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Samsung Wins the Wireless Earbuds War with Retro Clamshell Cellphone Charging Cases

It turns out the big news from last week wasn’t that Samsung finally ditched the bizarre bean design for its wireless earbuds, it’s that the company plans to dominate the ‘kids of the late ‘90s’ demographic with a charging case cover that camouflages the Galaxy Buds Pro as a retro clamshell cellphone.Read more...
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Laid-Back Camp -Virtual- Even More Relaxing in New PV

Gemdrops, the developers behind the Yuru Camp virtual reality adventure games, have revealed a release date for their two upcoming episodes “Laid-Back Camp -Virtual- Lake Motosu” and “Laid-Back Camp -Virtual- Fumoto Campsite”. The PV along with a new overview of the virtual experience from the developers: Laid-Back Camp has gone virtual. Get a taste of the […]
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Fire Emblem Heroes Only Ever Getting Hotter

Fire Emblem Heroes has been updated with another event as gacha addicts have a chance to acquire more lewd versions of existing characters, with there being a bit of a desert theme as the girls strip down a little bit. A new Paralogue Story called “Dark Desert Rituals” will also be available that has the […]
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Uma Musume Smartphone Game Preparing to Dash Out the Gate

Smartphone game players who now have renewed vigor for the nearly imminent Uma Musume smartphone game can brief themselves on how the mechanics and simulation aspects of the title function by way of a new video, a surefire way to have prospective players fully prepared to breed their horsegirls to the best of their ability. […]
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Three to increase pay-as-you-go roaming charges

Mobile phone operator will increase prices from 16 February but says rates remain competitiveThe mobile phone operator Three is increasing call and text charges for its pay-as-you-go customers, with some international texts rising from 2p to 35p.From 16 February, the cost of making a PAYG call will rise to 10p a minute – up from 3p. The cost of sending a text in the UK will jump from 2p to 10p, while the price of using data anywhere rises from 1p to 5p a MB. Continue reading...
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Samsung Galaxy S21 vs. S21 Plus vs. S21 Ultra: The key differences buyers should keep in mind

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Samsung No matter which new Galaxy S21 model you buy, you'll still get the same core Galaxy S21 experience. That means 8K video recording, at least a triple-lens camera system, and the utmost in performance. But some Galaxy S21 models might suit you better than others, and you'll want to make your decision based on what specs, features, and price appeal to you most. Galaxy S21 phones are available ...
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Why are Samsung's Galaxy S21 phones cheaper than last year's models? It's because 5G technology got cheaper.

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Samsung Samsung's Galaxy S21 smartphones start at $799.99 and cost $200 per model less than their predecessors, the Galaxy S20 series.The Galaxy S21 phones aren't worse in any way or have fewer features. Rather, 5G technology is the culprit for ultra-expensive smartphones since the first 5G phones started coming out in 2019.5G tech has matured over time and become cheaper to implement on smartphone...
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The 5 best features of Samsung's brand-new Galaxy S21 smartphones

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Samsung Samsung just announced the Galaxy S21 lineup, which includes the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus, and Galaxy S21 Ultra.All three phones have a new design with a matte finish and more striking camera module.The Ultra model is also getting some extra perks like a dual telephoto lens and the ability to maintain a high refresh rate along with high resolution.All told, it's a modest improvement over...
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7 new tech products every agent should know about

Held virtually, the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show revealed the latest in home and business technology, including a home recycling solution, wearable joysticks for hands-free control and even a "smart tub" from Kohler.
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Samsung unveils its newest Tile competitor, the Galaxy SmartTag

Alongside its other announcements at Samsung’s event today, the company introduced its new Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth locator, a lost item beacon for Samsung owners and a competitor with Tile. Like Tile and Apple’s forthcoming AirTags, the beacon can be attached to keys, a bag, a pet’s collar or anything else you want to track. Initially, these SmartTags will use Bluetooth to communicate with a nearby Samsung device, however, the company confirmed a ultra-wideband (UWB) powered version called the...
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Samsung is beating Apple to the punch by launching a new smart tag that can help you find lost items with your smartphone

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Samsung Samsung just announced a new Bluetooth tracker called Galaxy SmartTags alongside its new Galaxy S21 lineup during CES 2021.The tracker can be placed on items like key rings and wallets so that you can monitor their location in Samsung's SmartThings app.This product is quite similar to the current household name in Bluetooth trackers: Tile and its many variations.Apple is also rumored to be ...
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Samsung’s Galaxy S21 line arrives with camera bumps, price drops and S Pen compatibility

Samsung wasted no time this year. With Mobile World Congress pushed back six or so months, the hardware maker hitched its wagon to the tail end of the CES whirlwind — though unlike its press conference earlier in the week, the company is very much on its own for the latest Unpacked. And why not? In spite of broader issues with the mobile industry (certainly not helped by the COVID-19 pandemic), the Galaxy line is still very much a draw. People may not be as eager to buy a flagship as they were a...
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Tech and health companies including Microsoft and Salesforce team up on digital COVID-19 vaccination records

