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Hailo raises $60M Series B for its AI chips

Israeli AI chipmaker Hailo today announced that it has raised a $60 million Series B funding round led by its existing investors, who were joined by new strategic investor ABB Technology Ventures, the venture arm of the Swiss-based multination ABB, NEC Corporation and Londons’ Latitude Ventures. The new funding will help Hailo to roll out its Hailo-8 Deep Learning chip and to get into new markets and industries. “This immense vote of confidence from our new strategic and financial investors, ...
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AudioTelligence raises $8.5M Series A to bring its ‘autofocus for sound’ to voice assistants

AudioTelligence, a startup that spun out of University of Cambridge-funded CEDAR Audio, has raised $8.5 million in Series A funding for its “autofocus for sound”. Leading the round is Octopus Ventures, with participation from existing investors Cambridge Innovation Capital, Cambridge Enterprise, and CEDAR Audio. Founded in 2017 and based in Cambridge, U.K., the company has developed data-driven “blind audio signal” separation technology that is able to remove background noise, enabling the liste...
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Futuristic air-purifying masks combat air pollution with innovative fan system

In a world where air pollution causes an estimated 7 million deaths annually, the fashion and health worlds are colliding to bring us products that not only make us look good, but also keep us safe. Aō Air has recently unveiled its Atmōs face mask — a high-tech, futuristic mask that wraps comfortably around the face while purifying the air you breathe. Recently unveiled at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, the Atmōs face mask has been proven to provide up to 50 times better air quality than the top anti-p...
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Odor-free Sepura makes home composting easier than ever

If you’ve ever wanted to start composting at home but got put off by the hassle and the smell, the Sepura could be the sustainable solution you’ve been looking for. Unveiled for the first time at Las Vegas CES 2020, Sepura is an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional garbage disposal system that can be easily installed beneath almost any sink — eliminating the need for a tabletop composting container. Developed by Canadian startup Anvy Technologies as “the first sustainable food disposal sy...
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Smart-home tech for agents: Moen goes with the Flo

Brandon Doyle and Colton Pratt scoured the Consumer Electronics Show to uncover the best, most exciting products coming down the pike. This week, Moen's new line of smart bathroom and kitchen appliances.
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CES 2020 Highlights

Every year I come away from CES (Consumer Electronics Show) amazed at how influential technology has become in our lives.  It’s not just about clever gadgets, large screen TVs, concept cars, and shiny objects – it’s about the many ways our world is changing. The displays and talks reflected how everything from healthcare, the environment, and urbanization to retail, transportation, and travel are powered by technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Augmented Reality (as well as “Parallel...
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Ring slightly overhauls security and privacy, but it’s still not enough

Security camera maker Ring is updating its service to improve account security and give more control when it comes to privacy. Once again, this is yet another update that makes the overall experience slightly better but the Amazon-owned company is still not doing enough to protect its users. First, Ring is reversing its stance when it comes to two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication is now mandatory — you can’t even opt out. So the next time you login on your Ring account, you’ll re...
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Smart-home tech for agents: Kohler upgrades bathrooms and kitchens for the 21st century

In this week's "Smart-home tech," new technology enables homeowners to move seamlessly around their kitchens and bathrooms and have some fun. Check out Kohler's latest and greatest here.
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Make authentic Japanese matcha like the ancient masters with just one button!

Gone are the days when you just picked between tea and coffee; now it is about matcha, kombucha, spirulina, and activated charcoal drinks! Yes, everything in my previous sentence is real – it is enough to fluster anyone going to a cafe and trying to order healthy. My mother rightfully said “Why to pay for it outside when you can make it at home?” which brings me to another CES 2020 innovation award honoree – the matcha tea maker for home.This matcha maker is compact and sleek, making it perfec...
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Yes, We Are Still Talking About Booth Babes And, Yes, They Are Still Here to Stay

Whether you like it or not, booth babes are still very much a part of exhibitions. Despite the controversy, bans and threats you will almost definitely see a booth babe at the next trade show you attend. Promotional models spend their time posing for photos with delegates and gawkers alike. Questions have been raised as to whether or not using booth babes can improve the effectiveness of your exhibit. Let's, once again, take a deep dive into the world of booth babes. Promotional model agen...
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Brilliant makes your smart home more manageable

