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Do same-sex couples resolve conflicts in a healthier way?

A 12-year long study by the Gottman Institute examines the differences between how same-sex couples and different-sex couples resolve conflicts. Overall, the relationship satisfaction and quality were about the same across all couple types (gay, straight, lesbian). However, the study did find some differences in how same-sex and different-sex couples argue, including using humor to diffuse tense situations, not taking things so personally during an argument, and offering encouragement rather tha...
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How To Build An Effective Remote Team In 7 Steps

Establishing remote teams within your business can help you find top-tier talent from anywhere in the world, potentially cut costs, and offer an additional benefit to recruits who are considering joining your company. However, there is an art to successful remote work, so you’ll need to create the right conditions ... Click to continue reading
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#588 How Modsy Brought Consumer Interior Design Online

Listen to “#588 How Shanna Tellerman Brought Consumer Interior Design Online with Modsy” on Spreaker.         On this episode of The Small Business Radio Show… SEGMENT 1, starting at 0:00: In one of the biggest shifts in consumer behaviors we have ever seen, companies are rushing to bring traditional offline businesses like interior design online. Here to help is Shanna Tellerman, founder and CEO of Modsy, who has done exactly this many years ago. Additionally, she speaks on a range of topics ...
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June 2020 Leadership Development Carnival

Welcome to the June 2020 Leadership Development Carnival! We’re excited to share posts from leadership experts from around the globe on the topics of communication, development, engagement, motivation, productivity, team building, and more. Communication Marcia Reynolds of Covisioning Transformational Leadership provided How to Revive a Brain Attacked by Stress. Marcia shares: “ Brains shut down when attacked by stress. New ideas are resisted and decisions delayed. This post shares how lead...
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How to Have Successful Video Chats with Little Kids

Last week, I wrote a piece for parents on how to help their little kids get better at participating in video chats with loved ones (because they suck at it). But the thing is, the kids are only half the equation: There are things the person on the other end of the call—maybe that’s you!—could do to help the chats go…Read more...
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Six-month-olds recognize (and like) when they’re being imitated

Scientists speculate imitation helps develop social cognition in babies. A new study out of Lund University shows that six-month-olds look and smile more at imitating adults. Researchers hope the data will spur future studies to discover what role caregiver imitation plays in social cognition development. The human mind is one of evolution's marvels, and it's never more marvelous than in our youth. In our first few years of life, our brains create more than a million new neural connections per ...
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Learn a new language—super fast. Here’s how.

Canadian polyglot Steve Kaufmann says there is indeed a fast track to learning a new language. It involves doubling down on your listening and reading.By taking the focus off grammar rules that are difficult to understand and even more difficult to remember, you can instead develop habits by greater exposure to the language. Kaufmann likens the learning process to a hockey stick. In the beginning you make major progress as you climb the steep hill of the hockey stick, whereas the long shaft of t...
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#587 Sean Covey Reveals How the 7 Habits Can Help Guide You During These Times

Listen to “#587 Sean Covey Reveals How the 7 Habits Can Help Guide You During These Times” on Spreaker.         On this episode of The Small Business Radio Show… SEGMENT 1, starting at 0:00: This is a time of uncertainty for small business leaders that only comes around once every 100 years. Who better to talk to during this time then Sean Covey, an expert on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. SEGMENT 2, starting at 19:15: Too many small business owners want to stick their heads in the s...
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Subtle Signs of Unconscious Bias

When I talked to a gender-bias researcher at a prestigious U.S. university off the record, she informed me that I should not take my success for granted. Based on the researcher’s experience, being a short woman in Corporate America requires that I'm twice as smart, twice as competent and twice as hardworking as a tall white man. It's not like people readily believe that tall white men naturally make better leaders. But that's the thing about unconscious bias—it's an automatic at...
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How Businesses Can Help Employees Cope During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Four Simple Ways Your Business Can Help Employees Cope With business leaders focused on immediate problems – cash flow, the practicalities of remote or distanced working, when and how to re-open their workplaces. It’s easy to overlook the vital need to focus on long-term workforce wellbeing. The fast move to a very different way of […]
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Podcast 88: Will Myddelton on moving from an oral to a written culture

In this episode of the Cherryleaf Podcast, we talk to Will Myddelton, Product lead at Local Welcome, about how Local Welcome moved from an oral to a written culture. “An oral culture has huge... [[ For the full article, see]]
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Do religious men watch more pornography?

