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Everything we know about State of Decay 3

Undead Labs' third entry in its State of Decay series will surely pit survivors against hordes of wandering undead. Here's everything we know so far.
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What Now? Helpful Tips and Spiritual Truth for Post-Pandemic Life

I’m sitting in a coffee shop this morning. It’s brand new, with white walls and wooden floors that reflect the light. There’s art in my latte, the smell of cookies in the air, and a dozen or so people scattered around me. During the pandemic, this was one of the things I missed most — the simple joy of sitting in a coffee shop. But rather than the relief and gratitude I thought I’d feel when life started getting back to normal, I sometimes feel numb and weary. You too? A story that comforts me i...
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I guess that's floatie life — they don't seem too upset.

I'm looking at "Sharks circle women on a floatie at Florida beach" (NY Post).  So... are they lolling, lazy dopes or savvy beachgoers? The sharks are just hammerheads.According to the International Shark Attack File, humans have been subjects of 17 documented, unprovoked attacks by hammerhead sharks within the genus Sphyrna since 1580 AD. No human fatalities have been recorded... The young swim mostly in shallow waters along shores all over the world to avoid predators....  Fishermen who har...
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Scientists revived a tiny worm-like animal after 24,000 years frozen in Siberian ice. It was still able to eat and reproduce.

An annotated picture of a rotifer. Michael Plewka/Insider Scientists were able to revive a tiny-worm like organism found in 24,000 year old Siberian ice. The worm was able to eat and reproduce after thawing. The findings could provide clues into how to freeze multi-cellular tissues like organs. See more stories on Insider's business page. Russian scientists have been able to revive a tiny animal called a Bdelloid rotifer that was found in Siberian ice dating back 24,000 years. After th...
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Dig Into Our Gear Of The Month

  [Author: Rothco NY]
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9 Ways to Start a Fire Without Matches

With our archives now 3,500+ articles deep, we’ve decided to republish a classic piece each Sunday to help our newer readers discover some of the best, evergreen gems from the past. This article was originally published in April 2008. Whether for warmth, cooking, or signaling, fire is a survival essential. As is the knowledge of how to make one without matches. You never know when you’ll find yourself without those convenient little red-tipped tools. Maybe your single engine plane goes down whi...
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"Glass bridges are a popular tourist attraction in China, with the most famous in Zhangjiajie national park, Hunan province, which stretches 430 metres across a canyon, 300 metres in the air."

From "China tourist left clinging to 100m-high bridge after glass panels smash/Man rescued after sudden gusts shattered panels on bridge in Longjing city" (The Guardian). He was rescued. Resume tourism. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"It's a bobcat, attacking my wife!"

This was a wild 46 seconds— Sada (@Evi3Zamora) April 15, 2021FROM THE EMAIL: Nathan writes: This seems worthy of a “men in shorts” tag, and you may even consider adding a “men in shorts wearing boots” tag. And this is another reason for men not to wear shorts. What is some man/beast confrontation suddenly befalls you? Something with teeth and claws? This man did all right, but if you knew something like that would happen, you'd put pants on.AND: I'm getting a lot of em...
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How to Make a Fishing Hook Out of a Can Tab

There are many ways to make an improvised fishing hook, from crafting one from organic materials like shards of bone or splinters of wood, to fashioning one from household materials like safety pins and paper clips. But perhaps none is as readily available, effective, and satisfyingly clever as jerry-rigging a hook from the pull tab of an aluminum can. Whether you’ve settled into a fishing spot only to realize you forgot to put hooks in your otherwise well-stocked tackle box, or find yourself i...
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How to build a cryogenic Ark that could survive inside of lunar lava tubes

Researchers at the University of Arizona plan to save humanity with a lunar ark that can withstand moon lava. Think of it as Noah's Ark. In space. With lava. Which is also the plot of a sci-fi movie I would put on in the background and half-pay-attention-to while doing other things. — Read the rest
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Dig Into Our Gear Of The Moth

  [Author: Rothco NY]
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"The woman... told officials she was swimming in a canal when she noticed a door and entered it. She said she eventually became lost..."

"... and ended up three miles away from where she first began, surviving on a can of ginger ale she discovered unopened along the way. Police are trying to determine if the woman was actually underground for three weeks. They say the health officials they have consulted believe it is more likely the woman was only in the sewer for two or three days. 'We don’t feel that there was any crime committed,' Ted White, a police spokesperson, said. 'But the biggest question is, is her story credible? Wa...
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6 Lifesaving Skills Every Man Should Know

Life-threatening health emergencies can happen at any moment. While you should always call 911 and summon professional medical attention for a victim, oftentimes time is of the essence, and paramedics are minutes (or much longer) away. If the person is going to live, they can’t wait for a medic to get to them. They need help now.  That’s where you — a family member, friend, or random bystander-on-the-scene — come in. If someone close to you was stricken with a life-threatening emergency, wou...
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How to make money in No Man’s Sky

Need to make money fast in No Man's Sky? We have some tips on how you can easily become a space billionaire. Gas up your ship and head on out into space!
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How to Know if Ice Is Safe to Walk On

Every winter brings the chance to participate in the miraculous — walking on water! As lakes, ponds, and rivers freeze over, and liquid becomes solid, the landscape transforms, as does the opportunity to use these frozen bodies of water in new ways. You may want to try your hand at ice fishing or skating, or would like to walk directly across something that you normally have to circumambulate. But is it safe to do so? Falling through the ice can pose a lethal danger, so it’s crucial to know if ...
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"Earlier today Air Station Traverse City launched two helicopters to respond to reports of over 60 ice fishermen stranded on an ice floe near Sturgeon Bay, WI."

