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Rare Piano Destroyed During Move Is Now in ‘Piano Heaven’ (Hopefully)

Movers dropped Angela Hewitt’s Fazioli concert grand piano — the only one of its kind in the world — as they were taking it out of a studio, the pianist announced this week. She said it was beyond salvaging.
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She’s Mrs. Rogers. But Joanne Rogers Has ‘Always Been Her Own Person.’

Fred Rogers’s widow, at 91, still acts as a spokeswoman for her husband’s legacy. But she had a long career as a concert pianist, performing duets around the country and recording two albums.
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Jakob Ogawa: April

Reminiscent of bygone ballads, Norway-born Jakob Ogawa’s “April” toys with loneliness, even relishing in it along the way. Uplifting piano and buoyant synths contribute to the song, while Ogawa’s vocals are warm and soulful and ultimately the track is playful, as a childlike choir chimes in on the chorus. “Sometimes I’m all alone, even when I hold your hand,” he sings, between carousel-like piano solo—and …
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Here are some of the weirdest musical instrument ideas from NAMM

Trade shows can be a strenuous onslaught of noise, cost, and crowds – but then it’s often the weirdest stuff that makes it worth it. And no one finds strange quite like Barry Wood and his annual NAMM Oddities. Barry impressively tracks every kind of freakish appearance at the enormous US music instruments show, and it’s worth digging through his whole NAMM Oddities guide category by category ($1.2 million-dollar guitar straps and all). I’ve taken the liberty of picking some of my favorites fro...
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You Can Ask Alexa to Change Sounds on Roland's New Keyboard While Your Hands Keep Playing

Voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa have been baked into a lot of questionable gadgets that don’t really need to be controlled through voice commands. But one device where hands-free operation makes a bit more sense is a digital piano where a user’s hands are preoccupied making music, so Roland’s adding Alexa to its…Read more...
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I’ll Never Be Rachmaninoff

Being mediocre at playing the piano is exactly what I need.
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Right at Home: A Piano Makes a Terrible Coffee Table

But beloved objects bring life to our homes, which is why we sometimes get irrationally attached to certain things, even when it makes no sense to keep them.
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Trilobites: Watch a Robotic Hand Play the Piano With a More Human Touch

It hasn’t mastered Chopin or Debussy, but it can eke out a decent “Jingle Bells.”
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Grace Notes: Delightful, De-Lovely and Deconstructed: Cole Porter’s Piano Is Being Rebuilt

Cole Porter’s 111-year-old Steinway grand from the Waldorf Astoria is getting a little work done at the Steinway factory in Astoria, Queens.
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The Lounge Pianist Who Invented Samba Funk

For 41 years, Dom Salvador has been playing jazz standards at the River Café under the Brooklyn Bridge. He’s ready for the spotlight again.
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Piano Lessons in the Panopticon

I never made as much progress learning jazz as I did online. Was it the technology?
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Finding Gear for Teens to Try Out Hobbies

Wirecutter has recommendations for helping tweens and teens explore their creativity.
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Randy Weston, Pianist Who Traced Africa in Jazz, Dies at 92

During a lifelong trans-Atlantic exchange that was reflected in his music, Mr. Weston emphasized the African roots of jazz in a style influenced by Thelonious Monk.
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Cecil Taylor, Pianist Who Defied Jazz Orthodoxy, Is Dead at 89

An uncompromising artist, Mr. Taylor argued against reductive definitions of what a musician of his training and background could or should do.
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Can you hear the difference between cheap and expensive pianos?

It's obvious when comparing an untunable yet adorable craigslist clunker with a high-quality modern piano, but I was surprised to find myself noticing the difference between a $15k grand and a $50k one, too. There was, it must be said, a big difference in age. I wonder how "cheaper" modern Yamahas (the GB1K comes in at a trifling $14k or so, and then there are the uprights...) sound compared to the big grands.
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Buy: Roland Kiyola Piano

Equal parts luxuriant oak furniture and technically-advanced musical keyboard, the Roland Kiyola Piano is a MoMA Design Store exclusive. Handcrafted in Japan by furniture-maker Karimoku, the minimalist instrument features unique grain patterns, with...... Continue Reading...
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A Week In New York City On A $70,000 Salary

