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Here's your chance to design equipment for NASA's proposed Venus rover and win $15,000

NASA wants your help creating new technology for a challenging mission to Venus, a "hellish" planet with a surface temperature in excess of 840 degrees Fahrenheit.
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Looking at the sea, then the sky

NASA picking the brains of oceanographers in its search for oceans.
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NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is taking a two-week vacation

A rare step that’s been done only twice in the orbiter's 15 years of flight
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NASA Reveals Startling Images From Antarctica’s ‘Hottest Days On Record’

Aerial views of Antarctica's Eagle Island show the dramatic melting that took place during a major February heatwave.
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Turns out Jupiter has far more water in its atmosphere than we thought

New results update findings from the last mission to investigate Jupiter's atmosphere, Galileo back in 1995.
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Brave InSight Lander doing its best to free stuck heat probe from Martian soil

NASA engineers have a plan to get the stuck probe moving by using the scoop on the lander's robotic arm.
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UFO sightings: Why Mount Shasta is the new Roswell

Unusual UFO-shaped formations were observed in the skies over Mount Shasta.These were actually lenticular clouds that often look like lenses or flying saucers.This volcano peak in California has long been the subject of conspiracy theories. Mount Shasta in California has become a nexus of conspiracy theories and unusual events. The latest viral sensation from the area has been a UFO-shaped object that appeared in the skies above the potentially active volcano peak of 14,179 feet on the mornin...
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Powering Communication for an Interstellar Probe

There was a November 2019, NASA Workshop on Interstellar Propulsion. It was part of the 2019 Interstellar Symposium. The workshop focused on physics-based propulsion technologies that have the... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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The tale of this Marine in the ‘other’ Iwo Jima photo can, at last, be told

Bill Seltzer is the fourth Marine on the right in the photo above, the one with his foot on the stump in front of the American flag flying over Mt. Suribachi on Iwo Jima, 75 years ago this Sunday, Feb. 23. We’ve all seen the iconic picture AP Photographer Joe Rosenthal took of the flag being raised, but not many have seen this one he took of a platoon of Marines who made it to the top, smiling and celebrating in front of the flag. Those smiles would soon fade as they made the treacherous journey...
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'Antarctica Melts,' NASA Says, Showing Effects Of A Record Warm Spell

Taken just nine days apart, two images illustrate the impact a recent warm period had on the Antarctic Peninsula. NASA says such warmth "has become more common in recent years."(Image credit: NASA)
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SpaceX said to be seeking around $250 million in funding, boosting valuation to roughly $36 billion

SpaceX is looking to raise around $250 million in new funding according to a new report from CNBC’s Michael Sheetz. The additional cash would bring SpaceX’s total valuation to around $36 billion, according to CNBC’s sources – an increase of more than $2.5 billion vs its most recently reported valuation. The rocket launch company founded and run by Elon Musk is no stranger to raising large sums of money – it added $1.33 billion during 2019, from three separate rounds. In total, the company ...
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Here are all the science projects that SpaceX will be delivering to the ISS

The projects cover research into topics from growing human heart cells to making more comfortable sneakers
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How to deflect an asteroid

On April 13, 2029, an icy chunk of space rock, wider than the Eiffel Tower is tall, will streak by Earth at 30 kilometers per second, grazing the planet's sphere of geostationary satellites. It will be the closest approach by one of the largest asteroids crossing Earth's orbit in the next decade.Observations of the asteroid, known as 99942 Apophis, for the Egyptian god of chaos, once suggested that its 2029 flyby would take it through a gravitational keyhole — a location in Earth's gravity field...
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These leaders are coming to Robotics + AI on March 3. Why aren’t you?

TechCrunch Sessions: Robotics + AI brings together a wide group of the ecosystem’s leading minds on March 3 at UC Berkeley. Over 1,000+ attendees are expected from all facets of the robotics and artificial intelligence space — investors, students, engineers, C-levels, technologists and researchers. We’ve compiled a small list of highlights of attendees’ companies and job titles attending this year’s event: ATTENDEE HIGHLIGHTS ABB Technology Ventures, Vice President Amazon, Head, re:MARS Product...
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Samsung and Google are teaming up to escalate their war on the iPhone with the Galaxy S20 (GOOG, GOOGL, AAPL)

Samsung's new Galaxy S20 comes with Google's video-chat app, Duo, baked directly into the phone's calling app. It's a subtle addition, but one that gives both Samsung and Google important advantages in competing against the iPhone. For Samsung, it gives its latest flagship phones a viable alternative to Apple's FaceTime, a feature that Samsung's Galaxy S phones have previously lacked. And putting its video-calling app in the Galaxy S20's phone app by default could help Google gain more tractio...
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The public is helping us see Jupiter like it's never been seen before

NASA called on the public to help with its Jupiter mission. The public responded with some of the most incredible images of the planet yet.
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NASA measures rainfall rates in two American Samoa Tropical Cyclones

There are two tropical cyclones affecting American Samoa in the South Pacific Ocean on Feb. 21. Tropical Storm Vicky has triggered warnings, while Tropical Cyclone 18P continues to develop. The Global Precipitation Measurement mission or GPM satellite provided a look at the rainfall rates occurring in both storms.
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NASA sees tropical cyclone 18p form near American Samoa

The low-pressure area that has been lingering west-northwest of American Samoa for several days has organized into a tropical depression. NASA's Terra satellite passed over the Southern Pacific Ocean and provided forecasters with a visible image of Tropical Depression 18P.
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Relaunched SpaceX lease deal in San Pedro sails through port approval

