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Shameless promotion...

 Amazing how much time you can waste editing video... [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Busting out

Well, sort of...Unlike Geoff and his Jaffa mates, most of the country has been let of jail and can now do more important things like ride motorbicycles.  So how to celebrate this?  A decent hoon on the Connie, covering as much as the free North Island as possible?  Flipping stones far and wide on the Tenere.  Or, rarking it up on a trail ride on the 450?Yeah, there's one option missing there - [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Waiting sucks...

2022 TT2000Countdown(function(d, s, id) { var js, pjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "//"; pjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, pjs); }(document, "script", "tickcounter-sdk")); [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Covid strikes back

 Day 4 of another lockdown so what's a poor motor-bicyclist to do? [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Just in case... need to find a decent pie: [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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In search of a steak and cheese

So Saturday was pretty damn horrible here - cold and blowing a gale - but Sunday simply started off cold and turned into a reasonable day so I did something a bit different...Yes, I went riding but this time I did something radical - I got the poor old Connie out and surprised the hell out it.  Poor wee thing has not had much action lately but started right up after a long slumber on the battery [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Takapari Road

A ways' back (seems like forever already) on our last ride on the big Adv bikes I floated the idea of a little bike ride up Takapari Road.  In a coincidence, when we got back someone had posted pictures of a ride up there showing some reasonably serious 4WD damage to the road - it looked enticing.  So enticing that Colin gave me a call and said that we must go and check it out.  Well, if we must, [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Caught in the act

Remember that time Colin and I stumbled across a Google car?  Nope?  Well here ya go: 'spose we knew what he/she was up to (taking millions of photos) but I really didn't give it much thought after writing the blog but today Gremlin sent me a message with a Streetview link showing us parked up on the Paraparas.Click piccy for link [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Gravel Gallivant

Gosh darn it, there's been nowhere near enough riding this month!  Between bad weather and a winter cold there's just been too many feeble excuses to stay home and hunker down.Well, on Saturday, Colin and I finally fixed that.  A very loose plan was formulated a couple of days out but then on Saturday we decided that rather meeting at my place, we were going to meet in Pahiatua instead - this [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Cutting loose

It's safe to say that we've had some fairly unfriendly weather the last few weekends and I've been too much of a wuss to head out and possibly drown.  But, on Saturday I threw caution to the wind and disappeared mid morning to get in a quick ride on the Mightiest of Mouses...After pumping 9L of go-juice into the WR I raced a Harley up Tremaine Ave (well, not really, but I'm sure he was worried) [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Murupara Meanderings Part 2

So after a chilly night in our chilly motel (perhaps we should have left the lights on for the extra heat) we topped up the tanks on the bikes and made for the Forgotten Highway.  This was another change to our plans and was due to the accommodation shortage taking us a bit further away from our planned Sunday jump-off point.  Never mind, the FH is always a great ride...Overnight there'd [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Murupara Meanderings Part 1

Last weekend was a long weekend and those are purpose designed for getting out for a decent ride.  And so, we had to and now I'd better waffle on about it...Initially we had big plans for eating up all three days and covering some serious ground but in the end we dialed it back to two days so that we could leave some excitement for another day.An early start planned for Saturday morning meant [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Four months later...

 And 6,200km mean the Tenere needs a new rear tyre.  This time around something different showed up.Shinko E705Looks a wee bit different to even the worn E-07 eh?Definitely not as knobbly as the E-07 and it's supposed to be a 70/30 tyre versus the 50/50 that they claim for the E-07.  I figure it might be a good one to have on over winter when the seal is slipperier and the gravel grippier...Not [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Suzuki Extreme 4WD Challenge

 A fair bit off topic but hey it's got Suzuki in the title...A couple of weekends ago Colin and I popped over to Turakina to check out the Suzuki Extreme 4WD Challenge - any excuse to see some V8's being gouged on eh?I last went to something like this as a teenager and back then the vehicles were generally modified Suzuki's, Land Rovers and Land Cruisers.  Yeah, some of them might have had a bit [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Operation Claw-out

 So, in the last blog we had been forced to leave a feral feline fending for itself somewhere in the wilds of Makairo Track.  Well, we couldn't leave it there forever so last Saturday another expedition was undertaken to track down the wayward Tiger.Plenty of planning took place during the week, equipment was prepared and a team of volunteers organised.  Colin came up from Waikanae in his work [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Expedition Makairo Road

Probably around a month ago there was some discussion on Adventure Rider about an old road that starts near Mangatainoka and spits you out on Coonoor Road.  Apparently the road was pretty much abandoned in the 70's or 80's (depending on which website you check or who you believe) and has become very overgrown and damaged.  It features on the Adventure Riding NZ website here and the advice there [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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 Woohoo!Now the wait for next years check points begins... [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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More blimmin rubber!