"The ice had broken free from land, and high winds associated with the approaching winter storm system quickly pushed the floe farther away from shore. Ice continued to crack into smaller sections throughout the crews' time on scene. The helicopter crews lowered rescue swimmers to the ice to help coordinate the rescue as local first responders and other Coast Guard ice rescue assets arrived. After additional assets arrived, the helos continued conducting overflights of the area looking for signs...
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How to Build a Campfire That Will Last Through the Night

When it comes to wintertime adventuring, a campfire is what keeps you cozy and comfortable, and in a survival situation, alive. The downside of fire as a heat source, of course, is that it is consumable; it needs regular feeding to stay alive. This isn’t a big issue in the daytime, when you can keep adding wood to your fire at will. But at night, constantly having to tend to the flames will greatly fragment and disrupt your sleep.  Creating a fire that is self-sustaining, requires minimal ma...
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Stranded in the snowy wilderness? Here's how to survive

If you're stranded right now in the snowy wilderness with little chance of surviving the cold or the rugged journey back to civilization, you're in luck: Popular Science has some helpful hints, including directions for building snowshoes from branches, crafting a snow probe, and insulating your clothing. — Read the rest
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"You just look at the facts. You see things as they are, not as you want them to be. Then, you make a plan. So, I made my plan to survive."

Said Jonathan Ceplecha, quoted in "A 59-year-old Army veteran was pinned under a tree for four days -- and survived/Jonathan Ceplecha drew on his military training to formulate a plan for survival" (Kare 11).  He knew that it was only Thursday, and that he might need to wait until the end of the weekend for his children, ex-wife or other family members to realize they had not heard from him, since classes at his school in Marshall would not begin until Monday.... Rainfall on Thursday evening pro...
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Use Disaster Psychology Strategies to Survive This Winter

For nearly a year, we’ve been living through a prolonged disaster. This is different from those involving extreme weather, like hurricanes, or single-day tragedies like 9/11, which may take years to clean up and process, but the actual events of which are typically confined to a day or two. The COVID-19 pandemic has…Read more...
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Essential Things You Should Keep in Your Car

Some of us keep absolutely nothing in our cars’ trunks, while others have enough packed in there that they could live in their car for weeks. Somewhere in between is this list of 30 things we think every car owner should always have on hand.Read more...
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How to Choose the Perfect Survival Knife

With our archives now 3,500+ articles deep, we’ve decided to republish a classic piece each Friday to help our newer readers discover some of the best, evergreen gems from the past. This article was originally published in November 2011. This is a guest post from wilderness survival expert and instructor Creek Stewart.  I don’t remember my first kiss or even who it was with. I can barely recollect getting my license to drive. I vaguely remember my high school graduation and my entire time spent...
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No Man’s Sky base-building guide

Building a proper base in No Man's Sky has never been easier, but it's still a lot of work. Here's how to take your first steps toward your dream home in space.
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Africa study finds three million new genetic variations

The findings have wide relevance, from learning more about African history and migration to specific variants of people’s health The post Africa study finds three million new genetic variations appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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How to Survive Being Buried Alive

Medical practices have come a long way in the last hundred years. Case in point, the safety coffin. Also known as a security coffin, the safety coffin was a popular item in the 18th and 19th centuries. Its goal? To provide a way for folks who were prematurely buried to signal that they were still alive, just in case doctors made a mistake. Safety coffins typically featured a bell or a flag system connected to the inside of the coffin, below ground. If your buddies conducted your funeral a bit t...
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"You know, I’ve loved to point out we all only get one life. We don’t get a do-over in the… Well, we do. Actually, we get a do-over every day if we choose to look at it that way."

"Once we’re old enough and mature enough to understand what life is and that there is only one, then you do get do-overs, an opportunity to fix what you think you might not have done so well the day before, which is an operative philosophy of mine. But the fact that I have that option and that opportunity compared to where I thought I would be at this time? I mean, that’s 'go get the hallelujah chorus and have ’em start singing to me,' because that’s exactly where this is — and the future? Far m...
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Podcast #650: Why People Are Building Bunkers for the Apocalypse

When you think about bunkers, you might be apt to think of the 1950s and people building basement and backyard fallout shelters during the Cold War. But there’s a second “Doom Boom” going on right now, and people aren’t just burrowing into the earth to protect themselves from a nuclear bomb. My guest today traveled across four continents to explore what’s driving this phenomenon and how it’s manifesting itself in the modern age. His name is Bradley Garrett and he’s a professor of cultural geo...
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How to Make a Bug Out Bag: Your 72-Hour Emergency Evacuation Survival Kit

With our archives now 3,500+ articles deep, we’ve decided to republish a classic piece each Friday to help our newer readers discover some of the best, evergreen gems from the past. This article was originally published in March 2011. Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from wilderness survival expert and instructor Creek Stewart.  The term “bugging out” refers to the decision to abandon your home due to an unexpected emergency situation — whether a large-scale disaster caused by nature or by m...
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Gas masks and hazmat suits are flying off the shelves at survival gear companies over fears of wildfires, protests, and the coronavirus

Demand for gas masks, hazmat suits, and other survival gear is skyrocketing because of the coronavirus, West Coast wildfires, and nationwide protests. One survival gear company owner, Roman Zrazhevskiy, reported sales 20 times higher than usual in August. It's not just "doomsday preppers" who are stocking up on survival gear — "normal, everyday citizens" are seeking it out now, the owner said. View more episodes of Business Insider Today on Facebook. Demand for gas masks is skyrocketing because...
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How to Poop in Nature

We’ve all been there. Inevitably, as soon as you’re too far away from a rest area, port-o-potty, or public restroom—provided they’re even open in the first place—you have to go. And when you gotta go, you gotta go.Read more...
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