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Nancy Isenberg—Liberty and Freedom Meant Different Things

Nancy Isenberg White Trash: The 400-Year Old Untold Historyof Class in America (2016) p. 75 -- "Franklin certainly never endorsed social mobility as we think of it today, despite his own experience." pp. 81-82 -- "Paine was careful to downplay the distinction between the rich and the poor. He wanted his American readers to focus on distant kings, not local grandees." p. 85 -- "[Jefferson] called the new western domain an "empire for liberty," by which he meant something other than a free-market ...
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Word of the week: Shooting brake

A few weeks ago I bought a car. Let me rephrase that: A few weeks ago I finally bought a car. It replaces the 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid on which I’d put about 123,000 miles. I probably don’t have to tell you that a lot has changed in Auto World in 15 years. Still, it was all a marvel to me. In 2006, I was pretty jazzed that the Civic came with a built-in CD player. Now I own a car that plugs into an outlet and tells me, via a smartphone app, when it’s charged. (It has a gas engine, too. It’s t...
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Watch Accurate Recreations of Medieval Italian Longsword Fighting Techniques, All Based on a Manuscript from 1404

Given recent events, the prospect of hundreds of young men meeting on Facebook, then traveling from around the country to a central U.S. location might sound like reasonable cause for alarm. Yet a recent convention fitting that description had nothing to do with political violence but, rather, a celebration and appreciation of the name “Josh” (full disclosure: this writer did not attend). The gathering of the Joshes this past April in Nebraska could not have been more peaceful, including...
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The Senate’s unchanging rules

At his recent press conference, President Biden said that he came to the Senate 120 years ago. I knew exactly what he meant because I got there three years after him when I joined the Senate Historical Office in 1976, and it was a different world. Back then, all senators were men, as were all the clerks at the front desk. One party had held the majority for twenty years. Both parties were internally divided, straddling liberal and conservative wings. The most conservative senator was a Democrat,...
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7 most notorious and excessive Roman Emperors

Roman Emperors were known for their excesses and violent behavior. From Caligula to Elagabalus, the emperors exercised total power in the service of their often-strange desires.Most of these emperors met violent ends themselves.We rightfully complain about many of our politicians and leaders today, but historically speaking, humanity has seen much worse. Arguably no set of rulers has been as debauched, ingenious in their cruelty, and prone to excess as the Roman Emperors.While this list is certa...
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Automotif CCXV...

BRICS, the ice cream shop on the Monon Trail in the heart of Broad Ripple Village, has the most incredibly twee ice cream truck: A Citroen H Van. The H Van was a commercial cargo van offered by Citroen in the early postwar period. Debuting in 1947, it remained in production largely unchanged until 1981. Unusual for a van, it was of unit-body construction, with no underlying ladder frame. This fact and the fact that it was front-wheel drive allowed it to have a long, low, unobstructed ca...
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The Spanish Civil War: a nostalgia of hope

This summer will mark the 85th anniversary of the start of the Spanish Civil War, a brutal struggle that began with a military uprising against the democratic Second Republic and ended, three years later, in victory for the rebels under General Francisco Franco. The enduring fascination of that conflict, its ability to grip the global imagination, belies its geographical scale and is testament to the power of art. Pioneering photojournalists Robert Capa and Gerda Taro seared into the cultural me...
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Modern society is as unequal as 14th century Europe

A new essay depicts 700 years of economic inequality in Europe. The only stretch of time more egalitarian than today was the period between 1350 to approximately the year 1700.Data suggest that, without intervention, inequality does not decrease on its own.Economic inequality is a constant topic. No matter the cycle — boom or bust — somebody is making a lot of money, and the question of fairness is never far behind. A recently published essay in the Journal of Economic Literature by Professor...
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Rick Steves Tells the Story of Fascism’s Rise & Fall in Germany

“Healthy, vigorous, respectable: everyone’s favorite uncle.” How many of us hear these words and think of that most beloved of all American travel-television personalities, Rick Steves? Indeed, in the video above they’re spoken by Steves, though to describe a figure very different from himself: Adolf Hitler, who convinced his people not to tour Europe but to invade it, sparking the deadliest conflict of all time. How and why this happened has been a historical question written about perh...
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Why has Gaza frequently become a battlefield between Hamas and Israel?

