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With So Many Firms Making Us Cry, At Least We Have Jones Day To Make Us Laugh — See Also

Maybe The Partnership Should Stop Eating Avocado Toast: Furloughs, layoffs, and salary cuts continue at Blank Rome, Clark Hill, Downey Brand, Bremer, Venable, and Nixon Peabody. It's PIT-PAT!: Even if you don't get that reference, enjoy Jones Day's ludicrous new video (and if you do get that reference, you'll really enjoy it). What's That Diploma Worth?: Students flesh out what they think a diploma-privileged licensure would look like and it's... pretty good. Define "Our": In truly Orwellian ...
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The Legal Profession Amid A Global Pandemic — See Also

September Bar Exam? LOL: Basically New York law school deans. No Summer Program At This Firm: But will they be the only ones to cut summers? How's Biglaw Dealing With COVID-19: In one handy chart. Cahill's Having A Banger 2020: And they won't be cutting associates or their salaries. S.D.N.Y. Retired Judge Kevin Duffy: Rest in peace.
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Bad News For Biglaw Keeps Rolling In — See Also

Times Are Tough: All. Over. The. Place. Some Good News: But one firm at least is bucking the trend. Will Cooler Heads Prevail?: A number of UVA Law students pointed out that the school is shafting a student called up by the National Guard -- hopefully the school comes to its senses. Keeping Receipts: Every law school's grading policy in one place. On The One Hand...: It seems stupid for RBG to keep working out right now, but on the other hand anything that keeps her going is worth it.
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Biglaw’s Response To The COVID-19 Economic Downturn — See Also

Cadwalader Cuts Associate Pay By 25 Percent: And partners aren't get paid at all. Midsize Firms Are Also Slashing Salaries: To protect the firm's viability. Pryor Cashman Furloughs Associates: They're hopeful they can be rehired, but who knows when that'll happen. Harvard Law School Moves On-Campus Recruitment: Now it'll be in January. Notre Dame's COVID-19 Grading Policy: Leaves a lot to be desired.
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The Darwinian Economics Of Biglaw Lawoffs — See Also

Layoffs Move From Stealth To Explicit: This time it's Womble. Maybe Sit This One Out, Buddy: Professor Richard Epstein's Darwinian argument proves "survival of the fittest" easily defeated by tenure. Taking A Hiring Break: Some firms are putting lateral recruiting on hold. Key Technological Insights: Don't screw up on Zoom. Get Ready For Some White-Collar Crime: Surely everyone will agree not to commit any crimes right now!
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So Many Questions Today — See Also

Yeah, But How Bad Was It Really?: ASU wants students to explain how COVID has hurt them. So... We Gonna Do This Summer Thing Or Not?: A lot of summer associate programs are in limbo. Are We Doing The Bar Exam In The Fall Now?: Still no decision, but the deadline is coming up fast. Just To Be Clear, Is This Not An Emergency?: Judge displeased with "emergency" deposition scheduling motion. What Is The Constitution Anymore?: Mark Meadows getting upfront with his constitutional breaches.
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Biglaw Partner Knows This Isn’t Normal — See Also

Wachtell Partner Lashes Out Against "Nonessential" Litigation: Because the 'rona is making things crazy right now. Mayer Brown Reinstates Work From Home Policies: Because duh. Trump Admin Obsesses Over Death Penalty: And ISIS benefits. Would You Like Some Authoritarianism With Your Pandemic? It seems yes, yes, you would. It's A Tough Time To Be A Working Parent: Especially in the legal industry.
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Partners Feeling The Economic Pinch Of Coronavirus — See Also

U.K. Firm Stops Shareholder Payments: Are Law School Graduations Happening During COVID? You tell us. Working During A Pandemic Isn't Easy: Especially if you're a lawyer. Despite The Corona-Madness, Chicago Law Keeps Its Grading The Same: And folks are pissed. Law Student Opens Up About Her COVID-19 Diagnosis: She wants to increase awareness about young people and the pandemic.
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COVID-19 Continues To Mess With The Legal Industry — See Also

Columbia Postpones On-Campus Interviews: Amid coronavirus concerns. GRE From Home: Get into law school from the comfort of your home. More Law Firm Layoffs: COVID-19 rears its ugly head again. Hilarious Filing: But he's not wrong. Unicorn Case Gets Ugly: Benchslapped!
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A New Week… Everything Is Still Awful — See Also

It Was Worth A Shot: Bill Barr asks if everyone would be cool with suspending the Constitution for awhile. Lawmakers don't seem keen on it. Uh-Oh, This Isn't Going To Put Her In A Good Mood: Amy Klobuchar's husband is down with the coronavirus. Résumé Padding: In retrospect, maybe this was taking it too far. Class Action For Less Than A Class Act: Bloomberg sued by former staffers. SCOTUS makes some changes: A little break from tradition.
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The Law Firm Coronavirus Layoffs Are Here — See Also

