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JBL’s L100 revives a true classic!

Originally debuted in the 70s, the classic, cuboidal, candybar-patterned L100 is still considered one of JBL’s most popular speakers. For the time, it was quite different, and featured a highly tactile 3D foam front-face with a candybar texture in the company’s signature orange hue.Now, 38 years later, JBL decided its most popular speaker needed a modern revamp. Keeping the exterior looking just the way you’d expect, the L100 Classic pays homage to the L100 visually, but is a completely advanc...
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Reader Submitted: E-Blister Clock: "Simply Time, Nothing Else"

KIBARDIN DESIGN presents E-Blister Clock, a digital wall/desk E-ink Paper Clock in a transparent blister case. View the full project here
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A Look at Design School Dorms, Part 2: SCAD's Ultra-Modern Hive Complex

If you're a first-year student at RISD, you've got a variety of traditional-style dorm options. But the bulk of first-year students at the Savannah College of Art and Design are sited at the Hive, a co-ed, ultra-modern complex of four-person suites that feature a fit-and-finish more in line with a boutique hotel than a college dorm. The Hive consists of eight identical four-story buildings with bee-themed names: Apiary, Bumble, Colony, Dance, Everest, Flower, Garden and Honey. (Co...
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Matter Design Megaphones for the New York...

Matter Design Megaphones for the New York Philharmonic. 20 custom robotically printed megaphones focus acoustic energy into hyper-directional streams. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Inflorescence, a polished stainless steel...

Inflorescence, a polished stainless steel sculpture for the Sciences Building at the University of Alaska Anchorage, uses sensors inside the building to adjust the color of the sculpture based upon level of activity in the building. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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"For Detroit" is an interactive art...

"For Detroit" is an interactive art installation and interior experience by Red Paper Heart for The Open House, Ford Motor's announcement to renewed its commitment to the city of Detroit with the purchase and future renovation of Michigan Central Station. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Flood frequency of the Amazon River has increased fivefold

New data suggest that flooding in the Amazon River has dramatically increased by as much as five times in both intensity and frequency in the last 100 years. Scientists analyzed data points from the past century and believe the increase in flooding is linked to global warming. Scientists have measured the river’s water levels for 113 years at the Port of Manaus in Brazil. Over time, they found that large flooding events and extreme droughts have gone up over the past 20 to 30 years. In the earl...
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Mobile Telephone

Telephone Booth on wheels created by French artist Benedetto Bufalino. Mobile Telephone: Who needs a car when you can drive your phone?  Also check out: Phone Booth Aquariums
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Mars candy company plans to fix the "broken" cocoa supply chain

Some big changes are ahead for Mars Wrigley Confectionery. The company, which produces some of the most popular treats in America, is revamping its cocoa supply to help combat poverty, child labor and deforestation. Mars hopes its new strategy will be fully in place by the year 2025 and fix what it referred to as the “broken” cocoa industry. “The cocoa supply chain as it works today is broken,” said John Ament, the vice president of the company, in an interview with Reuters. Related: Colombia t...
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Architecture 2030 goes after embodied carbon and this is a very big deal

Embodied carbon is responsible for 11% of global GHG emissions and 28% of global building sector emissions.
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The French Press’s funky cousin

Take the classic French Press and replace the glass cylinder and piston with a silicone bellow and you’ve got yourself the Palmpress. Designed to be easy-to-clean, compact, unbreakable, and a whole lot of fun to use, the Palmpress delivers French-press-style coffee using a silicone bellow to create a downward pressure on the coffee concoction. The Palmpress comes relatively the size of a hockey puck, and opens up into a vessel, thanks to the silicone midsection. Make it stand on its base and p...
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Charming home uses local, natural materials to pay homage to a chestnut tree

Young Czech architecture firm Valarch Studio has completed a modest yet elegant family house built largely of timber to reference the property’s old chestnut tree in the garden. Named the Chestnut House, the home spans a compact footprint of just 840 square feet and comprises two sections: a larger living area and a smaller, green-roofed technical area united via a multifunctional vestibule. All building materials were locally sourced whenever possible with an emphasis on natural materials. W...
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Senate and Public Domain Pros Reach Compromise on Copyright Issues

Content companies (seeking stronger protections and arguably additional profit) and digital rights groups (vouching for access) haven’t been able to find common ground on copyright law for the past decade. Current law protects older songs—in some instances—for up to 140 years. Century-long protections for these songs, in the minds of many, is too long. And, currently a quilted-system of laws covers song copyright from state-to-state. …
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September Scotch: The Craigellachie Hotel’s Copper Dog

The story behind one iconic HIghland hotel's blended whisky To traverse the Speyside region, trekking within a portion of the Scotch whisky trail known for light and distilled liquid, means coming upon The Craigellachie Hotel. Within, one will find The Quaich (founded way back in 1893). It’s a bar that possesses one of the most exquisite collections of single malt Scotch whiskies in the world (with more than …
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Welton “Snoopy” Watch

The sunburst silver-tone dial and stainless steel case of the latest Timex Welton wristwatch make the perfect backdrop for a charming illustration of Snoopy. The beloved character’s arms—carrying a baseball and bat—double for watch hands. Between the vintage-looking leather strap, reasonable 40mm case size and bright numerals, it’s more than a nod to Peanuts nostalgia; it’s a well-designed but playful timepiece.
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Saltwater Coffee’s Flight of Flat Whites

