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Chip Industry Had Worst Sales Year Since Dot-Com Bubble Burst

The semiconductor industry last year suffered its worst annual slump in almost two decades, hurt by a trade war between the largest chip producer, the U.S., and the largest consumer, China. Bloomberg reports: Revenue fell 12% to $412 billion in 2019, the Semiconductor Industry Association said Monday in a statement. That's the biggest drop since 2001, when industry sales slumped 32% as the dot-com bubble burst. The rate of decline last year abated with sales growing slightly in the fourth quarte...
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Premiere: Onsen, ‘Golden Heart’

Onsen is the persona of Drew Straus, a songwriter who launched a second career in music after graduating magna cum laude from Penn in international relations. As Onsen, his adroitly crafted synth-pop is the stuff of personal relations, as his airy vocals and cinematic production frame his often melancholic negotiations with heartache. Onsen debuted in 2016 with the album “Earthquake Weather,” teamed up with former CalArts pal Harmless (aka Nacho Cano) to release an EP as Elio in 2019 and followe...
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True Type Monotype Freedom is an Award-Winning Creative Project by Miami Ad School Students

We're proud to introduce our first Featured Creative Student Group. Learn more about a unique, award-winning project that highlights the truly awe-inspiring work coming out of the next generation creative professionals. True Type Freedom Monotype is a student project by three Miami Ad School Europe students that has won CLIO Awards in Advertising and the SIA International Creative Award. This project will also be featured in the Spring 2020 issue of NOVUM Magazine for its typography design. P...
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Sia reveals she 'just adopted a son,' says she doesn't 'have time for a relationship'

Singer Sia revealed to GQ that she adopted a child. "I don't have time for a relationship," she told the magazine while discussing cover star Diplo.          [Author: USA TODAY]
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Won By Over A Minute: “I Guess I’m In OK Shape These Days”

Junior Helene Fossesholm (NOR) crushed the elite women at the FIS Scandinavian Cup; Madshus Team Beijing 2022 racers delivered on several arenas on the first race weekend of the new decade. Although this was Fossesholm’s first time racing a 20-kilometer, the 18-year-old won the women’s 20-kilometer skate event in Nes (NOR) on Saturday by more than a minute down to the next racer. “I have raced a few marathons before, but it’s not something I do often, and this was the first time I raced a 20-ki...
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David Attenborough new BBC show

If you’ve been searching for a new travel show to reignite your love of adventure, you’ll only have to wait until next week. On October 27, a new David Attenborough series called Seven Worlds, One Planet will debut on BBC, and it aims to illuminate each of the seven continents through their diverse wildlife and landscapes. Attenborough introduced the series earlier this summer at the Glastonbury Festival, saying, “The ocean covers two-thirds of this planet of ours, the land only covers one-th...
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Physicians explain Sia’s chronic pain

Australian singer/songwriter Sia (born Sia Kate Isobelle Furler), 43, is known for wearing elaborate wigs and headpieces that hide her face. However, the “Chandelier” singer is not hiding the fact that she was recently diagnosed with the connective tissue disorder Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. In a tweet, Sia wrote: “Hey, I’m suffering with chronic pain, a neurological disease, […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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All the latest production moves, hires and partnerships: October 16, 2019

Park Pictures has signed director Jaci Judelson for U.S. commercial and worldwide representation.  Judelson's Gatorade “Sisters in Sweat” spot starring Serena Williams won a Cannes Lion, two Clios and a One Show award in 2018. She has also directed spots and branded films for the likes of T-Mobile, Visa, C Spire, Staples and Avon and worked on content film collaborations with BMW, Ralph Lauren, H&M, French Vogue and GQ Magazine along with AIDS PSAs. She is also known for various docuseries inclu...
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Sia announces she has a neurological disease

"Pain is demoralizing, and you're not alone," the singer tweeted.
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Pop star Sia reveals battle with chronic pain disorder

