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‘Show The World There Is More To Us’: Barry Brewer On BET’s ‘Tyler Perry’s Bruh’ & Comedy Career

(CBS Local)– Tyler Perry is one of the most successful actors and producers in all of Hollywood and he has given countless people the opportunity to work in the industry with his exclusive shows on BET. Barry Brewer is one of those actors and he is the star of the BET+ Original “Tyler Perry’s Bruh.” While Brewer has made a name for himself as a stand-up comic, this series about four African-American men navigating their lives, careers and relationships gave him the opportunity to entertain in a ...
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Callaway and Acushnet First-Quarter Financial Reports

Golf’s two biggest companies are making official what everyone already knew: COVID-19 sucks. The Callaway and Acushnet first-quarter financial reports share fascinating insights into how each company dealt with the early uncertainty of the pandemic. And both show how the virus derailed promising starts to 2020 and how neither company is really sure what the coming months will bring. Just like the rest of us. Please keep in mind we are not, nor are we claiming to be, financial advisors or investm...
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Store workers become enforcers of masks, social distancing rules

By Anne D’Innocenzio, The Associated Press Sandy Jensen’s customer-service job at Sam’s Club in Fullerton normally involves checking member ID cards at the door and answering questions. But the coronavirus has turned her into a kind of store sheriff. Now she must confront shoppers who aren’t wearing masks and enforce social distancing measures such as limits on the number of people allowed inside. The efforts sometimes provoke testy customers. “They are behaving worse now,” Jensen said. “Everybo...
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29 tech startup founders and CEOs share their biggest challenges as they face a recession and their strategies for overcoming them: 'We are now wartime CEOs'

The coronavirus crisis is an unexpected blow to many enterprise startups. Some CEOs have experienced previous downturns, including the Great Recession in 2008 and the tech dot-com crash in 2000. Others are facing a major crisis as a business leader for the first ime.  We reached out to 29 tech startup CEOs and founders to hear their fears and strategies as they navigate this global crisis. As Drift CEO David Cancel put it: "We are now wartime CEOs."  A few leaders vowed to try their best to pr...
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29 tech startup founders and CEOs share their fears and strategies for navigating the coronavirus crash: 'We are now wartime CEOs'

The coronavirus crisis is an unexpected blow to many enterprise startups. Some CEOs have experienced previous downturns, including the Great Recession in 2008 and the tech dot-com crash in 2000. Others are facing a major crisis as a business leader for the first ime.  We reached out to 29 tech startup CEOs and founders to hear their fears and strategies as they navigate this global crisis. As Drift CEO David Cancel put it: "We are now wartime CEOs."  A few leaders vowed to try their best to pr...
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When Arizona Elected a Mexican Immigrant Governor

Border Patrol agents once ordered an elderly Hispanic man out of his vehicle and requested his identity papers, which showed that he was a Mexican-born immigrant named Raúl H. Castro. Turns out he was Arizona’s former governor.
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10 Years Ago, Arizona Changed How We Talk About Immigration

Many don’t remember that Arizona once elected a Mexican immigrant as governor. Then 10 years ago, the state turned itself into a policy laboratory for curbing immigration.
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U.S. Navy Coronavirus Quarantine Could Get Ugly

The U.S. Navy’s new plan to preemptively self-quarantine ships in the Pacific region, where they will remain at sea for 14 days over fears about the 2019 novel coronavirus, sparked concerns of disastrous consequences mirroring the explosion of cases on a cruise ship off Japan.It was almost fitting that, hours after the plan went public, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced Friday it had confirmed two more cases of the deadly disease in Americans who were rescued from th...
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‘Simply Inadequate.’ California Governor Says State Only Has 200 Coronavirus Testing Kits

(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) — California and federal officials were in the midst of an intense effort Thursday to retrace the movements of a Northern California woman believed to be the first person in the U.S. to contract the highly contagious coronavirus with no known connection to travel abroad or other known causes. The woman lives in Solano County, home to Travis Air Force Base, where dozens of people infected in China or on cruise ships have been treated. But Sonia Angell, director of the Ca...
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Starbucks Names Brady Brewer CMO

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson today announced that Brady Brewer has been promoted to the role of CMO, according to a letter to the coffee chain's employees. Brewer will report directly to the company's COO, Roz Brewer, the letter added. The newly appointed CMO will lead the development and execution of the company's marketing plans, as...
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A Tesla sales employee sent a mass email to her coworkers asking for salespeople to get a pay raise after a 'devastating' cut in commissions (TSLA)

A Tesla sales employee asked for a 15% increase to the base pay earned by salespeople and vehicle-preparation specialists in an internal email, CNBC's Lora Kolodny reported. Tesla salespeople have had their ability to earn commissions cut to a "devastating" degree, the employee, Dare Brewer, reportedly wrote. Last year, Tesla eliminated commissions for its salespeople while increasing their base pay. Brewer said the base pay bump was "very slight," and came with an increase in responsibilities...
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Drive, Hike or Pedal—We’re Open.

