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Bookmarket reveals marketing jargon and other BS on the current page

Bullshit.js is a javascript bookmarklet that replaces all the managerial and marketing jargon and other buzzwords on the page with the word "bullshit." For example, if I were to write that it was a "keyword-driven synergy of empowered innovation and in-context dynamic content" it might replace that with "bullshit bullshit bullshit of bullshit bullshit and bullshit bullshit bullshit".
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A Friendly Reminder That a Lot of Instagram Health Advice Is Garbage

There’s bullshit health advice everywhere, but you’d hope that when you follow someone on Insta who looks legit—lots of followers, blue checkmark, solid-looking advice on a blog—you’d get the good stuff. Unfortunately, there’s still a lot of crap out there. Read more...
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Notices at Intel press event seem to say attending photographers must assign copyright to all pictures and videos to the company

Mitch Wagner attended an Intel press and analyst event today where he spotted these notices "posted discreetly in a couple of places on the walls": at first glance, they seem like your garden-variety abusive bullshit release ("Abandon hope all ye who enter here") but there's a decidedly Vessel-esque clause that seems to be saying that Intel claims the copyright in any photo or video in which any of the event appears, even "distorted in character or form, throughout the world, in all media now k...
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"We take your privacy and security seriously" is the "thoughts and prayers" of data-breaches

Writing on Techcrunch, Zack Whittaker (previously) calls out the timeworn phrase "we take your privacy and security seriously," pointing out that this phrase appears routinely in company responses to horrific data-breaches, and it generally accompanied by conduct that directly contradicts it, such as stonewalling and minimizing responsibility for breaches and denying their seriousness. "We take your privacy and security seriously" is really code for "Please stop asking us to take your privacy a...
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AT&T Barrels Ahead With Its Bullshit Plan to Brand Enhanced 4G as "5G E"

Telecom giant AT&T has moved forward with its bullshit plan to rebrand an enhanced version of its existing 4G mobile network as its much faster and still-in-development successor 5G, TechCrunch reported on Monday. After a recent update to some AT&T, the devices now say they are connected to a “5G E” network.Read more...
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Trump admin to unpaid federal workers who can't make rent: beg, barter, and get a lawyer.

The Trump administration is advising people who work for the federal government, who are not getting paid due to Trump's stupid government shutdown tantrum, to literally *barter with their landlords* and offer to paint or do labor in exchange for partial rent. Yes, really. Feds, here are sample letters you may use as a guide when working with your creditors during this furlough. If you need legal advice please consult with your personal attorney. — OPM (@USOPM) Dec...
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How about fixing the workplace rather than avoiding it at 4am?

Oh those superhuman CEOs who get up at 4am for that killer start to the day! Aren’t they just amazing? Such sacrifice, such grit, such tenacity.Such fucking bullshit.If you’re the CEO, and you can’t get work done at work, you only have one person to blame for it: Yourself. There’s no law of nature that dictates that it should be impossible to get deep work done at 11am or 2pm, just habits, values, and policies.It’s your job to fix the damn workplace, not run away from it. Stop playing calendar ...
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Lettuce Is Bullshit

Does it bug you that we’re living in a world where even the lettuce threatens our health? I have a solution. Toss out the romaine; dump the iceberg while you’re at it, too. Lettuce is bullshit. Lettuce has always been bullshit. Here’s why:Read more...
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The AI apocalypse is already here

Fight this shit if you want to live We don’t need to wait for the singularity before artificial intelligence becomes capable of turning the world into a dystopian nightmare. AI-branded algorithms are already serving up new portions of fresh hell on a regular basis. But instead of worrying about run-away computers, we should be worrying about the entrepreneurs that feed them the algorithms, and the consumers who mindlessly execute them.It’s not that Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, et al are wrong t...
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Can a Google Partner Help With SEO?

In recent years most former SEO agencies have become Google Partners that is they buy enough Google Ads to be eligible for that badge in the first place. Google Partners have been tested by Google when it comes to Google Ads and Analytics. Can they actually help you with your organic search reach aka SEO though? Aren’t they just “alleging a special relationship with Google”? Let’s find out! For more than a decade Google has a helpful page for starters called “Do you need an SEO?“. One of the cr...
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Trump honors Qanon 'Democrat pedophile cult' conspiracy pushers with White House visit

Somehow, Lionel Lebron, the man behind the Qanon 'Democrat pedophile cult' conspiracy theory, managed to meet with Donald Trump on Thursday inside the office of the President of the United States at the White House. Yes, really. (more…)
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TSA: the fact that our secret surveillance program hasn't caught anyone means it's working

Late last month, the Boston Globe published a blockbuster scoop revealing the existence of "Quiet Skies," a secret TSA program that sent Air Marshals out to shadow travelers who were not on any watchlist and had committed to crime, on flimsy pretenses like "This person once visited Turkey." (more…)
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Is your home a better investment than the stock market?

