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Jeremy Renner Divorce Complaint Raises Red Flag, Restraining Order Questions

Hypocrisy much? Jeremy Renner demands a plan. (Business Insider YouTube screencap from “The Violent Film Roles Of 8 Celebrities Fighting for Gun Control.” U.S.A. – -( “Jeremy Renner says the novel coronavirus has landed him in an unexpected financial tight spot—and as a result, he has asked a Los Angeles judge to lower his child support payments,” The Daily Beast reports. “According to court documents obtained by TMZ and Us Weekly, the Marvel actor has asked to lower payments to...
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What They Introduced: The Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has a grand scheme for guns and their owners if elected president in 2020. (Screen capture, YouTube, CNN) United States – -( Senator Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign fizzled, and for that, Second Amendment supporters should be very grateful. As we noted when we covered her platform, her intention was to inflict massive injustices upon law-abiding gun owners in the form of restrictions on our Second Amendment rights for crimes and acts of madness the...
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Trump Administration Includes Firearms Industry as Essential, Critical

Gun Shop Store Sign U.S.A. –-( The Trump administration, as part of the struggle to contain and slow the spread of the Wuhan Flu, has issued a list of “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers”. The list has come from the Department of Homeland Security. While the list is advisory, is not a directive, and has no penalties attached, it shows the thinking and priorities of the administration. Producers, distributors, and retailers of firearms and ammunition are considered essenti...
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Biden Has No Wish To Preserve The Nation’s Armed Citizenry

Joe Biden and His Gift for Gaffes U.S.A. –-( Joe Biden is the Establishment Democrats’ choice for U.S. President. The American people should have no illusion about that or about what that means and whom it would be that Biden would serve were he to become U.S. President. Biden pays homage to the inordinately wealthy, highly secretive, abjectly ruthless, extremely powerful and well-organized Neoliberal Corporatist Globalist Collectivist Establishment “Elite-Elect.” That was true ...
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Renowned Biologist and Conservationist Chuck Kowaleski Passes at 64

Chuck Kowaleski's contributions in Wildlife Conservation were Monumental. U.S.A. -( The University of Tennessee put out the following email a few days ago. It is with great sadness that we share the passing of Charles (Chuck) Kowaleski, longtime friend and colleague (October 3, 1955 – March 23, 2020). Chuck began his career with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department in 1990, and has been an active member of the quail conservation world for the last 18 years. He received many accola...
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Build Your Own Gun Deal, Complete 16″ 5.56 15″ Keymod Rail AR15 Rifle $463.00

Complete 16″ 5.56 15″ Keymod Rail AR15 Rifle Deal USA – -( Rifle builders, we know that most everything is sold out or on back-ordered these days but if you hunt around you can still find some BUILD YOU OWN deals. Here is a way to build yourself a complete AR15 rifle for $463.00 but you will have to shop two (2) different retailers to get all the parts. In the end, you will save over $150.00 in real cash. To make this rifle you need to buy an upper receiver and charging handle ...
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SIG SAUER Expands LEGION Series with the P220 LEGION 10mm SAO

SIG SAUER P220 LEGION 10mm SAO U.S.A. –-( SIG SAUER, Inc. is pleased to announce the expansion of the LEGION series of pistols with the SIG SAUER P220 LEGION 10mm SAO. “The P220 was the pistol that started it all for modern day SIG, and the introduction of the P220 LEGION 10mm SAO brings new features to a SIG classic,” said Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales. “This is a single action only pistol giving it a lighter trigger pull, co...
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Outdoor Edge ReelFlex Pak, 3 Knife Fish Fillet and Boning Kit – Review

I used the 6-inch and the 7.5-inch Outdoor Edge ReelFlex Pak knives to fillet crappie and they worked fine. U.S.A. –-( I received the Outdoor Edge ReelFlex Pak to test out. It is a unique package. It consists of three knives and a sharpener. One is a 6-inch boning/fillet knife, one is a 7.5-inch fillet knife and the third is a 9.5-inch fillet knife. As they go up in length, so they do in flexibility. Outdoor Edge ReelFlex Pak, 3 Knife Fish Fillet and Boning Kit 6-INCH KNIFE ...
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Our Collapsing Schools, Part 6.02x10²³

How Low Can Higher Education Go? by John Ellis from "Minding the Campus."  Highly recommended.  Just a taste:One study after another has found that (recent college graduates) write badly, can’t reason, can’t read any reasonably complex material, have alarming gaps in their knowledge of the history and institutions of the society in which they live, and are in general poorly prepared for the workplace.RECENT.  COLLEGE .  GRADUATES.  The ones who DIDN'T drop out.Brought to you by Brawndo® The ...
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VCDL Taking Action to Reopen Indoor Gun Ranges in VA

