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Broadband price wars: Skinny counters Vodafone with a $50/month limitless data plan

Skinny has launched a $60 a month 4G fixed-wireless broadband plan with unlimited data - or $50 if you have your mobile with Skinny too.The Spark-owned budget band has moved to counter a new $55 a month uncapped data fixed-wireless... [Author: [email protected]]
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Facebook’s Spark AR platform expands to video calling with Multipeer API

At today’s F8 developer conference, Facebook announced new capabilities for Spark AR, its flagship AR creation software. Since Spark AR was announced at F8 2017, more than 600,000 creators from 190 countries have published over 2 million AR effects on Facebook and Instagram, making it the largest mobile AR platform, according to Facebook. If you’ve ever posted a selfie on your Instagram story with an effect that gave you green hair, or let you control a dog’s facial expression by moving you...
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Early investors in Dispo to donate any profits from the photo-sharing app

After Spark Capital announced it would ‘sever all ties’ with Dispo following allegations around co-creator and famous YouTuber David Dobrik, two of the app’s earliest investors have similarly backed away from the company. Seven Seven Six and Unshackled followed suit this morning, releasing subsequent statements that they plan to donate any profits from investments to organizations working with survivors of sexual assault. Spark Capital decides to “sever all ties” with David Dobrik’s Dispo app ...
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Inman Handbook on healthy choices for health insurance

Insurance remains a challenge for many agents, many of whom have independent contractor status. But there are more and more options out there.
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Adobe Spark adds support for animations to its social media graphics tool

Spark is one of those products in Adobe’s Creative Suite that doesn’t always get a lot of attention. But the company’s tool for creating social media posts (which you can try for free) has plenty of fans, and maybe that’s no surprise, given that its mission is to help small business owners and agencies create engaging social media posts without having to learn a lot about design. Today, Adobe added one of the most requested features to Spark on mobile and the web: animations. “At Adobe, we have ...
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The biggest benefit of agent healthcare benefits? Happiness

Real estate agents need healthcare like everyone else, but they face significant challenges when it comes to actually getting it.
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Play by Spark – Improving Your Kids’ Relationship with Technology

Children are facing an upbringing dominated by technology – the struggle to find balance in today’s fast-paced environment is an ongoing challenge for families.In partnership with Gilbert Rugby, Nakatomi, child psychologist Dr. Emma Woodward and Colenso BBDO, Spark are developing a Bluetooth-enabled smart ball to help families achieve a healthy balance of screen time and active playtime. “Technology is not bad, it’s how we use it that might be corrosive,” says Dr. Woodward. “Play by Spark will ...
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Astellas Bets On Gene Therapy With $3B Audentes Acquisition Offer

Japanese drug giant Astellas Pharma announced late Monday it has agreed to buy Audentes Therapeutics, which is developing gene therapies for rare neuromuscular diseases.It’s an all-cash deal worth $3 billion, with the Astellas offer of $60 per share representing a 110 percent premium to Audentes’ (NASDAQ: BOLD) share price of $28.61 apiece at market close Monday. The agreement is the latest big bet by a major pharmaceutical company on gene therapy, which aims to provide long-lasting, if not per...
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Email app Spark receives update with new design

Spark, the popular email app from Readdle, has been redesigned on iOS and Android. The interface has always been a bit busy in the mobile app. That’s why the updated app now features a cleaner design and a handful of new features. On the design front, Spark now uses simple headers to separate smart sections, such as newsletters, notifications and personal emails. It looks better than the rounded boxes with a colorful background. There’s a lot of whitespace now, but the company has also taken ad...
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Realogy expands ambitious benefit program to all agents

Agents with Realogy's own-side brokerage join affiliates in getting access to a bevy of services, including healthcare.
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The wisdom of the crowds and higher education

One of my all time favorite RadioLab episodes is on the wisdom of crowds, and is called The Invisible Hand. Basically, the theory is that crowds are smarter than people. The most famous example comes from at story in 1906 in England, where the crowd was asked to guess the weight of an ox. No […]
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Spark email app arrives on Android as Google’s Inbox expires

