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Cameo's Private Celeb Shout-out Videos Weren't So Private After All

Cameo is a delightful app. You can pay D-list celebrities—the tier of folks you’d watch on The Masked Singer or some other ridiculous reality show—to record personalized videos for you and your friends. Prices per video depend on each celeb’s rates, but paying a Real Housewife to send a surprise birthday greeting to a…Read more...
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500 Chrome Extensions Caught Stealing Private Data of 1.7 Million Users

Google removed 500 malicious Chrome extensions from its Web Store after they found to inject malicious ads and siphon off user browsing data to servers under the control of attackers. These extensions were part of a malvertising and ad-fraud campaign that's been operating at least since January 2019, although evidence points out the possibility that the actor behind the scheme may have been [Author: Ravie Lakshmanan]
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New Mexico Sues Google Over Children’s Privacy Violations

The lawsuit says that Google, the top tech brand in public schools, used its educational products to spy on students.
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EU Warns Google Buying Fitbit Presents a Major Privacy Risk

It wasn’t too long ago that Google announced it had plunked down $2.1 billion to acquire Fitbit. While the news was welcomed by some, many others raised the question of what would happen with all that health data Fitbit had collected. You can count the European Data Protection Board among the latter. At its 18th…Read more...
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Report: Firm Tracking Purchase, Transaction Histories of Millions Maybe Not Really Anonymizing Them

The nation’s largest financial data broker, Yodlee, holds extensive and supposedly anonymized banking and credit card transaction histories on millions of Americans. Internal documents obtained by Motherboard, however, appear to indicate that Yodlee clients could potentially de-anonymize those records by simply…Read more...
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Google users in UK will soon lose EU data protection: Report

Post-Brexit, Google plans to move UK user accounts out of the control of European Union privacy regulators, and will place them under U.S. jurisdiction instead, where privacy protections are weaker, reports Joseph Menn at Reuters. Excerpt: The shift, prompted by Britain’s exit from the EU, will leave the sensitive personal information of tens of millions with less protection and within easier reach of British law enforcement. The change was described to Reuters by three people familiar with i...
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UCLA backtracks on plan for campus facial recognition tech

After expressing interest in processing campus security camera footage with facial recognition software, UCLA is backing down. In a letter to Evan Greer of Fight for the Future, a digital privacy advocacy group, UCLA Administrative Vice Chancellor Michael Beck announced the institution would abandon its plans in the face of a backlash from its student body. “We have determined that the potential benefits are limited and are vastly outweighed by the concerns of the campus community,” Beck wrote. ...
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Everything You Need to Know About the New Firefox VPN

Mozilla launched the beta for its long-planned VPN, Firefox Private Network, adding yet another VPN service for both mobile and desktop users. There’s currently a waitlist for beta access, so we haven’t had the chance to test the new service, but there are some notable features that help Firefox Private Browsing…Read more...
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Your Doorbell Camera Spied on You. Now What?

Amazon’s popular Ring security cameras have gaping security holes. Here’s how to protect yourself.
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How to Check Your USB Devices for Unsafe Firmware

Your USB peripherals may be making your PC vulnerable to hackers. The data security firm Eclypsium reports that the majority of Windows and Linux-based peripherals use “unsigned” firmware that leaves them open to all manner of attack—ransomware, spyware, and even full-on device takeovers. Read more...
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Mozilla launches a VPN app for Android and Windows

Mozilla, the organization behind Firefox browser, is bringing its VPN (Virtual Private Network) service to Android and Windows 10 through a dedicated app. The app is currently in the beta phase, and you need an invite to sign up. Once you get an invite, you need to pay $4.99 a month, because privacy is not a free lunch. In return, Mozilla vows not to log your network traffic or your browsing history. The VPN uses a new Wireguard protocol, which is supposed to be faster and more secure than other...
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The Studs on This Punk Bracelet Are Actually Microphone-Jamming Ultrasonic Speakers

You can prevent facial recognition cameras from identifying you by wearing face paint, masks, or sometimes just a pair of oversized sunglasses. Keeping conversations private from an ever-growing number of microphone-equipped devices isn’t quite as easy, but researchers have created what could be the first wearable…Read more...
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All This Dystopia, and for What?

When privacy-eroding technology doesn’t deliver on its promises.
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How to Prevent Ring from Sharing Your Data with Marketing Companies

Ring home security devices are supposed to help keep your family and home safe, but it turns out the company uses its products to sell your personal data to third-party advertisers and marketers. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) recently published a report showing that the Ring app contains undisclosed…Read more...
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A Quiet Respite in a Bustling Open Workplace

More than a decade into the era of the open-plan office, a host of ancillary spaces like “phone booths” and “meeting pods” are cropping up, offering employees an escape from their co-workers.
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Ring slightly overhauls security and privacy, but it’s still not enough

Security camera maker Ring is updating its service to improve account security and give more control when it comes to privacy. Once again, this is yet another update that makes the overall experience slightly better but the Amazon-owned company is still not doing enough to protect its users. First, Ring is reversing its stance when it comes to two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication is now mandatory — you can’t even opt out. So the next time you login on your Ring account, you’ll re...
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Ring Finally Rolls Out Mandatory Two-Factor Authentication After Privacy Scandals