VCDL Gun Rights Lobby Day Virginia U.S.A. -( An Executive Order from Governor Northam has shut down all indoor shooting ranges, classifying them as “entertainment.” Practicing a life-saving skill or learning how to safely shoot a firearm is NOT entertainment! VCDL members have been contacting the Governor and asking him to take the indoor gun ranges off the entertainment list. So far all we've had is crickets chirping. On Friday, the William J. Olson law firm sent a letter to the...
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Hi-Point Firearms Voluntary Closes its Doors for COVID-19

The manufacture of Hi-Point firearms like this YEET Cannon will be delayed due to this voluntary closure. U.S.A. -( The state of Ohio and other states have organized complete business shutdowns due to Covid 19 situation. However, Ohio where Hi-Point is located is designated as a select or strategic business, therefore in Ohio, firearm manufacturing is exempted from closure. The management of Hi-Point has chosen to voluntarily shut down and perform preventative work until April 6t...
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SAF, Partners File Amended Complaint in CA Lawsuit, Adding Defendents

The SAF amended their complaint against California to add defendents. Bellevue, WA -( Attorneys for the Second Amendment Foundation and its partners in a federal civil rights lawsuit in California have filed a revised complaint, adding to the list of defendants to include the City of Los Angeles and Mayor Eric Garcetti, and the City of Burbank and City Manager Justin Hess. The case is known as Brandy, et al v. Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva, et al. SAF is joined by t...
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Leupold Performance Eyewear Now Available Through Retailers

Leupold & Stevens, Inc has just announced that the Leupold Performance Eyewear is now available for purchase. All five models are designed, manufactured and assembled in the United States and will take full advantage of Leupold & Stevens 113 years of optics manufacturing experience. Some of you out there might already have a pair from Leupold’s […] Read More … The post Leupold Performance Eyewear Now Available Through Retailers appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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L.A. County Blinks

After the California Gun Rights Foundation, Second Amendment Foundation, National Rifle Association, and Firearms Policy Coalition turned the sky over California legal pad yellow late last week, it seems that the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has revised their opinion of the vitality of firearms businesses... [Author: Tam]
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QotD: CoronaTiger Edition

From Jon Hauptman on Facebook:"Y’know, we look at Chinese wet markets and wonder when the next insane disease is going to jump from animals to humans. And then you realize that some unsupervised speed freak is feeding diseased cow remains to inbred tigers in Oklahoma, as fast as they can shovel the meat into the cage."Tiger King on Netflix has been the most amazing train wreck to watch during these trying times. Every time you think it can't get weirder or more awful, it does. . [Author: Tam]
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Firearms Accidents Have Reached an All-Time Low

The NSSF just announced on their website that unintentional firearms fatalities have reached their lowest point ever since record-keeping began in 1903. According to the latest available data derived from the National Safety Council which just released its Injury Facts Report 2018 firearms accidents – specifically unintentional firearms deaths, accounted for less than 1% of unintentional […] Read More … The post Firearms Accidents Have Reached an All-Time Low appeared first on The Firearm Blog....
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New This Week on Shooting USA – The IDPA World Championship

The IDPA World Championship Nashville, TN -(  The International Defensive Pistol Association holds its World Championships and it’s truly an international gathering of competitors at the CMP Talladega Park ranges. They’ve come from around the world to shoot scenarios designed to simulate real-world situations when drawing from concealment is the way to stop the threats. Plus, the Heckler & Koch MP5 is still in service around the world but is none-the-less a History’s Guns Icon a...
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Gun Gear Deals: USCCA Ultimate Range Bag Bundle … just $97.00 You Save 54% OFF

USCCA Ultimate Range Bag Bundle Deal USA – -( The U.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) has a sale on its USCCA Ultimate Range Bag Bundle for just $97.00. That is 54% off and you can save up to $116.00. The USCCA Ultimate Range Bag Bundle includes: Your Limited-Edition USCCA-Branded Tactical Range Bag Never leave anything behind with enough pockets and storage to safely store up to 4 guns and 1,000 rounds of ammo, along with all your other range necessities. Finally, own a ...
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Discreet Rifle Transport: Hiding Long Guns In Plain Sight

For quite some time now, I’ve tried to take a long gun with me when I travel, but carrying a gun case through a hotel lobby has the potential to draw unwanted attention.  Using a discreet method to carry a long gun doesn’t alert naysayers or thieves that a rifle or shotgun is present in […] Read More … The post Discreet Rifle Transport: Hiding Long Guns In Plain Sight appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Legal Heat Offers Innovative Online Firearms Training Courses

Legal Heat offers online firearms training. Jackson, TN -( Legal Heat, the nation's largest firearms training firm, is proud to offer customers innovative online firearms training courses. In our nation's current state of social distancing and isolation due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many people are looking to online resources for the services they need. In addition, finding ways to protect our homes and loved ones is a top priority. Legal Heat has the perfect solution to meet the...
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Brownells RMR Slide for Gen3 Glock 19 Stainless Nitride $186.18 FREE S&H CODE+FILLER