The usually secretive Australian singer-songwriter says she has a neurological disease called EDS.
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Sia announces she has a neurological disease

"Pain is demoralizing, and you're not alone," the singer tweeted.
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Singer Sia announces she has a neurological disease

Sia revealed something deeply personal on Twitter Friday.
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Sia announces she has a neurological disease on Twitter

"Pain is demoralizing, and you're not alone," the singer tweeted.
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Album Review: Labrinth’s Original Score from the HBO Series ‘Euphoria’

The only thing more exhilarating and exhausting than HBO’s stunning summer drama “Euphoria” was its soundtrack. Wound through the sparkly noir soap opera of teens in a love-hate relationship with drugs, sex and themselves was this equally torrid and twilight-y musical tone — an undulating, wall-to-wall set of songs and score crowding around Sam Levinson’s vision […]
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Subaru begins production of 2020 Legacy and Outback in the USA

In today’s automotive market, cutting edge technology and vehicle performance standards are continuing to increase to incredible heights. Looking at the upcoming generation of vehicles, Subaru has set the stage with their upcoming release of the 2020 Legacy sedan and 2020 Outback SUV taking what their previous models have done successfully and upgraded them further. With the top-tier marks for comfort and performance that the Outback and Legacy are already putting up, they are excited to announc...
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Tata-SIA Vistara to commence New Delhi Bangkok flights

The Tata-Singapore Airlines joint-venture Vistara will commence daily flights on the New Delhi Bangkok sector from August 27, 2019. Bangkok is the third international destination for the airline. It commenced flights to Singapore today, and will commence flights between Mumbai and Dubai on August 21st. Like it Mumbai Dubai flights, Vistara will use its three-class … >>> To read the full story click on the headline above.
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Jonas Brothers Are Pulling Off One Of The More Impressive Pop Comebacks In Recent Memory

Sometimes you enter into a pop cultural universe late and have to work backwards to fill in the gaps. Maybe you've decided to binge several seasons of a popular TV show to participate in the discourse, or you've fallen headfirst into a musical subgenre and now have a whole canon to educate yourself on. Maybe … More »
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The Lonely Island Dropped ‘The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience’ on Netflix, and It’s Nothing You Ever Expected

If there’s one thing that pop culture has been missing, it’s a music video extravaganza highlighting the incredible raps of Major League Baseball players Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire. Thankfully, Andy Samberg, Akiva Shaffer and Jorma Taccone delivered last night with their surprise drop of The Lonely Island Presents: The Unathorized Bash Brothers Experience. The 27-minute “visual poem” is basically The Lonely Island’s version of Beyonce’s Lemonade, but it’s about two of the most famous Oakland...
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The Lonely Island Release Surprise Bash Brothers Album & Netflix Special

It's been more than 13 years since "Lazy Sunday," the SNL Digital Short that introduced the masses to the rap style of the Lonely Island -- two SNL writers (Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer) and one cast member (Andy Samberg) who were posting their own parodic raps online before they even joined SNL. More »
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"The traveling, the air conditioning is so weird. You become like a lizard."

From Howard Stern's big book of interviews, a little insight into the travails of travel:Howard: Then when this song becomes a hit, they send you out on tour, and that’s where you freak. You hated it. Sia: Well, there were parts that I loved. Howard: What’s the worst part of it? Is it just being in a hotel? Not being around your stuff? Sia: It’s lonely. You have this family with you, this traveling family of wolverines that you create, and that’s not lonely. But if you’ve developed relationships...
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Music Superstars Still Spend Big On Music Videos

The latest Taylor Swift video for Me! is a mini-million dollar movie. Insiders claim Swift’s latest video cost over a million. Is it worth to spend a million dollars on a music video today? For Swift, sure. She has the money to spend, but for other artists?It’s hard to make money off videos in the digital age because of streaming.  Unlike 20 years ago, at least today, videos can generate ad revenue whereas MTV paid nothing to artists and labels. Regardless, big budget videos were always a risky...
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Meet the Googler in charge of all things I/O

