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Maduro accused of "disappearing" US oilmen as trial delayed

Family members of six American oil executives jailed in Venezuela are accusing Nicolas Maduro’s government of “forced disappearance” after the men were inexplicably missing for the scheduled start of their trial on Wednesday. Veronica Vadell said that lawyers for her father, Tomeu Vadell, and the five other executives from Houston-based Citgo had been waiting at a Caracas courthouse for more than six hours for the men to be transferred by the nation's intelligence police. The arrest took place...
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Venezuela suspends airline after Guaidó's flight home

Venezuelan authorities suspended a Portuguese airline on Monday days after it carried opposition leader Juan Guaidó and his uncle home from an international tour aimed at ousting President Nicolás Maduro. Guaidó's flight to Caracas on TAP Air Portugal ended his three-week tour through Europe and into the Trump White House. Venezuelan authorities arrested Guaidó's uncle upon landing, accusing him of trying to bring a small amount of explosives into the nation.
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Venezuela: a year on from the failed uprising

Tom Phillips, the Guardian’s Latin America correspondent, is back in Venezuela a year on from the attempted coup that failed to remove president Maduro from power. While conditions in Caracus appear slightly improved, outside the capital conditions in schools and hospitals are appalling – and getting worse. Also today: Jess Cartner-Morley on pockets A year ago, the crisis in Venezuela reached a new pitch as the politician Juan Guaidó led an attempt to overthrow the country’s president, Nicolás M...
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Denouncing the U.S., Venezuelan Troops and Militias Stage Drills

(CARACAS, Venezuela) — Venezuela’s armed forces and civilian militias took the streets in cities, beaches and border regions on Saturday for drills ordered by President Nicolás Maduro, amid tensions between Washington and Caracas. Despite the maneuvers, there are no indications that the U.S. plans any military intervention in Venezuela. Washington has focused on political and diplomatic pressure in its efforts to oust Maduro, only saying last year that it had not ruled out a military option...
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Denouncing US, Venezuelan troops, militias stage drills

Venezuela's armed forces and civilian militias took the streets in cities, beaches and border regions on Saturday for drills ordered by President Nicolás Maduro, amid tensions between Washington and Caracas. Despite the maneuvers, there are no indications that the U.S. plans any military intervention in Venezuela. Washington has focused on political and diplomatic pressure in its efforts to oust Maduro, only saying last year that it had not ruled out a military option.
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Venezuela detains opposition leader Guaido's uncle

Venezuelan authorities detained opposition leader Juan Guaido's uncle after the two men arrived at the main airport in Caracas, ruling Socialist Party Vice President Diosdado Cabello said on Wednesday. Juan Jose Marquez, who was with Guaido on his return to Venezuela on Tuesday after a three-week international tour, passed "migration normally, and as he was about to leave ... he was held for an alleged Seniat review," Guaido's press team wrote on Twitter.
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Energized Guaidó Returns to Venezuela, Vowing Move Forward in Campaign Against Maduro

(CARACAS, Venezuela) — Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó is gearing up for the next stage of his following his return home from a tour abroad that included a meeting with his most important foreign ally — U.S. President Donald Trump. An energized Guaidó told cheering supporters at a public square in the capital of Caracas late Tuesday that he is armed with the backing of the “free world” to finish the job of reclaiming the nation. “Today more than ever we have to make our presence ...
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Russians Think Triumphant Trump is More Their Man Than Ever

Russian state media have welcomed enthusiastically the recent U.S. Senate acquittal of President Donald J. Trump. Having predicted this outcome for his impeachment trial, Russian experts and state media pundits are anticipating beneficial side effects for the Kremlin as Trump is more Trump—and more Russia’s Trump—than ever.Friday Night Massacre’s Just the Beginning for Acquitted TrumpDmitry Kiselyov, the host of Russia's most popular Sunday news program Vesti Nedeli, said, “Democrats are ope...
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U.S. condemns detention of Citgo executives in Venezuela; hints at sanctions on Russia

The United States on Thursday condemned the "cruel and indefensible" detention of executives from U.S. refiner Citgo in Caracas, said the top U.S. envoy for Venezuela, who also warned Russia over its support for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Venezuelan police seized the six executives who had been under house arrest, their families and an attorney said.
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Venezuela rounds up U.S. oil executives as Guaidó visits DC

MIAMI — Six American oil executives under house arrest in Venezuela were rounded up by police hours after President Donald Trump met Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro’s chief opponent at the White House, according to family members of the men. Alirio Zambrano said early Thursday that the executives of Houston-based Citgo were abruptly taken from their homes last night by the SEBIN intelligence police. Zambrano, the brother of two of the six detained men, said their current whereabouts are unkn...
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US threatens Venezuela with 'crippling' measures after Trump-Guaidó meeting

