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Weekend reading: Just the links, ma’am

What caught my eye this week. I was Zoom-ing all over the place on Friday, and in-between there was the awkward pantomime of a supposedly socially-distanced furniture delivery to contend with. (Have you ever tried to hold one end of half-assembled five-foot long bookshelf at a distance of six-feet? It’s tricky.) Short story shorter: let’s get cracking with the links. Enjoy the weekend – and enjoy your own company and those immediately around you. From Monday you could have more than furniture...
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The best investment every digital brand can make during the COVID-19 pandemic

Steve Tan Contributor Steve Tan is a Singapore-based serial entrepreneur and full-stack digital marketer with over 14 years of hands-on experience who is also the CEO and founder of Super Tan Brothers Pte. Ltd, which operates e-commerce, software, logistics, marketing, educational and investment companies around the globe. Intuitively, stores that sell online should be making a killing during the COVID-19 pandemic. After all, everyone is stuck at home — and unde...
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Philanthropic Leadership – a Powerful Business Philosophy

Here is a guest post that provides a different yet enlightening perspective. – TCW As the world staggers under an epic pandemic that will scar nations for untold years, desperate citizens seek leadership from talented individuals. While it is hoped that governments will manage the crisis by implementing structured plans, various factions need to join […]
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How to Help People Make New Choices

Reframing is a powerful tool in business. A small change of posture can make a big difference. The circumstances of our lives may matter less than how we see them, says adman Rory Sutherland. The global pandemic does provide a context of unprecedented scale (at least in my lifetime) to take a look at how we make decisions. Coronavirus didn't create many of the issues we're confronting today, it accelerated them. Companies were wrestling with change for a range of issues before—from hiring, worki...
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You Ask, I Answer: How to Interview Marketing Interns?

Lily asks, “I will be interviewing summer interns for our marketing department this week and I feel stumped on engaging, productive questions to ask. My usual angle of focusing on past professional experience(s) may not really apply! Any go-to questions you recommend for these types of interviews?” Fundamentally, what do you want to learn? Will […] The post You Ask, I Answer: How to Interview Marketing Interns? appeared first on Christopher S. Penn - Marketing Data Science Keynote Speaker.
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What to Look for In a PPC Agency

Visibility is everything when  you’re  running a business online. And,  there’s  certainly no shortage of different digital marketing tactics and strategies that you can use to maximise your online exposure, with PPC (pay per click) being one of the most effec tive. If you want to reach out to  your local area and get more interest in your business, you might be considering working with a PPC agency. But with thousands of agencies out there promising to help you get the best return from p...
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Elegran’s Alfred is light, smart proptech for NYC agents

Alfred is smart, simple software for managing leads and marketing properties created by innovative New York City brokerage Elegran Real Estate.
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How To Ensure An Incredible Vaping Experience

While it is true that people tend to get hooked on alcohol and cigarettes more often than vaping, vaping can offer a far better experience. Many people have confused smoking with vaping- when a person smokes, the tobacco burns, and they inhale the nicotine; when a person vapes, they inhale the nicotine, which is formed by warming up or vaporizing a liquid or electronic liquid. This way, vaping can offer a way cheaper and subtler experience to the person. Recent research has also revealed that v...
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Ensuring Safety When Purchasing New Toddler Toys

The toddler age group includes those kids in the era ranging from 2 to 5. This is the phase wherein kids being growing mentally and physically. This is also the period and that is believed to be difficult for the parents. Exactly why could this be so? It’s because the kids at this point are at the peak of the curiosity. They’re really inquisitive on virtually anything. They’re also loaded with electrical power and vigor that often parents think it is hard to maintain pace with them. Due to this ...
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The Rise of Jason Keath

