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Clever Medical Design: ZipStitch, a DIY Non-Invasive Substitute for Stitches Based on Zip-Ties

I once got stabbed in the head with a wooden knife, during a martial arts class. To close the wound, I had to go to the ER to get stitches in my forehead. It was both gruesome and expensive. The doc couldn't do much but stitch the wound shut, so if there was some DIY way to close the wound, I'd have done that instead and saved myself the bill.Well, now there is a DIY way to keep wounds shut, and it's scalable to the length of the wound. ZipStitch is a clever invention that requires no expertise ...
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Will the kitchen get Ubered out of existence?

Uber founder Travis Kalanick's new company runs "CloudKitchens" for cooks without restaurants. This will be big.
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Topas ecolodge aims to be a model of sustainability

From conception, the goal of the Topas Ecolodge in Vietnam has been to encapsulate sustainable practices at every turn. They also carry a heavy burden of social responsibility by focusing on providing local jobs and sourcing materials from the surrounding areas whenever possible. Nestled into a mountainous region in North Vietnam, they aim to assist the five local hill-tribes that remain largely untouched by the modern world. The vast majority of the 100 employees live in surrounding villages o...
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Design Job: A Tasty Job Offer: Trader Joe's is Seeking a Packaging Designer in Boston, MA

Packaging Graphic Designer Location: #1 - 160 Federal St. 12th Floor, Boston, Massachusetts 02110 Career Level: Mid-Level Pay Range: $60,000+ annually depending on qualifications and experience Education: Bachelor's Degree Who are we? Trader Joe's is your favorite View the full design job here
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The Parting of the Furniture

So it’s come to this: BILLY is joining the gig economy, and he’ll hold your books and whatever else you see fit until you upgrade to KALLAX or HEMNES, or you finally bring yourself to KonMari all your worldly possessions away.IKEA recently announced that it is looking to launch a subscription model, in which customers effectively “lease” furniture and trade it back via credit system; depending on the condition, the Swedish behemoth will either refurbish or recycle the used items. Initially limit...
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Auto Safety Feature of the Near Future: Airbags on the Outside of Cars

In World War II, tank crews would cover their vehicles in sandbags, logs and even concrete. None of these add-ons would completely stop or deflect an incoming shell, but the idea was that the more material you have to soak up an impact, the less the explosive force would penetrate into the cabin. This principle would also be useful, if impractical, during collisions between civilian cars. And a German auto supplier called ZF Friedrichshafen AG believes they've found a way to make it p...
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6 places to find the best recycled building materials

If construction is in your future — either with a new home build or a remodel — using recycled building materials for the project is definitely the way to go. Not only is using recycled materials good for the environment, but it is often much cheaper. Sometimes, you can even find recycled materials for free! To help you with your upcoming construction or DIY project, here is a list of some of the best places to find recycled items and materials. Pawn shops You can find some pretty amazing b...
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Shy Girls: Lay And Be Lonely

Shy Girls (aka Dan Vidmar) returns with a lighthearted, slightly melancholy tune from his forthcoming album Bird On The Wing—set for release 1 March on Keep Cool / RCA Records. The song is lyrically sparse and, despite its vulnerable subject matter, infectious. “But if there is something I could belong for / It would be tranquility / When I’m quiet there is a motion” Vidmar croons in the …
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Apple made the AirPods, Pitaka made them better!