Popular email app Spark has been available for iPhone since its launch in 2015, but now it's finally come to Android. The launch comes at the same time as Google retires its Inbox app after four years of service. The post Spark email app arrives on Android as Google’s Inbox expires appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Email client Spark lands on Android

Spark has managed to attract one million users on iOS and macOS over the years. But every time I’ve written about Spark, I’ve received many comments asking when the app would be available on Android. The answer is today. Spark is an email client developed by Readdle, the company behind many popular productivity apps, such as PDF Expert, Scanner Pro, Calendars 5 and Documents. With email, the company is tackling a much bigger industry dominated by giants, such as Gmail and Microsoft Outlook. That...
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Can You Pay Your Way Out of Email Hell?

There’s no perfect way to manage massive quantities of emails, but everybody has their preferences. Some people are Gmail purists, who might be sad to know that the Google’s free supercharged email management app Inbox will stop working on April 2. Others are Outlook devotees, who probably get the app free through…Read more...
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Email app Spark adds delegation feature for teams

Email app Spark added collaboration features back in May 2018. And Readdle, the company behind the app, is going one step further with a new feature specifically designed to delegate an email to one of your colleagues. While you can already collaborate with your team by sharing emails in Spark, the app is still not as powerful as a dedicated shared email client, such as Front. But delegation brings Spark one step closer to its competitor. You can now treat emails as tasks with a deadline. If you...
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The Insights Beat: Future-Proof Your Insights Capability

Last month, our featured research focused on building the foundation of an insights-driven business. This month, it’s time to start renovating, quickly. While every house needs a strong foundation, you also need to know when to start renovating to future-proof its value. Three ways to future-proof your insights capabilities? Commercialize data, adopt a cloud-enabled data […]
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WI Watchlist: Kauffman Ranking, Driverless Shuttles, Space Research

Here are some of the latest headlines from Wisconsin’s innovation community:—Well, it’s not last place, but it’s still not a great showing for Wisconsin in the latest assessment of entrepreneurial activity in each state by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. Wisconsin ranked 45th in the foundation’s “early-stage entrepreneurship index” , which examined a variety of data from 2017. The index is a modified version of the group’s annual national entrepreneurship report, which went on hiatus las...
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Swiss drug giant Roche reportedly readies to buy the biotech behind the first FDA-approved gene therapy and the priciest medicine in the US (ONCE, RHHBY)

Swiss drugmaker Roche is nearing a deal to buy Philadelphia-based biotech company Spark Therapeutics, the Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday. Spark's gene therapy is for a rare form of blindness and is the first of such treatments to be approved by US regulators. At $850,000, the one-time treatment called Luxturna is currently the most expensive medicine in the country. Spark is also working on gene therapies for hemophilia, a lucrative market for Roche. Swiss drug giant Roche is gear...
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4 Rules That Will Keep Your Marriage Happy, Healthy, and Sexy This Holiday Season

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Anthony Centore, PhD & Taylor Bennett of With the holidays fast approaching, it’s important to note that our marriages are definitely not immune to the stress the season brings with it. In fact, recent research from the University of Washington has shown that divorce rates seem to […] The post 4 Rules That Will Keep Your Marriage Happy, Healthy, and Sexy This Holiday Season appeared first on Sexy Marriage.
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New Zealand intelligence bans China's Huawei from 5G rollout

New Zealand's largest telecoms carrier Spark said Wednesday that the country's intelligence agency had barred it from using equipment provided by China's Huawei in its 5G network as it posed "significant national security risks". The move follows reports the United States is urging its allies to exclude the Chinese telecoms giant from 5G rollouts over cybersecurity fears. Spark said in a statement that it was legally obliged to inform the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) about ...
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World’s first drone-equipped motorcycle features a special space for the Spark

