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Your Doorbell Camera Spied on You. Now What?

Amazon’s popular Ring security cameras have gaping security holes. Here’s how to protect yourself.
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LomoChrome Metropolis Reloadable Film Camera

Lomography’s preloaded “disposable” camera looks and functions like a simple, convenience store option—and can fit in a pocket, too—but it produces better and arguably more interesting photos. With LomoChrome Metropolis ISO 100-400 film inside, shots will tend toward the grungier and more contrasty end of the analog spectrum. Once you’re finished with this film pack, the camera can be refilled with any of Lomography’s 35mm …
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Intern Alert! Named the most innovative in design, Ammunition Group is hiring an intern!

Ammunition is an international design group providing services in product design, brand strategy and identity, UX design, graphic design, and packaging. While Ammunition’s strengths are diverse across design disciplines, their real expertise is to redefine markets by using design to create a new business territory and to communicate and connect with customers. Whether it is a product, an interface, a package or an identity, Ammunition’s approach is to create new, exciting experiences for their c...
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This retro-inspired camera records dreamy-looking GIFs that replicate vintage 8mm film!

Here’s a camera that arguably does for the social-media generation what the Polaroid did for the generations before us. Inspired by Super 8, the Fragment 8 is a handheld camera that lets you record almost as if you were using Instagram filters. The camera mimics recording using 8mm film, giving your videos a uniquely vintage touch, and features rotating, interchangeable lenses that add a variety of dreamy filters and bokeh to your videos. In a world that’s increasingly looking at new ways to c...
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Canon's Next Fancy Full-Frame Mirrorless Cam Is the EOS R5

A couple of weeks after info leaked out regarding Canon’s next full-frame mirrorless camera, Canon today officially announced its development of the EOS R5.Read more...
Tags: Science, Cameras, EOS, Mirrorless Cameras, Mirrorless, Canon, Consumer Tech, Full Frame Mirrorless, EOS R5, The Next Full Frame Mirrorless Cam From Canon

Canon’s EOS 850D shows there’s still plenty of life left in the DSLR

4K video recording comes to the beginner-oriented snappe
Tags: Cameras, Dslr, Canon

Sony Now Lets Anyone Make Their Own Remotes for Its Cameras

Sony announced on Tuesday another feature for its digital cameras that the company hopes will expand their adoption among professional photographers: a software development kit that allows third-party developers to create their own custom tools to remotely control and operate the cameras.Read more...
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Fuji X-T4 Coming February 26th

...According to FujiRumors. It will be fun (well, for me, anyway) to see how much the X-T3 and X-H1 "DNA" get blended in the new camera. Will IBIS "trickle down" into the X-T[x] series? The rest of this post is a digression!Although, to be honest, I'd say I'm interested rather than excited. In 2012, the peak year of the camera market, I had to admit to myself that I was feeling a little crazy. I coveted the latest beautiful cameras a little more intensely than was mentally healthy! For at least ...
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Fujifilm Cheerfully Marches On: The X100V

New X100V: The line between the top plate and the body isnow straight all the way across Oops! When you've updated your camera three times and you've already run through the X100, X100s[econd], X100t[hird], and X100f[ourth], what do you call the f ifth? Not F, because that's already taken. Roman numerals to the rescue! The latest—fifth—Fuji X100 is called the X100V (which makes it sound a lot like a Sony, but never mind). Unlike the X-Pro3, there's nothing controversial about the updates. An...
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Fujifilm’s X100V strengthens the case for owning a compact camera

The cameras on our phones are getting good enough that it’s becoming hard to justify having a dedicated picture-taking device. Fujifilm’s X100 series has always made one of the strongest cases for it, however, and the latest iteration makes it more convincing than ever. I reviewed the original X100 back in 2011, and the series has received a new model about every two years since its announcement; today’s X100V is the fifth. But its changes are more significant than those of any one of its predec...
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Fujifilm's New X100V Could Make a Great Everyday Travel Camera

Cameras on phones have gotten pretty good over the last few years (especially the ones with multiple rear lenses), but sometimes you just want something that snaps pics with a bit better quality, and with the new X100V, it feels like Fujifilm has made an everyday travel camera that fills the gap between phones and…Read more...
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The iWorkCase laptop bag gives photographers an outdoor editing studio