During the past decade, the eyes of the world have often been directed toward Gaza. This tiny coastal enclave has received a huge amount of diplomatic attention and international media coverage. The plight of its nearly two million inhabitants has stirred an outpouring of humanitarian concern, generating worldwide protests against the Israeli blockade of Gaza.Gaza has undoubtedly taken on much greater prominence in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in recent years, surpassing the larger, more pop...
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*SPIRECREST* Everdell Expansion Strategy Board Game

The elegant Everdell saga continues into the misty and unexplored regions of the Spirecrest mountains, where friends and foes alike will be met, disasters encountered, and adventures surely had! New and exciting elements and mechanisms come to life with new meeples, a rabbit traveler (one for each critter type in the base game and all […]
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Leonardo da Vinci’s Notebooks Get Digitized: Where to Read the Renaissance Man’s Manuscripts Online

From the hand of Leonardo da Vinci came the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, among other art objects of intense reverence and even worship. But to understand the mind of Leonardo da Vinci, one must immerse oneself in his notebooks. Totaling some 13,000 pages of notes and drawings, they record something of every aspect of the Renaissance man’s intellectual and daily life: studies for artworks, designs for elegant buildings and fantastical machines, observations of the world around him, lists of hi...
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Welcome Back, Carter

Gas lines, inflation fears, problems with Iran, Roger Stone... all we need now is a helicopter evacuation off the rooftop of the embassy in Kabul and we'll have the whole 1970s vibe down cold. Considering that he got his start in politics back in the Seventies, when probably the two biggest issues that didn't involve the Cold War were Crime and Inflation, Biden seems pretty unconcerned about either issue, at least publicly. On inflation...“A specter is haunting the Biden administration—the s...
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Where to Read Leonardo da Vinci’s Notebooks Online: A Roundup of the Renaissance Man’s Digitized Manuscripts

From the hand of Leonardo da Vinci came the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, among other art objects of intense reverence and even worship. But to understand the mind of Leonardo da Vinci, one must immerse oneself in his notebooks. Totaling some 13,000 pages of notes and drawings, they record something of every aspect of the Renaissance man’s intellectual and daily life: studies for artworks, designs for elegant buildings and fantastical machines, observations of the world around him, lists of hi...
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Aspi Engineer And Winning the Aga Khan Race

Our dear friend Rusi Sorabji writes…. I attach something I wrote about friend, ASPI Engineer*, the 17 years old should go down in the annals of World Aviation better than the likes of Alcock & Brown, Charles Lindbergh, Emelia Earhart, Amy Johnson and to correct the continuous mis-information that is floating around that it was Man Mohan Singh that came first in the Aga Khan Race. Even as late as last year I saw an article in the Indian press stating Singh came first, but do not find anybody fro...
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"I picture 5 people in a barrel... A table made of bread etc... Green garbage-less grass stretching in yoga poses..."

Meade writes, in a text that quotes this: "A group of five people sat around a campfire in a barrel next to a table of bread, donuts, oranges, graham crackers and water. Green grass with no garbage stretched out between the clusters of tents.”The quote comes from an article in The Wisconsin State Journal, "City softens approach to close homeless camp, explores options for men's shelter site."I had to read the quote carefully to see what was so funny about Meade's interpretation and then I laughe...
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In 1926, Nikola Tesla Predicts the World of 2026

Not long after Nikola Tesla died in 1943, the world seemed to forget him. The first public tribute paid to his considerable research and development in the realm of electricity thereafter came in 1960 with the introduction of the tesla, the SI unit of magnetic flux density. But in the decades since Tesla has enjoyed an afterlife as an icon of under-appreciated prescience. Some of this reputation is based on interviews given in the 1920s and 1930s, when he was still a celebrity. Take the ...
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Is It Happening? GLOCK Assault Rifle Patents Emerge

It’s often been asked “why don’t GLOCK make rifles?” and time and time again we’ve heard rumours and even had a few hoaxes about a GLOCK Assault Rifle entering the market. But last month a couple of interesting new patents from GLOCK were published. It appears that GLOCK engineers have been hard at work on […] Read More … The post Is It Happening? GLOCK Assault Rifle Patents Emerge appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Tab Clearing...

The last gasoline-engined V-series Cadillac?A really cool photo essay about sheep ranching on the Russian steppe.The Glock carbine was a rumor when I was still a moderator on GlockTalk twenty years ago. It's still a rumor today, albeit a more concrete one.Adrianople: Twilight of the Legions. [Author: Tam]
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2021 Bronco Badlands Podiums at Mexican 1000 Rally

A stock 2021 Bronco Badlands finished third in the NORRA Mexican 1000 off-road rally, driven by two Ford engineers. The podium finish came in the Pre-Runner Truck class. Bronco engineer manager Jamie Groves and Seth Goslawski, another Bronco engineer, drove the majority of the 1,141 mile race across the Baja peninsula. Brad Lovell, a Bronco […] The post 2021 Bronco Badlands Podiums at Mexican 1000 Rally appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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The History of the Guitar: See the Evolution of the Guitar in 7 Instruments