Following scandals involving hijacked camera feeds the company blamed on its users and data, Amazon-owned Ring is making two-factor authentication mandatory on its devices. As of this week, users will have to input a one-time, six-digit code via email or SMS any time they log in to their camera feeds. The…Read more...
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Brussels Airport to scrap facial recognition enabled e-gates as the system was ‘constantly defective’: Report

Less than 5 years after installing them, the Brussels Airport will scrap its electronic passport gates because they keep malfunctioning, Belgian outlet De Standaard reported. The automated gates use face recognition technology to compare each passenger with their passport photo, and open if there is a match. The e-gates, which were first installed in July 2015, […] ...
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This “Bracelet of Silence” actively blocks Alexa and Siri from hearing your conversations

The dilemma with phones and smart-speakers are that they undermine the privacy of not just their owners, but everyone around them. Maybe you have a friend who loves talking about their cat, and that’s perfectly fine… until YOU begin getting ads for cat-food on your Instagram.Students at the University of Chicago developed a unique, wrist-worn bracelet that can remotely scramble all sorts of microphones in a working radius of a few feet. Just wear “The Bracelet of Silence” and switch it on when...
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‘Every inch of Telangana will be under surveillance,’ says state government

Telangana Police’s command and control centre building, at Banjara Hills in Hyderabad, will be ready in six months, and will be able to process footage from 100,000 CCTV cameras in under a minute, the state government said in a tweet on February 14. The tweet, originally, in the Telugu language, claimed that “if you go […] ...
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Don’t cross the line between saving memories for yourself and ruining them for others

Some people like capturing candid moments hoping to take some artistic and meaningful shots. Others want to preserve precious memories, so they grab their camera or phone during the very creation of those memories. And yet others are “doing it for the Gram,” shooting every single moment of their lives. I have nothing against either […] The post Don’t cross the line between saving memories for yourself and ruining them for others appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Class action suit against Clearview AI cites Illinois law that cost Facebook $550M

Just two weeks ago Facebook settled a lawsuit alleging violations of privacy laws in Illinois for the considerable sum of $550 million. Now controversial startup Clearview AI, which has gleefully admitted to scraping and analyzing the data of millions, is the target of a new lawsuit citing similar violations. Clearview made waves earlier this year with a business model seemingly predicated on wholesale abuse of public-facing data on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on. If your face is visible...
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Activate This ‘Bracelet of Silence,’ and Alexa Can’t Eavesdrop

Microphones and cameras lurk everywhere. You may want to slip on some privacy armor.
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Databases leak exposed 900K plastic surgery records with nude photos

Internet security researchers found an insecure (but now secured) database online that contained about 900,000 records belonging to potentially thousands of different plastic surgery patients. The exposed data included photos of the patients' nude bodies, and lots of other personally identifying information. Here is the research claim, published by VPN Mentor on February 14, today, Valentine's Day: Report: 1,000s of Plastic Surgery Patients Exposed in Massive Data Leak Reports Laura Hautal...
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Facebook postpones EU launch of Facebook Dating

Facebook has postponed the launch of Facebook Dating in the European Union, Ireland’s Data Protection Commission said in a statement. The regulator added that Facebook failed to provide it the Data Protection Impact Assessment of Facebook Dating when Facebook initially contacted the regulator about the launch. Facebook had planned to launch the service on February […] ...
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500 Chrome Extensions Caught Stealing Private Data of 1.7 Million Users

Google removed 500 malicious Chrome extensions from its Web Store after they found to inject malicious ads and siphon off user browsing data to servers under the control of attackers. These extensions were part of a malvertising and ad-fraud campaign that's been operating at least since January 2019, although evidence points out the possibility that the actor behind the scheme may have been [Author: [email protected] (Ravie Lakshmanan)]
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1 in 10 Americans admit to using ‘stalkerware’ to monitor their partners

For the ongoing series, Code Word, we’re exploring if — and how — technology can protect individuals against sexual assault and harassment, and how it can help and support survivors. Despite what movies are letting us believe, spyware technology isn’t only used by hackers. In fact, stalkerware technology today, also known as “spouseware,” takes the form of apps or add-ons to a device that allows someone to remotely monitor another person’s activity. These apps have become a dangerous weapon that...
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US Senators propose to temporarily restrict government use of facial recognition systems without a warrant

A Bill in the US has proposed to temporarily restrict the use of facial recognition technology by federal agencies, government employees, and law enforcement without a warrant, until a Congressional Commission can act to recommend guidelines and place limits on use of the technology. The Bill also allows citizens to file a civil action lawsuit […] ...
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Delhi Police division denies it used drones to film CAA protestors

The Delhi Police, in response to two Right to Information requests filed by MediaNama about its usage of drones to film protestors of the Citizenship Amendment Act, has given the following responses: 1. The North District division, in response to the first RTI, said that the police of Police Station Kotwali in Red Fort, did […] ...
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