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The Classiest Makeup Looks For Women Over 50

As the world has finally come to understand, representation matters, and that truth fully extends to the world of beauty. Our differences are what makes each one of us beautiful, inside and out… so let’s celebrate them!?  If you’re new to makeup, or haven’t experimented in a while, fear not! We’re here to help. Worried about overdoing it? Classy makeup for older women is well within reach.  Most makeup brands only primarily market to young adult women. Social media can further emphas...
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L’INDEX (fiera del design) di Dubai: raddoppia!

A poche settimane dalla conclusione della ventottesima edizione dell’INDEX Dubai (la fiera del design) che ha contato oltre 27.000 i visitatori che
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Shots Toys HIKY Review

Maybe I’m off my game. Maybe I’m too optimistic, but I really wanted the HIKY to be good. I thought that it could combine the sensations of the Womanizer with the appeal of a traditional vibrator so that folks could always find something to like about it. I scoffed at the terms “suction” and “vacuum” because I’ve seen those terms used to describe the Womanizer or Satisfyer and have been told they’re inaccurate for those items (and have never felt either applied, personally, either). I didn’t ex...
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Lifestyle, Technology, Home & Health: My Top Picks from CES 2017

Let's face it --- the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which is held every year in Las Vegas, can be a dizzying experience. I've been going for about 25 years, almost always repping a product and sometimes more than one, from kids education software and the world's best speech recognition system in my younger days to a myriad of startup innovations ever since. I tend to find the product recaps predominantly male; in other words, most of the top picks tend to center around early adopter p...
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Forget Vibrators — THIS is The Sex Toy You Need

Tell someone you’re buying a sex toy, and chances are good they’ll assume you mean one thing, and one thing only: a vibrator. Though vibrators are hardly the only pleasure product on offer — dildos, butt plugs, cock rings, masturbation sleeves, and kink toys routinely line the aisles of sex toy shops around the country — they’ve managed to take a dominant position in the erotic imagination of Americans.And yet, for all their prominence in the pleasure product industry, there’s nothing inherentl...
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Fiera Arouser For Her: Does it really help with low libido?

Arouser, “pre-hancer”, “before-play” whatever you want to call the for Her – Don’t call it a sex toy.  That’s the first thing I learned about the Fiera Arouser. From their uncomfortable presence at SHE NYC1 to their interactions with review bloggers who genuinely wanted to work with the company. So despite me writing about my issues lately with mental health and low libido I wasn’t sure how I’d be received by them when I contacted them to review the Fiera. So far I’ve only seen some questiona...
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Index Design International Exhibition 2016: il design in mostra

L’Index Design International Exhibition 2016 a Dubai si avvicina. Manca poco più di un mese,  (23-26 maggio) all’inizio di questo
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Index Design International Exhibition 2016: Il design internazionale si anima

Quest’anno si celebra il 26° anniversario dell’Index International Design Exhibition che é la più grande e diversificata esposizione interior design
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Gulfood 2016 a Dubai: la fiera del cibo più attesa

Il Gulfood 2016, la più importante fiera dedicata al cibo in Medio Oriente, è partita oggi a Dubai e pe
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