The L.A. Board of Harbor Commissioners voted Thursday, Feb. 20, 2020, to approve a new permit for SpaceX to lease a 12.5-acre portion of the former Southwest Marine Shipyard site on Terminal Island in San Pedro. The company had bowed out of an earlier lease agreement in 2018 for the same location but will now return to research, design and build spacecraft so big it will have to be transported by barge to launch sites in other states. An old warehouse and workshop vacant since Southwest Marine ...
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SpaceX’s spin-outs are helping build LA’s startup ecosystem

During the days when Snapchat’s popularity was booming, investors thought the company would become the anchor for a new Los Angeles technology scene. Snapchat, they hoped, would spin-off entrepreneurs and angel investors who would reinvest in the local ecosystem and create new companies that would in turn foster more wealth, establishing LA as a hub for tech talent and venture dollars on par with New York and Boston. In the ensuing years, Los Angeles and its entrepreneurial talent pool has captu...
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SpaceX alumni are helping build LA’s startup ecosystem

During the days when Snapchat’s popularity was booming, investors thought the company would become the anchor for a new Los Angeles technology scene. Snapchat, they hoped, would spin-off entrepreneurs and angel investors who would reinvest in the local ecosystem and create new companies that would in turn foster more wealth, establishing LA as a hub for tech talent and venture dollars on par with New York and Boston. In the ensuing years, Los Angeles and its entrepreneurial talent pool has captu...
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An Adidas experiment and whole new exterior facility head to ISS next month

March 2 is the planned launch date for SpaceX’s 20th ISS resupply mission, which is bringing the usual supplies and goodies, plus a payload of interesting experiments from partners and paying customers. And a big expansion to Europe’s Columbus Module. The most ridiculous has to be Adidas’s “BOOST in Space” effort. The company creates its midsoles by fusing together thousands of tiny foam spheres. But sadly, this is generally done on Earth, where there’s gravity. So of course they want to try ...
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What if we fuck up the Moon too?

US Vice President Mike Pence yesterday gave a speech at NASA’s Langley research center in Virginia where he told employees that President Donald Trump was committed to putting humans back on the Moon by 2024 through “any means necessary.” We’re not sure exactly what that means. It was likely intended to be an inspirational quip indicating that the employees of NASA have the President‘s full support. But it feels a bit ominous coming from the administration that had to be convinced that we should...
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Elon Musk wants to build a private 'SpaceX Village' with 100 rooms, lounge parties, volleyball tournaments, and rock climbing amid a South Texas retiree community

SpaceX has been buying up properties from a community of retiree-age residents in South Texas called Boca Chica Village. Now, according to a new SpaceX job posting, the rocket company founded by Elon Musk plans to build a "SpaceX Village" adjacent to its Starship rocket development and launch site. SpaceX Village may feature 100 bookable rooms, kayaking outings, a rock climbing wall, volleyball tournaments, spaceport lounge parties, and more. However, a handful of preexisting residents have sa...
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Japanese mission to land a rover on a Martian moon and bring back a sample is a go

A bold mission by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) to Mars’ two moons, including a lander component for one of them, is all set to enter the development phase after the plan was submitted to the Japanese government’s science ministry this week. Dubbed the ‘Martian Moons Exploration’ (MMX) mission, the goal is to launch the probe in 2024, using the new H-3 rocket being developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, which is expected to launch for the first time sometime later in 2020. ...
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What if humans tried landing on the sun

Our first stop on our trip to the Sun will be the corona —the outermost layer of the sun. It blazes at 1 million degrees Celsius, nearly 900 times as hot as lava! We'll also pass through the chromosphere and photosphere, where we might get a glimpse of sunspots, solar prominences, and solar flares. The sun has no solid surface to speak of, so when we try to land, we'll fall through to the interior. Down there, we'll pass through the convective and radiative zones, and reach the core — basicall...
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Betelgeuse mystery solved? New deep-space image stirs up fresh theories behind dimming star

One of the biggest and brightest stars in the night sky has left astronomers puzzled after it has faded dramatically over the last year. Some have speculated that this is a sign of an impending supernova explosion, but new observations are pointing toward two new theories.Betelgeuse is a red supergiant star located around 700 light years away from Earth that can be found glowing orange in the well-known constellation of Orion. It is so massive that if it were placed in the center of our solar sy...
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Security startup OneTrust is cashing in on the mad dash for data privacy tech with more than $400 million in venture funding in just the last 7 months

Data security startup OneTrust announced its $210 million Series B on Thursday. Insight Partners and Coatue Management led the round, which valued the nearly 4-year-old startup at $2.7 billion. It comes less than a year after OneTrust raised a $200 million Series A as its first outside funding round in July.  OneTrust CTO Blake Brannon said that, although the company wasn't looking to fundraise, customer demand spiked after California's landmark privacy legislation went into effect in January....
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A Female Engineer At NASA Is Conquering Mars — And Gender Equality

Farah Alibay is committed to increasing diversity and the visibility of women in her field.
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‘We Define Ourselves.’ Tennis Legend Billie Jean King Discusses What It Means to Get Her Very Own Barbie Doll

When Billie Jean King was growing up, Barbie dolls didn’t even exist yet; the popular brand debuted when she was 15 years old, well on her path to becoming a trailblazing tennis legend, as King told TIME. But today, the Barbie brand is honoring King as one of their new Inspiring Women dolls, complete with an outfit, tennis racket, glasses and sneakers based on the gear she wore when she famously won the 1973 “Battle of the Sexes” against Bobby Riggs — a moment that confirmed her place in sp...
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