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Apple’s holiday ad is an animated short film

Apple always has an interesting ad for the holiday season. This time, it’s a cute little animated short film. It feels like a hybrid between a Pixar movie and a Wed Anderson creation. Named “Share Your Gifts”, the ad focuses on a dreamy teenager who spends a lot of time on her MacBook. She regularly prints something she has created. We never know for sure if it’s a text, a drawing, some lyrics, etc. But every time she looks at her creations, she dismisses them and put them in a green box. ...
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Valve is discontinuing the Steam Link, at least the hardware part

Valve has quietly updated the Steam page for the Steam Link. The message says that Valve is discontinuing the Steam Link. The device will become unavailable once all units have been sold. When Valve introduced the Steam Link in 2015, your TV setup was completely different. Google, Amazon and Apple just released Android TV, the Fire TV and tvOS. Smart TVs weren’t so smart. In other words, you had no way to install an app and run it on your TV. The Steam Link was a tiny box with an HDMI port, USB ...
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Give Me This Adorable Case That Turns My Apple Watch Back Into an iPod

Of all the things you do with your iOS devices, listening to music is probably still one of the most common reasons you reach for them. The iPod isn’t dead; it just got lost in a sea of other features. But you could make it the star of the show again with this tiny case that (sort of) transforms your Apple Watch back…Read more...
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Google Pixel 3 Users Say the Phone’s Best Feature is Borked Again

There’s no doubting the Pixel 3 has one of the best cameras out there. There’s also no denying it’s been beset by bugs since Google released it last month. Now, Pixel 3 owners say a yet another bug has the device serving up ‘fatal errors’ when they use the camera, and the issue apparently appears both in the main…Read more...
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The Echo Auto brings the power of Alexa into your car!

The Echo Auto was announced just a few months ago at Amazon’s hardware event, along with a whole line-up of other devices (like the Alexa Microwave, the Echo Sub, and loads more) and is all set to make its way into automobiles across the world. What does it do? Gives you the power of Alexa in your car. Over the past few years, Alexa has become pretty indispensable. Most homes today have an Echo or an Echo Dot device in their homes that they talk to, summoning music from their favorite streaming ...
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First ever drone-delivered kidney is no worse for wear

Drone delivery really only seems practical for two things: take-out and organ transplants. Both are relatively light and also extremely time sensitive. Well, experiments in flying a kidney around Baltimore in a refrigerated box have yielded positive results — which also seems promising for getting your pad thai to you in good kit. The test flights were conducted by researchers at the University of Maryland there, led by surgeon Joseph Scalea. He has been frustrated in the past with the inflexibi...
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The Makerphone: From Consumer Electronics to Creator Electronics!

The phone has gotten sufficiently advanced enough for us to know practically nothing about how it functions. In the olden days, if a toaster or radio broke, we opened it up, tinkered with it, fixed it, and put it back together. We still do that with cars today… but the smartphone, the smartphone has too many functions, too advanced technologies, and relies on a multitude of parts to function. Albert Gajšak wants that to change.With the Right To Repair finally kicking off, and consumers finally...
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Carbo brings its light and peppy electric bike to the US

The Carbo is a new electric bike that weighs a mere 27 pounds and can pep up your morning commute. Created by the Montreal-based team that successfully shipped the Veco, this crowdfunded electric bike can collapse for travel and can go 40 miles with pedal assist and 28 miles on full automatic. Early birds can get the single-gear bike for $1,199 or upgrade to a seven-gear bike for $100 more. The team has already hit their $50,000 goal and will ship in April 2019. I saw an early version of the Car...
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Carbo brings its light and peppy electric bike to the U.S.

The Carbo is a new electric bike that weighs a mere 27 pounds and can pep up your morning commute. Created by the Montreal-based team that successfully shipped the Veco, this crowdfunded electric bike can collapse for travel and can go 40 miles with pedal assist and 28 miles on full automatic. Early birds can get the single gear bike for $1,199 or upgrade to a seven gear bike for $100 more. The tema has already hit their $50,000 and they will ship in April 2019. I saw an early version of the Car...
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Sorry Cortana, Microsoft Is Now Selling Alexa Devices

Microsoft’s Cortana assistant is reportedly becoming more of an assistance aide than a standalone service, being moved from Microsoft’s AI + Research department to its Experiences & Devices Team and working with Amazon to pair it with the latter company’s Alexa technology. Now, per Engadget, Microsoft seems to be…Read more...
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Microsoft could release a disc-less Xbox One

