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In the News – Zoho Bigin is CRM Software for the Smallest Businesses

If you’re busy trying to get your business back on its feet, you probably don’t want to be bothered by much new technology. The time to learn it probably doesn’t exist right now. But you’re going to need sales and the smaller your company is, the more unapproachable most of that technology is. This week, however, Zoho released new CRM software called Bigin that’s designed specifically for the small businesses and even freelancers. Zoho says it’s time for freelancers, independent contractors and...
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The Key to a Client’s 1,600% ROI | Sales Strategies

Last year, I finished a project with a client who generated a whopping 1,600% return on investment. How? They shared their wins internally.​ Share Your Successful Best Practices and Wins Internally During a debrief with this client of mine, they …Read More »
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Your Business Has No Room for Trust Fall Pranksters (CARTOON)

This article, "Your Business Has No Room for Trust Fall Pranksters (CARTOON)" was first published on Small Business Trends
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What SEO Measures to Take for Your Website and Online Business in a Financial Crisis!

1.Will a Financial Crisis Be Created by Coronavirus?2.How Can You Diminish the Financial Losses?3. Measures Through Which SEO Services Can Help You?4.What Benefits Can Gou Get From Profesional SEO After the Crisis Pass?5.Which SEO Agency Should You Choose?Will a Financial Crisis Be Created by Coronavirus?Coronavirus already provoked negative effects on the economy. This happened in all countries affected by this virus. Although, for now, the damage affected mostly physical businesses, but if the...
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Machine Learning Consulting in 2020

Machine Learning consulting, although in the same corridors as AI consulting, is a different thing. It is a melting pot of the traditional consultants and new startups.There is a huge difference between AI consulting and ML consulting. In AI, it is important to comprehend that this niche includes all of the apps where the computing device mimics human intelligence.Meanwhile, machine learning tends to focus on processing the fetched data to produce models that can be used for processing new data....
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According to science, our world came into existence with a blast of energy. Nature provided us with the blessing, the sun, which is the primary source of energy. People in the early ages didn’t know how to lit a fire. With time and knowledge, human beings continued progressing and opening the doors to the modern world. Today, we have developed unique methods to produce energy and enhanced the standards of our living. Nowadays, human beings are unable to survive without energy, in whatever form i...
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7 Myths Regarding Workers Compensation: Yes, Even the Low-Risk Industries Need It

Business owners often face confusion when it comes to worker’s compensation and legal ramifications of failing to maintain the coverage. It is available to cover the cost of medical expenses and replace the injured worker’s wages if they are eligible. Reviewing 7 myths regarding worker’s compensation shows all business owners why they need coverage even if they are in a low-risk industry. 1.  Small Businesses Don’t Need Workers Compensation Small businesses do need to purchase worker’s compens...
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10 Heat Map Tools and User Tracking Tools

In business, entrepreneurs are always trying to crunch numbers and glean valuable insights from them. With the growing data from social media platforms, customer interactions, and sales, managing and interpreting data has become important for businesses of all sizes. Often spreadsheets can provide the figures. But may not necessarily provide the tools to looks at trends, patterns and visualize outcomes. However, through data visualization which can be graphs, charts or pictorial representation ...
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AutoNation Cutting Roughly 3,500 Jobs

After furloughing staff in response to the coronavirus pandemic, AutoNation has gradually allowed employees to return back to work. Half of the 7,000 people asked to take it easy in April won’t be coming back at all, however. The automotive retailer has decided to permanently cut 3,500 jobs so it can focus on its bottom […] The post AutoNation Cutting Roughly 3,500 Jobs appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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What Is Business Debt Consolidation and Is it Right for You?

Having multiple loans complicates business bookkeeping. Multiple loans may also impact business cash flow during the month. Should you consider business debt consolidation? Absolutely. Even if you’re easily managing multiple loans and cash flow, you might save money through debt consolidation. An investigation into small business debt consolidation that helps you save money? Sounds like a good idea. Let’s take a look. What is Debt Consolidation? Let’s get the simple definition out of the way....
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Mazda’s U.S. Sales Situation Finally Starts Coming Together, in the Middle of a Pandemic? And Because of the Miata?