A new study at the University of Southern Alabama investigates the pornography viewing habits of religious, heterosexual men.Those expressing high degrees of scrupulosity feel more guilt and shame when watching porn.The researchers found no correlation with viewing frequency and religiosity, however. Pornhub is one of the most insightful data companies on the planet. Every year, the website releases a review that reveals the world's sexual temperament. In 2019, an interesting statistic emerged...
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Not All Interruptions are Created Equal

Interruptions. They are the adult version of a kid snatching a toy away from someone else. And yet it continues to happen. People steal conversational turns. All the time. Communication expert Deborah Tannen begins her chapter called Turn-Taking and Intercultural Discourse and Communication like this: “When people engage in conversation, they take turns speaking. This seems at first a self-evidently simple matter: one talks, then another talks, then another. But how do speakers know when their t...
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How to shut down coronavirus conspiracy theories

During times of high anxiety, not unlike the situation we find ourselves in now, there is a rise in conspiracism. Conspiracy theories provide comfort where there is uncertainty.As author Michael Shermer points out, history has shown that this way of thinking is sometimes warranted, but not in the case of coronavirus. One factor that has helped recent coronavirus conspiracy theories grow, he says, is the shrinking political middle and an increased polarization to the far left and far right."The f...
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Maintaining Social Interactions with Your Teammates

IN The Long-Distance Leader: Rules for Remarkable Remote Leadership, we included 19 Rules for remote leaders to follow. The first rule was the foundation for everything else: “Think about leadership first and location second.” The principles for successful leadership are the same, whether you are down the hall from your team, in the cubicle next to them, or they are working remotely. The practical application of leadership first, location second, is to adapt what has worked in the past to the n...
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How Different Generations Communicate (And What That Means For Your Business)

by Eric Schurke, VP Operations at VoiceNation As companies increasingly switch to telecommuting, workers are adapting in different ways. One of the most notable schisms in the way employees handle this change is generational: Millennials and Generation Z are more comfortable with text and video chat than their Generation X and baby boomer peers. While this generational gap in communication may be obvious to some, the facts are borne out in the data. Over 93% of millennials own smartphones, bols...
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Tales from the field: What I learned from Coldwell Banker’s leadership

An assistant manager at Coldwell Banker shares how her office adapted to the coronavirus throughout March and the important leadership lessons she's learned since then.
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Recruiter and Sourcer Relationship – A Love Story?

Recruiter and Sourcer Relationship – A Love Story? A few years ago, I worked in the biotech arena as a technical Sourcer.  Sourcing was relatively new corporately, and thus we made up many of our processes and procedures on the fly.  This “winging it” behavior included how and when I communicated with my Recruiter. We […]
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Scientist-B Vacancy Recruitment in DRDO by RAC 2020

Recruitment of Engineer/Scientist-B in DRDO by RAC 2020 Recruitment and Assessment Centre (RAC) of DRDO invites online applications on prescribed format from Graduate Engineers and Post Graduates in Science including students who have appeared in their final year examination through RAC website in 12 disciplines for recruitment to the Sarkari Naukri Vacancy posts of Scientist `B’ in... Please Click on the Title to Read Full Details. [Author: [email protected] (Manisha)]
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Scientist-B Vacancy Recruitment in DRDO and ADA by RAC 2020

