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Dionne Warwick – “Nothing’s Impossible” (Feat. Chance The Rapper)

After some playful ribbing about his name — “If you are very obviously a rapper why did you put it in your stage name? I cannot stop thinking about this,” Dionne Warwick famously tweeted last year — Chance The Rapper announced that he was teaming up with the octogenarian pop legend for a duet to fight food insecurity. That duet has now arrived.
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Jonny Greenwood – “Licorice Pizza”

Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film Licorice Pizza hits select theaters today, with Alana Haim in a starring role. The movie’s soundtrack is mostly filled with music contemporaneous to its 1973 setting, but frequent PTA collaborator Jonny Greenwood did contribute at least a little bit of score to it. The Licorice Pizza Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is out today and it features a Greenwood track called, you guessed it, “Licorice Pizza.”
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Mura Masa – “2gether”

Mura Masa has released a new single called “2gether.” It’s the British producer’s first new track since his sophomore album R.Y.C. was released in early 2020 — that album featured collaborations with Slowthai, Clairo, Tirzah, and more. “2gether” is the first single from Mura Masa’s upcoming third album. He’s been teasing some snippets from it over on his TikTok account. Check out the new song below.
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Julie Doiron – “Thought Of You”

This week, Montreal singer/songwriter Julie Doiron will drop I Thought Of You, her first solo album since 2012’s So Many Days. Back in September, Doiron came out swinging with “You Gave Me The Key,” and now we get to hear the twanging title track: “Thought Of You.”
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Years & Years & Galantis – “Sweet Talker”

At the very beginning of next year, Olly Alexander is releasing a new Years & Years album, Night Call, the follow-up to 2018’s Palo Santo. We’ve heard “Starstruck” and “Crave” from it so far, and today Alexander is sharing a third single, “Sweet Talker,” a collaboration with the production team Galantis. Check it out below.
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Thyla – “Flush”

In the new year, Brighton Band To Watch Thyla will share their debut self-titled album. We’ve heard “Gum” and “3,” and now we’re getting another monosyllabic single: “Flush.”
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Stream Andrew Scott Young, Ryan Jewell, & Ryley Walker’s New Album Post Wook

Thus far in 2021, the bugged-out guitar wizard and entertaining online personality Ryley Walker has released one album of his own, the impressive Course In Fable, and he’s teamed up with improv legend David Grubbs for the collaborative LP A Tap On The Shoulder. Walker has also opened for Dinosaur Jr. on tour, which must’ve been pretty cool. And today, Walker has dropped a whole new album out of the blue.
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The Natvral & Jen Goma – “The Ballad Of Easy Rider” (Roger McGuinn Cover)

Former Pains Of Being Pure At Heart leader Kip Berman released Tethers, his debut solo album under the name the Natvral, earlier this year. Next month, he’s going on tour with Annie Hart of Au Revoir Simone. And today, he’s teaming up with frequent collaborator Jen Goma — of A Sunny Day in Glasgow, Showtime Goma, and even occasionally the Pains Of Being Pure at Heart — for a cover of Roger McGuinn and the Byrds’ “The Ballad Of Easy Rider.” Listen below.
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Bloc Party – “Traps”

Bloc Party haven’t released an LP since Hymns way back at the beginning of 2016, but they’re set to change that in 2022. The band will release their sixth album Alpha Games in April. It’s produced by Nick Launay and Adam Greenspan, a duo who’ve worked together on projects by Nick Cave, Arcade Fire, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, IDLES, and more. Alpha Games is billed as a return to the high-energy post-punk sound of early releases like Silent Alarm, and lead single “Traps” certainly bears that out.
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Failure – “Submarines”

Failure, the cult-beloved ’90s alt-rock band, released three albums before breaking up in 1997. In 2014, Failure got back together, and they’re about to release their third album since that reunion — a nice symmetry for those two runs. Failure’s new LP Wild Type Droid is coming in a few weeks, and they’ve already shared first single “ .” Today, we also get to hear the new joint “Submarines.” It’s a grungy, expansive track built around a deep, riff-driven groove.
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Brian Wilson & Jim James – “Right Where I Belong”

