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Former FEMA boss says border situation is not an emergency

WASHINGTON (AP) — The former head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency said Thursday that what’s happening on the U.S. southern border is no emergency. Craig Fugate, who ran the national disaster agency for nearly eight years under President Barack Obama and was head of Florida’s disaster agency under a Republican governor, said the push […]
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Surge, wind, rain, floods: Hurricane Florence could hit hard

By JONATHAN DREW The Associated Press RALEIGH, N.C. — Hurricane Florence churned Tuesday toward the Eastern Seaboard as a storm of “staggering” size, forcing a million people to evacuate the coast. Many more were left to wonder where they might be safe if days of torrential rains unleash floods from the mountains to the sea. “This one really scares me,” National Hurricane Center Director Ken Graham warned. Florence is so wide that a life-threatening storm surge was being pushed 300 miles ahead o...
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Ex-FEMA Chief Craig Fugate Is No Stranger To Disasters

Mary Louise Kelly talks to Craig Fugate, who was running the Federal Emergency Management Agency when Hurricane Sandy hit — among many other storms he's worked over the years. He talks about Irma.
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How hard is Irma hitting Miami? Cuban coffee 1 way to tell

MIAMI (AP) — To gauge Hurricane Irma’s impact on Miami, some won’t be watching just weather reports; they’ll be tracking Cuban coffee consumption. Cuban-style espresso, or cafecito, is a staple of daily life in Miami. Former Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator Craig Fugate says how fast Cuban coffee stands reopen — and how many customers […]
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How FEMA uses Waffle Houses in disasters

If a Waffle House is closed in a disaster, that's bad, said former FEMA administrator Craig Fugate.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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FEMA's Role In Responding To Disasters

David Greene talks with Craig Fugate, who ran FEMA under President Obama and oversaw the agency's response to Hurricane Sandy, about what the agency can and can't do for people affected by disasters.
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Harvey Official Death Toll Surpasses 30, More Fatalities Expected

HOUSTON (AP) — Now that the sun is finally shining and the murky, brown floodwaters are slowly receding in much of the Houston area, grim reality is setting in. Harvey is about to release its dead. In Texas, the official death toll surpassed 30 on Wednesday and was expected to climb as authorities investigated several other deaths to determine whether they were storm-related. Officials fear that the number of fatalities will climb sharply in coming days as neighbors, emergency workers and family...
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Full recovery from Harvey could take years

Former FEMA administrator Craig Fugate talks about what recovery from a flooding event of this size looks like.
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