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Leadership Caffeine™—Who Are You?

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Good Comes First – @marksbabbitt on #MindfulSocial

The massive disruption we’ve been through the last few years has caused a paradigm shift in how we live and work. Employees are no longer satisfied with the autocratic leadership and stilted engagement strategies that used to be the norm. People are looking for jobs where they really feel respected, encouraged, and where everyone is part of creating and supporting a corporate culture that nurtures productivity rather than drives it. I’m chatting with my good friend Mark S. Babbitt, co-author wi...
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Has South Africa reached a tipping point?

At a time when unemployment and poverty must be tackled head on, our country appears rudderless The post Has South Africa reached a tipping point? appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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All the answers

In an expert-run industrialized economy, there’s a lot of pressure to be the one who’s sure, the person with all the answers. Far more valuable is someone who has all the questions. The ability to figure out what hasn’t been figured out and see what hasn’t been seen is a significant advantage. Rarest of all is the person with the humility (and confidence) to realize that even the list of questions can remain elusive. Finding the right questions might be the very thing we need to do.
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The Goldilocks fallacy

One way to tell if the audience is happy is to ask a simple question: “Do you want it spicier?” (or the equivalent). If half the people want it to go in one direction and the other half want the other, then you know you’re at ‘just right’. You’ve minimized the number of unhappy customers. Here’s the problem: This assumes that there’s a normal distribution of preferences. In nature, many things are in fact distributed like this. Height, for example, or sensitivity to loud sounds. Most peopl...
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Why Content Isn’t King in Leadership Communications

SOME of my executive clients believe, instinctively, that content is king. They maintain that “useful information” is a crucial driver of effective leadership—that their job is primarily to educate and inform their teams with facts and figures. As a result of this information-centric mindset, these leaders: Read the content on PowerPoint pages but don’t explain why it matters Convey data points but not the point of the data Define and describe a campaign but don’t champion its potential impact ...
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Are You Investing in a Growth Experience or Entertainment for Your Team Members?

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Thoughts on Leadership: A Rescue to Remember

Keynote speaker Jessica Buchanan, a former humanitarian worker turned bestselling author, shared her story during a recent BHHS conference. Of course, the networking and seeing people in person was fantastic (the Global Conference and Meeting team does an incredible job each year), but Jessica’s talk had everyone in the room glued to their seats. It was extraordinary. The standing ovation she received at the end of her speech was undeniably deserved. Blinded by the hot Somali sun, warmed by the...
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When in doubt, look for the fear

My friend Amy taught me that “craven” doesn’t mean what I thought it meant. I’ve been using it to mean, “selfish in a particularly short-sighted way.” It actually means fearful and gutless. But, exploring the thesaurus, I discovered that it also means “dastardly.” I was sure that Snidely Whiplash was a dastardly villain. A dastardly deed must be something bad. Nope, it means “cowardly.” But wait! It turns out that it also means particularly selfish and evil. When someone is fearfu...
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How to Run a Modern Business

In an increasingly competitive business world, it helps to put processes in place to allow your company to truly stand out. Your business should be on the cutting edge of modern ideas to show that you are not a place that is going to be left behind in the 20th ... Click to continue reading
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Meet Square Co-founder; Languishing; Invisible Productivity; Oct 21 Virtual Summit

Quality is the best business plan. John Lasseter, filmmaker Toy Story, etc. To a mind that is still the whole universe surrenders.                                                    Lao Tzu Scaling Up Master Business Course Enrollment closes next week: Doors are closing soon for my 3-month Scaling Up Master Business Course. This program is designed to help you overcome your biggest scaling constraints and use that momentum to practically raise profits, energy, and overall impact th...
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Leading Thoughts for September 23, 2021

IDEAS shared have the power to expand perspectives, change thinking, and move lives. Here are two ideas for the curious mind to engage with: I. Alan Mulally on running a business in the midst of a crisis: “Running a business is a design job. You need a point of view about the future, a really good plan to deliver that future, and then relentless implementation. “You’ve got to trust the process. You need to trust and nurture your emotional resilience. Do you have a point of view about the futu...
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Defending change (or the status quo)

The easy argument to make is that the thing we have now is better than the new thing that’s on offer. All one has to do is take the thing we have now as a given (ignoring its real costs) and then challenge the defects and question the benefits of the new thing, while also maximizing the potential risk. “A hand-written letter is more thoughtful, more likely to be a keepsake, and a more permanent record than a simple email.” On the other hand, the technophile defending change simply has t...
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Adam Bryant On The Challenges Leaders Need To Master To Succeed At Leadership

If you enjoy reading interviews of CEOs sharing what shapes their understanding and approach to leadership, chances are you’ve probably read one of the over 500 interviews Adam Bryant wrote for his popular New York Times column, “Corner Office”. I’ve been an avid reader of Adam’s column for many, many ... Click to continue reading
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REWIRE Your Thinking And Transform Your Life

The truth is, you have the ability to create lasting change in your life. You always have a choice; you are not stuck or bound by a fixed set of capacity or capability. Changing your life requires a change in thinking.  REWIRE is an acronym for Reflect | Experiment | Write | Investigate | Revise | Expand — a structured yet playful approach that integrates and reinforces new ways of thinking, being, and doing — all in service of increasing cognitive flexibility and crea...
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Messing with Strathern’s Law

“When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure.” Marilyn Strathern expanded on Charles Goodhart’s comment about monetary policy and turned it into a useful law of the universe. As soon as we try to manipulate behaviors to alter a measure, it’s no longer useful. That’s why you can’t believe social media metrics. Because they don’t measure anything except whether someone is good at making them go up.
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3 ways to improve your employees’ attitudes towards the company

