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Daredevil 'Mad' Mike Hughes Killed In Crash Of Homemade Rocket

Mike Hughes promoted himself as believing that the Earth was flat. He launched in homemade rockets with the goal of eventually flying to the edge of space to see for himself.(Image credit: Mercedes Blackehart/AP)
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SXSW Pitch Finalist: Syndio

The equitably compensated Syndio team. The Forrest Four-Cast: February 23, 2020 Seattle-based Syndio has a bold ambition: to eradicate unlawful pay disparities in the workplace.This SaaS company, one of 50 finalists for SXSW Pitch 2020, enables global organizations to analyze and resolve pay gaps due to gender or race and stay in compliance over time. Syndio has over 60 enterprise customers including Nordstrom, Match Group, Target, Adobe and PagerDuty and already more than 1.3 million employe...
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SXSW Pitch: Collective Liberty

Rochelle Keyhan, CEO of Collective Liberty, spent six years as a prosecutor of gender-based violence crimes in Philadelphia. A first generation Iranian-American, she also speaks conversational Farsi. The Forrest Four-Cast: February 23, 2020 Of all the many horrors that persist in 2020, the fact that human trafficking continues is one of the hardest to accept.One of 50 finalists for SXSW Pitch 2020, Collective Liberty has as its mission to eradicate human trafficking. They collaborate across i...
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Daredevil ‘Mad’ Mike Hughes, Who Backed Flat-Earth Beliefs, Dies in Homemade Rocket Launch

Daredevil ‘Mad’ Mike Hughes died Saturday after launching his homemade rocket, which crashed into the ground in California. The stunt, intended to launch Hughes 5,000 feet in the air, was going to be part of a new Science Channel series called Homemade Astronauts. A statement on Discovery’s website confirmed that Hughes passed away on Saturday during an attempt to launch his homemade rocket. The Science Channel is owned by Discovery. “ Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and fri...
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10 Reasons Hockey Is the Greatest Sport on Earth

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already aware that hockey is the undisputed best sport on the planet. But if you really need some extra convincing, here’s a list of ten things (in no particular order) that make hockey the greatest sport on Earth: 1. It’s Played on a Giant Sheet of Ice Football, basketball, baseball – what do they all have in common? They’re played on the solid ground, not a slippery sheet of ice. The athletes that play those sports wear shoes, not sharp blades of...
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SF Book Review - Part 33

It's been almost a year since I did a recap of recent science fiction reads like this (though there's been plenty of one-off reviews), so I'm definitely missing some older reads, but here's some recent SF I've read: Summertide, by Charles Sheffield - Opal and Quake are twin planets due to pass close to their sun in a grand conjunction that only occurs once every 350,000 years. The event will unleash massive tidal forces on both planets, but especially the already more volatile Quake. Also of n...
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'Mad' Mike Hughes dies after crash-landing homemade rocket

"Mad" Mike Hughes, 64, wanted to launch himself into space to prove that the Earth was flat.
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Daredevil ‘Mad’ Mike Hughes reported dead in rocket crash near Barstow

A man died in a rocket crash in the San Bernardino County desert near Barstow on Saturday, Feb. 22,  and TMZ is reporting that well-known daredevil “Mad” Mike Hughes, 64, perished in the accident. TMZ said Hughes was aboard the rocket when it plummeted straight down after the launch. A video on TMZ’s website shows a parachute separating from the vessel upon launch, then the rocket falling from hundreds of feet nose-down. Mad Mike Hughes just launched himself in a self-made steam-powered rocket ...
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Coronavirus Spread by a Second Coming ‘Cult’ Has Put South Korea on ‘Maximum Alert’

This article was updated on February 23, 2020, at 11:55 p.m. local time in South Korea.SEOUL—A South Korean church whose founder says, rather mysteriously, that he represents the second coming of Christ on Earth and has unique insights into God’s revelations is getting much of the blame for a major surge in the spread of the deadly coronavirus here.Coronavirus Now a ‘Tremendous Public Health Threat’: CDCFear of the disease now known as COVID-19 actually had been on the decline in South Korea unt...
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What's inside the Mariana Trench

The Mariana Trench is the deepest point on Earth, void of light with the pressure of 48 jumbo jets. Yet life has found a way to survive. Very weird life. You'll find crustaceans with aluminum shields or the blind, translucent snailfish, known as one of the deadliest predators in the trench. Then there's the sea pig, a type of sea cucumber that crawls with its tentacles. But the most surprising thing in the deep ocean is plastic… that's right even the deepest part of the ocean can't escape human...
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Why the Earth's Wobble Means Your Zodiac Sign Isn't What You Think

