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Retour sur l’installation « Design for Life » au Design Museum de Londres

A l’occasion de la COP26 qui s’est déroulée début Novembre et dans le cadre de son programme de collaborations « Design for Life » en partenariat avec des architectes pionniers du monde entier, Dassault Systèmes a lancé l’installation Aurora, conçue par Arthur Mamou-Mani et présentée à Londres, au cours des premières semaines de l’exposition « Waste Age » au Design Museum. « Design for Life » Lancé il y a dix ans, « Design for Life » est un programme au long cours qui se propose d’explorer la...
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Neat enough for Pepys: Magdalene college Cambridge’s inventive new library

The famous diarist’s dedicated building, left to his Cambridge alma mater, could not be altered. So architect Níall McLaughlin created a magical solution “My delight is in the neatness of everything,” wrote Samuel Pepys in his diary in 1663, “and so cannot be pleased with anything unless it be very neat, which is a strange folly.”He was referring in part to the fastidious organisation of his magnificent collection of books. By the time of his death in 1703 he had amassed 3,000 of them, which he ...
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PING PANG, quand le mobilier change les règles du jeu

Conçue par le studio de design EXERCICE, la collection PING PANG a été imaginée pour apporter un nouveau regard sur le tennis de table et proposer aux utilisateurs une nouvelle pratique de ce sport centenaire.   ORIGINE DU PROJET Ce projet ludique a été présenté pour la première fois en 2019 à Pantin, à l’occasion de la nuit blanche. Un ensemble de raquettes aux formes fantastiques accompagnait alors les tables, qui ont un peu évolué depuis. Au vue de l’intérêt suscité par leur travail, les deu...
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Masquespacio signe le Bun Burger de Milan

Le studio d’architecture intérieure espagnol, basé à Valencia, Masquespacio et créé par Ana Milena Hernández et Christophe Penasse, présente le premier projet de restaurant de la firme Bun Burgers à Turin enItalie. A travers les différents projets Bun Burgers, l’objectif était de s’éloigner des ambiances vintages ou industrielles pour opter pour un concept sophistiqué, innovant et authentique. Après la première collaboration fructueuse de Bun Burgers et Masquespacio pour le restaurant à Blign...
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5 real estate marketing do’s and don’ts for 2022

In today's increasingly online world, how do you capture your audience's attention, improve your traffic and share your authentic message? The rules of marketing are always changing; here's what you need to know going into 2022.
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18 of the Most Stunning Credit & Debit Card Designs in Banking

Even as people use digital payment apps more often, they still love a slick-looking card that gets noticed when they pull it out. The post 18 of the Most Stunning Credit & Debit Card Designs in Banking appeared first on The Financial Brand - Banking Trends, Analysis & Insights.
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Books: Guerrilla Flowers, Edibles

New York City: Yes! You walked by that ugly construction site at 9th Ave and West 14th St. every day ... but the next morning, it was bedecked with sunflowers, cattails, and lavender. It was all the overnight work of florist Lewis Miller, who's been bringing life to trash cans,... [Author: Jane Berger]
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Books: Gems of the Pacific Northwest

If gardening is your life, you'd have to consider moving to the Pacific Northwest. There is nothing like it for gardens and gardeners (although you have to wonder how this summer's unrelenting heat and the fires and smoke have affected the plants). Still, there's a new book from Brian Coleman,... [Author: Jane Berger]
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Thermal mix: a modest Canberra renovation holds and traps the sun

Using 80% less energy than average, an unassuming suburban home is winning architecture prizes for its imaginative revampA house many would consider a knockdown, rebuild has been given a new life as a snug, energy-efficient home by an ACT firm that say their science-based architecture model can be applied to existing housing stock across Australia.Prior to the renovation, owners Kathryn and Rachel – who have requested their surnames be kept private – say the house was “always cold in winter and ...
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Changing the color of the French flag

President Macron of France changed the blue color of the French flag. He made the blue darker again, after it was set to be the same blue as that of the European Union flag back in the 1970s. (Then president Giscard d’Estaing thought the different shades of blue clashed during photo ops). ...
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‘Ultimately uninhabitable’: western Sydney’s legacy of planning failure

Houses built to the fence line with dark roofs and tiny backyards leave their owners at the mercy of the climate crisis, experts sayDownload the free Guardian app; get our morning email briefingOn 4 January 2020, the western Sydney suburb of Penrith was one of the hottest places on Earth at 48.9C.The heat that day, at the foot of the Blue Mountains, gave a brief window into what the future will be like in the city’s outer rings, soon to be home to more than 1.5 million people. Continue reading.....
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Organized randomness