If your sidecar is missing a drone or your drone a sidecar, then check out how the two machines have been brought together in this unique design from Ural Motorcycles. Only 40 have been made, though that may turn out to be enough. The post World’s first drone-equipped motorcycle features a special space for the Spark appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Nvidia launches Rapids to help bring GPU acceleration to data analytics

Nvidia, together with partners like IBM, HPE, Oracle, Databricks and others, is launching a new open-source platform for data science and machine learning today. Rapids, as the company is calling it, is all about making it easier for large businesses to use the power of GPUs to quickly analyze massive amounts of data and then use that to build machine learning models. “Businesses are increasingly data-driven,” Nvidia’s VP of Accelerated Computing Ian Buck told me. “They sense the market and t...
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What Makes Someone A Good Fit For Your Team: Chemistry

Interpersonal chemistry is what makes someone a good fit for your team Image Credit: Martin Cron As IT managers, it is our responsibility to use our IT manager skills to build the best team that we possibly can. We’re going to be asking a lot from our team in terms of being able to deliver complex projects quickly and efficiently. This means that the people we invite to become members of our team will need to be the best of the best. The challenge that we often face is that in the traditio...
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Email client Spark becomes collaborative

Readdle, the company behind popular email client Spark, is releasing a major new version of Spark on iOS and macOS. Spark is expanding beyond a personal email client. You can now work on emails with your team. While some of the features made me think about Front, the company says that it wasn’t the inspiration for this update. Front lets you share inboxes, such as [email protected] so that the entire HR team can collaborate on inbound emails. With Spark, you can’t share inboxes altogether....
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I’m Back From Venice, and I’ve Got Lots of Photos To Share

Buongiorno, everybody! I’m back from an amazing (and quite yummy) week in Venice, where I was leading a travel photography workshop, along with long exposure photography expert Mimo Meidany. This is why I was…well…so lame here on the blog last week. I put some of my favorite images from the workshop together, along with the story and behind-the-scenes shots, in a Spark Page. Here’s the link if you’ve got a sec: Thanks in advance for checking it out (a...
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As Chevrolet Readies a Brighter 2019 Spark, How’s the Scorching Minicar Segment Doing?

The sub-subcompact “city car” segment is one of those rare occurrences where Canadians have it better than Americans in terms of choice and price. While the U.S. fields just two of these tiny runabouts (the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive does not count, and we’re not counting the Fiat 500, either), Canucks can warm their frozen […] The post As Chevrolet Readies a Brighter 2019 Spark, How’s the Scorching Minicar Segment Doing? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Ace of Base: 2018 Chevrolet Spark LS Manual

Question for ya. When does it become imperative that one must have a new car? The 2018 Chevy Spark shown here stickers for a mere $13,050 before incentives (and, yes, there are incentives, even at the Ace of Base end of the market.) Thirteen large can buy a heckuva used car, after all. I’ll tell […] The post Ace of Base: 2018 Chevrolet Spark LS Manual appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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DJI creates no-fly zones for Winter Olympics to prevent rogue drone flights

DJI doesn't want its reputation tarnished with tales of Phantom or Mavic drones causing havoc at this month's Winter Games, and there are safety and security issues to consider, too. So it's doing something about it. The post DJI creates no-fly zones for Winter Olympics to prevent rogue drone flights appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Rental Review – Mishaps With Maven

General Motors launched its Maven rideshare service in 2016 with the goal of providing renters with a taste of its vehicles, while also bringing in a little extra revenue. The service offers a wide array of vehicles ranging from small hatchbacks like the Chevrolet Spark to large SUVs like the Tahoe. The service is available […] The post Rental Review – Mishaps With Maven appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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The New Face of Physical Therapy

By new face… I mean yours! Imagine having an avatar modeled after yourself that would help guide you every step of the way to recover from injuries. That’s the idea behind Spark – a new augmented reality system. Personalized physical therapy programs can be developed by doctors and therapists and assigned to patients based on their injuries or personal goals. Patients can train from the comfort of home or receive a technology-enhanced physical therapy session on location.The design is comprise...
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