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Treasure hunters have re-discovered a long lost piece of Henry VIII's crown

Henry VIII went through six wives, themselves later the subject of a delightful musical theatre experience. During the English Civil War, his crown was reportedly melted down by order of the famed imperialist shitbag Oliver Cromwell—but now, some 350 years later, the central figurine to the crown may have been rediscovered by a casual treasure hunter in the English countryside. — Read the rest
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I am binge-watching another futile treasure hunt: "Legend of the Superstition Mountains"

Crazy maps! Secret codes! Gunshots that ring out in the dead of night! There is more legend than gold in these Superstition Mountains, even if the gold is real! Ignoring any practice that might be considered archaeology, a team of mineral enthusiasts casts about the Superstition Mountains in search of lost gold. — Read the rest
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Jewelry store buried $1 million in treasure for others to find

While closed due to the pandemic, the owners of J&M Jewelers in Macomb County, Michigan came up with a new way to make money. They buried $1 million in jewelry, coins, antiques, and gold and silver bars across the state and anyone can pay to sign up for their monthly "Treasure Quests." The first few quests are sold out but there is one in September with open spots. For $59, you'll get clues that could lead you to $7,000 in booty. From Johnny's Treasure Quest: At first I was going stir...
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Nathan Fillion plays Nathan Drake in this awesome Uncharted fan film

The odds of seeing Nathan Fillion rock the role of Green Lantern in a live action movie are pretty slim at this point. The same goes for him gracing the silver screen as Uncharted's Nathan Drake. But the high quality of this fan flick ALMOST makes up for that. Behold: Nathan Fillion as Naughty Dog's Nathan Drake. For a fan film, the product quality (and the amount of money that would have to have been spent to pull it all together) is pretty damn high. Give it a watch: there are far worse w...
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FBI on the scene where legendary Civil War treasure of $54 million in gold may be buried

In June 1863, a Union shipment of 52 bars of gold now worth $54 million was said to be lost near Dents Run, Pennsylvania. Over the years, many treasure hunters have tried to locate the cache but the area is state land and it's illegal to dig without permission. Apparently though, FBI agents and state officials were just seen digging in the area. From CNN: FBI spokeswoman Carrie Adamowski wouldn't say what the agency was doing there, only that FBI personnel were "carrying out court-authori...
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Fourth Man Confirmed to Have Died in Hunt For the Rocky Mountains' Possibly Fictional Fenn Treasure

The myth of a treasure hoard hidden somewhere in the Rocky Mountains has lured a fourth person to their death, the BBC reported.Read more...
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Treasure-hunting diver finds a phone and returns it to its owner

Arizona-based scuba diver Dallas, the guy behind the YouTube channel Man + River, has a fun hobby. He dives with his buddies at local creeks, rivers, and lakes looking for lost treasures, recording these underwater scavenger hunts on his GoPro. He's found all kinds of things, including sunglasses, pocket knives, coins, jewelry, cameras, lots of phones, and even a gun. In this video from late last year, watch as Dallas unearths an iPhone 6 buried eight inches deep using an underwater metal ...
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Get The Kids Off The Couch!

image credit Kids these days have more to keep them occupied than any previous generation could have even imagined! They have every conceivable gadget right at their fingertips. Thanks to things like Netflix and YouTube, they’re now able to sit and watch shows for hours at a time in a way that simply wasn’t possible... Read More » The post Get The Kids Off The Couch! appeared first on A Happy Hippy Mom.
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