This is a tricky thing to do: create a layout of seemingly random elements that look good together. I need to deal with this now for the new venture I am setting up It is a process of constant iteration. Put one type of elements, put anoth...
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“Contemplation”, le banc en bambou de Tobie Chevallier

Présenté à l’occasion de la Paris Design Week 2021, le banc “ Contemplation ” a été pensé et créé à la main pendant le confinement par Tobie Chevallier.   Le monde naval a inspiré ce mobilier “fait maison” au jeune designer qui souhaitait créer une assise avec les matériaux dont il disposait.   Le bambou, cette plante envahissante qui peut dépasser le mètre de croissance par jour est connue pour sa grande souplesse et sa rigidité. En Asie, on l’utilise même dans la construction d’écha...
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At NYCxDESIGN: Ideas in Orbit at Launch Pad

Launch Pad at WantedDesign Manhattan is NYCxDESIGN’s effort to bring burgeoning design minds into the purview of eager manufacturers. MoCollection Coffee Table The event, at the Javitts Center this coming Sunday and Monday (Nov. 14 and 15), is an invite-only exhibit for the creations of 30 international designers. “Dead End” Found Objects display by Jaeyeon Park Featuring prototypes of furniture, home accessories, and lighting, Launch Pad is “the best place for manufacturers...
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Meet the Mysterious Genius Who Patented the UFO

American inventors never met a phenomenon — natural, manmade, or otherwise — they couldn’t try to patent. From impossible technologies to possible evidence of aliens visiting planet Earth, everything’s fair game if you can sell the idea. After highly-publicized UFO sightings in Washington State and Roswell, New Mexico, for example, patents for flying saucers began pouring into government offices. “As soon as there was a popular ‘spark,’” writes Ernie Smith at Atlas Obscura, “the saucer w...
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Sam Spratt's website describes his work as having "sprattitude". This fine arts graduate combines classical training with current ideas, many of which stem from online media and internet memes.  PAINT ALL THE MEMES! Spratt's collection of paintings entitled Illustrated Internet is based on what he calls the visual vernacular of the internet. These paintings are based on popular internet media characters found in rage comics. Most of these characters are used online in their original form; simple...
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Photoshop Machine Animals Tell a Love Story of Nature and Technology

Photoshop artists can create hybrid creatures out of anything. The following images show how digital artists have combined man-made technological creations with animals created by mother nature. The results are mechanical animals. Photoshop VW Buggy: An Insect Car Volkswagen's popular family car, the VW Beetle, has been spoofed in this Photoshopped machine animal hybrid. The artist has combined the original shape of the VW Beetle with the colors and accessories of an actual, living insect, creat...
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Incredible Tattoo Designs

The art of tattoos has become increasingly popular over the last two decades, with about 36% of 18-25 year olds sporting at least one tattoo. While many tattoo artists simply use designs from books and portfolios, some tattoo artists go above and beyond, creating distinctive artistic styles that result in incredible tattoo designs. Amazing Tattoo Designs The difference between a mediocre tattoo and an incredible tattoo is in the quality of the design and the level of the tattoo artist's ski...
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Antique Versions of Modern Appliances

During the Victorian era, many new time-saving devices were designed to run on the brand-new energy source; electricity. For the first time, the world had electrical home appliances that performed menial chores faster and more efficiently than before. The Electric Toaster, the Best Thing since Sliced Bread Bread has been a staple food in many cultures for centuries. It is dipped in soups or used to create sandwiches. It can be crumbed, fried or used to soak up other foods such as gravy or sauces...
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The Funny Photoshop Animal Hybrids of the Digital Zoo

Digital artists work in image editing programs like Photoshop that allow them to genetically modify photographs to create funny animal hybrids. Photo manipulation artists are the zoo keepers of the digital zoo, adding animals at whim. Bellowing Gorilla Bird This Photoshop artist has created the missing link. If only scientists had known that it could fly too. [source] Spitting Llama Dodo The Llama Dodo is reputed to be able to survive at enormous heights above sea level, with the ability...
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Trollface gets Immortalized in Art