The AirPods are pretty great the way they are, but ask any designer and they’ll say that they could be much more. Ask designer Tang Gan of Pitaka and he’ll straight up tell you that the AirPods should A. Wirelessly charge, B. Have a longer battery life, and C. Not be so difficult to find inside a backpack. Combine those three insights and you get yourself the AirPodPal, an attachment that augments the abilities of the AirPods… or as Tang says, “Makes your AirPods easier to carry, charge & find...
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This human-powered bakery can provide bread for 150 summer campers a day

London-based practice Studio Micat helped some very lucky campers learn how to make their own bread while at summer camp this year. But this wasn’t your everyday pat it and prick it situation — the designers helped the children design and build a human-powered bakery. The innovative Brawn & Bread contraption uses a stationary bicycle to process grain, knead dough and fuel a wood-fired oven. The “bread gym” can provide enough bread for up to 150 campers and staff members every day. While most s...
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Vale, Karl Lagerfeld

Our interview with the fashion icon still provides beautiful insight A true icon of fashion, Karl Lagerfeld, has passed away at 85 years old. Wildly influential, German-born Lagerfeld began his career in the industry after winning a design competition in 1955—a victory that allowed him to become Pierre Balmain’s assistant. During the ’60s he worked with Fendi and Chloe, but it was as creative director …
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House in ski country is built of CLT and is almost plastic-free

Great use of recycled and repurposed materials, too.
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SUPERFARM design envisions an urban vertical farm that is energy self-sufficient

French design practice Studio NAB has proposed a large-scale vertical farm as a sustainable solution to urban population growth in the face of dwindling arable land. Envisioned for urban centers, the conceptual vertical agriculture facility — dubbed the SUPERFARM — aims to produce high-yielding food with high nutrition values, including but not limited to various seaweeds, edible insects and fish raised in aquaponic systems. To minimize the SUPERFARM’s impact on the environment, the designers h...
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300,000 Possible Galaxies Discovered

With a bunch of numbers that are difficult to comprehend, a project helmed by an international team of astronomers has resulted in the discovery of some 300,000 “previously unseen light sources” that are believed to be distant galaxies. The new map of the night sky was revealed using the incredibly powerful Low Frequency Array (LOFAR) telescope, with many of the light sources sending radio signals for …
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YD JOB ALERT: Industrial Design Internship opportunity at Logitech!

Audio, Office, Gaming, Consumer Electronics, and Enterprise. These are just a few areas where Logitech has made an incredibly indelible mark. With its headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, and in the heart of the silicon valley, Palo Alto, California, Logitech remains one of the leading peripheral OEM manufacturers in the world, creating spectacular products with great user experiences. From Bluetooth speakers, to keyboards, gaming controllers, remotes, styluses, to even our favorite mouse, Log...
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90s Look is Coming Back - Graphic Design Collection

90s Look is Coming Back - Graphic Design Collection abduzeedoFeb 19, 2019 We have been posting a series of posts featuring graphic design and web design work that, in a way, brings back the 90s in terms of aesthetics and style. It’s hard to define that, it might vary from person to person. For me, while the 80s was all about neon, futuristic computer-generated images with chrome, unicorns running across a digital grid, and of course the RGB colors. The 90s is...
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Meet the all-natural face cleanser that will change your mornings

Most people wouldn’t mind starting the day with a bowl of warm, sweet oatmeal. So imagine taking that level of comfort and adding it to your skincare routine. This is exactly the kind of experience you get with Speak’s cleansing powder, a simple powder that comes packaged in an adorable glass jar. The best part of “01 Cleansing Powder” is the main ingredient, organic oats. After testing the cleanser for a few weeks, this product has become one of our favorite ways to start our day. Speak’s clea...
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Freitag moves beyond vinyl truck tarps

They add a new material made from recycled PET bottles.
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ENSEMBLE mirrors your need for crisp ironed shirts

To be honest, not only shirts, but all your laundry can be ironed with easy on the ENSEMBLE. Given the space crunch in most homes, it’s not easy to hide an ironing board, so most of us find innovative ways of masking them as contemporary furniture. (I use mine as a sideboard!) The designers of ENSEMBLE have an innovative solution – a mirror ironing board. On one side you have a full-length mirror and on the flipside you have an ironing board that is very modern and equipped with the latest tech....
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A Minimalist’s Guide to Visual Content Marketing (Even If You’re Not a Designer)

