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Using a Soft, Skirt-Wearing Robot to Detect Water Leaks Before They Spread

 Cracks in water pipes start off extremely small, and are thus impossible to detect over many miles of pipes. Over time water does its thing, steadily widening the crack until catastrophe ensues and you have a water main break. If the crack could have been detected when it was still miniscule, it would have been easy, quick and cheap to repair. Cleaning up after a water main break, however, is a messy, prolonged and expensive affair.Robotics engineer Dr. You Wu spent six years creating something...
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DIY Bar Clamps, of Any Length You Choose

You can never have too many clamps, as the saying goes, and those of you who do a lot of glue-up work undoubtedly have some Bessey K-Body clamps, Jet clamps or pipe clamps lying around your shop. And there's no substitute for a good metal clamp. But let's say you're in a pinch--maybe you're at a secondary shop or in a remote location--and you can't get your hands on your real clamps. What to do?The Japanese woodworker behind the Self-Build YouTube channel came up with this DIY idea, which relies...
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Which Airports are Most Likely to Delay Your Thanksgiving Flights?

This week many of you will fly back home for Thanksgiving. In addition to the strain of pretending you're a big shot to local townies, you'll have to endure the horrors of traveling at the worst time of the year. Will your flight be delayed? Probably. But just how bad the wait will be is largely dependent on what airport you're flying out of. To illustrate the difference, travel blog Asher & Lyric combed through air travel databases and compiled the following infographic: So if you're flying ...
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Design Job: Henkel Is Seeking an Intern to Join Their Packaging and Innovation Team

You will work as part of a dedicated Industrial Design team and collaborate with Packaging Engineering, Manufacturing, Formulation, Technical Knowledge & Observations and Consumer Insights to research, explore, design and develop new and View the full design job here
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The Hen House shows how to downsize your space and your energy bill

"This is a house that sits lightly in its landscape, with minimal running costs and maximum delight."
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A modern, solar-powered home breathes new life into the Dutch countryside

In the Twente countryside of Rijssen, the Netherlands, Dutch practice Reitsema & partners architects and landscape architecture firm Eelerwoude recently completed a new solar-powered dwelling that — despite its contemporary design — looks surprisingly at home with its bucolic surroundings. Taking inspiration from the rural vernacular, the designers styled the three-building project after farmhouse architecture with a modern twist. Dubbed Erve BE and powered by solar energy, the energy-efficient...
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Give Me This Adorable Case That Turns My Apple Watch Back Into an iPod

Of all the things you do with your iOS devices, listening to music is probably still one of the most common reasons you reach for them. The iPod isn’t dead; it just got lost in a sea of other features. But you could make it the star of the show again with this tiny case that (sort of) transforms your Apple Watch back…Read more...
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5 PowerPoint Shortcuts Every Presenter Should Know

We all know there’s no easy button for becoming a successful public speaker. It takes hard work, lots of practice, and a unique blend of science and artistry. That’s why it’s all the more heartbreaking when you see a good presenter get derailed by their technology. There’s nothing more embarrassing than having to apologize for your missed cues and misfires. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Presentation technology can be a blessing, rather than a curse, as long as you know how to use it to you...
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nat-2 creates a completely vegan sneaker made from coffee

Vegan sneakers? You bet! Most people know that the fashion industry is notorious for contributing to global waste, heavy water consumption and high electrical usage. The shoe industry is no exception with the traditional petroleum-based synthetic soles and a reliance on harsh chemicals. One company, nat-2, has taken a stand against this rampant pollution with its new coffee sneakers, made from — you guessed it — recycled coffee. The unisex design incorporates natural materials from the top to t...
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Why the Transportation Energy Intensity of buildings matters

Alex Wilson and Paula Melton of BuildingGreen dust off their earlier work.
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Magnificent Hand Lettering by Emilee Rudd

Magnificent Hand Lettering by Emilee Rudd GisMullr Nov 20, 2018 I'm slightly obsessed with hand lettering. I simply love when I stumble upon any branding, print, signage, mural, etc. showcasing a beautiful lettering work. The talent involved in creating beautiful things using only your free hand, creativity and skills never ceases to impress me. From packages on a supermarket shelf to restaurant chalkboard menus or street signs, I'm always delighted to...
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Experimental office space uses biophilic design to create a 'living lab'

Humanity's innate love for nature is integrated into this design for a biologically attuned and meditative workspace in London.
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Word of Mouth: Bucktown + Wicker Park

Places to eat, shop and stay just northwest of downtown Chicago Northwest of downtown Chicago, Bucktown and Wicker Park have been undergoing a fantastic revitalization. A former warehouse area turned artist haven, there is now more to do than ever before. Wander above the city in an elevated train track turned green space, eat at one of the many beloved burger joints (without trauma-inducing lines), …
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A Speaker That’s Full of Visual Suspense

The sculpture-like form of this alluring Bluetooth speaker is what sets it apart from the sea of devices within this product sector. The translucent housing conceals the inner-workings beautifully, adding an element of suspense to the striking design. The visual interested is then taken a step further by the spherical base that it appears to rest upon, creating a surreal spectacle while remaining unobtrusive.Housed within the striking exterior are separate subwoofers and tweeter drivers, these e...
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The World’s Smartest Wallet can be Summoned by Voice!

