blogging Roundtable! The theme this month is “Myths”, so take a look at posts by Georgette Jupe, Kate Bailward, Jessica Spiegel, Melanie Renzulli, Alexandra Korey, Gloria, Laura Thayer, and Michele Fabio. (If you missed the previous months, take a look here.) Welcome back to our ever-expanding table…come pull up a chair and join in on the conversation! I kind of lucked out this month, as fellow roundtable member Jessica discovered that I had already tackled the t...
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Garden Travel: Montserrat, Spain

I spent a week in Barcelona this summer and now I have a new top five favorite European cities list.  It now goes like this - Amsterdam, Paris, Venice, London, Barcelona.  Rome fell (to number 6). I had no expectation to love it as I did. I've been to Spain a few other times. While I think it is a lovely country, the magical combination of food, landscape, history, architecture, culture and that intangible magic that happens when you travel just never fully conjured on previous trips.  Barcelona...
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