This MacGyverian briefcase is actually poised to be a photography must-have. Designed to boost productivity, save time, and help achieve finesse, the iWorkCase V3 16 is a laptop case designed for seasoned outdoor photographers. With space on the inside for a laptop, an external battery and hard-drive, the iWorkCase carries your laptop to shooting locations and opens out practically into a dark room of sorts to let you easily view and edit photos and videos just minutes after taking them.With an ...
Tags: Photography, Design, Cameras, Macbook, Outdoor, Laptop, Laptops, Photographer, Product Design, iWorkCase

The EOS R5 Could Be the High-End Mirrorless Camera Canon Fans Have Been Waiting For

Canon has already released two mirrorless cameras: the EOS R and EOS RP, and while Canon’s next mirrorless cam isn’t expected to get officially announced for another few weeks, recent leaks suggest the EOS R5 could be the high-end mirrorless camera Canon fans have been waiting for. Read more...
Tags: Science, Cameras, Leaks, Rumors, Mirrorless Cameras, Canon, The Rumor Mill, EOS R5, Canon Eos R5 Rumors, High End Mirrorless Camera Canon

View Cameras

I've been at least low-level obsessed with view cameras since I started in photography seriously in 1980. I used to go by Ferrante-Dege, an old-line camera store in Cambridge, Massachusetts (I loved and miss old camera stores), to "visit" a resplendent Deardorff 5x7 they had on semi-permanent display (it was for sale, but didn't sell, so it was there for a long time). It was profoundly beautiful—well, to my photogeeky young self it was—and also profoundly unaffordable, which made me covet it all...
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Keio University Staff Recorded 1,000 Videos of Women in the Restrooms

A staff member of Tokyo’s Keio University was arrested after it was found that he recorded thousands of videos using a secret camera in the women’s restroom, an achievement that could be the greatest of his time. The 49-year-old was the former section manager and secretary in charge of the principal’s office – according to […]
Tags: Japan, Crime, University, Cameras, Voyeurism, Tokyo, Anime, Toilets, Keio University, Keio University Staff Recorded

Who’s Watching Your Porch?

Ring offers a front-door view of a country where millions of Amazon customers use Amazon cameras to watch Amazon contractors deliver Amazon packages.
Tags: Amazon, News, Cameras, Inc, Delivery Services, Ring Inc

Testing the Powerful New Leica M10 Monochrom

Brilliant technology brings new life to black and white photography We had a chance to shoot with Leica’s latest addition to the M10 family of rangefinders—the M10 Monochrom, which was announced last Friday. Their second black-and-white-only digital camera is a massive update over the previous generation, bringing their latest imaging innovations to a product decidedly for an analog-loving purist. This new model retains the slimmer …
Tags: Photography, Design, Germany, Tech, Cameras, Hdr, Leica, Leica M, Leica M10, Leica M10 Monochrom, 40MP

The Policing of the American Porch

Ring offers a front-door view of a country where millions of Amazon customers use Amazon cameras to watch Amazon contractors deliver Amazon packages.
Tags: Amazon, News, Cameras, Inc, Delivery Services, Ring Inc

Leica’s M10 Monochrom is a black-and-white camera that costs as much as you’d expect

Only very deep-pocketed moody street photographers need apply
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The Hardgraft Leather Camera Bag is the most dapper way to carry around your DSLR

Sitting at the junction of style and security, Hardgraft’s chestnut-colored Frame Camera Bag comes with an all-leather exterior and a protective padded melange grey wool interior. Its universal size makes it ideal for all kinds of SLRs, and a padded divider even gives you ample storage for additional lenses and other accessories.The Frame Camera Bag’s all leather construction truly gives it a distinct appeal, with its unified design made entirely from that chestnut brown Italian tanned leather. ...
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This boat-mounted action-camera focuses on the surfer while they’re busy focusing on the waves

The Wave Catcher was designed to combine the best parts of a drone and a GoPro. The action camera basically packs a drone’s mechanical gimbal and object-tracking capabilities in a grounded, water-proof format that can be strapped to a speedboat’s Bimini top, or even to the side of the boat via suction. Wave Catcher’s innovation doesn’t, however, lie in its camera, but rather, lies in its wearable. Designed to be strapped around the wrist of the subject, the wearable acts as a beacon for the came...
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