 Yeah, as it turns out even the Mouse eats tyres.  The Motoz Tractionator Desert H/T that I put on for last year's Dusty Butt has turned up it's toes after about 4,300km.Yes, that's right 4.300km!  Some R1 riders get more than that out of a rear!As usual it's been the boring road miles that have done the damage as the centre of the tyre is the bit that's worn out with plenty of the grippy stuff [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Peaking from the Peak

Saturday was ride day this past weekend and Colin's general plan was "somewhere out East with grub at Porangahau".  This appeared to be enough to entice Brett and John along too - although I think that John wanted to put some miles on his 120km old 1290...Anyway the plan was to meet in Pahiatua before heading out towards Pongaroa.  I got underway a bit early at just after 8 so got in my only [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Bush Riders Trail Ride

On Sunday the Bush Riders had arranged another trail ride just out of Pahiatua and as I'd missed another ride the weekend before I had to be there.We had a bit of rain the night before so I was a wondering what the day would be like and perhaps of more concern, how slippery things would be.  In the end the forecast mentioned showers but they didn't happen.It was actually a very nice day on a [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Anzac Antics

Three years ago I first met Chris as he was completing a special Anzac SS1600k on his R1 and this year he was at it again on Connie #2 while his wife Stella was tackling it on the R1.  And with their route once again coming through Ashhurst, I really couldn't come up with a decent enough excuse not to go out and say hi.Colin and I both kept an eye on their Spotwalla tracks throughout the day and [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Mad tracks

Just a very quick TT related blog.  No, not our next day's ride but a link to an animation showing various riders (including Colin & I) tracks across the countryside.It's created from our Spotwalla tracks that we use to track our rides.  These aren't really required for the TT200 (although they let Wayne keep an eye on us) but definitely are really useful for getting any IBA rides certified.Click [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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2021 TT2000 - Coming Home Part 2

So following a great meal at the Cardrona Pub and a night at Kelly's cool little cottage we were ready to tackle a new adventure.Kelly runs The Cardrona, a horse trekking and quad bike tour operation and she was good enough to organise a ride up into the hills for us.  I doubt you'll need much help in deciding what form of transport we were going to use...Check out our awesome (and most trendy) [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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I have a problem...

 Yeah, I shouldn't be let near the internet with a credit card...Over Easter my finger slipped when browsing on the GoPro online shop and a Hero 9 somehow ended up being dispatched to NZ.So today I went out for a little play.  I didn't fiddle too much at all and just shot some video at 1080p. 60fps and then experimented with the Hyperlapse setting too.  There's plenty more to play with yet...Not [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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2021 TT2000 - Coming home Part 1

Whenever the TT is in the South Island (my preferred option), it is always a spectacular excuse to do a bit more poking around the mainland.  This year, one of our missions was to pop over to Cardrona and stay with Colin's step daughter and have some fun while there.  But first we had to get there.There are a few different routes to Cardrona from Oamaru but checking GoogleMaps shows that the [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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 During the TT2000 we managed to discover some really neat gravel roads courtesy of the Adv checkpoints and I've just shared one with Eddie of Adventure Riding NZ.Moonlight Road was an absolute highlight of our early morning run on the last day of the ride.  Yeah, it was a little chilly but not only did we get to ride Butter and Egg Road (such a cool name), we got to ride across a staggeringly [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Easter Mousecapade

 So, the last time that I went for a decent ride on the little bike was on that little jaunt across the 42 and on that ride the most unspeakable and unexpected happened - there was a failure!Hard as it is to imagine but the little WR decided that it did not want to start on with the electric leg and with it not having a manual jobbie, things got very manual with me having to crash start it in [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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TT2000 write-up

 Yeah, it seems like a long time ago but finally here is the write-up: [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Grading Gravel

 No, I'm not talking earth moving - settle down Colin - but on Saturday we had our first gravel ride since the TT2000 and the chance to compare our local gravel to the autobahns of the South Island.I met up with Colin at Sanson and from there the plan was to ride Turakina Valley Road and that was pretty much all the planning we did.  But leaving Sanson I had an idea...Rather than ride all the way [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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