I’ll admit it: There are times that I think everything that needs to be said about personal finance has been said already, that all of the information is out there just waiting for people to find it. The problem is solved. Perhaps this is technically true, but now and then — as this morning — I’m reminded that teaching people about money is a never-ending process. There aren’t a lot of new topics to write about, that’s true (this is something that even famous professional financial journalists g...
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Debullshitifying Microsoft's smear campaign against the recycler it helped send to prison

Eric Lundgren is the PC recycler who is going to jail for 18 months for having a Chinese factory duplicate the obsolete Windows restore CDs Microsoft lets you download for free and authorizes recyclers to distribute. (more…)
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"Buy Local" food labels are often nothing but bullshit

Buying products that are locally grown or made in your community is a great way to bolster your local economy and support small businesses in your community. Unfortunately being able to tell which products actually come from near the area where you live can be next to impossible, thanks to lax regulation and bullshit on the part of international conglomerates. According to USA Today (disclaimer: I occasionally write for their tech site,, many of the state branding programs put in ...
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The 'mystery' of who built the earthen mounds in the Midwest was nothing but white dude propaganda

I've lived my whole life as a pale, red headed fella. So, I say this, with authority: white people are dicks. According to, white pioneers and archeologists in the 18th and 19th centuries pumped out a bullshit story about Cahokia, once the largest Native American city north of Mexico, as having been built by the Welsh, Vikings, Hindus – anyone but the indigenous population: The city of Cahokia is one of many large earthen mound complexes that dot the landscapes of the Ohio and ...
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'NO.' God tells Michele Bachmann not to run for Al Franken's Senate seat

A billboard mysteriously appears in St. Paul, Minn. in which God offers a special message to noted crazy ex-congresscritter Michele Bachmann. Hope she obeys The Lord. (more…)
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North American Skies Will Be Filled With Flying Cars in 10 Years: Uber CEO

Uber Technologies Inc.’s chief executive, Dara Khosrowshahi, predicts a nearish future where civilians whiz around in sky-bound automobiles. “There will be people flying around Dallas, Texas,” Khosrowshahi said at the Digital Life Design conference in Munich, his first work-related appearance in Europe since taking over as Uber’s CEO last year. “I think it’s going to […] The post North American Skies Will Be Filled With Flying Cars in 10 Years: Uber CEO appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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10 SEO Myths that Make You Look Stupid

One of the most popular ways to teach people about search engine optimization seems to be to point out what’s wrong about it. There are plenty of “SEO myths” posts out there and they get shared a lot. I usually attempt to share truths not myths. In this case I decided to remix a popular “SEO myths” post. That’s demand and supply. You want myths? You can get myths. While I think that there are bigger myths out there that negate the whole discipline of search engine optimization I nonetheless wil...
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Clock mysteriously photoshopped out of Tillerson photo

Reality, and all the facts and things in it, are negotiable. Even the clocks on the wall. Soon after a two-hour secret visit to Afghanistan by Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson on Monday was publicly disclosed, the American Embassy and the office of President Ashraf Ghani made statements about their productive meeting in Kabul. The problem is that the meeting was not in Kabul, but in a windowless room in Bagram, the heavily fortified American military base a 90-minute drive away. The misin...
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Daily Mail retracts global warming article, but did anyone notice?

Earlier this year, UK tabloid The Daily Mail, famous for its incompetent fakery, published a bombshell article claiming "World leaders duped by manipulated global warming data". This article was hailed by conservative media from Breitbart to The National Review as proof of what they were saying all along. Sadly for them, the Mail has admitted its misleading and inaccurate reporting and, to satisfy press regulators, added a deadpan self-debunking at the top of the article. ...the significance of...
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Health App Developer Who Faked Her Own Cancer Fined $320,000 Over Hoax

After Belle Gibson was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2013 she went on to cure herself, and released a popular smartphone app focused on healthy eating. Gibson even donated a small fortune to charity with the proceeds. At least that was her story. Both Gibson’s cancer and her “cure” were lies. And now a court has…Read more...
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UK Home Secretary evolves the self-serving crypto-denialism argument with exciting new bullshit

UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd has demanded that online services stop using working cryptography in their products, and instead leave all your communications vulnerable to interception by criminals, governments, businesses and spies. (more…)
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The Bogus Rationale for Trump's Trans Military Ban Is Some Bigoted Bullshit

On today’s date in 1948, President Harry Truman desegregated the American military with an executive order. On the same date almost 70 years later, President Donald Trump announced he was kicking transgender people out of the military on Twitter, the platform he usually uses to spew stream-of-conscious nonsense and…Read more...
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In bizarre tweet, Trump says those investigating him told him to fire Comey

Donald Trump just claimed that "I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director!" This is an odd tweet for several reasons. 1. The man investigating Trump is Special Counsel Robert Mueller, an administration outsider who surely did not tell Trump to fire Comey. 2. The people who conspicuously told him to fire Comey—Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Assistant Attorney General Rod R...
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How Much Shit Will We Eat? 

Before you ask yourself, “Why is the president feeding us so much bullshit?” ask, “How much bullshit am I willing to eat?”Read more...
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Ask the FCC for proof it was crashed by DDoS -- not outraged Net Neutrality commenters

After John Oliver produced another amazing video that called on the internet to tell the FCC not to kill Net Neutrality (and gave them an easy way to penetrate the FCC's thicket of bureaucratic nonsense designed to keep people away), the FCC's website crashed -- a seeming repeat of 2014, when Oliver helped spur a movement that brought the FCC to its knees. (more…)
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Juvenile criminal defense attorneys forced to agree to Taser's terms of service to see the state's evidence

California criminal defense attorney Rick Horowitz had a juvenile client, he was shocked when the prosecutor in the case told him that to see the evidence against his client, he'd have to log in to, run by Taser International (now rebranded as Axon). (more…)
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West Virginia Governor Unveils Literal Bull Shit During Budget Veto

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice did not like the new budget Republican-led legislature placed on his desk. So much so that Justice unveiled a pile of literal bull shit (or so it appears to be, I can’t smell it, thank god) to make his point as he vetoed the bill at the state capitol on Thursday. Read more...
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