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Boy Scouts of America files for bankruptcy amid new sex-abuse lawsuits

Scores of lawyers are seeking settlements on behalf of several thousand men who say they were molested as scouts decades agoThe Boy Scouts of America has filed for bankruptcy protection in the hope of working out a potentially mammoth victim compensation plan amid hundreds of sex-abuse lawsuits..The Chapter 11 filing in federal bankruptcy court in Wilmington, Delaware, on Tuesday sets in motion what could be one of the biggest, most complex bankruptcies ever seen. Scores of lawyers are seeking s...
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Three-year-old Australian girl in Syria's al-Hawl camp may lose fingers to frostbite

Doctor’s believe Amirah’s blackened fingers cannot be saved, as temperatures in squalid camp for family members of Isis fighters fall below zero A three-year-old Australian girl held in al-Hawl camp in Syria will likely lose her fingers to frostbite, unable to be properly treated during a brutal winter in the squalid camp.Amirah is one of 47 Australian children being detained in the sprawling detention camp for the family members of Islamic State fighters, as the north-east of Syria endures a bi...
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The Guardian view on Idlib: nowhere left to run | Editorial

Hundreds of thousands of civilians are fleeing a renewed assault by the Syrian regime, in desperate circumstances. Is anyone paying attention?After the torture and massacre of civilians, after the targeted attacks upon rescuers, doctors and schools, after the barrel bombs and chemical weapons, it should be hard to believe that there could be a new wave of misery for Syria unleashed by Bashar al-Assad and his Russian and Iranian backers. Yet here it is. The assault on Idlib, the last rebel-held e...
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Spotify’s Kids app is coming to the UK then all Premium Family subscribers

Spotify are bringing their specially made app for kids to all Family subscribers around the world starting in the UK. Spotify launched the beta of their new child-friendly streaming app in Ireland last November. The app offers a curated package of content from the millions of tracks and artists available to stream on Spotify that has been selected for the peace of mind of parents. The company are bringing the beta to the UK and further so that families with a Premium Family account can ...
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Fossil fuel pollution behind 4m premature deaths a year – study

Burning gas, coal and oil costs global economy $8bn a day and particularly harms children Air pollution from burning fossil fuels is responsible for more than 4m premature deaths around the world each year and costs the global economy about $8bn a day, according to a study.The report, from Greenpeace Southeast Asia and the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air, found that burning gas, coal and oil causes three times the number of deaths as road traffic accidents globally. Continue reading....
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'It felt like being kidnapped': the trauma of short stays in foster care

Every year, about 17,000 children are taken from their families only to be returned within days. The impact can be lifelongThis story is a collaborative project between The Marshall Project and Searchlight New MexicoThe children usually arrived in the dead of night, silent and terrified.For two years, Daniel Derkacs and Ashley Keiler-Green, foster parents in Albuquerque, New Mexico, regularly took in kids whose parents were suspected of abusing or neglecting them. Sometimes, as the couple scramb...
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Dad bod & dad brain: how a man's brain changes when he becomes a father

In the first days and weeks of fatherhood, a man's testosterone and cortisol levels decrease and oxytocin, estrogen, and prolactin levels surge, promoting an important bonding experience between a father and his newborn child.One of the most significant changes in a new father's brain is the new neurons that are formed that have been proved to be directly linked to the time spent with their newborn child.This neurogenesis (forming of new neurons in the brain) happens in the areas that are linked...
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Portantino introduces legislation in wake of 6-year-old’s drowning at Altadena camp

State Senator Anthony Portantino (D – La Cañada Flintridge) partnered with Pasadena parents Doug Forbes and Elena Matyas to introduce legislation on Monday, Feb. 10, which aims to provide more oversight of California summer camps. The Roxie Rules Act, otherwise known as SB 955, comes months after Forbes and Matyas’ daughter, Roxie, drowned at the Altadena-based Summerkids Camp in June. “California sadly trails well behind many other states in regulating recreational camps,” said a news release f...
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Black Youth Matter: Stopping the Cycle of Racial Inequality in Our Ranks

As we joined the rest of America in celebrating Black History Month and commemorating the legacy of the civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr., with tweets, infographics, and sharing famous quotes, racism and colorism continue to plague the Muslim community.   When we hear of a weekend course about the illustrious muadhin of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, Bilal Ibn Raba’ah, may Allah be pleased with him, or a whitewashed cartoon movie based loosely on his life, we flock to the l...
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‘We were abused every day.’ Decades on, children’s homes victims wait for justice

This week an all-party report will demand a reckoning for the epidemic of institutional child abuse in the 1970s and 1980sAs police admitted for the first time last week that there was an “epidemic” of institutional child sexual abuse in church institutions, children’s homes, borstals, schools and foster families in the 1970s and 80s, chief constable Simon Bailey, the national lead for child protection and abuse investigations, said: “We do not understand the true scale of it … untold damage has...
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"I spent a great deal of time as a child on a tiny, uninhabited island off the west coast of Scotland. The island had no roads, houses or electricity..."