In this Marketing Over Coffee: Learn about Social Fresh X, TikTok, Patron, and more! Direct Link to File Brought to you by our sponsors: WordStream and Shippo Social Fresh X June 3rd-5th! Using Hopin The challenge of shifting gears to virtual 6:01 Turn 60% More Leads into customers while spending 10% less – MoC listeners can get a free consultation and 14 day trial of WordStream. Check it out here! Maintaining creativity and motivation Rand Fishkin, Hint Water Guy Kawasaki and The A...
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Your Marketing May Already Be AI-Powered (And You Didn’t Even Know)

If your marketing includes advertising on search engines using platforms like Google AdWords, advertising on social networks like Facebook, or is powered by a marketing platform like HubSpot, you’re likely to already be using using Artificial Intelligence in your marketing.
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The Top 5 Essentials of a Stellar Inbound Marketing Strategy

Are you tired of unreliable sales techniques? Is your marketing falling down around you? Why not try inbound marketing. Find out how to increase your sales and your reach with one effective strategy.
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Supercharging your social media strategy

Back in February, we posted a link to Part 1 of an IABC/Calgary interview with our own Heather Murray. The interview went over building a stellar social media strategy that is focused on your audience. Now in Part 2, Heather gives her advice on how to set your digital content apart from the competition! Here’s a taste: Connect with your colleagues and ask what they are working on these days. Be interested in how their teams are facing their challenges. The human side of your workplace is exactly...
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(Social Media) Strategy: Lessons from the Trenches

I’m fortunate to have benefited from a number of strong mentors and leaders who have supported me or taken a chance on me throughout my career (thanks to Melissa Thomson, Howard Jones, Terry Fallis, Joseph Thornley, Tristan Roy and others). I recognize the massive impact those people had on my life, and do my best to pay it forward – whether meeting people who are looking for career advice, or connecting Canadian newcomers with people in the industry, or supporting the next generation of practit...
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Setting Up Your LBB Portfolio

We are so happy to have you as part of the Little Black Book community. WELCOME! While your portfolio automatically populates when signing up or renewing, we've got a few tips and tricks to setting up the anchor of your membership for success. First things first: you have two ways of editing your portfolio. In order to view the portfolio as a reader sees it, go to the SMP website and type in your business name in the search bar. You can edit the front end of your portfolio in real time. It is po...
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7 Reasons Why You Need to Start a Budget Now

Sandy knows she is growing her savings by having a surplus each month and putting it in high yielding online savings accounts. When she was puzzled about budgeting, she wrote in to ask: I have $100,000 saved up in bank accounts by following good frugal practices that you and others outline. I however don’t budget and never keep track of my expenses. I know I’m saving money because my account grows every month. Why should I budget? Good question Sandy. I know it’s tedious to keep the expenses tr...
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You Ask, I Answer: Impact of Google Ads?

Alessandra asks, “I am running a Google Ads campaign for a customer, but results are not showing (yet). The conversions are few, thought CTR is over 7%. Besides analyzing ads, keywords and landing pages, what “business” considerations can I make to the client to convince him that it’s worthwhile to continue to invest in ads? […] The post appeared first on Christopher S. Penn - Marketing Data Science Keynote Speaker.
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Generators And Its Many Uses In Day-To-Day Life

Generators are backup power sources that can be used during the times of power cuts. It is a blessing and a life saviour to have during emergencies like a flood, hurricane, fire, etc. It can also help during severe weather conditions where being safe and warm is a priority. Due to its dependability, it is a must-have at homes and offices. Moreover, generators have a wide range of functions and hence useful in many places. Read below to know more about its benefits in everyday life.     Use...
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Change Your Paradigm

Guest post from Luis Pedroza: Don’t be complacent. Always challenge your assumptions, especially when entering a new market or consumer segment. History is filled with examples of successful brands that became too complacent and then obsolete. Underwood, Kodak, Walkman, Blackberry, Vertu, and Blockbuster are just some of the brands that now cease to be relevant. Autopilot It’s well accepted that you can extend the product lifecycle of a brand and return to growth thro...
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8 Benefits of Using Video to Communicate with Customers

If you aren’t communicating via video, you may be missing a great opportunity to connect that provides many advantages. Here’s a quick article with 8 benefits of video meetings. From the Marketing Resources & Results website. The post 8 Benefits of Using Video to Communicate with Customers appeared first on Branding and Marketing.
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How to grow your Instagram audience as a team

Mauricio Umansky shares how his team grew The Agency’s Instagram account to be one of the most-followed residential real estate accounts in the world.
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Bing and DuckDuckGo: Are these search engines worth indexing on?