As the planet spins on its axis, it teeters back and forth like a child's top, and after millennia of staggering along its path around the sun, it no longer aligns with the constellations of the zodiac on the dates that were established in ancient times. From a report: Because of that, Leo ain't what he used to be -- and neither are Aries, Taurus, Gemini or any of the rest. In astronomical terms, the wobble is known as precession, and it's caused by gravity tugging on the Earth's distended midri...
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How to deflect an asteroid

On April 13, 2029, an icy chunk of space rock, wider than the Eiffel Tower is tall, will streak by Earth at 30 kilometers per second, grazing the planet's sphere of geostationary satellites. It will be the closest approach by one of the largest asteroids crossing Earth's orbit in the next decade.Observations of the asteroid, known as 99942 Apophis, for the Egyptian god of chaos, once suggested that its 2029 flyby would take it through a gravitational keyhole — a location in Earth's gravity field...
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Grimes Tried to Make a Soundtrack for the End of the World. The Result Is Surprisingly Timid

This is how the human race ends: with the shallow clang of metal on metal, a squalling screech, the heavy stomp and throb of percussion. At least, that’s how the A.I. revolution goes down in “We Appreciate Power,” an arresting single by Canadian art-pop eminence Grimes with help from frequent collaborator HANA. Surprising contrasts are a trademark of Grimes’ songwriting and production, and on this track she cuts the harshness of the beat with vocals that whisper, coo and cajole despite the ...
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JP Morgan economists warn climate crisis is threat to human race

Leaked report for world’s major fossil fuel financier says Earth is on unsustainable trajectoryThe world’s largest financier of fossil fuels has advised clients that something will have to change at some point if the human race is to survive the climate crisis, according to a leaked document.The JP Morgan report on the economic risks of human-caused global heating said it was clear that the earth was on an unsustainable trajectory that risked catastrophic outcomes. Continue reading...
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Biochemist Elzbieta Kurowska Creates Stunning Liquid Biomorphic Structures

According to Ela: “As a photographer and biochemist, I am fascinated by the origins of life – that moment in Earth’s history when amorphous organic matter transformed into complex structures that evolved into living organisms.” More: Elzbieta Kurowska, Instagram, Facebook h/t: dodho “The idea for this project came from my personal revelation that by combining photography with... Source
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Loon and SoftBank’s HAPSMobile team with Airbus, China Telecom and more on stratospheric cell networks

A new industry alliance led by Alphabet’s Loon high-altitude balloon technology company and SoftBank’s HAPSMobile stratospheric glider subsidiary aims to work together on standards and tech related to deploying network connectivity using high-altitude delivery mechanisms. This extends the existing partnership between HAPSMobile and Loon, which began with a strategic alliance between the two announced last April, and which recently resulted in Loon adapting the network hardware it uses on i...
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Trump’s Fury at Intel Briefing Shows Putin’s Bet Keeps Paying Off

Intelligence officials warned House lawmakers last week that Russia is interfering in the 2020 campaign to try to get President Donald Trump re-elected, The New York Times and The Daily Beast report. During the briefing to the House Intelligence Committee, Trump’s Republican allies reportedly challenged the conclusions of the intelligence community, arguing that under Trump the U.S. has been tough on Russia and strengthened European security.Russians Think Triumphant Trump Is More Their Man Than...
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South Korea Coronavirus Cases Surge to 204 as Authorities Fight to Control Outbreak

(SEOUL, South Korea) — South Korea reported 100 new virus cases Friday, bringing the country’s total to 204, many of them clustered around a southeastern city, and raising fears that the outbreak is getting out of control. In the capital, Seoul, officials banned major downtown rallies and shut down a big park to avoid mass public gatherings where the virus could spread. Workers in protective gear also sprayed disinfectant in the city’s subway. Most of the new cases have been reported since ...
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South Korea Begins Locking Down City With Coronavirus Outbreak Linked to Church

(SEOUL, South Korea) — South Korea reported more virus cases Friday and declared a “special management zone” around a southeastern city where the surging outbreak, largely linked to a church in Daegu, threatens to overwhelm the region’s health system. In the capital, Seoul, officials banned major downtown rallies and shut down a big park to avoid mass public gatherings where the virus could spread. Workers in protective gear also sprayed disinfectant in the city’s subway. Health authorities...
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Sturgill Simpson Blasts His Record Label: “They Don’t Know What The Fuck To Do With Me”

