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Clubhouse put a big bullseye on social audio

I’ve previously written about Clubhouse (What makes Clubhouse great and what may cause its demise). Perhaps it’s boredom, or Zoom fatigue, but there’s something quite appealing these days about having social conversations without turning on a camera. The early buzz of Clubhouse (despite being invite-only and iOS having a total reach of about 2 million users) along with the rising popularity of podcasts has shown that consumers crave social audio interactions and that there’s plenty of room f...
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Slack wants to let you call Microsoft Teams users (yes, you read that right)

According to a report by CNBC, Slack is working on a method of letting you call people using Microsoft Teams. You know, its biggest competitor. “We’re working on Teams integrations for calling features,” said Slack CEO Stuart Butterfield during a call with RBC analyst Alex Zurkin on Thursday, according to CNBC. There’s no word on when such a feature would arrive, but Slack already integrates plenty of Microsoft services such as Outlook and OneDrive. Things have come a long way from Microsoft Tea...
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