* US rolls out red carpet for Venezuela opposition leader * Trump administration to take unspecified steps within 30 daysThe United States has warned it was preparing “crippling” and “impactful measures” designed to force Nicolás Maduro from power as Donald Trump rolled out the red carpet for the Venezuelan leader’s challenger, Juan Guaidó.Guaidó, who has spent the last year battling – so far unsuccessfully – to topple Maduro, arrived at the White House on Wednesday afternoon and was met by the...
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Scotiabank CEO Seeks Help for Troubled Venezuela in Op-Ed

(Bloomberg) -- Calling Venezuela one of “the most corrupt nations on Earth,” Bank of Nova Scotia Chief Executive Officer Brian Porter urged governments around the world to seize assets tied to wrongdoing and use them to support democracy in the troubled South American country.The CEO of Canada’s third-largest lender, which has significant operations in Latin America, took the unusual step of weighing in on Venezuela’s political and humanitarian crisis through an op-ed piece published in the Nati...
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A year on, Juan Guaidó’s attempt at regime change in Venezuela has stalled | Tony Wood

An underestimation of Chavismo’s resilience means the US-backed drive to topple Nicolás Maduro has fizzled outA year ago, on 23 January 2019, Juan Guaidó, chairman of Venezuela’s opposition-controlled national assembly, proclaimed himself president of the country and vowed to remove Nicolás Maduro from power. Guaidó’s pretender government was swiftly recognised by the Trump administration, as well as by the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Brazil, and eventually some 50 countries in total. As stre...
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Venezuela intelligence agents raid Guaido offices: opposition

Agents from Venezuela's Sebin intelligence service on Tuesday raided the offices of opposition leader Juan Guaido while he traveled in Europe, an opposition lawmaker said. "We have just confirmed that Sebin officers are inside the office of president Guaido," lawmaker Delsa Solorzano told reporters after speaking with security guards at Caracas's Zurich Tower.
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Venezuela Police Raid Offices of Opposition Leader Guaido

(Bloomberg) -- Masked members of Venezuela’s intelligence police raided Juan Guaido’s offices in Eastern Caracas on Tuesday as the opposition leader continues his international tour to rally international backing for his campaign to oust President Nicolas Maduro.“This is an aggressive attack, they’re showing us they’re going to come at us with all they have,” opposition lawmaker Adriana Pichardo said outside the building that houses Guaido’s offices. “They want to intimidate and persecute us so ...
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Convoy carrying Venezuelan opposition politicians attacked by pro-government forces – video

The convoy carrying the opposition lawmakers was attacked in Caracas while they were on their way to the national assembly  Continue reading...
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Guatemala's new president cuts ties with Venezuela, as promised

Guatemala's new President Alejandro Giammattei cut diplomatic ties with the Venezuelan government of President Nicolas Maduro on Thursday and ordered the closure of its embassy in Caracas. "We have instructed the foreign minister that the only person left in the embassy in Venezuela should return, and that we definitively end relations with the government of Venezuela," Giammattei said. The conservative Giammattei, who took office on Tuesday, had already indicated he would cut ties upon assumi...
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One Checkpoint, Then Another, Then Mayhem: Maduro’s Men Set Trap

(Bloomberg) -- At 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, the caravan to downtown Caracas began, a motorcade of opposition lawmakers to Venezuela’s National Assembly trailed by a phalanx of reporters and photographers on motorcycles.After 15 minutes, the procession passed the regime’s first security checkpoint. Police moved traffic cones out of the way. The same happened at the second checkpoint and the third. But near the National Assembly, it became clear that the officers were setting a trap: About 50 men carr...
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Nicolas Maduro tries to revive failed state-issued cryptocurrency Petro — AGAIN

Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela‘s President, won’t wind up his efforts to get his struggling state-issued cryptocurrency ‘El Petro’ off the ground. Delivering his annual speech to the ruling Constituent Assembly, Maduro decreed that airlines flying from Caracas — the country‘s capital city — must pay for fuel using El Petro. [Read: Nicolas Maduro refuses to give up on Venezuela’s state cryptocurrency El Petro] “I decree the sale of all fuel sold by the PDVSA for planes operating international routes b...
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Venezuela’s Maduro Vows to Revive Petro Coin in His Annual Address