Controlling your smart home gadgets from your phone or by voice isn’t exactly a chore, but after setting up a bunch of smart lights, a Wi-Fi lock, thermostat and a few more smart devices, I came to miss the ability to control at least some of them with a physical switch. Add to that the simple fact that your visitors suddenly don’t have a clue how to turn off the lights and you may just want to go back to basic light switches. Thankfully, that’s something the industry has realized, too, and we’r...
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Pax Labs names a new CEO

Five and a half months after Bharat Vasan was removed as CEO, Pax Labs has finally announced a replacement. Michael Murphy will step into the leadership role, as both the CEO and President of the popular cannabis vaporizer company. Murphy is a finance guy, with experience as the CFO of Diamond Foods and Office Depot, along with a COO role at telecom company NextWave Wireless. Most recently, he served as Managing Director of management consultant firm, AlixPartners. Murphy’s predecessor wa...
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Calamus unveils worlds safest e-bike at CES 2020

India-based startup Calamus recently unveiled the Calamus One Ultrabike, an electric bicycle that they claim is “the world’s safest and most advanced” of its kind. Integrated with elements typically only seen on motor vehicles, the innovative e-bicycle combines safety features and high-end tech into a sleek and beautifully designed package. The Ultrabike was exhibited at the CES 2020 show and is available on Indiegogo for pre-order. Crafted to evoke continuity, the Ultrabike uses 6000 series ai...
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How Far Can the Refresh Rate Race Go?

After getting back from CES and having a chance to think about all the fancy new gadgets, there’s one question that keeps popping back into my head: How far is the push for displays with faster refresh rates really going to go?Read more...
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CES 2020: What is the Future Now?

CES, the Consumer Electronic Show, is more than just a trade industry convention for appliances, technology and inventors. For over 50 years, this is where the world meets to experience tomorrow today. CES is the showcase for the gimmicks, gadgets and game changers that we can expect to see influencing how brands seek to create iconic moves. Artificial Intelligence was the central theme of CES 2020. Connectivity of devices and databases has now been achieved through sensor and ‘edge’ computin...
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Good Vibrations Calculated to Ease Your Stress

There was no shortage of wearables showcased at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, but only one –– claims Apollo Neuroscience Inc. –– that uses finely tuned vibration frequencies to calm or energize you, or improve your recovery from stress. The young Pittsburgh firm, co-founded by the husband-and-wife team of Kathryn Fantauzzi and Dr. David Rabin, turned to nearby Bally Design to come up with the look and feel of a high-end wearable device on just a fraction of the budget often devoted to such matters by ...
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CES 2020: Q&A with Formula 1’s Matt Roberts

Director of Research & Analytics Matt Roberts discusses how Formula 1 uses data to drive strategic and commercial decisions around the sport. The post CES 2020: Q&A with Formula 1’s Matt Roberts appeared first on brandchannel:.
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This AI-enabled cooker preps meals, cooks and even cleans itself!

You could be a trained chef or a foodie trying to recreate a dish they had, we can all do better with an extra helping hand – especially in the kitchen! Say hello to CookingPal Julia, the smart all-in-one cooker that is going to be your new sous chef. Julia was unveiled at CES 2020 where she also won the Innovation Award in the home appliance category and we were all shook…or shall I say shaken and stirred?It will be impossible to mess up a recipe with this Smart All-in-One Cooker, it is a count...
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This self-cleaning, AI-enabled litter box auto-packs your cat’s waste for disposal!

At CES 2020, we saw just about every product evolve into a smarter version of itself. Let your imagination run wild with everyday items as you imagine each one of them transforms into part robots. One such product that stood out was this modular AI litter box by iKuddle that did a lot more than gather attention and was an Innovation Award Honoree at the world’s largest tech fest – let’s break it down, shall we?I am going to reveal the best feature first because it truly takes care of the most ...
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‘It’s Always Been a Dream’ for Kygo to Design His Own Headphones

LAS VEGAS--Speaking feet away from where Kygo held a cocktail reception at CES 2020 to celebrate his new product line, the Norwegian DJ took a moment to chat with Adweek about his new line of earbuds and headphones. After going through many pairs of headphones, Kygo, whose birth name is Kyrre G?rvell-Dahll, said he wanted...
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Imagine if the Google Home smart-speaker charged your phone, and had audio drivers from Devialet