Off Season Camping at Virginia State Parks  Fewer people provide more solitude, bare trees reveal new landscapes and colder temperatures bring new sensations to your favorite adventure locations. Personally, we’re in it for lack of bugs, but there’s no one right reason to get out this winter and spend some time in nature.  James River State Park’s Canoe Landing camp ground is a riverside gem. Thirteen tent-only sites surrounded by huge sycamores dot the James River. The Canoe Landing sites...
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How ‘Dolemite Is My Name’ Editor Billy Fox Balanced Comedy-Drama Pacing

Director Craig Brewer’s movies are often controlled by cool rhythms, and “Dolemite Is My Name” is no different — the rhythm was very much dictated by its strong sense of style. Billy Fox certainly knows Brewer’s style. The two previously worked together on “Hustle & Flow” and are in the midst of editing “Coming 2 […]
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Director Craig Brewer on His Journey Towards Making ‘Dolemite is My Name’ [Interview]

Netflix’s Dolemite is My Name is writer-director Craig Brewer‘s first movie in eight years. Before this, Brewer, who made his debut with The Poor & Hungry and broke out with Hustler & Flow, last directed the 2011 Footloose remake. Since then, he’s written scripts that never got the green light and directed several episodes of Fox’s Empire. But after eight years away from a film set, Brewer returned sharper, not rustier, with a true story championing artists like comedian, actor, and filmmaker R...
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Australian craft beer brewer faces criticism over partnership with Myanmar military

Brewer’s parent company, Kirin, provides foreign currency to military accused of genocideAustralian craft beer brewer Lion Little World has faced international criticism over a business partnership with the Myanmar military, which is accused of genocide in its persecution of the Rohingya ethnic and religious minority.Australia-based Lion Little World Beverages is a wholly owned subsidiary of Japanese beverage giant Kirin, which owns a little over half of both Myanmar Brewery and Mandalay Brewery...
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The 10 Biggest and Best Comeback Films and TV Shows of the Decade

(This article is part of our Best of the Decade series.) As the saying goes, everyone loves a comeback. The 2010s saw a number of creative entities emerge from the wilderness to enjoy renewed artistic credibility onscreen. There were so many comeback stories, actually, that this mere list of ten is guaranteed to smack of exclusions. FX’s The People v O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, for instance, revived interest in the trial of the century while serving as a soft comeback for several actors...
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Judge Hands Down Life Sentence For Man Convicted Of Killing Woman During South Sacramento Robbery

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The man convicted of first-degree murder in connection with a robbery and shooting outside of a store on Florin Road last December has been sentenced to life in prison. The incident happened back on Dec. 22, 2018. Prosecutors said Dorthea Brewer went to a convenience store on Florin Road to buy lottery tickets. While she was standing in line, Shylow Therman was standing behind her. When Brewer returned to her car, prosecutors said Brewer was accosted by Therman. He allegedly...
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Man Sentenced To Life Without Parole In Murder of 56-Year-Old Sacramento Woman

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A man was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole on Friday for the first-degree murder of a Sacramento woman. Last month a jury convicted Shylow Therman of the murder of 56-year-old Dorthea Brewer. Therman has a previous strike from an armed bank robbery conviction in Federal court. On Dec. 22, 2018, Brewer went to a store on Florin Road to buy lottery tickets. Therman stood behind her in line and followed her to her car, sticking a gun in the window a...
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Lightning’s All-Decade Team: Defense

At the start of the decade, the Tampa Bay Lightning’s defense had only one certainty: Victor Hedman. After he was selected second overall at the 2009 draft, the Lightning went all-in on what they believed was a true defensive star in the making. Even with their future star on the ice, Tampa Bay’s defensive corps was relatively weak at the time. Hedman was a raw talent who was being asked to take on NHL ice time throughout the 2009-10 season, which he struggled with at times. Many of his teamm...
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Man Convicted Of Shooting And Killing Woman During Robbery At South Sacramento Store

SOUTH SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A man has been convicted of first-degree murder in connection with a robbery outside of a store on Florin Road last December. Shylow Therman’s booking photo. (Credit: Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department) On December 22, Dorthea Brewer went to a store on Florin Road. While she was standing in line, her killer, Shylow Therman, was standing behind her. When she returned to the car, Brewer was accosted by Therman who stuck the end of a gun through the window, pointed...
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NRA Accuses Its Long-time Ad Agency of Multimillion-Dollar Fraud