Month after month, as the Mazda product lineup improves and as plaudits pour in, we chronicle the company’s tragic dearth of U.S. sales success. The automaker’s goals for performance in the American marketplace are modest: a good 2 percent market share, for example. Yet generating meaningful demand for deserving products – the second-generation CX-9 and […] The post Mazda’s U.S. Sales Situation Finally Starts Coming Together, in the Middle of a Pandemic? And Because of the Miata? appeared first ...
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The 5 Best Mobile Apps for Video Calls

Mobile devices have made us more connected than ever before, and with the introduction of video-calling apps, we can now chat with someone as if we’re in the same room. Crystal-clear audio and HD video quality make video chatting an easy means of communication for those in different geographical areas or during social distancing regulations.If you’re looking for a new mobile app to video call from, we’ve chosen five of the best apps that you can get. Whether you’re hosting a work conference, cat...
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6 Tips on How to Use SEO To Build Your Brand

Ecommerce SEO services incorporate all the activities you can apply to improve as well as ensure the visibility of your website on search engine result pages.SEO can be further divided into two primary types:On-page SEOOff-Page SEOOn-page SEO activities are the activities of optimizing individual websites to rank higher on the free organic results and get more traffic on a website.While, off-page SEO refers to all the things you can do outside of your website to help you improve SERP position e....
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The Future Of HR And Automation

The idea behind automation is to streamline workflows and free up the workforce for more valuable tasks. As seen in the past, technological advancement tends to destroy jobs, but it also creates more jobs. Automation is creeping into almost all fields making the workforce worried that their jobs might become obsolete one day.Any task that can be automated has not been spared, even human resources, a document-driven field. In the typical office, the HR department prepares employment contracts, ha...
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The New Flexibility

Being flexible in the future won’t just be about pushing back a meeting by 15 minutes. The “new” flexibility will long exist into the future as a result of COVID-19. It’s safe to say that the pandemic has shaped the …Read More »
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How Grocery Businesses Can Easily Embrace Digital Transformation

Grocery business owners and food retailers are among those businesses that have seen the most dramatic impact from novel coronavirus. With the stockpiling trend still around and a move to online ordering steadily increasing, grocery sellers are scrambling to keep up. Grocery Business Digital Transformation Here are a few tips for grocery businesses owners to embrace digital transformation and win the quickly changing market. But first, what has changed? No one could really see it coming. Wi...
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The Remote Work Economy is Booming

The remote work economy is booming. A new infographic from nine2fivejobsearch reveals up to 50% of the American workforce could be working remotely. That number rose dramatically in recent months. At the beginning of the year, 5.3% of employees worked as full-time staff from home. And more than a quarter (29%) of employees had the option to work part-time remotely, according to nine2fivejobsearch’s blog. The Remote Work Economy The trend is on the upswing with 70% of the American workforce sl...
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How to Successfully Market Your Business With Voice Search

By Marcel Gemme Just a few short years ago, voice search was a bit of a novelty. But similar to other technologies, voice search has matured to the point where marketers can no longer ignore it. To be competitive, it’s become necessary to include voice as an essential component of your marketing strategy. Here’s what you need to know. 1. Voice search is highly accurate In the past, if you wanted relevant answers from a voice recognition technology, well—good luck with that. But today, machine ...
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How to Learn New Skills Fast (INFOGRAPHIC)

One of the insights many people gained from all the time they had during the lockdown is how easy it is to learn a skill with today’s digital ecosystem. And the new infographic from Fast Online Master’s developed by Nowsourcing is going to teach you how you can learn these new skills fast. Titled Tricks to Learn Any Skill Fast, the infographic highlights the value of lifelong learning along with ways to learn quickly. This is critically important because being able to acquire new skill sets qui...
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9 Rules for Competing for New Business

Much of the time, those of us in B2B sales find ourselves competing with a rival for a client. Someone wins, and someone loses. Because this is true, you have to play the game to win. Here are nine rules to help you compete and beat your competition. Respect Your Competition: One of the worst mistakes you can make when competing for business is underestimating your competition. The part of you that wants—and needs—to believe that you are better should make a little room for the idea that your c...
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But What Words?