Recruitment of Engineer/Scientist-B in DRDO and ADA by RAC 2020 Recruitment and Assessment Centre (RAC) of DRDO invites online applications on prescribed format from Graduate Engineers and Post Graduates in Science including students who have appeared in their final year examination through RAC website in 12 disciplines for recruitment to the 185 Sarkari Naukri Vacancy posts of... Please Click on the Title to Read Full Details. [Author: [email protected] (Manisha)]
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How to Prepare the Room for Your Speech or Presentation

The post How to Prepare the Room for Your Speech or Presentation appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. Think about the time invested in preparing a great speech: research, organization, practice, preparing a slide presentation, etc. Now, imagine neglecting the last preparation step by not allowing time to prepare the facility when you’ll give your speech. Your presentation is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. You blast into the room —with the audience already there— […] You just finished reading How...
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RINL Vizag Steel Management Trainee Recruitment by UGC-NET June-2020

Management Trainee  (HR/Marketing & Corporate Communication) vacancy recruitment in RINL Vizag Steel through UGC-NET June-2020 Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited (RINL), the Corporate entity of Visakhapatnam Steel Plant (VSP) is India’s first shore-based integrated Steel Plant built with state-of-the-art technology and is a prime producer of long steel products in the country invites online... Please Click on the Title to Read Full Details. [Author: [email protected] (Manisha)]
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How to tailor your messaging to the people who matter most

When it comes to your team, providing clear direction on how to communicate and who to reach out to is crucial to driving business forward now. Here's how to strengthen interactions with these four main contact groups.
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Why demonizing Trump supporters destroys democracy

When you have pre-conceived ideas about a group whose views oppose your own, you risk closing the door to meaningful discourse before it begins."When you demonize those who voted against you then there's no chance of a democratic debate," argues Yanis Varoufakis, former finance minister of Greece and founder of DiEM25. "You've lost it completely. Then you go into a state of civil war."Varoufakis says that there are two ways of approaching a difference of opinion: external and internal critiques....
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Why Leaders Need To Manage The Emotional Side Of Setbacks

When it comes to managing setbacks, the typical approach focuses on discovering what went wrong to prevent a similar issue from arising. But what we often overlook is the emotional context of managing setbacks, something I explore through a personal example in this latest edition of Leadership Espresso Shot on ... Click to continue reading
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How to think effectively: Six stages of critical thinking

Researchers propose six levels of critical thinkers: Unreflective thinkers, Challenged thinkers, Beginning thinkers, Practicing thinkers, Advanced thinkers, and Master thinkers.The framework comes from educational psychologists Linda Elder and Richard Paul.Teaching critical thinking skills is a crucial challenge in our times. The coronavirus has not only decimated our populations, its spread has also attacked the very nature of truth and stoked inherent tensions between many different groups of...
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Free elearning course: communicating and leading during the lockdown

The Covid-19 lockdown is having a huge impact on people and organisations. With so many things that could be about to change, how should organisations respond to the communication challenges they... [[ For the full article, see]]
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It really is more difficult to learn a new language when you're older. Here's why...

We have two main memory systems that influence learning: declarative memory, which consists of facts that can be consciously recalled, and procedural memory, which consists of different "procedures" we learn that are more instinctual to recall.Young children are able to access their procedural memory systems without the distraction of a declarative memory system. That means they can pick up grammar and language faster. There are many ways you can make it easier to learn a second or third languag...
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This just in! Recently, I polled a community of a thousand people I am working with, asking them to rate 20 different ways they could be of support to their colleagues, peers, neighbors, families, and children during these crazy times of the Coronavirus. The highest rated of them all? Non-judgmental listening! An excellent choice. Sounds great, but in reality, is not as easy as it sounds. If you want some tips on HOW to be a non-judgmental listener, click the links below for some sage adv...
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How active listening can make you a great leader

Great leadership isn't just about knowing what to do and how to do it. There's also another important factor in the mix — practicing active listening.
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