"... just a storm-blown, windy wilderness of sea birds and heather. My family and I would be dropped off like castaways on the island by a local boatman for the summer holidays and picked up again weeks later. While we were staying on the island, we had no way of contacting the outside world. Because there wasn’t any electricity, the house was lit by candlelight.... In the evenings, my father told me and my siblings tales of the Vikings who invaded the island 1,200 years before, of the quarrelso...
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Hacker Forced to Pay Nintendo $250,000 May Also Be Jailed for Child Porn

A 21-year-old man from California is likely to be sentenced to three years in prison after investigations of his hacking activities uncovered child pornography. Ryan Hernandez, who also goes by the online handle of “RyanRocks”, was charged with multiple hacking incidents going as far back as 2016, when he used phishing techniques to obtain information […]
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Police uncovering 'epidemic of child abuse' in 1970s and 80s

PM told to say sorry for remark about ‘spaffing’ money up wall as 4,024 claims lead to guilty verdictsPolice say they are uncovering a hidden “epidemic” of paedophile abuse in the 1970s and 1980s, with thousands of allegations leading to convictions against people who abused their power to attack children.New figures seen by the Guardian show that 4,024 allegations led to guilty verdicts at court after police investigations since 2014 into decades-old child sex offences. Continue reading...
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YouTube to invest $100M in kids’ content that showcases character strengths, like compassion and curiosity

YouTube in September announced a $100 million fund to invest in new children’s video content, following its $170 million settlement with the FTC over children’s privacy law violations. The fund was meant to help soften the blow for children’s content creators on YouTube, who are being financially impacted by the changes the FTC required of their channels. Now we have the first bit of insight into what sort of content YouTube plans to back with the fund’s resources. According to a report by Bloom...
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How a new Sesame Street show is bringing Muppet magic to refugee camps

Three new Muppets, Basma, Jad, and Ma’zooza, will star in new show for the millions of children displaced across the Middle EastCooperation, kindness and the alphabet. For over 50 years, the characters of Sesame Street, from the Cookie Monster to Big Bird, have helped children from diverse backgrounds navigate the challenges of life as a small person in a big world.From the moment it launched, Sesame Street has unflinchingly dealt with difficult issues – and from this week they are bringing thei...
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Messenger Kids adds expanded parental controls, details how much kids’ data Facebook collects

Facebook’s messaging app for families with children, Messenger Kids, is being updated today with new tools and features to give parents more oversight and control over their kids’ chats. Now, parents will be able to see who a child is chatting with and how often, view recent photos and videos sent through chat, access the child’s reported and block list, remotely log out of the app on other devices, and download the child’s chats, images and videos, both sent and received. The company is also in...
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A Man Who Saves Children, Especially the Ones Trained to Kill

By: Innocent Eteng Every time David Sesay tells his story, he does so with details conveyed through sorrowful and cracking tones, as though it all happened yesterday when, in fact, it has been over 25 years. “At the time, I was just five when our town Kamakwie (in northern Sierra Leone), was invaded,” he said, recalling how he was forced to join the Revolutionary United Front (RUF), a rebel group that, for political reasons, began and sustained an 11-year civil war (1991-2002) with Sierra Leone...
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Blackpool council to fund children’s services by cutting up to 75 jobs

Council tax to rise by maximum 4% as local authority tries to address social care failingsBlackpool council has said it will invest an extra £14m in its beleaguered children’s services by axing up to 75 jobs and raising council taxes.Since 2012, the council has received several “inadequate” ratings from Ofsted. The most recent inspection raised concerns vulnerable children were being left at risk of “significant harm” including from sexual exploitation and going missing. Continue reading...
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Japanese Supreme Court: “3D CG is Child Porn!”