I am not with them. I am without. I witness the world being birthed anew. I know nothing more. I feel so much more. And so, I am without words. Unable to encompass this all. (Dear reader, may you be happy and healthy.) Other articles that might tickle your fancy: Wishing You A Joyful Holidays “Criticize By Creating” A Waste of Words
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If Airlines Want Customers Back, They Need to Do Better

Before the pandemic, I flew ever week. I have over 2 million miles on American Airlines. I get emails every day saying American Airlines can’t wait until I am back flying….when I am ready. They tell me what they have done to make it safe to fly; social distancing, less people on each flight, cleaner airplanes and the requirement to wear a face covering. Well, the planes are cleaner, but the rest is a marketing lie. I flew this past week to Phoenix to see the building of a 15-year dream. I though...
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Making Over Your Legal Company’s Online Image

If you own a legal company or are responsible for its marketing, then you know how important advertisements are. However, after a few years, it’s easy to get stuck using the same promotional materials. Follow these tips to reconsider your marketing strategy and give your business an improved shot at success. Update Your Brand In the early days of a company, it’s tempting to pick the first slogan that comes to mind and to use free clip art for your logo. It’s never to late to update your brand, t...
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75 Market Research Questions to Ask

Market research sounds so formal. Yet it doesn’t have to be. It can be part of your daily marketing activity if you adopt one of the best and easiest techniques: simply ask questions. Asking market research questions can yield new insights to boost your marketing to the next level. One example of market research involves gathering competitive information to inform your new product and service development. Another market research example involves creating clear pictures of your ideal customers —...
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4 Ways to Modernize Your Business In 2020

This post was contributed by James Daniels The successful businesses are always the ones that can adapt to the times and stay current. This can be challenging, especially in a time when there are several issues along with new technologies and trends in 2020. Still, there are a few key areas to focus on, which will help you to modernize your business and find success this year and beyond. If you are looking to modernize your business this year but you are not quite sure how to go about doing this...
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How to Prevent Data Breach

The best way to protect against the nightmare and cost that comes with data breaches is to prevent them. However, before you can prevent them you need to understand them. Below is a simple guide describing the types and cost of data breaches you could encounter and how to prevent them. How Do Data Breaches Happen? Data breaches happen with cybercriminals access data and sensitive information. Data breaches are costly. According to the 2019 Cost of a Data Breach Report by IBM, the average...
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Spotlight: D.Williams Consulting Supports Businesses Without Access to Mainstream Resources

Many entrepreneurs need support from time to time. But every business may need a unique blend of services. That’s why Donna Williams of D.Williams Consulting, LLC offers completely customizable solutions — because she understands the ever-changing needs of small businesses. Read more about her journey and the company she’s built in this week’s Small Business Spotlight. What the Business Does Provides corporate coaching and development services. More specifically, services include team buildin...
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Ways to Improve Your Website’s SEO Rankings

We all use Google on a daily basis to find new restaurants, movies, products or learn more about a certain subject and we usually trust the top results that appear on the first page as they’re the most relevant to what we’re looking for. That’s the role of search engine optimization (SEO); to ensure that the first page includes the most relevant and useful results to our search. If you want your website to rank high on the first search result page, then you have to employ the right SEO strategie...
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5 trading Tips and Guide for Beginners

Traders always try harder and better to maximize the profit by making the best use of future trading tips. future trading allows investors to buy/sell shares on the same day. The significant benefit of this trading is within less time; you can earn more profit. The future intraday word is used to describe the securities available for regular business hours in the financial world. On the same day, you need to buy and sell the shares. This means future traders experience high volatility than long ...
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Get Back on Balance Now

After months of global pandemic responses, including economic shutdowns, everyone has been thrown off balance. The hurt will be here for a while, and as I’ve pointed out in a recent article, resiliency is what you must summon now—not later—to …Read More »
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