Just a few days ago, the legendary Beach Boys sonic mastermind Brian Wilson released At My Piano, a new album that collects Wilson’s solo-piano renditions of his own classic songs. Today, Wilson has shared an altogether new song. It’s called “Right Where I Belong,” and it’s a collaboration with Jim James, the My Morning Jacket leader whose own songs certainly bear the stamp of those old angelic Beach Boys harmonies. Wilson wrote “Right Where I Belong” for the soundtrack of Long Promised Road, th...
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The Bug & Jason Williamson – “Treetop” & “Stoat”

A couple months ago, Kevin Martin released his first new album as the Bug since 2014, the collab-heavy Fire. Today, he’s back with two new Bug tracks featuring Sleaford Mods frontman Jason Williamson. “Treetop” and “Stoat” are both sides of a single out now via Ninja Tune. Here’s the Bug on how the team-up came to be:
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Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – “We Are Not Alone”

Earlier this year, Nick Cave and his longtime collaborator Warren Ellis teamed up to release their album Carnage. Before the year is over, we’ll get another new LP from Cave and Ellis. Cave and Ellis have been working together on film scores since 2005, and the latest entry in their growing filmography is the new French nature documentary La Panthère Des Neiges. Cave and Ellis will release their soundtrack for the film next month. They’ve just shared “We Are Not Alone,” which is an actual song, ...
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Eels – “The Magic”

Early next year, Mark Oliver Everett’s prolific and long-running Eels project will release Extreme Witchcraft the band’d fourteenth album. The group recorded the LP with John Parish, the PJ Harvey associate who last worked with them on 2001’s Souljacker. Thus far, Eels have shared the early singles “Good Night On Earth” and “Steam Engine.” This morning, they’ve shared a third.
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Naima Bock – “30 Degrees”

A couple years ago, Naima Bock left Goat Girl — the band she formed with her friends when she was still a teenager — to focus on making music on her own. Today, she’s releasing her debut solo single, “30 Degrees,” which she worked on with Joel Burton of the band Viewfinder. “30 Degrees” is hushed and mournful, with Bock’s deep voice at the center. “This song came out of the adolescent duality of fear and freedom and deals primarily with goodbyes,” she said in a statement. “The small ones, which ...
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Backxwash & Dreamcrusher – “Thumbs Down (Not I)”

Backxwash and Dreamcrusher have teamed up for a new track, “Thumbs Down (Not I),” the latest entry in Adult Swim’s singles series.
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Elder & Kadavar – “From Deep Within” & “El Matador”

Last year, Elder, the great psychedelic doom institution from Massachusetts, released a very good album called Omens. It came out right before the COVID era, which put an end to all of Elder’s plans to tour behind the record. Earlier this year, though, three of the four members of Elder travelled to Berlin and got together with the German band Kadavar, a like-minded crew of proggy stoners, and formed a sort of super-band called Kadavar. (Elder bassist Jack Donovan couldn’t travel to Germany, so ...
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Molly Nilsson – “Pompeii”

Last month, Molly Nilsson announced a new album, Extreme, her 10th overall and her first since 2018’s Twenty Twenty. She shared lead single “Absolute Power” at the time, and today she’s back with another new track, “Pompeii.” It’s the album’s closing track and it builds to a massive explosion, much like the fated city that gives the song its title. “The deepest desire I can’t explain/ If it wasn’t for love then it’s all in vain/ Did they feel this way that night in Pompeii?” Nilsson sings in the...
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Pusha T & Mako – “Misfit Toys”

Pusha T has teamed up with EDM singer/producer Mako on “Misfit Toys,” a new song from the soundtrack to Netflix’s animated League Of Legends series Arcane. “I remember the moment we connected and heard Pusha T’s first pass, everything felt like lift off,” Mako says in a statement. “He came at it with such authenticity and passion and energy. After that first clip, I caught him using this word, ‘misfits,’ and it immediately clicked for us to lean into that type of ‘misfit toy’ energy that [Arcane...
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Local Natives Release Soft Rock Covers They Performed In The Shrink Next Door

Local Natives popped up in yesterday’ episode of Apple TV+’s The Shrink Next Door, which stars Paul Rudd as Isaac “Ike” Herschkopf, a psychiatrist who, over 30 years, does horrible things to one of his patients, played by Will Ferrell. (It’s a true story, adapted from the hit podcast.) In episode four, Local Natives play a cover band and tackle tunes by Roxy Music, Gerry Rafferty, Michael McDonald, and 10cc. They’ve now spun those recordings into a surprise soft-rock covers EP, Music From The Pe...
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Saba – “Stop That”