(Bloomberg) -- President Nicolas Maduro pledged to revive Venezuela’s failed cryptocurrency for everything from oil sales to passport fees in his state of the union address to the Constituent Assembly on Tuesday.Maduro said state-run Petroleos de Venezuela SA would begin “exploratory sales” of 50,000 barrels a day in Petros, after which it would weigh selling all of the nation’s production in the elusive cryptocurrency. Going forward, taxes and utility bills will also be paid for in Petros, he s...
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Rural Venezuela Crumbles as President Shores Up the Capital and His Power

President Nicolás Maduro is channeling resources to Caracas while abandoning rural Venezuelans, who are often without electricity, police or currency.
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Venezuela’s Countryside Is Collapsing. The Capital Hums, on the President’s Orders

To solidify his grip on power, President Nicolás Maduro is channeling resources to Caracas while abandoning rural Venezuelans, who are often without electricity, police or currency.
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China exports its ‘social credit’ system to Venezuela

China exports its ‘social credit’ system to Venezuela The death of Mao Zedong 43 years ago freed the Chinese people from his idiosyncratic brand of repression. The dramatic entry of the People’s Republic of China into the international economic system transformed China, lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, and created a new world power. Contrary to the hopes of many advocates of engagement, economic integration did not bring political libe...
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Venezuela: Maduro opponents storm parliament to reinstall Guaidó as leader

Juan Guaidó sworn in for second term as caretaker leaderMaduro attempted to seize control of parliament on SundayVenezuela’s increasingly byzantine political meltdown took its latest turn on Tuesday as opponents of authoritarian president Nicolás Maduro stormed the country’s parliament to reinstall Juan Guaidó as their leader.Troops loyal to Maduro had surrounded the palm-dotted national assembly compound in Caracas in a bid to keep Guaidó and his supporters out after the president’s attempt to ...
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Maduro to Release 14 Political Prisoners Following Caracas Clash

(Bloomberg) -- Venezuela will release 14 political prisoners following negotiations with minority political parties one day after President Nicolas Maduro ousted opposition leader Juan Guaido and his backers from the National Assembly.The announcement is Maduro’s latest effort to sideline Guaido, who’s made the release of political prisoners a central part of his platform to oust Venezuela’s ruling regime. Guaido, recognized by the U.S. and dozens of its allies as the country’s legitimate presid...
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Venezuela Opposition Leader Guaido Blocked From Congress Voting Session as Conflict with Maduro Deepens

(CARACAS, Venezuela) — Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó was violently blocked Sunday from presiding over a special session of congress where rivals proclaimed a substitute leader — moves opposition officials condemned as a hijacking of the country’s last democratic institution. Hours later, however, a majority of congress members held an emergency meeting at an opposition newspaper office and voted to reelect Guaidó as their leader. Guaidó — whose legal challenge to the socialist go...
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Maduro Forces Block Guaido From Entering Congress, Fueling Chaos

(Bloomberg) -- Opposition leader Juan Guaido saw his power base crumble Sunday when Venezuelan government and rebel opposition lawmakers ousted him as president of the National Assembly, in what’s been characterized as a parliamentary coup.As security forces blocked Guaido and other opposition lawmakers entering the building, Luis Parra, a deputy ensnared in a corruption scandal, declared himself the new leader of the chamber by megaphone amid chaotic scenes. Refusing to relinquish control of th...
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Carlos Ghosn's escape plane reportedly also ferried gold for Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro

A plane likely used by Carlos Ghosn to escape Japan via Turkey is suspected of assisting in a gold trade involving Venezuela, Bloomberg News reported Friday.  MNG Holdings was recruited to ferry gold between Turkey and Caracas last year, according to flight records.  Turkey has detained seven people in connection with the former auto executive's escape through the country to Lebanon this week.  Read more on Carlos Ghosn's international escapade here.  The charter airline recruited to ferry Ca...
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Dudamel steps down as Venezuela coach

Caracas (AFP) – Rafael Dudamel is stepping down as coach of Venezuela after nearly four years in charge, sources close to the case told AFP on Thursday. According to reports in the Brazilian press, the... Visit for the rest of the story.
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Russia Awaits Venezuela Power Shuffle Before Sending Advisers

(Bloomberg) -- Russia is waiting for Venezuela’s opposition leader to leave office before despatching economic advisers to help its ally President Nicolas Maduro’s crisis-torn government.Juan Guaido, who’s sought to challenge Maduro by declaring himself Venezuela’s rightful president, is due to step down as head of the National Assembly in early January, though he’s lobbying parties in the legislature for re-election.If he fails to renew his term, Russia will step up efforts to help Maduro’s off...
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