The future is truly in multitasking. It isn’t enough that your wireless charger charges only one device. It needs to charge three at a time… and your wristwatch? It should tell you the time, indicate your health, and also let you send and receive calls. In a world where all our products are designed to multitask, it seems like the smart-speaker is capable of a lot more than playing audio from the web on command. Meet the Soundform Elite. It’s a smart-speaker enabled with Google Assistant (and it...
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CES 2020: Best of the Rest (MSI, FSP, Lian Li & ADATA)

Our last CES 2020 video! We check out MSI's Aegis Ti5 Gaming Desktop, FSP's T-Wings case, Lian Li's Uni Fans, and finally XPG's crazy Volta case! The post CES 2020: Best of the Rest (MSI, FSP, Lian Li & ADATA) appeared first on
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The Most Customizable Mad Catz Mouse Ever!

Mad Catz was in full force at CES 2020, showing us their most customizable mouse ever in their R.A.T. Pro X3 Supreme. We also got to check out their new flagship R.A.T. 8+ ADV and their new S.T.R.I.K.E. 13 gaming keyboard! The post The Most Customizable Mad Catz Mouse Ever! appeared first on
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Three Things We Learned About the Future of Driving At CES 2020

Due to the sheer scale of the annual Consumer Electronics Show (a.k.a. CES) , attempting to sniff out what the future will look like via the products on display can often be too murky to decipher. Where future trends are made most clear at this annual tech gathering are arguably in the automotive halls, particularly the cars on display.At CES 2020, editors and companies alike tried to answer questions like: When will we actually see fully autonomous vehicles on our roads? What is the future auto...
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Perso, an AI-Assisted Makeup Station by L’Oréal

Hyper-personalized lip, skin, and foundation suggestions that reduce packaging The benefits of using L’Oréal’s Perso station are two-fold. First, the seven-inch-tall device can customize lipstick, foundation and skincare treatments for specific wearers. Second, because it relies on three cartridges with seemingly endless final forms, it drastically reduces packaging and product waste. Traditionally, if one were to desire a specific shade of red lipstick, color-matching would …
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Baraja’s unique and ingenious take on lidar shines in a crowded industry

It seems like every company making lidar has a new and clever approach, but Baraja takes the cake. Its method is not only elegant and powerful, but fundamentally avoids many issues that nag other lidar technologies. But it’ll need more than smart tech to make headway in this complex and evolving industry. To understand how lidar works in general, consult my handy introduction to the topic. Essentially a laser emitted by a device skims across or otherwise very quickly illuminates the scene, and t...
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Checking out Phanteks Enthoo Pro II & More!

While at CES 2020 we had the chance to visit Phanteks. They showed us their new Enthoo Pro II, which is their high-end enthusiast-grade case made for high-end builds. It can fit the largest motherboards, can do a dual-system setup, has room inside for 15 fans, 10 hard drives, and uses Phanteks' new mesh on the front. The post Checking out Phanteks Enthoo Pro II & More! appeared first on
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The Case Mods and Builds of CES 2020

PC Modding has never been bigger and many companies actually commission modders to create builds for CES. It was awesome to see so many mods and incredible builds at CES this year. So without further ado here is our gallery for the mods and builds of CES 2020! The post The Case Mods and Builds of CES 2020 appeared first on
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Watch All of the Presentations from "Moving Forward: Conversations on Transportation Futures" at CES 2020

Each year at CES dozens of automotive OEMs put their bold visions of the future on display and allow you to touch and feel what always seems to be just about to be released. Electric vehicles, autonomous driving, smart cars, minimal and soothing interiors with entertainment and information systems that ignite the imagination. And while these dazzling displays of technology and style make you forget about your daily commute, evolving our current transportation ecosystem into a more harmonious fut...
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CES 2020: Are Smart Homes Undermining Our Sense of 'Home'?

The steady rise of the Smart Home, a sector projected to be worth £115.6 billion by 2024, has been fueled with the same consumer promise as the internet and social media: technology will give us a better quality of life and bring us closer to friends and family. But in reality, the current approach to Smart Homes, as seen at CES 2020, only risks adding to the disconnect that existing technology can already makes us feel, rather than remedying it.CES indicates we're still a far way off seeing tec...
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