Japan’s Supreme Court has declared that 3D CG images based on nude photographs of children still qualify as child pornography, another case of intangible fiction being given rights as if it were a sentient being. When assessing an appeal made by artist Akashi Takahashi against a conviction he received in 2016 after releasing 3D CG […]
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How Students Can Change The World With STEM Education

What’s behind the rise of STEM education in schools? How is it shaping the workplace of tomorrow? STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. There was a push for greater emphasis on these fields in 2005. It happened after a report detailing the dire economic conditions that would be created if these subjects weren’t immediately included in schools across the country. Now, just 15 years later, how has this shift played out? The Problem With A Major Paradigm Shift While s...
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4 Lessons Children Can Learn About God from the Creation Story

For the past five years I have invited my friend Matthew Paul Turner to the farm’s front porch. Today, he’s sharing how we can teach our children about God through the creation story in honor of his gorgeous new book When God Made the World. Shiloh and I have enjoyed it multiple times since reading it. I’m captivated by the many layers Matthew brings to a story we all know well. It will bless your story times tremendously. Today is the last day to preorder When God Made the World and then get a...
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5 Ways Thinking Like a Child Can Change Your Life

In some ways, our society seems dedicated to eliminating childhood. We often tell kids to stop acting like a child and grow up. Even the word “childish” has a negative tone to it. At some point in all our lives, we stop being kids and start being adults. Eventually, we all put down our toys and stop playing so we can take on bigger responsibilities. But as we grow up, we might be letting go of a little more than we should. Kids see the world in ways that we lose as an adult. When you’re young, y...
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Nature-deficit disorder: What kids lose by not experiencing the outdoors enough

"Nature-deficit disorder" is the term coined by author Richard Louv, to help put a name to the ever-growing problems associated with children spending less time in nature. Research has provided evidence that prove Richard Louv's theories on the importance of nature to the human body and mind. This research proves a link between time spent in nature and improvements in areas such as motivation, problem-solving and self-esteem. There are many simple, actionable ways parents and educators of young ...
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LAPD disputes data suggesting 4,000 cases of child abuse were not investigated

A much-anticipated audit by the Los Angeles Police Department disputes data from a countywide electronic reporting system that indicated the agency neglected to investigate nearly 4,000 allegations of serious child abuse over an 18-month period. The report, presented this week to the L.A. Board of Police Commissioners, found that the department “appropriately handled” 99.7% of the cases that had been marked “no investigation” in the county’s eSCARS system that tracks reports of child abuse and n...
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Netflix Show Grotesquely Combines Children & Drag Queens

As per the corrupt agenda surrounding the deplorable individuals, Netflix show AJ and the Queen has predictably involved children in the grotesque sexual deviancy of drag queens. Co-created by drag queen RuPaul, AJ and the Queen has a 10-year-old accompanying a drag queen as a performer in gay clubs; the youth is referred to as […]
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How to Develop a Growth Mindset From an Early Age

You're reading How to Develop a Growth Mindset From an Early Age, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. One of the most important parental roles is to help your child develop a growth mindset at an early age. Knowing the techniques to employ and the right steps to take is all you need to ensure your child develops a powerful growth mindset early and fast. In this post, we will look i...
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Watchdog cracks down on tech firms that fail to protect children

Sites must assess content for sexual abuse and suicide risk or face fines of up to £17mTechnology companies will be required to assess their sites for sexual abuse risks, prevent self-harm and pro-suicide content, and block children from broadcasting their location, after the publication of new rules for “age-appropriate design” in the sector.The UK Information Commissioner’s Office, which was tasked with creating regulations to protect children online, will enforce the new rules from autumn 202...
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Pedophile Who Identifies as 8-Year-Old Claims Child Porn a “Constitutional Right”

Another absurd case has emerged regarding a man in possession of computer animated pornography being arrested, who claimed that he believes the content is protected under the First Amendment – however, it was also said he was in possession of actual child pornography. 45-year-old Joseph Gobrick was arrested for the child pornography found on his […]
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What young women think in 2020

Children’s charity Plan International UK and photographer Joyce Nicholls travelled across the UK talking to young women about the issues important to them in 2020: public safety, body image, social media and feminism. Their research found that girls are fed up and frustrated with the lack of real progress on gender equality. Continue reading...
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Are humans hardwired for monogamy?

Monogamy is natural, but adultery is, too, says biological anthropologist Helen Fisher.Even though humans are animals that form pair bonds, some humans have a predisposition for restlessness. This might come from the evolutionary development of a dual human reproductive strategy.This drive to fall in love and form a pair bond evolved for an ecological reason: to rear our children as a team.
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