The Legal Industry Feels The COVID-19 Pinch: Law firm layoffs. How'd They Think We Wouldn't Notice? Of course the public would find out when senators dumped stock before the pandemic reached a fevered pitch. Technology Is The Worst: Judges learn the hard way. What If The Bar Passes On Itself: Are we gonna have this test? Lessons In The Law Of Defamation: Sean Hannity edition. Rich Weber Dies Of Coronavirus Complications: Rest in peace.
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Law Schools Are Trying To Deal With The COVID-19 Fallout — See Also

The Downside Of Pass/Fail: But coronavirus has law schools over a barrel. Evidence Of A Broken System: Dumb but constitutional is a terrible standard. Kirkland Had A Great 2019: $4 billion in revenue is pretty great. Be Kind: It's an order. Will COVID-19 Ruin A Good Thing? I mean, probably... at the rate things are going.  
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They’re Just Canceling Everything Now — See Also

LSAT Solves Latest Logical Puzzle: Canceling. Federal Officials, They're Just Like Us!: Except they aren't and have no idea how real people function. I Went Through A Coronavirus Lockdown And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt: Actually, the shirt isn't lousy and it's for a good cause. Making The Most Of Online Courses: This is a good model.
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Maybe Law School Rankings Will Distract You From COVID-19 — See Also

The Latest U.S. News & World Report Law School Rankings: Check them out. The Truth About The Pandemic Team: It's worse than you thought. Pandemics Require Pro Bono Work: Like a LOT of it. And Paul Weiss is leading the way. Marco Rubio's Spelling Foibles: Remember, he was the smart one. Get Well Soon, David: COVID-19 hits an Above the Law alum.
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Keep Calm And Lawyer On — See Also

Coronavirus Tracker: It's like school closures for grown-ups. Scary Development: Biglaw partner in critical condition. Since We Have To: Lawyers were already good at building emotionally distant teams — here's how to build socially distant ones. Lawyer of the Year Winner: Has some advice for us. Gunning In The Age Of COVID: This is a good time for law students to have some perspective.
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Women’s Soccer Gets A Moral Victory — See Also

The Fight For Their Legal Victory Continues, But This Bodes Well: Heads roll over filing in USWNT case. Drunken Assault Gets Lawyer Suspended: The court felt a harsh penalty was warranted. Tantrums Are Now An Arrestable Offense? Because why shouldn't more things about 2020 be awful. Mandatory Work From Home: A look at one firm's COVID-19 plan. Has Anyone Been Able To Make Money Off The Pandemic? Stocks have taken companies that have been in the news in relation to the coronavirus pandemic on...
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Bedtime Stories — See Also

The End Of The Affair: Are we going to cancel Biglaw summer programs over this? We've also got more work-from-home policies. The Gulag Archipelago: MCC is in desperate need of reform and hopefully this silly motion shines a light on that. The Scarlet Letter: In this case it's "C" for Coronavirus and y'all need to leave Hester alone. The Importance Of Being (Edison): Judge deals with his own case of mistaken identity.
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Federal Judge Speaks His Mind — See Also

Judge Lynn Adelman Goes Off On Roberts Court: His epic law review article. Pro Se Litigant Makes Bold Accusation: The judge does not take kindly to it. Is Anyone Going To Tell Alan Dershowitz To Shut Up? No? Okay, then. NYU Law Prof Has Coronavirus: But the professor isn't teaching this semester, so try not to freak out. Faegre Drinker Closes All 22 Offices: I mean, this seems extreme, even by Covid-19 standards.
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Not A Great Look For The DOJ — See Also

Does The DOJ Not Want Immigrants To Know They Should Wash Their Hands? A look a a Kafkaesque Coronavirus story. Wire Fraud Charges? That's No Big Deal: Just ask this judicial candidate. More Covid-19 Law School Closures: Who makes the list? Screenshots Are Hard, Y'all: But that's not a defense for refusing to produce footage in a FOIA request. Mixed Martial Law? A deep dive into the surprising legal specialty.
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Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Gets Carmen Sandiegoed — See Also

WHERE IN THE WORLD IS GEORGE CONWAY? He’s been wiped off the Wachtell website. CORONAVIRUS GETS STUDENTS OUT OF GOING TO LAW SCHOOL: All classes and finals at this school have been moved to an online format. CLERKSHIPS USED TO MEAN SOMETHING: Now, in Trumpland, maybe not so much? TENTH CIRCUIT SWEEPS SEXUAL HARASSMENT UNDER THE RUG: And then takes an excruciatingly long time to publicly discipline judge.
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Law School Professors Can’t Seem To Help Themselves With The N-Word — See Also

