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3 Ways Entrepreneurs Cope with Major Change

Entrepreneurship has been called the science of change. So how do entrepreneurs cope with major change? We share three ways. We discussed what makes entrepreneurs masters at managing change on The BIGG Success Show. Here’s a summary of that discussion. At times, we expect (and perhaps initiate and even desire) life transitions: changing a job […] The post 3 Ways Entrepreneurs Cope with Major Change appeared first on Bigg Success. [click the title link above to read our full post]
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Everything You Need To Know To Start Your Own Home-Baked Business

If you love baking, starting your own baking business from home may have crossed your mind. However, it’s not as easy as simply baking a few cakes and then posting them on Facebook.
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What motivates innovative entrepreneurs: Money or altruism?

Hala Hanna Contributor Share on Twitter Hala Hanna is Managing Director, Community at MIT Solve, a marketplace for social impact innovation. In today’s new world completely engulfed by COVID-19, all sorts of innovations are emerging to help the world overcome this difficult time: 3D printers are cranking out medical supplies; rapid advancements in testing have been made — now providing results in five minutes; teachers have tr...
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A Quick Guide to Starting and Growing a Business after College

As a college graduate who is perhaps new in business, you ought to know that fear triggers excuses. Yes, you can have lots of good ideas, but if you are not a risk-taker, you will most likely not get started or grow your business. Be brave and take calculated risks!
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As fashion has its metaverse moment, one app looks to bridge real and virtual worlds for sneakerheads

Fashion is having its moment in the metaverse. A riot of luxury labels, music, and games are vying for attention in the virtual world. And as physical events and the entertainment industry that depends on them shuts down, virtual things have come to epitomize the popular culture of the pandemic. It’s creating an environment where imagination and technical ability, not wealth, are the only barriers to accumulating the status symbols that only money and fame could buy. Whether it’s famous design...
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3 Ways to Buck Up Your Bounce-Back-Ability

Bounce-back-ability is your ability to come back at a higher level than where you started. We share three ways to buck it up. We discuss how to bounce back from tough times on The BIGG Success Show. Here’s a summary of our conversation. Tough times call for tough people. And boy, are we having some […] The post 3 Ways to Buck Up Your Bounce-Back-Ability appeared first on Bigg Success. [click the title link above to read our full post]
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“People are in the fights of their lives ” with alcohol use disorders, and Monument wants to help

Over 14.4 million adults over the age of 18 in the United States exhibited some kind of alcohol use disorder and only about 7.9 percent of those people received treatment. Alcohol-related deaths kill roughly 88,000 people in the U.S. — making it the third leading preventable cause of death in the country. And alcohol-related illnesses cost the U.S. $249 billion. For Monument founder Mike Russell, those numbers aren’t just statistics, but a window into his own life. The co-founder of Monument, a ...
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Haven’t found your niche? This might be why.

A niche, in terms of the economy and what you do for a living, is often considered a special talent or service that speaks to you on a different, secondary level. Adam Davidson, co-founder of NPR's "Planet Money" argues that when a niche finds an audience and becomes a successful business, it evolves into its own primary economy.For most people, finding something you're passionate about can take a long time. The search should happen concurrently with your current job and life, not in place of th...
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Andela CEO confirms staff cuts as layoffs hit African tech

Africa-focused tech talent accelerator Andela has let go 135 employees, CEO Jeremy Johnson confirmed to TechCrunch on a call. Senior staff at the company — with offices in New York and five African countries — will also take salary cuts of 10% to 30%. The compensation and staff reductions are a result of the economic impact of the COVID-19 and bring Andela’s headcount down to 1199 employees. None of Andela’s engineers were included in the layoffs. Backed by $181 million in VC from investors...
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Become Entrepreneurial

One of the greatest risks in your career and life is of becoming a commodity; at that point you are no different than anyone else in the market, and employers can mint more workers just like you. To... By Harrison Barnes
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Top 10 Motivational Tips for Starting a Business

Starting your own business isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s stressful and pretty much demands your complete focus. On the plus side, it can also be a fulfilling experience professionally and personally
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Decluttering Your Life Like an Entrepreneur – Infographic