Chicago rapper Saba recently announced the new album Few Good Things, the follow-up to his heavy 2018 opus CARE FOR ME. It now has a concrete release date: February 4. And today, he’s chasing the upbeat, funky lead single “Fearmonger” with a harder new song called “Stop That,” produced by Saba himself alongside Daoud and daedaePIVOT. In a statement, Saba says:
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Negative Gemini Changes Name To Neggy Gemmy, Shares “California”

Negative Gemini, last seen “Fucking Up My Life” with her partner and 100% Electronica label co-founder George Clanton, has now officially changed her project’s name to “Neggy Gemmy.” As the artist born Lindsey French explains in a statement:
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Thank You Thank You – “Undiminished Life” & “Look Alive”

Thank You Thank You is the solo project of Tyler Bussey: guitarist for Strange Ranger, bassist for Self Defense Family, formerly of The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die. He’s got a couple great new songs out today in the form of a new EP called Undiminished Life.
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Kavinsky – “Renegade”

Kavinsky — the French producer still probably best known for “Nightcall,” the opening theme from the iconic Drive soundtrack — has just shared his first new song in eight years. Kavinsky worked on “Renegade” with Victor Le Masne and Justice’s Gaspard Augé, and featured vocalist Cautious Clay co-wrote the song with them. Listen below and get ready for Reborn, the follow-up to Kavinsky’s 2013 LP Outrun.
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Ted Leo & Jeppeson Airplane – “Into The Conquering Sun”

It’s been more than four years since Ted Leo released his solo album The Hanged Man, and in a new update today he says not to expect another one anytime soon, though he does have ideas. “I’m a bit adrift with no real time or goals or visible future for my life/career as an artist, so it’s largely remained in the ‘continuously adding notes’ phase for a while,” Leo writes. “Some good notes! Lotta stuff to draw on! But I haven’t done much writing with it all, until I got the assignment I needed fro...
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R.A.P. Ferreira – “East Nashville”

On the first day of 2021, R.A.P. Ferreira, the restlessly smart and inventive rapper previously known as Milo, released his loose and poetic album bob’s son: R​.​A​.​P. Ferreira in the garden level cafe of the scallops hotel. Before the year is over, we’ll get another R.A.P. Ferreira album. Today, the man announces the excellently titled new LP The Light Emitting Diamond Cutter Scriptures, which comes out next week. He’s also shared the new single “East Nashville.”
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Spice – “Everyone Gets In”

In 2018, two members of the great punk institution Ceremony, singer Ross Farrar and drummer Jake Casarotti, started Spice, a new band that also features members of Creative Adult and Sabertooth Zombie. Last year, Spice released their self-titled debut album, and it was awesome. In September, Spice announced a new two-song single, and they shared the A-side “A Better Treatment.” That was even more awesome. That single is finally out now, which means we get one more song out of Spice.
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Stream Scowl’s Ripshit 15-Minute Debut Album How Flowers Grow

Right now, Santa Cruz’s Scowl are one of the leading lights of an insanely hot Bay Area hardcore scene. This past summer, for instance, the Bay announced the return of live music when Gulch, Drain, Sunami, and Xibalba played to thousands of people on a strip-mall parking lot, taking a stage that the band members built themselves. Scowl opened that show, and their legend has only grown since then. Today, Scowl follow up their 2019 EP Reality After Reality… with How Flowers Grow, their full-length...
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Earl Sweatshirt – “2010”

The great Earl Sweatshirt has lately been appearing on tracks from artists like MIKE, the Alchemist, Boldy James, Armand Hammer, and Wiki. Today, he’s returned with “2010,” his first solo single since last year, when he released an expanded edition of his 2019 EP Feet Of Clay. Earl’s new single is called “2010,” and it’s got him rapping over an expansive beat from past collaborator Black Noi$e.
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Cardi B – “Bet It”

Earlier this year, great American Cardi B released “Up,” her last proper single. It’s also her most recent #1 hit. Since then, Cardi has appeared on tracks from artists like Normani, Lizzo, and Summer Walker. Today, Cardi has come out with a new solo track, but it’s not a proper single. Instead, it’s the opening track from the soundtrack for the new Netflix movie Bruised.
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