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Video: Behind the scenes of the Astro Boy anime (1963)

Osamu Tezuka's iconic Astro Boy TV series premiered on New Year's Day, 1963. (First episode below.) By some accounts, the cartoon was watched at its most popular point by 40% of Japanese people with a TV. I love watching cartoonists draw familiar characters and the above behind-the-scenes footage from the Astro Boy production is a real delight. (via r/ObscureMedia)
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Listen: interview with Mad Magazine's Al Jaffee: 'the longest working cartoonist in history'

Brian from the Recommend if You Like podcast sez, "For episode 200 (MP3), we sat down for a 90 minute interview with Mad Magazine's Al Jaffee, who, at the age of 95 holds the title of 'the longest working cartoonist in history.'" (more…)
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Review: ArtPose

As an artist, I’ve often run into poses that are challenging to draw. And chances are, if you’re reading this post, you’ve had a similar experience. Oh sure, I’ve looked up poses on the Internet. I’ve also made my own references with my iPhone. But both methods are often cumbersome and impractical. And what about those ultra detailed, fully articulated figure models for artists? They are expensive and small. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an app that would allow artists to study and pose a v...
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Six Ways Thinking Like a Cartoonist Boosts Your Content Marketing

It’s no secret—I am a humor nerd. At 8, my first class presentation was on one of Hollywood’s first comic stuntmen, Harold Lloyd! As a marketer, storyteller and performing improviser, I love anything that makes me think and laugh. That’s why I love cartoons so much. We all do. If you’re human, anyway! You can say so much visually and with a simple caption and make people think, laugh and feel. And humorous content is some of the most shared content online. What I know from the improv and comedy...
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Fast on the Draw – Valentine’s Day Cartoon

This month’s Fast on the Draw is one for all the lovers out there. Enjoy this Valentine’s Day cartoon: The post Fast on the Draw – Valentine’s Day Cartoon appeared first on Andertoons Cartoon Blog.
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Fast on the Draw – Real Estate Cartoon

The new year is already off to a fast start, so I thought it was time for a new Fast on the Draw! Enjoy:
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Fast on the Draw – Christmas Cartoon

My son is really into video games. And while I’m OK with him playing them, I totally don’t understand him watching other people play them. Hence this Fast on the Draw Christmas cartoon: Happy holidays!
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Fast on the Draw – Thanksgiving Cartoon

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, but while you’re waiting for your fest, enjoy this Fast on the Draw video of a soon to be tattooed tom:
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A classic instructional cartooning book

It’s easy to like cartoons. It’s hard to draw them (at least something better than stick figures). Sometimes the best cartoons are drawn out of basic shapes and lines that look easy to draw by anyone, and yet it takes genius to draw like that. And genius is the word I use to describe the author’s drawings and teachings in this classic book. Read the rest
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You don't need drawing skills to create powerful images that amplify your content

.default #content .node-body img.clear { float:none; } Across the social web, organizations are discovering the power that the right image - including an apt cartoon - can lend to your content. And there’s never been a better time to not be able to draw. Okay, let me back up. It’s not that it doesn’t matter how well something is drawn, or how visually attractive it is. If you’re great at drawing, or you have a good eye for color and composition, you’re way ahead of the game — all other thin...
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END TIMES: Remembering Our Many Imaginary, Holistic Accomplishments

One of those miserable Best of 2009 cultural art updates! [Author: [email protected] (The Webmaster)]
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Practical Workshop Improvements for the Industrious at Heart

A visual journey through the Phantom Turtle Werks and a screed about the Tacomic's ouster from a Volcano. CLAW updates and MORE! [Author: [email protected] (The Webmaster)]
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Status of the Apparatus: Phantom Turtle Werks, Tacomic Entrepreneurship, Puppet Playwright(s), Zines, Cartoonist's League and YOU

Humongous news digest update of things you may already be aware but are presented here for posterity and family communion. If you have cartoon or workshop allergies please do not click on this link. [Author: [email protected] (The Webmaster)]
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Tacomic's TACOMA ACTION FIGURE(S) Series: Collect Them All!

All the action figures of all time in one place so far with filecard bios. [Author: [email protected] (The Webmaster)]
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