Brownells RMR Slide for Gen3 Glock 19 Stainless Nitride Deal USA – -( Brownells has a sale going on the Brownells RMR Cut Slide For Glock 19 Gen 3 Pistols for $186.18 with coupon code “SAE” + filler item and FREE shipping for Browenlls Edge Members. These are a great way to upgrade your gen 3 GLOCKS for little money and easily add optics. Normally $240.00, this is a great price. To make this deal work you must be an Edge Member and add the main product plus a filler item to get...
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RCBS, Hoppe’s and Champion Continue Support of Precision Rifle Series

RCBS, Hoppe’s and Champion Continue Support of Precision Rifle Series U.S.A. –-( RCBS and Hoppe’s, along with Champion Traps & Targets, is pleased to announce their continued sponsorship of the Precision Rifle Series (PRS) for 2020. For the current season, RCBS has pledged its support to the PRS by serving as a 2020 Affiliate Sponsor and as the Official Reloading Equipment sponsor for a second year in the row. In a similar capacity, Hoppe’s will serve as the Official Gun Care Pr...
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Coronavirus: LA Sheriff now says he won’t order or recommend closure of gun stores

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said Monday that after receiving input from the federal government, he would not order or recommend the closure of gun stores or businesses that sell or repair firearms and ammunition. Monday’s statement from Villanueva came almost a week after he said the Sheriff’s Department had the authority to shut down gun stores. Villanueva noted in his statement that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on March 28 included gun sellers as “critical” infrastru...
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From a conversation elsewhere...

A friend was trying to puzzle out the manufacturer of a (probably compact light/laser combo in a picture. Having time on my hands, I tried to help..."I actually went and poked around on eBay, which means that now my search algorithms are all jacked up and it's gonna start emailing me "Hey, we noticed you like meme-tier garbage light/laser combos, so you might be interested in..."" [Author: Tam]
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Amid coronavirus response, LA Sheriff says he should continue as county emergency coordinator

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva continued to push back Monday, March 30, against a county ordinance that would remove him as lead coordinator for emergency operations, putting the county’s CEO in his place. During an afternoon briefing from the county’s Emergency Operations Center, the sheriff said he had a message for the board. “This will impact public safety and public health,” Villanueva warned. “They’re going to reassign the job to a financial analyst, and not a first responder w...
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TFB Review: The Milspec Monkey CG-Hat Notch Adjust

Frequenters of the blog as well as our YouTube channel TFBTV will know that we offer our Subscribe Star and Patreon supporters patches as rewards. Upon reaching a certain dollar value our supporters are rewarded with TFB embroidered patches. Many of these patches come from our good friend Milspec Monkey. Milspec Monkey now also makes […] Read More … The post TFB Review: The Milspec Monkey CG-Hat Notch Adjust appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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N.J. Gov. Murphy Backs Down, Allows Gun Shops Back Open, SAF Victory

Opinion N.J. Gov. Murphy Backs Down, Allows Gun Shops Back Open, SAF Victory – New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy IMG NJ.Gov BELLEVUE, WA – -( The Second Amendment Foundation declare victory today when New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy backed away from his earlier position on gun shop operations in the state during the current COVID-19 panic, and will now allow operations by appointment. The Second Amendment Foundation sued Murphy and acting State Police Supt. Col. Patrick Callahan in ...
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The Rimfire Report: The Worst 22LR Pistol I Ever Bought

Welcome back to another edition of The Rimfire Report! In this series we discuss, explore review various rimfire firearms, calibers and various aspects of their use. As you can tell by the title, today we’re going to discuss a slightly negative issue – the worst 22LR pistol I ever bought. Before we get started I do have […] Read More … The post The Rimfire Report: The Worst 22LR Pistol I Ever Bought appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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POTD: Falkland Islands Defence Force

Welcome to TFB’s own Photo Of The Day. As the name indicates, we dedicate this series to interesting and unique pictures on a daily basis. Today’s pictures are from the Falkland Islands Defence Force, and we’re looking at a soldier with a .50 Browning Machine Gun. The vehicle, which I presume is a Land Rover, […] Read More … The post POTD: Falkland Islands Defence Force appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Civil War Arms Collection Order Raises Historical and Contemporary Questions

What can't the government order in a “national emergency”? (Battle of Gettysburg, Thure de Thulstrup, Restoration: Adam Cuerden, Public Domain) U.S.A. – -( “You will see that I have been authorized to collect all military arms of Pennsylvania at my own expense for the purpose of remodeling, and then to be returned again to regular organized companies,” a June 12, 1861 letter from Maj. O.H. Wheeler to Maj. [unintelligible] Carothers ordered. You are deputized by me to demand and ...
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