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Supply Chain, Inflation Frustrate Hotel Recovery | By Rayna Katz

The supply chain crunch and inflation are compounding what’s already a nettlesome recovery for hotel owners and operators.
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Five Tips to Tackle Hotel Costs | By Rayna Katz

Between the rising cost of labor, decreased demand and ever-changing COVID-19 protocols, hotels have taken numerous hits to profitability. Conditions likely are going to remain challenging for some time to come, but Chris Cylke, COO of asset manager RevPAR International, has a quintet of tips for hoteliers to manage costs more effectively.
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Amid a Labor Crunch, One Hotel Tried Something Different | By Rayna Katz

Opening a hotel amid even normal times is a challenge. But these times are anything but ordinary. For The Rockaway Beach Hotel, in Queens, NY, opening last fall was compounded by a raging global pandemic and a resultant labor crunch.
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Hotels Have a Labor Problem. Is This the Long-Term Solution? | By Rayna Katz

It’s been said that perception is reality. Under that maxim, hoteliers are feeling vexed by the labor shortage.
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How Addressing ESG Can Also Save Hotels Money | By Rayna Katz

Recent weather disasters, social unrest and a heightened awareness of racial bias have prompted hoteliers to double down on their commitments to become better corporate citizens and do more to address environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.
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Here’s What It’s Like to Renovate a Hotel Amid a Pandemic | By Rayna Katz

Overseeing a large hotel renovation is no easy feat. Complicating matters: a pandemic.
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Is Daily Housekeeping in Hotels a Relic of the Past? | By Rayna Katz

Hotels struggled to remain upright in 2o2o: just breaking even was considered a monumental feat. In order to do so, many hotels were forced with the unenviable—though necessary—task of slashing services where they could.
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Hotel F&B is Following Two Cs Post-Pandemic: Careful and Creative | By Rayna Katz

In the wake of the coronavirus, and the issues it created—including a labor shortage—hoteliers are working to get their arms around food and beverage service.
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Can Gig Workers Solve the Hotel Labor Crisis? | By Rayna Katz

When the pandemic shut down travel, forcing hoteliers to furlough or layoff large swaths of their teams, employers weren’t thinking about the long-term impact—they were in crisis mode, trying to staunch the bleeding.
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Hotel Spas Give Expenses A Facelift | By Rayna Katz

The pandemic has made it difficult for anyone to relax. Beyond being a drag on a hotel’s core business—room sales—it’s also been an assault on ancillary revenues, such as spa business.
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OTAs Deliver Business. Can Hoteliers Do Better? | By Rayna Katz

As COVID-19 roiled the globe, hoteliers, like 9/11 and the Global Recession before it, found online travel agencies (OTAs) throwing them a lifeline. Through extensive TV and online advertising, booking engines pull in heaps of business, but at typically high commission costs that eat into profit margins.
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Hotel Labor Costs Are Up Across The Globe. Here’s How to Cope. | By Rayna Katz

The U.S. isn’t the only country having issues filling hotel positions. In the wake of pandemic-induced layoffs and furloughs, properties around the globe are having trouble staffing up.
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How to Keep Hotel Expenses Down? Ask an Asset Manager. | By Rayna Katz

It doesn’t sound right to talk about the “benefits” of COVID-19, but if there’s any upside to the pandemic, it’s that massive disruption to business has forced hotels to find operational efficiencies—resulting in lower costs—without damaging the guest experience.
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Hotels Are Slowly Recouping Business, But When Will the Corporate Guest Return? | By Rayna Katz

Predicting the return of corporate travel would be a cinch if foretelling the future was foolproof. No one, however, has that extraordinary prescience and even if they did, the future is, at best, murky.
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The Hotel Industry Has a Labor Problem. Here’s How to Solve It. | By Rayna Katz

If you hadn't heard, hotels are facing a labor crisis. After major furloughs and layoffs last year due to the pandemic, properties now need to staff up to be prepared for the return of business. But they are facing a drought of workers, which some call the worst recruiting climate in the industry's history.
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How To Keep Hotel Labor Costs Down When Business Ramps Up | By Rayna Katz

Some changes made to cope with the pandemic likely will be industry norms, while the crisis also spotlighted the need for new practices to be put in place.
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