Plenty of successful entrepreneurs have mastered the art of decluttering their life. This infographic from WD Storage has a few tips to help entrepreneurs keep their life together:
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Finding your purpose: A less intimidating approach

Do you know your purpose in life? If not, London Business School professor Dan Cable say's that's OK. It's normal, even. Many people have trouble finding their purpose because the task itself is too demanding. One way to solve this problem is by connecting with the end user of your work.For example, Microsoft will take its teams on site to interview clients and find solutions. Programmers understand who's using their products by hearing it straight from the source, and this gives more meaning to...
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Accelerators can help startups survive the pandemic by boosting diversity

Business accelerators are programmes which offer various types of support, including training, mentorship, access to workspaces and investment, to early-stage businesses with the aim of helping them through the fragile early stages of growth. They may play a vital role in post-COVID-19 recovery. In a recent study, funded by the UK government, we found evidence that participating in one particular accelerator (which will remain anonymous) was associated with an increase in business survival rates...
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Corporate culture wasn’t built for women. Here’s how to fix that.

Women in high-stakes positions are scrutinized far more than men, says Tina Brown, to the point that they feel they have to be "gold in a silver job" and be absolute perfectionists to merely keep their position.For women, being a parent necessitates parental leave and companies must develop ways to keep females engaged so that they are able to integrate back into work smoothly. Women, too, must lobby for this change.Six to eight months of sequential parental leave may not be the best approach fo...
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Why savvy business people build relationship capital

Relationship capital is one of the most overlooked facets of doing good business, says investor and entrepreneur Daymond John. Savvy entrepreneurs know that digging into the relationships that they've nurtured for 5, 10, or 20 years is what pays the best dividends. That doesn't happen passively. You must build your reputation and take great care to be authentic in your interactions, says John.Relationship capital is symbiotic and becomes a network. When two parties genuinely look after each othe...
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Maximize your team’s power. Identify your connector type.

Building off of the "three archetypes of people" idea established by Malcolm Gladwell, Cotential CEO and co-author of the bestselling book "Get Big Things Done" Erica Dhawan argues that we are all now some form of "connector." The next step is to find ways to connect intelligently.Dhawan says that there are three kinds of connectors: thinkers, enablers, and connection executors. Each brings a unique skillset to a team, and all are necessary for growth and success.The key is to create a work env...
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Tips, tactics and cashflow strategies for startup survival during a crisis

Joe White Contributor Share on Twitter Joe is general partner of Entrepreneur First, a Greylock-backed early-stage deep tech fund; co-chair of GBx, a curated network of British entrepreneurs in the Bay Area; and a former co-founder of, a website and e-commerce platform. We’re in unprecedented times and are likely at the beginning of a long journey back to normal  —  whatever the new “normal” turns out to be. Whil...
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App development shop V/One is giving away 50,000 free mobile app builds to budding LA mobile businesses

The Los Angeles-based app development shop, V/One, is giving away 50,000 free mobile app builds through the rest of April as the company officially launches its platform for would-be, LA-based mobile app moguls. Since its soft launch, December 20th of last year, the app development company has built over 100 new applications. The company’s December launch featured an “app accelerator” and offered a guidebook for people who wanted to develop mobile applications to work with the development shop o...
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The 3 elements of power: Influence, negotiation, nurturing

Everyone has the ability to powershift, says FUBU founder and Shark Tank investor, Daymond John. But the challenge lies in learning how to navigate that powershift.The three stages of a powershift include building influence, negotiating deals, and nurturing relationships.A major benefit of understanding your power includes the enrichment of others. Success can manifest in various ways when part of your goal includes lifting others up. Power...
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Silicon Valley Bank only started processing stimulus loan applications today

In a sign of just how broken the process is for startups looking to receive stimulus dollars, Silicon Valley Bank, the bank that claims “more innovative startups bank with us than any other bank,” only just began processing claims today. “Since the CARES Act and the PPP were announced, we have been hard at work advocating for our clients to have access to this funding. We have been working around the clock to develop a process that works for our clients. Thousands of companies have indicated ...
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Finding your ‘why’: How to dig deep and define your purpose