The Trollface (or Troll Face) character has its origins in a comic created by Deviant Art user Whynne in 2008. The original comic was intended to express how pointless trolling on 4chan was. Since its creation, the Trollface character has become an online meme, popping up in thousands of rage comics and fan art works. Mona Lisa Troll Face Leonardo da Vinci's famous painting, the Mona Lisa, is a popular subject for character hybrids and parody art. In the picture below, the Mona Lisa gets tr...
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Mayhem and Muse: Artistic Inspiration and Funny Videos

Catherine South is proud to present Mayhem and Muse, Art-Sci's sister site. Mayhem and Muse offers popular internet media as well as the work of lesser-known artists, performers and creators. Be Inspired with Mayhem and Muse Mayhem and Muse offers a wide variety of inspirational posts; videos based on human talent, courage and achievement, and art, illustration and paintings that showcase the work of both famous and emerging artists. On the site, artists and designers can find inspiration for c...
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Ernst Haeckel Draws a Psychedelic World

Ernst Haeckel was a 19th century artist, philosopher and professor who had a deep interest in the natural world. His beautifully detailed illustrations of sea creatures, insects, plants and animals have survived over a century of change and are still hailed as among the best nature illustrations that exist to this day. Photography vs Psychedelic Illustrations The art of photography has existed for centuries, though not as we know it today. As early as the 4th and 5th centuries BC, Chinese a...
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Banksy Tattoos Combine Graffiti with Body Art

Banksy is a British artist who is infamous for his striking graffiti artworks. His graffiti often has a deeper meaning, expressing Banksy's socio-political views in a powerfully public medium; street art. Banksy graffiti has become so popular that it is now a popular subject in tattoo designs. Banksy's Girl with Butterflies Tattoo One of Banksy's most popular graffiti art works is the image of a young girl in a dress holding a gun to her head. A swarm of butterflies is scattered across the desig...
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Bling gone Mad: The World's Weirdest Jewelry

Fine jewelry is made from precious metals and stones and is worn as a way to show off a person's beauty and status. Costume jewelry can be made from a variety of materials such as paste, plastic, glass and non-precious metals. Over the past few decades, jewelry designers have been expanding their horizons by creating jewelry pieces that use bizarre and creepy materials. Bling that Bites: Human Teeth Jewelry Ever wondered what the tooth fairy does with all those teeth? Polly van der Glas creates ...
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Beautiful Butterfly Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Butterflies are delicate flying insects with colorful wings. The insect undergoes a process called metamorphosis, in which the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. This process of change has popularized the butterfly as a symbol in art, signifying transformation, rebirth and a lifting of the heart. The Meaning of Butterfly Tattoos Butterflies are often used as a visual symbol to mark a major change in a person's life. Because of the metamorphosis process, butterflies symbolize the strug...
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Fantastically Funny Photoshop Image Manipulations

Digital art programs like Photoshop can be used as a tool to create art in dozens of different styles. One of the art styles that Photoshop is most famous for is image manipulation. This is when a Photoshop artist takes one or more photographs and edits them in Photoshop to create a new image. A Photoshop Perspective Creating funny Photoshop images isn't as easy as it looks. Photoshop artists need to be familiar with the program, have artistic talent and skill and have a keen eye for detail...
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The Best Photorealistic Drawings

Photorealism is an art form in which artists create drawings or paintings that look like photos. However photorealistic a drawing may be; the artist's personality will leak into the art work, giving the finished result a unique essence of its own. Fantastic Photorealistic Drawings Truly fantastic photo realistic drawings use a combination of perspective, proportion and lighting to create a realistic effect. If any of these design elements are not adhered to, the finished work will not wit...
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Paintings of Tattoos Reveal Life beneath the Art

Shawn Barber is a tattoo artist at Memoir Tattoos in Los Angeles, California. This American artist has taken the world of body art to a new level, documenting contemporary tattoo culture in his tattoo portraits. Combining Fine Art and Tattoo Designs Barber's work is a combination of styles and ideas. He incorporates realistic proportions and colors to convey the humanity of his subject, while creating a feeling of contrast by finishing the painting with loose, flowing brushstrokes and dripping p...
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The Symbolism and Styles of Dragon Tattoos

Dragons are mythological creatures that appear in legends, fairy tales and modern fantasy stories. They are often depicted as having a lizard's torso, head and limbs, with bat wings to allow them to fly. Some types of dragon have been described as being snake-like, wingless or having multiple heads. Dragons are a popular tattoo design because this versatile creature can be worn anywhere on the body and can be inked into the skin in a variety of sizes and styles. The Symbolism of Dragon Tatt...
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