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Subsistence miners lose out as coronavirus crushes local gold prices

Informal gold miners from South America to Africa are selling gold at almost 40% discounts as measures to curb the coronavirus crimp supply routes and dry up funding.
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South Africans stuck in Peru lockdown told to ‘hang in there’

Two women who travelled to South America for a friend’s wedding were told by the South African government to wait until Peru’s state of emergency ends. Now they could be coming home The post South Africans stuck in Peru lockdown told to ‘hang in there’ appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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"In the 1980s, Escobar decided to make his own personal zoo on his palatial estate in Antioquia, Colombia, illegally importing... four hippos."

"When Escobar died in 1993, the government removed the animals to zoos and wildlife sanctuaries. Wrangling the grumpy hippos, however, proved too big a task. So there they remained without any natural predators, ready to breed like crazy. Today, Escobar’s herd has grown to upward of 100 strong. To residents, they are a threatening menace, but among scientists their presence is the source of spirited debate. Are Escobar’s hippos 'invasive'? Or are they 'introduced'? Are they threatening the local...
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Air Doctor scores $7.8M to connect travellers with local doctors

Air Doctor, the health tech startup that connects travellers with local doctors, has raised $7.8 million in Series A funding. The round is led by Kamet Ventures (the AXA-backed venture builder), and The Phoenix Insurance Company. Founded in 2016, Air Doctor aims to empower travellers who get sick when abroad and need non-emergency advice or treatment. It has created a network of local private physicians that travellers can access, typically via travel insurance or perks. The platform is availabl...
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Air Doctor scores $7.6M to connect travellers with local doctors

Air Doctor, the health tech startup that connects travellers with local doctors, has raised $7.8 million in Series A funding. The round is led by Kamet Ventures (the AXA-backed venture builder), and The Phoenix Insurance Company. Founded in 2016, Air Doctor aims to empower travellers who get sick when abroad and need non-emergency advice or treatment. It has created a network of local private physicians that travellers can access, typically via travel insurance or perks. The platform is availabl...
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Mexico's choice: Amulets or science to fight COVID-19

Mexico's president finally warned Mexicans at the end of this week to stay home and avoid contact with others, as COVID-19 cases in the country jumped to 848 on Saturday, 131 more than the previous day. "If we don't stay inside our homes the number of infections could shoot up, and it would saturate our hospitals. It would be overwhelming," said President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, known as "AMLO" to Mexicans.The tone was serious and new. In some other recent comments, the president ...
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Aaron Rodgers got out of Peru in dramatic fashion before borders close due to coronavirus

The Green Bay Packers quarterback cut his trip to South America short and flew out of Peru just before the airport shut down. "That was quite the ordeal," he said.         [Author: Green Bay Press-Gazette]
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Coronavirus Shutdown: Are Florists Essential Businesses?

DAVIS (CBS13) — Davis police shut down a local florist amidst the stay-at-home order over the coronavirus pandemic. Wednesday afternoon, Davis police shut down Strelitzia Flower Company – a local florist in business for more than 50 years. “It was very uncertain for me why it happened that way,” said Strelitzia owner Dean Labadie. Labadie says the closure stemmed from a complaint. “Some people don’t understand. We are getting a lot of hate emails, social media,” Labadie said. “People are freakin...
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Capturing a World of Emptiness

How a team of photographers documented the quiet desolation of cities during the pandemic.
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Private tech companies mobilize to address shortages for medical supplies, masks and sanitizer

Startups across the nation and around the world are looking for ways to relieve shortages of much-needed personal protective equipment and sanitizers used to halt the spread of COVID-19. While some of the largest privately held technology companies, like SpaceX and Tesla, have shifted to manufacturing ventilators, smaller companies are also trying to pitch in and relieve scarcity locally. Supplies have been difficult to come by in some of the areas hardest hit by the outbreak of the novel corona...
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Pablo Escobar’s Hippos Fill a Hole Left Since Ice Age Extinctions

