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I am binge-watching another futile treasure hunt: "Legend of the Superstition Mountains"

Crazy maps! Secret codes! Gunshots that ring out in the dead of night! There is more legend than gold in these Superstition Mountains, even if the gold is real! Ignoring any practice that might be considered archaeology, a team of mineral enthusiasts casts about the Superstition Mountains in search of lost gold. — Read the rest
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5 Top-Rated Places to Visit in Arizona – USA Travel

With its dramatic landscapes and year-round warm weather, Arizona offers something for every traveler. The state is home to one of the seven natural wonders of the world and boasts a rich history that can be explored any time of year.    If you’re heading to the Copper State, here are five top-rated places to put on your must-see list.   Grand Canyon No visit to Arizona is complete without a trip to the Grand Canyon. This massive chasm is a mile deep, 18 miles wide and up to 277 river miles...
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RV Trip: Day 8 - Uraling to Apache Lake

Scarlett and I rode up AZ Highway 88 past the Lost Dutchman State Park (it's really designed for hikers, not riders and so I skipped going inside the park.The road past the park is in pretty bad shape, there was frost heave damage every few feet along this road (which is why there was construction crews clogging traffic up); all the way to Tortilla Flat.Tortilla Flat is a small "town", population 6, smallest one in AZ with its own post office.  It's the last remaining Stage Coach stop from back ...
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Why Mesa, Arizona is an Awesome City for Outdoor Lovers

Call me clueless but I didn’t appreciate that Mesa, Arizona is the third largest city in the state or even a city in its own right despite more than a dozen trips to the Phoenix – Scottsdale area over the years. Mesa has in fact been named the best city for Outdoor Lovers by Money Magazine! What makes Mesa an awesome city for outdoors lovers like me? Lots as I discovered over a couple of days including easy access to the Lower Salt River, four lakes within spitting distance, the world-class, u...
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Rabies confirmed in animals near Superstition Mountains

FLORENCE, Ariz. (AP) — Health officials say there is a spike in rabies among animals near the Superstition Mountains. Officials in Pinal and Maricopa Counties said Friday that Arizona Department of Health Services labs confirmed two cases of rabies. The Superstition Mountains Wilderness Area includes Lost Dutchman State Park and the Tonto National Forest. Both […]
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Best state parks in Arizona

ARIZONA is home to beautiful and rugged scenery, desert and mountain landscapes, natural bridges and spectacular caves, ancient archaeological sites and old mining towns. The 32 state parks were set aside to protect some of these places. Here are nine of them. 1. Tonto Natural Bridge State Park Photo: Wikimedia Commons and Alan Levine Tonto Natural Bridge is one of the largest natural bridges in the world, is also the only one formed of travertine. This bridge is visible from a few viewpoint...
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Veteran Storm Chaser Captures The Stunning Beauty Of Deadly Monsoons In Arizona

Veteran storm chaser and photographer Mike Olbinski captured the stunning beauty of monsoons in timelapses and stills while chasing storm systems across America. After years on the road the photographer has perfected his set up and takes every setback in his stride as he tries to get ahead of every storm. Mike Olbinski/Barcroft Images A monster shelf cloud moves towards a small community in San Manuel, Arizona, 12 September 2016. Thousands of rain drops merge to form mammoth travelling sheets o...
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I'm With Stupid: Whatcha Looking For Down There, Dr. Cornbeef?

I love the underlying concept of gold, silver and gemstones, which basically boils down to this: Wars will be fought, empires will be toppled and countless millions of people will die because human beings like shiny things. That's pretty much it. That's what we're about: We like shiny stuff enough to kill people for it. If that's not a sign that we evolved from raccoons, I don't know what is. Then there's "Cash for Gold!" which is based on the idea that we all have lots of useless gold lying aro...
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14 stunning vistas in Arizona

WHEN YOU THINK OF GRAND AMERICAN ARCHITECTURE, you probably think of Chicago. Maybe New York or Seattle. But architecture in Arizona goes all out: The Grand Canyon alone could fit four skyscrapers on top of each other without reaching the rim, Petrified Forest National Park is still standing strong at 227 million years old — and that’s just the beginning of the state’s architectural hit list, all carefully designed over millennia by Mother Nature. 1. The Grand Canyon Photo: Eliezer Borges P...
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This is winter in Arizona

WINTER WEATHER CONDITIONS are pretty much guaranteed in much of the U.S. Average January high temperature in Chicago: 31 degrees. New York: 38. Minneapolis: 24. Even coastal Seattle: 47. But move the needle southwest and you find the American locale that bucks the winter trend. You can expect highs in the upper 60s around Phoenix come January, and that number rises even more when you head farther south. Locals and those smart enough to vacation in Arizona during this time of year are getting out...
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