What if I told you there’s a passageway directly into the brains of your readers — and it doesn’t involve... Continue Reading The post A Minimalist’s Guide to Visual Content Marketing (Even If You’re Not a Designer) appeared first on Copyblogger.
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Kohler Mode makes showering more intuitive and relaxing

Have you ever been in a situation where you have turned on the cold water instead of the hot water, for your shower? It typically happens to me at hotels or when I go stay with my parents. Modern bathrooms can come with super-complicated fittings, because manufacturers want to pack in as many features as possible. I remember there was a time when jet-showers were a rage, so along with the main shower, came the super jets on the two side panels. They promised to give you a spa massage experience,...
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Word of Mouth: Mexican Food in Los Angeles 

Tradition, family values, memories and experimentation collide for some of the most exciting dishes To learn about the complexities of Mexican cuisine, starting anywhere in Mexico will—of course—lead to incredible discoveries of distinct dishes and the equally remarkable people making them. Regional cooking in Mexico is as diverse as the beautiful ingredients from seafood in Baja to moles in Oaxaca. With the large Mexican and …
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Death Wins a Goldfish

Equal parts sweet, odd and funny, Death Wins a Goldfish: Reflections from a Grim Reaper’s Yearlong Sabbatical follows the new experiences (from skydiving to online dating, camping solo, karaoke and painting) that Death tries out during its vacation. With charming illustrations by author Brian Rea, the book serves as an endearing reminder for readers to take time off work and always endeavor to stay adventurous. 
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Mercedes-Benz EQ Fellows: Tamara Warren

Translating experience as an industry insider and consumer into it to an app for all to use A journalist who has written for The New York Times, The Verge, Rolling Stone and more, Tamara Warren is also a former jurist and US director for the World Car of the Year awards. Having an in-depth understanding of the industry from an insider and consumer standpoint, Warren recognized …
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Move Airline Seat Concept for Airbus designed...

Move Airline Seat Concept for Airbus designed by Layer Design. A dreamy futuristic air travel concept with so many lovely details, from the materials, to the back of seat table design, to the colors and more... (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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How to Be a Leader, Not a Boss: 5 Secrets

This article was contributed by Lauren Adley. Being a boss and being a leader are two different things and they must be understood. Many people think that they are leaders just because they have been put in charge of a task or an assignment but in reality, they are just bosses. Differences between a Boss and a Leader One major difference between a boss and a leader is that while a boss will want his own ideas to be heard and followed at all times, a leader derives pride in seeing that his foll...
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Motion Design: True Detective 3 Opening Title

Motion Design: True Detective 3 Opening Title AoiroStudioFeb 19, 2019 We are featuring a collaborative work from Mill+ and Antibody with Nic Pizzolato to create the opening title sequence for the long-awaited third season of HBO's ‘True Detective’. I can imagine how exciting it must be to create a motion design sequence for such a popular series. Director - Patrick Clair & Creative Director - Raoul Marks gave them great initial style frames and direction of m...
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Boba without the plastic straws? LAist looks at...

Boba without the plastic straws? LAist looks at how local shops are adapting with corn based straws, paper straws, metal straws (with pipe cleaners) and even custom made boracylicate (Pyrex) glass straws! (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Good Ship IKEA by Mother London is a life sized...

Good Ship IKEA by Mother London is a life sized version of the IKEA SMÅKRYP bath boat that can clean up 20kgs of trash from the waterways! The public is currently invited to remote control them in Deptford Creek, east London. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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LA Artists + Galleries Represent Their City at Frieze Los Angeles 2019

Several international fairs in the City of Angeles saw strong local work For the first time ever, Los Angeles hosted the Frieze art fair, set against the Paramount Pictures Studios backlot. Simultaneously, various homegrown art events—Hollywood Roosevelt’s Felix, the Art Los Angeles Contemporary (ALAC) and the indoor-outdoor Spring/Break—were being held. And, while each fair featured impressive (and very colorful) works from around the world, each also celebrated Californian …
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