A trio of espresso drinks spanning from classic to sultry to sweet “Everyone comes in and says, ‘oh, Australian coffee, it must be good,'” Sid Chitnis, co-owner of Saltwater Coffee in NYC’s East Village neighborhood explains. The bright cafe, complete with a smattering of white furniture and large glass windows, has been around a little over a year—and they’ve been producing delicious drinks all the while. “We have …
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A sustainable tiny cabin powers this holographic lighthouse of the future

Lighthouses are beloved around the world for their architectural beauty and historical significance. But in recent times, the number of operational lighthouses has sharply declined due to the advancement of electronic navigation technology. In a bid to raise awareness of these romantic maritime towers and promote preservation, French designer Nicolas Abdelkader of Paris-based Studio NAB has proposed Hololightkeeper, an experimental and sustainable project that combines traditional maritime desi...
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Cut in Half: Images of Everyday Objects Put Through a Waterjet Cutter in Book Form

You might remember back in 2016 when we all enjoyed a good oggle at the innards of everyday objects in the cutaway videos created by jet-cutter fanatic Mike Warren on his YouTube channel 'Cut in Half'.For anyone still checking in on Mike's tool and toy torturings over on YouTube, you might have noticed there hasn't been much object mutilation going on over the last year. The reason for this cease-slicing has now become apparent—it turns out Mike has been hard at work compiling a new collection o...
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How Parquet Floors are Made

Like many European palaces of the day, the Palace of Versailles originally had marble floors. But at some point in the 1680s, they began swapping the floors out with a funky new interior design element known as parquet. According to British flooring company Ecora, "These wood floors were used to replace grand marble or stone floors that were quarry cut and expensive to install and maintain and that also caused long term damage to joists and timber frames." While wooden floors existed at the time...
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How to Hack a Sketchbook to Store a Hidden iPad Mini

Industrial designer Eric Strebel has already filled the sketchbook he previously hacked, so it's time for a new one. This time around, he's got a different idea: To "build a special sketchbook that contains my iPad," he writes. "I have long wanted to be able to combine the analog of sketching and digital content world that we all live in into a convenient package." During the build, he reveals a nifty detail about the kinds of sketchbooks that soldiers carry, then shows sketch...
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Design Job: Tired of the Corporate Grind? Lifestyledesign is Seeking an Industrial Designer in CA

Do you want to work in a fun and energetic environment that is laid back and non-corporate? Lifestyledesign offers all this in one of the most beautiful places is the world. Exciting projects and great clients await you here at Lifestyledesign in sunny Santa Barbara, CA. View the full design job here
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Design School Dorms, Part 2: SCAD's Ultra-Modern Hive Complex

If you're a first-year student at RISD, you've got a variety of traditional-style dorm options. But the bulk of first-year students at the Savannah College of Art and Design are sited at the Hive, a co-ed, ultra-modern complex of four-person suites that feature a fit-and-finish more in line with a boutique hotel than a college dorm. The Hive consists of eight identical four-story buildings with bee-themed names: Apiary, Bumble, Colony, Dance, Everest, Flower, Garden and Honey. (Co...
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TickZapper's Claw Design Provides Pain-Free Tick Removal for Pets

The TickZapper® provides ‘No-Touch Tick Removal’ that’s quick, easy, and pain-free for your pet! There’s no need for batteries as TickZapper® is self-energizing and always ready. And, there’s no need for chemicals, making it very safe for your pet. Only one ounce, so easy to carry! 'Patent Pending' /US'View the full content here
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Ingenious micro-apartment renovation includes a 'disappearing kitchen' (Video)

Plenty of clever spatial overlaps and multifunctional pieces of transformer furniture in this renovation of a 376-square-foot apartment in Melbourne.
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[Author: Kjell Varvin]
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The polar maps by Bold Tuesday look at the...

The polar maps by Bold Tuesday look at the world from a whole new angle. The top and bottom. The north and south. The Arctic and Antarctic. The polar regions are the ultimate destinations, so get ready to explore the coolest places in the world. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Dahlia Sleeps: Storm

Dahlia Sleeps, a London-based four-piece band, shared the first single, “Storm,” off their Love, Lost EP set to be released later this year via Beatnik Creative. The single, anchored by lead singer Lucy Hill’s delicate vocals, sounds like poetry—echoing lines and heavy strings make this one last well beyond its closing notes. “I know I’m not your only one,” she calls, “but I want to be the one …
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The Lumzag is One Smart Carbon Fibre Bag

I can remember small details of conversations from years ago, but when it comes to remembering where my keys, wallet, phone, and other little items are… forget it! In fact, I’m currently surviving off withdrawn cash because my cardholder disappeared into thin air (or more likely, I left it somewhere) about a week ago. If you’re like me, you too could use a Lumzag bag in your life!The design’s standout feature is a smart system that lets you know when any one of your everyday items isn’t in pla...
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A stunning solar-powered pavilion is planned for pasta company Barilla

London-based firm Open Architecture Systems has just unveiled designs for a gorgeous solar-powered pavilion for the Italian food company Barilla. Slated to be built adjacent to the company’s headquarters in Parma, Italy, the plans show a contemporary building with an undulating roof rising out of the surrounding landscape. According to the architects, the inspiration for the design originated with the company’s key values of tradition, family and community. Although the concept is based on the...
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Taking back the streets: How Park(ing) Day became Park(ing) Year

Not too many people are squatting in parking spaces today. It is the story of one of the great successes in tactical urbanism.
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