Invasive herbivore mammals seem to restore functions missing in some food webs and ecosystems since the Pleistocene era.
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‘Predator: Hunting Grounds’ Video Game Trailers Show Off Two Sides of a Bloody Battle

Since everyone is staying home to self-quarantine during the spread of coronavirus, video games have seen a significant increase in use as people turn to other forms of entertainment beyond streaming movies and TV at home. And if you’re a Predator fan, you’re about to have a fun weekend with a sneak preview of the upcoming multiplayer video game based on the classic film starring Arnold Schwarzegger and one ugly motherfucker. Predator: Hunting Grounds is an upcoming shooter video game where pla...
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IOC’s Bach: 2021 Olympics are like putting a jigsaw puzzle together

The numbers Sunday morning were alarming. International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach had insisted for weeks that the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo would be held this summer as scheduled even as IOC officials monitored around the clock the spread of COVID-19 and consulted with the World Health Organization. Bach’s position shifted abruptly as he and IOC officials reviewed the latest coronavirus tracking data Sunday morning. “The situation changed very rapidly,” Bach recalled. Bach and IO...
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Coronavirus threatens to turn aid crises into 'humanitarian catastrophes'

Restrictions on movement prevent food and medicine from reaching people in adversity, experts warnStringent new international restrictions on movement introduced because of the coronavirus pandemic are threatening the lives of millions of people across the world already caught up in humanitarian emergencies.UN agencies, aid groups and international experts have warned that the new restrictions, which have closed borders and ports, and severely limited the movement of key staff from Africa to Sou...
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Coronavirus in South America: How it became a class issue

Early cases involved wealthier people who have been abroad, but fears are growing for the poorest.
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How coronavirus stopped a 23,000km American odyssey

Martín Echegaray Davies was about to cross into Canada when Covid-19 stopped him in his tracksNothing on his 23,000km (14,000-mile) walk across desert, jungle and mountains was going to stop Martín Echegaray Davies, 62, in his determination to walk from the southernmost tip of South America to Alaska. Nothing, that is, except for the closure of the US border with Canada amid efforts to contain the coronavirus.Since last Wednesday, the Argentinian adventurer has been holed up in a hotel room in ...
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Facing the Unknown

It's a beautiful Sunday morning here in Santiago Chile. Most of our small group arrived on Friday morning looking forward to a lovely trip through four countries in South America and for me another chance to escape some of the winter's colorless cold i
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Ford and Toyota are shutting down plants in Asia and India, and BMW will idle its US factory during the coronavirus pandemic (F)

Ford and Toyota announced additional plant shutdowns and production suspensions at the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak sweeps the globe. Last week, Ford shut down operations in Europe, North America, and South America. BMW also said it would idle its factory in South Carolina. Almost the entire US auto industry has shut down in the past week; Daimler continues to operate in Alabama, but could confront a shortage of parts. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. After shutting down N...
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Pablo Escobar's hippos may help counteract a legacy of extinctions

When cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar was shot dead in 1993, the four hippos in his private zoo in Colombia were left behind. Since then, their numbers have grown to an estimated 80-100 in the country's rivers. Scientists and the public alike have viewed the hippos as invasive pests that should not run wild in South America. Now a new study in PNAS by an international group of researchers challenges this view.
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The 1978 Project: Part IV

The 1978 Project is a deep dive into the cinema of a single year (guess which one!) The chosen year is mostly arbitrary, but it's been a fun experience so far. I'm still working through a backlog of films watched earlier in the year, so these reviews are bound to be a bit fuzzy. I've made pretty good progress so far, and am hoping to do the usual Movie Awards and Top 10 sometime this summer. For now, here are six 1978 flicks, these perhaps less obscure than the movies from the last recap: Deat...
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Rare Andean bears flock to cloud forest to feast on wild avocados

The real-life Paddington bears were in decline across South America, but records suggest their numbers are growing in EcuadorDeep in the Maquipucuna cloud forest, two hours drive from Ecuador’s capital, Quito, rare Andean bears come together for a few weeks each year to feast on the wild avocados ripening atop mist-shrouded trees.According to ecologists, this small community is growing, bucking the trend of a vulnerable species in decline across South America. The gathering, similar to those of ...
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Will COVID-19 kill off flat Earthism once and for all?