Eugene Volokh Will Drop The N-Word Even If You Ask Him Not To: Because academic freedom you guys. The Consequences Of Using The N-Word Are Pretty Light: Even after this Emory Law prof used it twice. Chuck Schumer And John Roberts Get Into A Kerfuffle: Over the Supreme Court, natch. Biglaw Is Still Freaking Out Over The Coronavirus: Debevoise edition. Reed Smith's Mental Health Efforts: #StopTheStigma.
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Coronavirus Continues To Hit The Profession — See Also

Look To Your Left, Look To Your Right: All of you aren't coming to school today because of coronavirus. Keep Washing Your Hands: Coronavirus hits Biglaw. Get Well: Partner patient in critical condition. Neil Gorsuch, Kind Of A Dick: Never thought I'd feel bad for Paul Clement, but here we are. Your Vote, Your Choice: Chief Justice Roberts faces a deeply personal decision about stripping women of reproductive rights.
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Let’s Freak Out Together About The Coronavirus And The Economy — See Also

A Lawyer Has Coronavirus: The Westchester attorney commutes into Manhattan daily. The Recession Is A-Coming: Is Biglaw ready? What Happens When You Add Coronavirus To A Brewing Recession: A mess. That's what you get. Legal Twitter Goes Crazy Over A FOIA Request: Too bad the request is remarkably narrowly tailored. Legal Twitter Gets Lost In The Semantics: Because, obviously.
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SCOTUS Taking Another Look At ACA — See Also

Here We Go Again!: The Supreme Court is going to hear an Obamacare challenge. At least it's right before the election so it will be totally low-key. Keep Calm And Bill On: Coronavirus hits NY and Biglaw has to react. Judges Behaving Badly?: More allegations of misconduct. Lawyers Getting Emotional: Biglaw partner has a bad day.
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We’ve Opened A New Matter Number For ‘Pandemic’ — See Also

Yes, But Don't Stop Billing: Firms are shutting their doors over coronavirus. Going For The Gold: Some associates are Olympic hopefuls. Orange Is The New Black: Law school donor giving to Women's Prison Project. RBG Working Hard: She's churning out opinions.
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The World’s Tiniest Violin Is Playing For Rudy Giuliani — See Also

Rudy's Fresh Out Of Friends: Try not to be too sad for him. Hot Damn! Vulgar language at the Supreme Court. Of Course They Are: Department of Justice is prioritizing denaturalization. Coronavirus's Impact On Biglaw: Despite the relatively low mortality rate, the new pandemic is changing how Biglaw does business. Second Circuit Judge Insists He's An Art Fan: Despite what his decision said.
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New York Bar Exam Moves Into The Future — See Also

No More Mental Health Questions On The NY Bar Application: Well done, New York. The Farce Of The Trump Administration: College student becomes a senior aide because it is 2020 and everything is the worst. Biglaw Partners Are Like Parents: You don't show favorites. Russ Feingold Named American Constitution Society President: Congrats! Demand For More Protections For Federal Clerks: Against sexual harassment.
Tags: New York, Law, Russ Feingold, See Also, New York The Farce Of The Trump Administration

It’s A Crazy Time At The Supreme Court — See Also

Justice Thomas Wants To Overturn Case: Even though he wrote the opinion. Shocking Exactly No One: Originalism turns out to be more about the current whims of conservatives than anything original. The Unmitigated Gall: Donald Trump wants Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg to recuse themselves. #MeToo Victory: A look at the post-Weinstein era. Law School Or 8th Grade? Which is worse? (Law school. For sure.)
Tags: Law, Donald Trump, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Thomas, Sonia Sotomayor, The Supreme Court, Weinstein, See Also

Musical Interlude — See Also

Poetry In Motion: If you've got to write a cease and desist response, why not have some fun with it? Get Up Puppet Boy, You've Got A Job To Do: Justice Sotomayor sees some strings on a lot of her coworkers. Everybody Must Get Stoned: DLA Piper opens weed practice. I'm Not Listening When You Say Goodbye: Roger Stone keeps annoying everyone around him. Closing Time, Open All The Doors And Let You Out Into The World: LexisNexis shuts down old mainframe.
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Zen And The Art Of Law School Management — See Also

Please Fill Out A Comment Card: Florida's dean did not get great reviews from her faculty. No Words: Yes, Trump's saying that a black juror mind-controlled everyone into convicting Roger Stone. Solidarity Among Clerks: Clerks coming forward to back Olivia Warren's account of Judge Reinhardt's harassment. Focusing On Substance Abuse: Biglaw chair speaks about alcoholism.
Tags: Florida, Law, Trump, Roger Stone, Reinhardt, See Also, Olivia Warren