According to a new report from Thurott, Microsoft has been working on a new console in the Xbox One family. This cheaper model could play regular Xbox One games, but there would be no Blu-Ray drive. This move would lower the price of the entry-level Xbox One. An Xbox One S officially starts at $299 but you can currently find it for around $250 on Amazon. The disc-less Xbox One could start at $199. If you already have an Xbox One and physical games, you could imagine going to an official retailer...
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This mini-server is giving you back control and ownership of your data

Internet hacks have affected lives, societies, countries, and even governments. Whether it’s interference in elections, an email leak, password database leak, or just a leak of photos from your cloud, you stand to lose your data for the simple reason because that data isn’t ‘with you’. It lies on a remote server along with everyone’s data, making it susceptible to massive breaches. A Seattle-based start-up wants that situation to change.The Helm is a private server that promises to provide a sma...
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Here’s all the best tech gear and gadgetry that survived Shark Tank

The television show "Shark Tank" has churned out quite a few strange, interesting, and downright awesome products -- so we rounded up some of the best ones for your perusal. Enjoy! The post Here’s all the best tech gear and gadgetry that survived Shark Tank appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Pricier, more powerful Mac Mini reviewed

I'm tempted by the finally-upgraded Mac Mini (pictured above with the new 13" iPad Pro configured as its display), long the black sheep of the Mac lineup but loved for the promise of compact power it (again) justifies. Rather than make the new model smaller, as some expected, they kept the same box and filled it with powerful modern parts like i7 CPUs. Nick Statt: The Mac mini was simple, it was cheap, and it did its job well. So well, in fact, that it took on a second life for many owners as a...
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Thousands of sleep apnea sufferers rely on a lone Australian CPAP hacker to stay healthy

An Australian developer named Mark Watkins painstakingly reverse-engineered the proprietary data generated by Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machines and created Sleepyhead, a free/open piece of software that has become the go-to tool for thousands of sleep apnea sufferers around the world who want to tune their machines to stay healthy. CPAP machines can require extensive tinkering to deliver exactly the right amount of air to their users; too little air and the patient can bec...
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E3 slouches towards irrelevance again as Sony announces it’s skipping the show

I like E3 . I really do. But it’s also monumentally dumb: game companies spending millions to show off essentially faked content to an increasingly jaded audience. And it’s increasingly out of step with how the gaming industry works. So it should come as no surprise that Sony will be skipping the show more or less altogether this year, joining Nintendo in taking a step back from spectacle. Sony has been a part of CES for 20 years and this will be the first one it’s ever missed. I’ve gone to...
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Cassette decks from Crosley take aim at tape-hoarding nostalgia-seekers

Crosley, makers of the “good enough” record players you see in Urban Outfitters and Target, have turned their retro novelty eye on the next obvious format: cassettes. These two new decks from the company have all the latest features from 1985, but also a handful of modern conveniences. Let’s get one thing clear at the outset: these are certainly ridiculous. And yes, you can buy a boom box with a cassette deck right now, new, for $30 or so. But having browsed the stock I can tell you that most of...
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FCC approval of Europe’s Galileo satellite signals may give your phone’s GPS a boost

The FCC’s space-focused meeting today had actions taken on SpaceX satellites and orbital debris reduction, but the decision most likely to affect users has to do with Galileo . No, not the astronomer — the global positioning satellite constellation put in place by the E.U. over the last few years. It’s now legal for U.S. phones to use, and a simple software update could soon give your GPS signal a major bump. Galileo is one of several successors to the Global Positioning System that’s been in ...
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Generative adversarial network produces a "universal fingerprint" that will unlock many smartphones

Researchers at NYU and U Michigan have published a paper explaining how they used a pair of machine-learning systems to develop a "universal fingerprint" that can fool the lowest-security fingerprint sensors 76% of the time (it is less effective against higher-security sensors). The researchers used "generative adversarial networks" (GAN) to develop their attack: this technique uses a pair of machine learning systems, a "generator" which tries to fool a "discriminator," to produce a kind of...
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Sharp Is Making a Dual-Notch Smartphone for All You Die-Hard Notch-Heads Out There