Welcome toMoney Diaries , where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We're asking millennials how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we're tracking every last dollar.Today: a digital marketer who makes $70,000 per year. This week, she spends some of her money on a Take 5 candy bar.Occupation: Digital MarketerIndustry: TechAge: 22Location: New YorkSalary: $70,000Paycheck (2x/month): ~$1,800Monthly ExpensesHousing Costs: $...
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The Pianist of the Resistance Captures a Surprise Award

Igor Levit, known for bringing together music old and new — and for his outspoken political views — has been given the $300,000 Gilmore Artist Award.
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Arturia add CMI, DX7, Clavinet – and Buchla Easel – in software

Arturia refreshed their mega-collection of synths and keyboard instruments, with new sought-after additions – including a recreation of the Buchla Easel. Get ready for some numbers and letters here here. The resulting product is the Arturia V Collection 6. The ancient Roman in me apparently wants to read that as “5 collection 6” but, uh, yeah, that’s the letter “v” as in “virtual.” And what you’re now up to is 21 separate products bundled as one. Inception-style, some of those products contain ...
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Where It’s Made: A Steinway Grand Piano

Step inside the Steinway & Sons factory in Hamburg, Germany, where grand pianos have been handmade since 1904. Follow the process from the lumber yard to the selection room.
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Fats Domino, Early Rock ’n’ Roller With a Boogie-Woogie Piano, Is Dead at 89

Known for his two-fisted piano playing and nonchalant vocals, he had more than three dozen hits, including “Blueberry Hill” and “I’m Walkin’.”
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Fats Domino, 89, One of Rock ’n’ Roll’s First Stars, Is Dead

Mr. Domino, known for his two-fisted boogie-woogie piano and nonchalant vocals, had more than three dozen hits in the 1950s and ’60s.
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LES bars and partying ruining the neighborhood, study finds

A 24-block chunk of the Lower East Side, bordered by East Houston, Allen, Delancey and Essex has been dubbed by some as "Hell Square" for its abundance of bars and hard-partying crowds... Continue reading… [Author: BrooklynVegan Staff]
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‘A Really Cool Gig’: Playing Piano for Bob Dylan’s Nobel Lecture

Last week, Alan Pasqua got an unexpected request for background music from Mr. Dylan’s team: “We need it tomorrow morning.”
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In Beijing, Vladimir Putin Plays Two Piano Tunes From His Childhood

The Russian president performed the songs from the 1950s while waiting for President Xi Jinping at a forum.
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Piano-Playing Robot Virtuoso Is the Child Your Parents Always Wanted

You know those deep feelings of resentment you have towards your parents for the countless hours they made you practice the piano? Arpeggio, a piano-playing robot that could easily perform at Carnegie Hall, is the over-achieving childhood musician your parents secretly always wanted.Read more...
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SecondChild - Open Call

Main Artist covered in the blog (for charts): Second Child Artist Music Link: Facebook ID: secondchildmusic Genres (for charts): Psych Rock Region (for charts): NYC Having a stressful day today? Need something to calm your (in post Second Child to bring their psych-folk to Pianos 2/11 from The Deli Magazine. More by this artist at )
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The Textiles - Can't Let You Go

Main Artist covered in the blog (for charts): The Textiles Artist Music Link: Facebook ID: Genres (for charts): Indie Rock Region (for charts): NYC Remember The Bravery? Well, they ma (in post The Textiles to play Pianos 2/4 from The Deli Magazine. More by this artist at )
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The Vansaders - I Don't Care, She Don't Mind

Main Artist covered in the blog (for charts):  The Vansaders Artist Music Link: Facebook ID:  thevansaders Genres (for charts):  Punk Revival Region (for charts):  NYC Attention Bad Religion and Social D fans: Are you o (in post The Vansaders bring folk-punk to Pianos 1/24 from The Deli Magazine. More by this artist at )
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Now your Nord can sound like the very first Steinway, No. 1

The instrument was crafted, literally, in a kitchen in 1836 in Seesen, near Hannover. But it defined piano history. It’s pianoforte “Steinway No. 1,” built by Steinway founder Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg. And now its sound is inside more modern electronic keyboards, from Swedish builder Clavia. Clavia aren’t unveiling any new gear this week, but they do have two interesting new sound libraries. One is “Steinway No. 1.” There’s been a lot of effort between the original instrument and Herr Steinwe...
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