A thoroughly modern instrument with an ancient heritage, the history of the guitar dates back some 500-plus years. If we take into account similar stringed instruments with similar designs, we can push that date back a few thousand years, but there is some scholarly disagreement over when the guitar emerged as an instrument distinct from the lute. In any case, stringed instrument historian Brandon Acker is here to walk us through some of the significant differences, with “seven checkpoin...
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Watch the Most Expensive Scene in Silent Film History: The Train Wreck From Buster Keaton “The General” (1926)

Were it filmed today, the set piece of Buster Keaton’s The General (watch it online here) would surely be computer generated. The studio would insist upon that. We like to think Keaton, who both directed and starred, would fight them tooth and nail. Elaborate stunts thrilled him, and what could be more thrilling — or costly — than sending a 26-ton locomotive over a burning train trestle in hopes the structure would crumble, plunging the locomotive into the river below? The fact that ...
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Krieghoff Gun Of The Year 2021 – The Spartan Gun

German hunting arms manufacturer Krieghoff annually releases a “Gun of The Year”, one of their firearms with a custom engraving theme dedicated to a certain person, event or place. In 2019, the Krieghoff Gun Of The Year was a tribute to Abraham Lincoln, the 2020 gun was engraved with Galapagos Islands wildlife. The 2021 Krieghoff […] Read More … The post Krieghoff Gun Of The Year 2021 – The Spartan Gun appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Automotif CCXIV...

I'd seen it go flashing by before. Last autumn, I was out in front of Yat's, locking up my bike so I could go in and pick up dinner when it came rolling southbound on College Avenue. I barely fumbled the Sony RX100 out of my pocket and got it powered up in time to get a half-fast snapshot... The downside of even a good pocket camera is that it takes a second for it to turn on and extrude its lens into the ready position. There's also generally more shutter lag than with a "real" camera. ...
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Camelot Followup

So, having worked through the first three of Jack Whyte's Camulod Chronicles, I've realized that they contain all the parts of the story that have any re-read potential for me.  I could sit through the tales of the legate Caius Britannicus and his buddy, the senior centurion Publius Varrus, and how they got out of the army and founded the colony of Camulod against the coming dark age any number of times. But after that...? The third book, The Eagles' Brood, sees us through to the maturity of...
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Happy Mother’s Day

The post Happy Mother’s Day appeared first on GolfBlogger Golf Blog. Happy Mother’s Day. A little history lesson: Mother’s Day was first celebrated in 1908 in ... Read more. The post Happy Mother’s Day appeared first on GolfBlogger Golf Blog - A daily golf blog featuring golf news, golf course, equipment and book reviews, essays, golf lifestyle and musings. Proudly Made In Michigan, America's Summer Golf Capital
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The NEW Silencer Shop Podcast is Live and Awaiting your Listening Pleasure

We are fortunate in this day and age to have near-constant access to the internet meaning we can always have something or someone to listen to that is catered to our specific interests. One of my interests is suppressors and lucky for me and every other stamp collector out there, Silencer Shop has just announced […] Read More … The post The NEW Silencer Shop Podcast is Live and Awaiting your Listening Pleasure appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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An Immersive Pink Floyd Museum Exhibition Is Coming to the U.S.: Get Tickets Online

While it’s not technically incorrect to call Pink Floyd a rock band, the term feels somehow unequal to the descriptive task at hand. One doesn’t so much listen to albums like The Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall as experience them, and this went even more so for their elaborate, increasingly colossal live performances. A retrospective of Pink Floyd’s history, which stretched back to 1965, must do justice to Pink Floyd’s transcendent ambition: this was the goal of Pink Floyd: Their Mort...
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Japanese green tea: Sencha

The post Japanese green tea: Sencha appeared first on T Ching.
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Ever rising for their roses, Huntington Botanical Gardens’ Grateful Deadheaders clip to conquer

Head Gardener John Villarreal speaks with volunteer Gloria Sierra as she deadheads roses in The Huntington Rose Garden on Tuesday, April 27, 2021 in San Marino. Volunteers, who call themselves “Grateful Deadheaders,” are busy during the rose garden’s peak bloom. (Photo by Sarah Reingewirtz, Los Angeles Daily News/SCNG) Gloria Sierra walks through The Huntington Rose Garden on her way to a bed that needs pruning on Tuesday, April 27, 2021 in San Marino. Sierra and the other volunteers, who cal...
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