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Charge dropped against Black teenager who was walking home from work in Texas snow

The mother of 18-year-old Rodney Reese said her son worked late to serve customers who needed supplies during last week's brutal winter storm.
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Charge Dropped Against Black Teen Walking On Icy Texas Street

Rodney Reese, 18, was arrested as he walked home from work while wearing a short-sleeved shirt during a snowstorm.
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Video: Police arrest black man for walking home from his Walmart job in the snow

Last week Rodney Reese, an 18-year-old black man, was arrested in Plano, Texas for walking home from his job at Walmart. Police had received a call that a black man with short sleeves was walking through the snow. For that high crime he was "investigated" and then charged with "being a pedestrian in the roadway," according to The Guardian. — Read the rest
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Plano police do best 'Cartman' impersonation arresting black kid for walking home in the snow

If you needed another example why the Texas Legislature should forbid police from arresting people for Class C misdemeanors, here's yet another poster-child case for the history books.Rodney Reese, an 18-year old black man living in Plano, was walking home from his job at the Walmart during the Snowpocalypse when police officers stopped him ostensibly for a "wellness check." Carrying a plastic bag, underdressed for the cold in a short-sleeve shirt, he told them he didn't want their help and was ...
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Police drop charge against black man arrested for walking home in Texas snowstorm

Rodney Reese was arrested in Plano, Texas, and charged with being a pedestrian in the roadway
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