A new cross-industry initiative is seeking to establish a standard for digital vaccination records that can be used universally to identify COVID-19 vaccination status for individuals, in a way that can be both secure via encryption and traceable and verifiable for trustworthiness regarding their contents. The so-called ‘Vaccination Credential Initiative’ includes a range of big-name companies from both the healthcare and the tech industry, including Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce and Epic, as we...
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Samsung's new Galaxy S21 phones feature a new look, improved specs, and cheaper prices than last year's models

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. The Galaxy S21 Ultra (left), Galaxy S21 Plus (center), and Galaxy S21 (right). Samsung Samsung launched its new Galaxy S21 flagship phones on January 14.Prices start at $799.99 for the Galaxy S21, $999.99 for the Galaxy S21 Plus, and $1,199.99 for the Galaxy S21 Ultra.They're available for preorder today and will be widely available to buy starting January 29 from Samsung, online retailers, and carr...
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The Best Apps to Distract Your Brain from the Nightmare That Is 2021

We’re barely into 2021 and it’s already been kind of a lot, to say the least. If you’re able to take a break from doomscrolling, we recommend it. We’ve also rounded up some of the best iOS and Android apps for calming your brain amidst the chaos. Close Twitter, take a break from cable news, and give your mind a…Read more...
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What is LiDAR? How everyday devices use lasers to scan your environment

LiDAR technology helps devices scan their surroundings. Apple LiDAR, also known as Light Detection and Ranging, uses lasers to measure the distance, shape, and orientation of 3D objects.   LiDAR is becoming increasingly common, appearing in devices like the iPhone 12 Pro, robot vacuums, and self-driving car prototypes. These devices use LiDAR lasers to scan the environment around them, getting a more accurate picture of how the area is shaped and what objects they're near. Visit Business I...
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How To Reserve Your Samsung Galaxy S21 Pre-Order Spot Right Now

Sign up for Notifications | Samsung
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Samsung Will Announce Its Next Galaxy S Lineup on Jan. 14

If you’ve been holding out on snagging a new phone to see what Samsung’s been cooking, you won’t have to wait too much longer. On January 14, the company will announce the S21 line of smartphones at its Galaxy Unpacked event. Read more...
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TCL Is Pushing the Price of 5G Down Even Further with the TCL 20 5G

Last year TCL began flexing its industrial muscle when it launched its first line of TCL branded phones, and now for CES 2021, the new TCL 20 5G is looking to push the price of 5G phones way down. Read more...
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Genshin Impact’s Ganyu Puts Her Foes on Ice

MiHoYo has released a brand new Genshin Impact trailer for new upcoming character Ganyu, a mild-mannered, soft-spoken Cryo archer who shows a colder side when facing down her enemies. The short trailer features Ganyu fighting Hichurls in her dreams, only to be woken up by Qiqi warning her of an actual Hichurl threat coming their […]
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Motorola Just Revamped Its Budget Phone Lineup, and There's Something for Everyone

CES typically isn’t a big show for smartphones, but that hasn’t stopped Motorola from giving the entire Moto G lineup a big refresh to start the year, along with a new version of Motorola’s most affordable 5G phone. Read more...
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Verizon Says It Will Be Delaying the Shutdown of Its 3G Network For Now

While AT&T prematurely scared its customers about the upcoming shutdown of its older 3G network, Verizon has recently decided to take things slower by delaying the shutdown of its 3G service indefinitely. Read more...
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TrendForce expects the smartphone market to slowly recover in 2021, but Huawei won’t benefit

After a dismal year, the global smartphone market will slowly start recovering in 2021, predicts TrendForce. But Huawei won’t benefit and, in fact, will fall out of the research firm’s list of the world’s top six smartphone makers. In 2020, global smartphone production dropped 11% year-over-year to 1.25 billion units. This year, TrendForce expects it to increase by 9% to 1.36 million units, as people replace old devices and demand grows in emerging markets. But even that slight recovery is co...
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Cheaper 5G Phones Are on the Way Thanks to Qualcomm's New Snapdragon 480 CPU

One of the biggest issues with 5G is the impact it has on phone prices, often increasing the cost of current handsets by around $100 or more compared to standard 4G phones. But with the introduction of its new Snapdragon 480 chip, Qualcomm is looking to make 5G phones much more affordable. Read more...
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Samsung Finally Announced the Galaxy Unpacked Event We All Knew About: Here's What's Coming

After weeks of rumors, Samsung has finally announced its next Galaxy Unpacked Event scheduled for January 14, and it couldn’t have come at a better time because recently a number of new leaks have spilled the beans on what we’re expecting to see at Samsung’s next big product showcase. Read more...
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Fate/Grand Order Servant Summer Camp Nude Filter Beats the Heat

Skilled artist Annindoufu has completed their nudification of Fate/Grand Order‘s Servant Summer Camp event CM, infinitely elevating the appeal of the advertisement as all the females (and even some of the men) can be seen participating in summer activities whilst nude. Though short, many will likely be impressed by the nude filter’s artistic quality: The […]
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Arknights Invades Japanese Train Stations for First Year Anniversary

China-developed tower defense mobile game Arknights celebrated its first year anniversary by spreading thankful advertisements across several Japanese subway stations, certain to attract many newcomers who may transform into yet more gacha addicts pumping out a steady stream of revenue to the game. A tweet from the official Arknights account made note of the first […]
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