Google isn’t the only search engine that exists in the world (I know, I was shocked to find this out, too). Bing and DuckDuckGo are real places on the internet, and people are using them instead of ‘googling it’. [Author: [email protected] (Callum Sharp)]
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DHL acquires stake in Link Commerce developed by MallforAfrica

DHL has acquired a minority stake in Link Commerce, a turn-key e-commerce company that grew out of — a Nigerian digital-retail startup. Link Commerce offers a white-label solution for doing digital-sales in emerging markets. Retailers can plug into the company’s e-commerce platform to create a web-based storefront that manages payments and logistics. With the investment one of the world’s largest delivery services looks to build a broader client-base globally using a busin...
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Life-insurance: 4 Questions You Ahould Not be Afraid to Ask

Buying life insurance can be for many one huge decision, therefore asking the right questions at the right time is essential. In the old say, if you wanted to ask a major question that implies your financial situation, you probably had to leave your home, go to the library, or seek a trusted advisor. Fortunately, those days are long gone as today, most of us have the luxury to delve into a 1500-word article on our smartphones and find our most asked questions and their answers. As you shop for l...
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Kerbox Media wants to see all agents in the video spotlight

Founded by a former Southern California agent, creative services company focuses on all things real estate video, from market updates to Zoom-call coaching.
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Money & Coronavirus: How to build an emergency fund (part 2)

[Transcribed and adapted from the YouTube video: ‘Money & Coronavirus: How Much to Save’] Key takeaways: Emergencies are not the time to worry about savings rates —if you have the money, use it.  It’s recommended that you see if halting 401k contributions, HSA contributions, or student loan payments are right for you.  Do not take out any money from your 401k unless you’re absolutely desperate. If you have variable income, build a buffer and plan accordingly. On the last episode...
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14 weeks and 12 numbers that have changed the investing history books forever

T he middle of February 2020, and the global stock market is riding high. There are concerns – the unpredictable US president, Britain’s disentanglement from the EU, and how quickly China can recover from a new virus that has turned a key city into something from a dystopian novel – but also optimism. The US/China trade spat is easing. US election years tend to be good for markets. There’s also the Olympics to look forward to. Fast-forward fourteen weeks and… wow. We’ve been living through a r...
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8 Books for When you're in the Mood to Explore Possible Futures

I don't know about you, but after a day of work, some of which includes some level of worry, I'm often not in the mood for reading complex stuff. That's why I've been embracing mystery novels. But, I also believe there's a place for smart, well-thought-out arguments about things that could impact the future. In my recent email to a growing list of subscribers who are curious about thinking and sensemaking, I shared a list of biographies. Right now, we're learning a lot from the lives of others.....
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You Ask, I Answer: Hiring a Director of Digital Marketing?

Margaret asks, “A friend of mine is looking to hire a Director of Digital Marketing, hoping to expand an existing company and their online presence/optimization/customer reach. What are some absolute musts for a job posting, and what would you consider overkill?” Start with the outcome. What are they expected to generate? Leads? Audience? Awareness? What’s […] The post You Ask, I Answer: Hiring a Director of Digital Marketing? appeared first on Christopher S. Penn - Marketing Data Science Keynot...
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8 Simple Ways To Market Your New Business On A Budget

Anyone who’s looking to start a new business or has recently set up a company will understand how important budgeting is. You’ve got to buy equipment; you may have employees and then there is marketing. Decades ago, marketing used to be a barrier to entry for new firms, however, online platforms have completely changed the way companies target customers. Traditional forms of advertising can be expensive and hard to track, fortunately small businesses can use cost-effective modern marketing tool...
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