Sturgill Simpson has never exactly been easy to pin down. After independently releasing two albums, he moved on up to major label Atlantic to release his well-received 2016 album A Sailor's Guide To Earth, which won for Best Country Album at the Grammys and was nominated for Album Of The Year. After that, … More »
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Asian Food Network Celebrities Use Plastic in Recipes to Highlight the “Plastic Diet” Environmental Crisis

Asia’s largest TV and Online food channel, the Asian Food Network (AFN) is shocking food lovers into action to help save the environment in collaboration with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). A series of filmed episodes sees Celebrity chefs cooking delicious food such as Soy Sauce Sea Bass and Spicy Clams before adding plastic items like shredded water bottles and grated plastic straws to the food. The recipes are the latest work in an ongoing campaign created by Grey Malaysia, ‘Your Pla...
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SXSW Pitch: NeelAgil Technologies

Neelam Dwivedi of NeelAgil Technologies Private Ltd aims to help millions of people treat their diabetes The Forrest Four-Cast: February 19, 2020 The next time you’re out in a crowd, look around. Imagine one out of every 10 people you see has a debilitating and often fatal disease.In the United States, in 2018, a stunning 10.5 percent of the population had diabetes, 34.2 million Americans. The global prevalence has jumped as well, going from 108 million adults worldwide in 1980 (4.7 percent) ...
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Sleep Sustainably With These Top Bedding Brands

Although our best intentions are to approach every day as Earth Day, sometimes we need a reminder (and a little green-guidance) in order to lead more eco-conscious lives. In honor of supporting worldwide environmental protection every day, we're tackling an at-home sustainability step that's easy enough to practice in your sleep — and it all starts with making a more sustainable bed.We rounded up the top sustainable companies that are redefining our concept of what trendy bedding looks and feel...
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Coyotes Weekly: Gearing Up for the Trade Deadline

The 2019-20 NHL trade deadline is right around the corner, and, with the Arizona Coyotes’ playoff hopes being very much up in the air at the current point in time, general manager John Chayka may be considering adding to his roster this year after a relatively quiet deadline in 2019. Arizona Coyotes general manager John Chayka has his work cut out for him at this year’s trade deadline. (Photo by Dave Sandford/NHLI via Getty Images) The Coyotes need some help offensively, and it would...
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A year on this exoplanet only takes 18 hours. And it might be doomed

Every 18 hours, a newly discovered exoplanet found 2,000 light-years away from Earth completes an orbit around its star -- and potentially takes another step closer to being ripped apart.
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The best hikes in Santorini

Santorini is one of the most-visited places on Earth and certainly a favorite in Greece. As an island with so many glamorous things to do, the sweatier activities can be forgotten for more refined alternatives like perusing boutiques, sipping sunset cocktails, and savoring excellent dinners. Yet Santorini, the outer rim of an exploded volcano, has a fascinating geologic history that makes for breathtaking vistas and worthwhile hikes. Santorini was once round Photo: Andrew Mayovskyy/Shutter...
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An Adidas experiment and whole new exterior facility head to ISS next month

March 2 is the planned launch date for SpaceX’s 20th ISS resupply mission, which is bringing the usual supplies and goodies, plus a payload of interesting experiments from partners and paying customers. And a big expansion to Europe’s Columbus Module. The most ridiculous has to be Adidas’s “BOOST in Space” effort. The company creates its midsoles by fusing together thousands of tiny foam spheres. But sadly, this is generally done on Earth, where there’s gravity. So of course they want to try ...
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Otherworldly images from the Puna

The Puna de Atacama is the high plateau of the Atacama Desert that stretches across northern Chile and Argentina. Last August, during the South American winter, we visited this eerie Mars-like landscape, where volcanoes, sand, and salt mingle. In the middle of the Puna sits one of Argentina’s highest villages, Tolar Grande, with an elevation of 11,500 feet. Surrounding it are some of the tallest peaks in the Andes, many soaring well over 20,000 feet high. We stayed in the village for a few ...
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SXSW Pitch Finalist: Votem

Pete Martin, founder of CEO of Votem, and classic rock drummer The Forrest Four-Cast: February 20, 2020 Paging Iowa elections officials! Votem promises to make voting more accessible, to restore trust in elections, and to serve election management bodies and their constituents.One of 50 finalists for SXSW Pitch 2020, Votem is a revolutionary election management company that aims to give democracy back to the people. They leverage a blockchain-based mobile voting platform to let everyone’s voi...
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