Every decade, the world experiences a breakthrough product that revolutionizes the entire world. In the 2000s, it was the iPod, in 2010s it was the smartphone, and people believe that the next breakthrough product came a little early, with the smart-speaker in 2014. However, if we’re to look at that timeline of innovation moving from a decade-to-decade system to just every four years, we’re due for our next innovation in 2018, right?2018 is the year the wallet turned smart. With payments going...
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Marijuana Swimming Shorts

High Times and Japanese brand Wacko Maria collaborated on a capsule collection that boldly celebrates cannabis culture. From it, these swim shorts are anything but subtle—emblazoned with the magazine’s various logos and marijuana leaves. With an elasticized drawstring waistband and plenty of pocket room, they’re a classic shape and fit, with a not-so-classic all-over print.
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The Future of Farming Looks Incredible!

The rapidly growing demand for fresh produce will lead to farming requiring a dramatic change in logistics if it’s going to be able to cater to the ever-increasing population. The Valtra Vertical Farming Tractor has been designed with both logistics and the rather incredible vertical farming firmly in mind.The tractor is just part of a full eco-system that features a savvy drone logistic system and belt driven hydroponic system! The second of the two aforementioned elements is where the crops ...
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Wishing On A Star For A BIG Black Friday Sale

Four Days Only: Save 35% In Our Biggest Sale Of The Year When you wish upon a star Makes no difference who you are Anything your heart desires Will come to you We can’t confirm you’ll get “anything,” Pinocchio, but if you’ve been wishing for a sale so you can stock up on your fave laser cut products, then WISH GRANTED! The post Wishing On A Star For A BIG Black Friday Sale appeared first on Ponoko.
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Daily Design Inspiration

Daily Design Inspiration AoiroStudio Nov 20, 2018 The unfamous Daily Design Inspiration series that started it all on Abduzeedo. Where you'll find the most interesting designs/artworks/concepts curated by one of us to utterly inspire your day. Besides that, it's an opportunity to feature work from other designers, artists, and creators in general that we haven't had the chance to write or featured. For this Daily we are selecting in graphic design, bra...
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Shigeru Ban Architects are designing a 420-acre...

Shigeru Ban Architects are designing a 420-acre campus for Kentucky Owl bourbon in Bardstown, Kentucky. It includes everything from a vintage dinner train to fishing, swimming, an art gallery, convention center, and an “owl forest.” (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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5 Steps to Crazy Effective Email List Building

This article was contributed by David from CollectiveRay.  Creating a healthy email list is one of the best things you can do for your business. With a direct-line to a customer’s inbox, you have awesome power at the tips of your fingers. Only one channel is more effective than email, organic search. But even though 72% of Americans prefer email to other forms of communication, 69% will not respond to an email from a brand they do not trust. Buying email lists, or harvesting email addresses and ...
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The Echo Auto brings the power of Alexa into your car!

The Echo Auto was announced just a few months ago at Amazon’s hardware event, along with a whole line-up of other devices (like the Alexa Microwave, the Echo Sub, and loads more) and is all set to make its way into automobiles across the world. What does it do? Gives you the power of Alexa in your car. Over the past few years, Alexa has become pretty indispensable. Most homes today have an Echo or an Echo Dot device in their homes that they talk to, summoning music from their favorite streaming ...
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The Makerphone: From Consumer Electronics to Creator Electronics!

The phone has gotten sufficiently advanced enough for us to know practically nothing about how it functions. In the olden days, if a toaster or radio broke, we opened it up, tinkered with it, fixed it, and put it back together. We still do that with cars today… but the smartphone, the smartphone has too many functions, too advanced technologies, and relies on a multitude of parts to function. Albert Gajšak wants that to change.With the Right To Repair finally kicking off, and consumers finally...
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Long Lodge is an elegant and sustainable mass timber retreat proposal in the woods

Mass timber construction is growing more popular thanks to efforts like the 2018 Maine Mass Timber Competition, which has prompted elegant and sustainable wood-based designs such as “Long Lodge,” a design concept that won a 2018 Honor Award. Proposed for a specific north-facing property along the Appalachian Trail, the building consists of two wings — one for living and the other for sleeping — joined by a central void that frames views of the “Caribou Pond Trail” that connects to the main trai...
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One Simple Design Tweak That Would Actually Fix Twitter

On Monday, The Verge reported that Twitter “redesigned” its iOS app to put less emphasis on follower counts, a move in line with CEO Jack Dorsey’s recent comment that the platform has wrongly pushed users to “increase that number.”Read more...
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Practice Makes Perfect: 3 Steps to Practicing Your Presentation

Everyone knows the age-old mantra that “practice makes perfect,” but given my experience as a high school tennis coach, I believe this statement is not always the most accurate. Instead, I think a more realistic statement is “practice makes permanent.” You can practice over and over again, but if you are not practicing the right way, you can end up emphasizing bad habits and creating difficult patterns to break. Practicing using the wrong form can be even more detrimental than not practicing at ...
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Effective and Efficient Hydration with Liquid I.V.

Osmotic science allows for optimum hydration Whether it’s after a long flight, workout, or big night, our bodies oftentimes need hydration. By enlisting the help of decades-old science led by the World Health Organization, Liquid I.V. hydrates (whether you’re active or sedentary) more effectively and efficiently than water alone. Their “hydration multiplier” comes in three flavors: açaí berry, lemon lime and—our favorite—passion fruit. The non-GMO electrolyte drink …
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[Author: Kjell Varvin]
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Planters NUTmobile

Eye-catching vehicle designed to look like a giant peanut travels on roads and gives out free Planters nuts. Planters NUTmobile – nuttiest peanut on wheels. On Tour with MrPeanut. Also check out: Hot Dog Bus
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Critic’s Notebook: A 21st-Century Renaissance for Ford Foundation Landmark

The building, a prescient example of civic architecture, sees the light after a two-year makeover.
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