The National Rifle Association claimed in a court filing last Friday that its longtime advertising partner, Ackerman McQueen, used a recent foray into digital-content production to defraud it of millions of dollars while simultaneously diluting its storied brand by advancing "racist' and "dystopian" cultural commentary.The complaint, first reported by the Daily Beast, was filed as part of the NRA's ongoing lawsuit against Ackerman McQueen (AMc), an Oklahoma City–based ad agency that has ...
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Why Netflix's 'Dolemite Is My Name' is dedicated to Eddie Murphy's brother, Charlie

"Dolemite Is My Name" is dedicated to Charlie Murphy, the older brother of Eddie Murphy. Charlie is the one who introduced Eddie to the 1975 blaxploitation classic, "Dolemite," and its sequels. Eddie has been trying to make a movie about "Dolemite" creator Rudy Ray Moore for over a decade. Charlie died from leukemia in 2017. "Dolemite Is My Name" director Craig Brewer told Business Insider that Charlie "seemed like the right person to pay homage to." Visit Business Insider's homepage for more ...
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Tennessee Deputy Sued Twice In The Same Day Over A Roadside Anal Search And A Forced Baptism (techdirt)

You've got to be a special kind of law enforcement officer to have two lawsuits filed against you in the same day. Hamilton County Deputy Daniel Wilkey is that kind of special. The Tennessee law enforcement officer managed to violate rights against enough people that two of them retained lawyers. This suggests Deputy Wilkey violates rights on a regular basis, but maybe not egregiously enough to merit a lawsuit in every case. Both cases here are disturbing. And they're disturbing in very differ...
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Nebraska State Senator Takes 1st Place In International Multigun Cup 2019

A Nebraska State Senator, Tom Brewer and his son-in-law, Dalton Boden just took first place in the International T-Class Multigun Competition.  The competition was held in Bulgaria from September 27-29, 2019.  Not only did they take first place, but Senator Brewer did the entire competition, including running, jumping and all sorts of shooting positions with […] Read More … The post Nebraska State Senator Takes 1st Place In International Multigun Cup 2019 appeared first on The Firearm Blog. ...
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QB Brewer cleared for No. 22 Baylor after taking hard hit

WACO, Texas (AP) — Baylor starting quarterback Charlie Brewer has been cleared to practice and play for the No. 22 Bears, who will be without starting left tackle Connor Galvin. Coach Matt Rhule said Monday that Brewer is fine after taking a hard hit early in the fourth quarter of Baylor’s 31-12 win at Kansas […]
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Why the acclaimed Eddie Murphy Netflix movie 'Dolemite Is My Name' is a comeback story for its director

Director Craig Brewer is riding high with the acclaimed "Dolemite Is My Name," a look at the making of the Blaxploitation hit "Dolemite," and is currently shooting the anticipated "Coming to America" sequel.  But for years, Brewer struggled to stay in the business following the success of his hit indie "Hustle & Flow." Brewer talked to Business Insider about what helped him bounce back and why the story of Rudy Ray Moore getting "Dolemite" on the big screen is similar to his own story. Visit B...
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Lawyer Says His Nazi Sympathizer Client Was Radicalized By Fox News, Ben Shapiro

Nolan Brewer, a Nazi sympathizer who pleaded guilty to spray painting swastikas on an Indiana synagogue and setting its lawn on fire, blames his radicalization on his wife who he says was indoctrinated by Fox News and Ben Shapiro, eventually leading her the Nazi website Stormfront, per his lawyer. Brewer was sentenced to three years in prison for defacing the synagogue, the Washington Post reported. Shapiro bristled at the accusation from Brewer’s lawyer. “Yes, if there’s one thing I’m known ...
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Student SCOTUS preview part three: more vote predicting after oral argument in US v. Haymond

I noted here back in 2017 an interesting opinion in US v. Haymond where a Tenth Circuit panel declared unconstitutional the procedures used for revocation of a sex offender's supervised release.  The Supreme Court also found the case interesting because, as reported here, the Justices in 2018 accepted the petition for certiorari filed by the feds.  The SCOTUSblog page on Haymond has links to all the briefing. As reported in this prior post, I have a great student, Jim McGibbon, who has been draf...
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Leaked Docs Show How NRA Execs Grifted Gun-Rights Movement Into Legal Peril

Fresh allegations of systemic financial mismanagement at the top of th e National Rifle Association  erupted into the open this weekend. Documents leaked online anonymously on May 10 and subsequently verified by the Daily Beast and Wall Street Journal purport to expose the extent of the NRA’s financial entanglements. Top executives including CEO Wayne LaPierre allegedly engaged in lavish spending on the account of a top NRA vendor, and the gun group is spending millions of dollars to cover le...
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This Scottish Brewer’s Jarring Ad During Game of Thrones May Be One of the Most Honest You’ll See

Game of Thrones fans in the U.K, unfortunately, don't have it easy; they're forced to stay up until 2 a.m. each week if they want to catch the show when it first airs, or else risk running into spoilers. Fortunately for advertisers, the U.K. version of the show on Sky Atlantic includes an ad break,...
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