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Startups Weekly: Investors also face a pandemic reckoning

Billions of dollars have flowed into startup investing this decade, but the era appears to be closing with the coronavirus pandemic. Limited partners are saying no to younger venture firms who are still out raising, while cutting back on weaker existing firms in their portfolios, Connie Loizos reports on TechCrunch this week. Other firms with direct ties to public markets are losing even more access to working capital. Connie thinks we will soon see term sheets getting pulled using force majur...
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Raising in a recession

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. This week’s episode was a testament to making do, as we’ve had to cancel some trips, juggle a few guests, and get up and running as a podcast that have guests dial in without losing our stride. So, this week Danny and Natasha and Alex were joined by Unshackled VC’s Manan Mehta. And it went pretty ok, aside from a hiccup or two, expect Equity to still feature gues...
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Unshackled Ventures has $20M to invest exclusively in immigrant founders

Unshackled Ventures isn’t like other venture capital funds. The firm invests in immigrant founders and helps them secure visas so they can ditch their corporate job and launch the startup of their dreams. Today, Unshackled is announcing its sophomore fund of $20 million, topping its debut effort by $15.5 million. “The point is to take the burden off of founders because they are not immigration experts, they are experts at building satellites or extracting protein from plants,” Unshackled foundin...
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To rebuild satellite communications, Ubiquitilink starts at ground level

Communications satellites are multiplying year by year as more companies vie to create an orbital network that brings high-speed internet to the globe. Ubiquitilink, a new company headed by Nanoracks co-founder Charles Miller, is taking a different tack: reinventing the Earthbound side of the technology stack. Miller’s intuition, backed by approval and funding from a number of investors and communications giants, is that people are competing to solve the wrong problem in the comsat world. Drivin...
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Duckweed takes off in nutrition space as well as biofuel and bioenergy

Duckweed is some pretty amazing stuff. And no, we aren’t talking about that kind of Daffy Duck duck weed. We are talking about the green stuff that grows in ponds and floats on the surface of water, often mistaken for algae. Why is this green goodness so good? Duckweed, also referred to as lemna or its scientific name lemnoideae, is high in protein and starch and is more digestible than pea, soy, or algae protein. Its neutral color and taste makes it a perfect alternative in the nutrition food ...
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Unshackled Is A New $3.5M Early Stage Fund That Looks A Lot Like An Accelerator

The idea of a startup studio, a hybrid between a VC fund and a coworking space and an accelerator, is becoming more and more popular. Today, yet another ‘startup studio’ is being announced by founders Nitin Pachisia and Manan Mehta, and they’re calling it the Unshackled Fund. The duo has put together $3.5 million in funding, as well as 50 of some of the most influential… Read More
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