The recent rise of flat-Earth theory can be explained by a certain social and political atmosphere.The coronavirus crisis may put an end to the flat-Earth model's already waning popularity, which has been trending down since 2017.Some have already argued that the coronavirus will sound the death-knell for populism. Perhaps it will prove the last straw for flat Earthism too. Intellectual bankruptcy 'It is no surprise,' writes The Economist, 'that the industry clobbered hardest by the COVID-19 pa...
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Toilet paper shortage

American derrieres are spoiled for choice. Supermarkets across the country shelve a comical number of toilet-paper products, inundating shoppers with more deals on two-ply than any consumer actually needs. On a typical day, the biggest dilemma shoppers face when it comes to the fluffy stuff is whether to swear allegiance to Charmin or Cottonelle. Anyone who’s been to the supermarket lately knows that the toilet-paper aisle is decidedly not typical, however. Across the United States, and aroun...
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Atlantic cod recipes and history

The tale of how humans discovered cod begins a thousand years ago in the North Atlantic Ocean, where the warm current of the Gulf Stream brushes the northern currents, creating a nutrient-rich environment teeming with life. It is the tale of a species whose fecundity and resilience populated an ocean with fish that grew to be six-feet long and weigh two hundred pounds: the Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua, the common fish. The Basque cloaked the cod in mysticism: It fed Europeans voyaging to forei...
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GM to furlough all workers in Brazil on March 30, suggesting production stop

General Motors Co will furlough all its employees in Brazil starting on March 30, the company said in a statement to Reuters on Wednesday, suggesting that GM's production in South America's main car market would stop due to the coronavirus outbreak.
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Trump mulls sending all who cross border illegally to Mexico

The Trump administration is considering a plan to turn back all people who cross the border illegally from Mexico, two administration officials said Tuesday, using powers they say the president has during pandemics like the coronavirus outbreak to mount what would be one of the most aggressive attempts to curtail illegal immigration. The officials said the president has authority to take such action in a pandemic and that Mexico's efforts to stop the spread of the coronavirus, along with Venezu...
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Infantino offers to move Club World Cup to accommodate Euro in 2021

Paris (AFP) – FIFA president Gianni Infantino on Tuesday proposed delaying next year’s revamped 24-team Club World Cup in China after UEFA postponed the European Championship until 2021 because of the coronavirus pandemic. South America’s... Visit for the rest of the story.
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Coronavirus: Couple stuck aboard cruise ship in South America

The Welsh couple say they are stuck because of Chilean fears over the pandemic.
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SpaceX will launch Intelsat’s next satellite using a re-used Falcon 9 in 2022

Intelsat has tapped SpaceX for the launch of its Intelsat 40e spacecraft, a high-throughput communications satellite that will join the company’s existing geostationary network. The satellite is being built by Maxar, Intelsat announced last month, and will be carried to its target orbit by a Falcon 9 rocket using a flight-proven first stage booster. Intelsat is a connectivity infrastructure company that operates a communications network providing video and broadband services globally. The Int...
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Ronaldinho: from World Cup winner to Paraguayan prison football star

Football in South America is all but shut down as the Covid-19 outbreak spreads across the continent, but one Brazilian star is still making his mark on the game. Ronaldinho, whose last professional game came in 2015 for Fluminese, scored five goals this weekend and set up another six. As first reported by the Paraguayan newspaper La Nación, Ronaldinho was taken into custody in the country's capital, Asunción, on 6 March.
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