From May 7 through May 9, more than 7,000 developers will head to Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View for I/O, Google’s annual conference—and take part in talks and events in an area that’s usually a parking lot. In charge of turning that blank space into a festival-like atmosphere is Amanda Matuk, who has been part of the team running the conference for the past 10 years.Amanda, who is the event’s executive producer, has been in charge of I/O for the past four years. The process takes six t...
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Proof That Maddie Ziegler Is the Beauty Inspiration I Need Right Now

Maddie Ziegler has shortly gone from reality TV star to one of the most important teenagers in Hollywood (no, really, Time magazine named her one of the most influential teens three years in a row). Forget triple threat: Ziegler dances, acts, does voiceover work, models, and writes - the Pennsylvania native's memoir The Maddie Diaries made the New York Times' bestsellers list - all while racking up 13 million Instagram followers in the process. And we're only going to see more of her: the 16-yea...
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8 Great Music Video Techniques Anyone Can Use

There's no limit to the approaches and techniques artists can apply to create original music, but in this piece we revisit some particularly effective and often low-budget ideas that have been utilized in the past, that any artist could borrow today. ______________________ Guest post by Gideon Waxman of Soundfly's Flypaper There are many different approaches to creating a memorable music video concept. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to thinking up of creative ways to carry ...
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Adara ‘Alien’

Electro pop artist Adara releases Alien. Pulling influences from Lady Gaga, Sia, and Ellie Goulding, the Nashville based singer’s 2017 single “Oasis” clocked 700,000 spins on Spotify. She has an extensive background from collaborating with well known DJ’s to writing with popular Kpop artists. In fact, her first cut became the theme song for the EDM festival Station. Give the latest track listen. [email protected] 
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P!nk Still Isn't Taking Any Smack Talk Or Dealing In Fake Feelings On Hurts 2B Human

P!nk has worked for many years to establish her identity as an artist: she’s the left-of-center option for those who love pop hooks but don’t connect with impossibly perfect pop stars. After a debut album that she felt didn’t accurately reflect her musical DNA (read: too much R&B, not enough rock), she spent her younger days doubling down on partying like a rockstar and eschewing the trappings of the Britneys of the world. Then, she evolved into the edgy mom and wife —the one who still dyes her...
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Lil Dicky – “Earth” Video

Last year, Lil Dicky released his problematic collab with Chris Brown, "Freaky Friday." Now, the joke-rapper is setting his sights on climate change. Thursday morning, he went on Ellen to tease a video for a new song called “Earth.” Dicky said the video features 30 of the biggest stars in the world — … More »
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one from the archives: take your time

A photograph from our old front garden, taken about 6 years ago. “In order to keep my law license active, every year I'm required to attend 15 hours of continuing legal education.  Some time ago, I attended a professional responsibility course by the very funny Sean Carter, a lawyer who uses humour to educate.  I remember at one point during his talk, he said, "I would just like t...
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Album Review: LSD’s ‘Labrinth, Sia & Diplo Present… LSD’

Great as they may look on paper, supergroups can be a Clash of the Alphas, an ego pileup where the listener can practically hear the musical elbows being thrown. And while that was certainly possible with LSD — a supergroup comprised of veteran hitmakers Sia (Rihanna, Katy Perry, Britney), Diplo (Beyonce, MIA, Justin Bieber) and […]
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20 Coachella festival performances we’ll never forget

The 20th anniversary of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is almost upon us and our reporters have logged many, many miles on the grass (and to and from the parking lots) at the Empire Polo Club in Indio. This year’s festival happens April 12-14 and April 19-21 and the lineup includes headliners Childish Gambino (who we saw back in the day in 2012), Tame Impala (who played the fest in 2011, 2013 and 2015) and Ariana Grande, who makes her debut as something more than a surprise guest. ...
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