The attitude employees have towards the company is incredibly important. In this video I talk about why it matters and how to improve employees’ attitudes towards the organization and the huge role the CEO and upper management plays in this.
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Sometimes Racism Catches Us Off Guard

Years ago I was in an airport, trying to get to my next destination. It turned out that the weather was bad all up and down the East Coast, and many flights were being canceled, including mine. However, mine hadn’t yet been canceled as I sat in the area waiting to be called to board […]
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For Strategy Work, It Pays to Learn and Use the Right Tools

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The Folly of Normal Office Return Revealed by Delta Surge

Vaccine effectiveness against the Delta variant has dropped to 39% after 6 months. That makes it folly to pursue a normal office return. Make no mistake about the danger: the Delta surge forecast to grow much worse in the next few months. Indeed, the CDC is asking vaccinated people to wear masks and  recommending booster shots. Yet many large companies and mid-size firms, along with the federal government, are forcing employees who successfully worked from home during the height of the pandemic ...
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Labor and value

Adam Smith and David Ricardo argued that all value comes from labor, and the value of something is in the amount of labor it took to produce it. But Henry George understood that this is backward. The value of something lies in how much labor we’re willing to exchange for it. Too often, we’re tempted to price things based on what they cost us to make. It’s more useful to price things based on what they’re worth to those that might want to buy them.
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Gates raises $1 billion as Satya Nadella, others join race to scale clean tech

Gates established Breakthrough Energy Catalyst to accelerate the commercial viability of four key solutions to the climate crisis: green hydrogen, sustainable aviation fuel, long-duration battery storage and carbon capture from the air. Gates first pitched Nadella and then Fink, who said he in turn had some “Very serious conversations” persuading fellow CEOs to back Catalyst. [Via]
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What Does Equitable Leadership Look Like?

DURING the pandemic, one of us became a bit of a Star Trek fan. Minal was never really into science fiction, but she ran out of shows to watch and found herself intrigued when Stacey Abrams, who is famously a Trekkie, said that Voyager was her favorite Star Trek show, even though Deep Space Nine is considered the political allegory. Still, Abrams cited Voyager, and we can’t help thinking it was because of Captain Janeway. In Voyager, women finally had a realistic representation of female leader...
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Gift cards, serial numbers and hard technology

I bought someone a digital gift card the other day. That’s generally a bad idea, since there’s so much waste and breakage, but it was the right answer to the problem in the moment. The code the person would have to type in to redeem the card was: X5LMFP478DRYTHQY I’m sure that the team who worked on creating a secure platform for the transfer of billions of dollars of transactions was proud of the hard work they did. Except no one wants to type this in, and it’s incredibly impersonal. ...
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Raining on your picnic (on your birthday)

A friend just got handed an unreasonable rejection. It came on a platter, delivered with very little in the way of kindness and no hints at all about what to do next. It is not personal. Not about her. She did nothing wrong. It might not even be about her idea. No one wants exactly what you want, sees what you see, believes what you believe. That’s normal. Oh, that happened. Now what? Go plan another picnic. [Author: Seth Godin]
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Broke Billionaire; "Free" Replay; Two CEOs;

Hope it’s been a productive and purposeful week for you. Here are some insights to help you outlearn/outthink our reaction to the virus. Maybe the problem is we don’t have enough capitalism. Gary Hamel, yesterday's Summit  “Free” replay of Summit 2.0 – 4476 CEOs and CXOs from YPO, EO, and our database participated in yesterday’s Summit 2.0. At the last-minute Roger Hardy, founder of, offered everyone a free pair of glasses if they were registered for the Summit. So, if you purchase ...
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The programmatic ask

Favors are part of the glue of our culture. It’s not easy to ask for a favor, it’s not always easy to say yes, but when the two people engaged in this dance find a connection, it means something. Alas, the modern hustle, amplified by databases and computers, has turned this equation upside down. “It doesn’t hurt to ask,” the hustling spammer says, using second-order connections to “reach out” to hundreds of people. “No pressure,” they add, as if this diminishes the coarsening of the conver...
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Sell Different; Largest Reg A; Lever Style; Lake Tahoe

Everything I learned in business school was either wrong, dated or incomplete… There’s a shift, a realization that whatever we’ve been doing for the last 40 years has caused a lot of the problems that we have now, and we have this urgent need for the reformulation of business. Hubert Joly, former Best Buy CEO Reformulating BusinessHubert Joly’s thoughts (above), author of my favorite biz book in 2021 so far, frame perfectly the outcome of our CEO Boot Camps. A seat has opened up due to an attend...
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New ERA® Real Estate Affiliate Adds 400 Agents to the Network

ERA ®  Real Estate, recently announced that RSVP Real Estate, based in Bellevue, Washington, has affiliated with the ERA® brand.    The firm will now be known as RSVP Real Estate ERA Powered and immediately becomes one of the largest companies in the ERA system with over $1 billion in sales volume in the last 12 months, according to the company.     The family-owned brokerage, which now has more than 400 agents and serves western Washington with a concentration in King, Pierce and Sno...
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6 Tips for Better Problem Solving

Problem-solving is a natural and important part of business. We say we start with facts, but we don’t. We start with opinions, and the opinions influence what facts we discover. Effective problem-solving uses two kinds of thinking. Divergent thinking seeks out as many options as possible. Convergent thinking selects one option to pursue. Here are six tips for better problem-solving. Get The Story of The Problem Take notes as someone offers the story of the problem. Allow interruptions for ot...
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