Purpose is one of the activators of a network in the human brain often called the seeking system. It's what fuels our thirst for new knowledge and pushes us to explore.The question "What are you doing right now?" has a myriad of valid answers, some more involved and layered than others.Shifting your response to be about the "why" recontextualizes the action and speaks to the purpose of the work rather than the behaviors. Alive at Work: T...
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WHO Africa hosts hackathons, offers seed funds to fight COVID-19

The World Health Organization in Africa is holding virtual hackathons and offering up to $20,000 in seed-funds to finalists with digital solutions to stem COVID-19. The regional office of the UN agency completed its first challenge earlier this month and will host a second, for French speaking Africa, in coming weeks, WHO’s Technical Officer Moredeck Chibi told TechCrunch. According to Dr. Chibi, the WHO-AFRO Digital Hackathon series aims to prompt tech applications — with specificity to Africa ...
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Master the skills of negotiating in everyday life

You're negotiating every day of your life, whether it's a huge business deal or something as small as getting the remote control from your partner, says Shark Tank investor Daymond John. Over 65 percent of communication is body language. Only seven percent is what you say. Using body language effectively is a simple way to shift power to your court during negotiations or strategically shift power over to others.Used-car salespeople have this down to a fine art, says John. They are the best becau...
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#579 Becoming a Small Business Owner by Accident

Listen to “#579 Becoming a Small Business Owner by Accident” on Spreaker.         On this episode of The Small Business Radio Show… SEGMENT 1, starting at 0:00: Many of us become a small business owner by accident. We never set out to be a small business owner, but along the way things happen that lead us down that path – we’re frustrated with our bosses, we get laid off, we want more control over our time, and so on. Accidental entrepreneur Marcus Babcock is here to share what he’s learned ab...
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VR chair startup raises funds, as pandemic boosts prospects for VR and gaming

Roto VR, startup which markets an interactive, ‘360 degree’ chair, has raised £1.5 million in a funding round led by Pembroke VCT. Others in the round include TVB Growth Fund, managed by The FSE Group. The chair is designed to make VR more accessible to a mass audience, many of whom have turned to VR and gaming to while away the hours as much of the world is locked-down during the COVID-19 pandemic. Founded in 2015 by video games industry veterans, Elliott Myers and Gavin Waxkirsh, Roto VR is an...
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Pre-school EdTech startup Lingumi raises £4m, adds some free services during Covid-19

At these difficult times, parents are concerned for their children’s education, especially given so much of it has had to go online during the Covid-19 pandemic. But what about pre-schoolers who are missing out? Pre-school children are sponges for information but don’t get formal training on reading and writing until they enter the classroom when they are less sponge-like and surrounded by 30 other children. Things are tougher for non-English speaking children who’s parents want them to learn En...
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What to Learn from Sudhir Choudhrie So As to Run a Successful Business

The world of business is a competitive and tricky one. It requires one to be fully cognizant of all impending factors that are related to changes in the market, fluctuation as well as competition. For one to succeed in doing business, they must have brass knuckles and ready to fight whatever hurdles that come their way. Sudhir Choudhrie belongs to the crème de la crème of international business leaders. He was born in New Delhi, India, in 1949 and schooled up to university level, where he gradua...
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3 Ways to Endure Tough Times

When tough times bring stress and anxiety, use these three attitudes to improve your mindset and take on the challenge. Tough times, stress, anxiety, financial worries, how do you deal with it? Hear us discuss three attitudes that will help on The BIGG Success Show Here’s a summary of that discussion. During tough times, especially […] The post 3 Ways to Endure Tough Times appeared first on Bigg Success. [click the title link above to read our full post]
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#578 How Sleep Can Be the Missing Key to Your Success

Listen to “#578 How Sleep Can Be the Missing Key To Your Success” on Spreaker.         On this episode of The Small Business Radio Show… SEGMENT 1, starting at 0:00: There is at least one overlooked component to small business success and it’s something we don’t get enough of: sleep. For many of us, when we don’t get enough sleep, we aren’t at our best. Is sleep the missing key to success? Here to help is coach and mentor Giles Watkins, author of “POSITIVE SLEEP: A Holistic Approach to Resolve...
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