In the war of notches and bezels, Sharp has landed firmly on Team Notch with its upcoming Aquos R2 Compact. Yup, your eyes do not deceive you. That is a phone with two notches.Read more...
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Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ is a compact yet powerful Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi Foundation just announced a brand new model. The Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ is basically a flagship Raspberry Pi on a smaller printed circuit board, with a few compromises. It costs $25, or $10 less than the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+. The lineup is getting slightly confusing but bear with me for a second. If you want the best Raspberry Pi, you should get the 3 Model B+. It comes with a 1.4GHz ARMv8 quad-core processor, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet (max 300 Mbps), USB 2.0 and HDMI. T...
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These Bluetooth earbuds double as a charging cord

As I write this, I’m somewhere in Asia, with a bag full of assorted cables and devices. I’ve gotten better at packing light, but I’ve still got a ways to go. Certainly there’s something to be said for those products that can pull double duty — take the new Huawei phone or most recent iPad Pro update, all of which double as device chargers. The Changer looks to be a clever take on the concept for the perpetually low on battery. The $89 yolked Bluetooth earbuds double as a charging cable. Snap...
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One year later: kids smart-watches are still a privacy and security dumpster fire

A year ago, the Norwegian Consumer Council commissioned a study into kids' smart watches, finding that they were incredibly negligent when it came to security and incredible greedy when it came to surveillance: a deadly combination that meant that these devices were sucking up tons of sensitive data on kids' lives and then leaving it lying around for anyone to take. At the time, the manufacturers involved both denied any wrongdoing and simultaneously promised to improve anyway. A year later...
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EnduroSat CEO to talk about making satellites more affordable at Disrupt Berlin

It has never been easier to launch a satellite into space. But EnduroSat wants to make it even easier by making CubeSats more affordable thanks to a unique platform. That’s why I’m excited to announce that EnduroSat CEO Raycho Raychev is coming to TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin to talk about his platform. Many industries have gone through a standardization revolution. Decades ago, shipping stuff from one continent to another was costly because it was a manual process. Exporters now put everything ...
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Legrand acquires smart home startup Netatmo

French hardware startup Netatmo got acquired by the biggest manufacturer of switches and sockets in the world, Legrand. Terms of the deal are undisclosed. Legrand and Netatmo already collaborated together on some products. Back in 2017, the company announced that it would work with industrial groups to connect everything in your home, starting with Legrand and Velux. With Legrand’s “Céliane with Netatmo” switches and power outlets, you could build a house with a smart electrical installati...
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Luxury travel treats: MX4 mountain bike from Ridgeback, ski jackets from Simply Hike and more

We have a great round-up of products to share with you this week – everything from bags to bikes. Whether you’re heading out to explore the outdoors, wanting to wrap up warm for the forthcoming ski season or currently in the market for travel-friendly apparel or an affordable digital camera, we have a slew of […] The post Luxury travel treats: MX4 mountain bike from Ridgeback, ski jackets from Simply Hike and more appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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This Apple Watch Case is perfect for #throwbackthursday

Is that a new iPod?! Nope! It’s the new Apple Watch in its coolest, old-schoolest external case yet! Joyce Kang and C.O Design Lab’s Pod Case gives the Apple Watch a much-needed history lesson, introducing it to the ancestor that started the Apple craze. The watch’s screen roughly matches the screen size found in classic iPod Nanos, while its body is only a slight bit thicker. The Pod Case, made in silicone, slides right over the Apple Watch body, giving it a funky throwback, while also letting ...
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Review: Apple’s New iPad Pro Is An Incredible Tablet With One Major Shortcoming

While it's a powerful device, it's limited by its software
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Fossil’s New Wear OS Watch Isn’t Trash, and That’s Huge

The hunt for a truly great and iconic Wear OS smartwatch is still on—but in the meantime, you could do a hell of a lot worse than the Fossil Sport. Thanks to the newer Snapdragon 3100 processor, the Sport finally has most of the features you expect a 2018 smartwatch to have. Namely, heart rate monitoring, standalone…Read more...
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No display for your Mac Mini? No problem.

Astropad’s Luna Display isn’t just for your MacBook. It turns out that you can take advantage of that tiny little red dongle to turn your iPad into your one and only Mac Mini display. The Luna Display was designed to extend your laptop display. Many desktop users who travel tend to feel limited with a 13-inch or 15-inch display. That’s why the Luna Display turns any iPad into a second monitor. It works wirelessly and pretty well. But the team behind the device tried a fun experiment. Man...
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