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The tide has turned against WeWork after it misjudged appetite for an IPO — now its trouble is deepening. Here's everything that's going on inside the coworking giant.

WeWork pulled its IPO in 2019 after mulling a massive valuation cut to drum up investor interest, and cofounder Adam Neumann was ousted as CEO and chairman. WeWork has been slashing jobs and selling or shuttering businesses.  New CEO real-estate veteran Sandeep Mathrani started in February, replacing Artie Minson and Sebastian Gunningham, who served as co-CEOs since Neumann was ousted. In April, investor SoftBank said it's backing out of its plan to buy $3 billion worth of WeWork shares, inclu...
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11 Lesser-Known Songs That Showed Adam Schlesinger Was A Power-Pop Master

If Adam Schlesinger had only been in Fountains Of Wayne -- even if he'd only penned the title song from Tom Hanks' directorial debut That Thing You Do! -- his status as a power-pop master would've been secure. However, the musician, who died from complications of COVID-19 on Wednesday at the age of … More »
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Hire People with Common Sense and Good Critical Judgement

Guest post by Stan Silverman: During a recent event to launch my book, Be Different! The Key to Business and Career Success, I spoke about the importance of hiring people with common sense and good critical judgment because at some point, you want them to violate policy when it is in the company’s best interest to do so. I described an experience early in my career while serving as national sales manager for one of my company’s operating divisions. I was informed that product...
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Big Horn Armory Announce Daily Giveaway in April, Extends Tax Return Promotion

Big Horn Armory Tax Return Special Sale Extension Cody, Wyo. ( – Big Horn Armory (BHA), makers of big-bore firearms, will be giving away a BHA branded T-shirt every day from April 1 – 30, 2020. Winners will be randomly selected and notified every evening from BHA’s email subscribers list. Don’t receive BHA’s emails? Sign up here to receive your daily giveaway reminder and to become eligible to win. In addition to this great daily T-shirt giveaway, BHA has decided to extend its Mar...
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A Quarantine from Reality: Italian Goes to America, Son Opens a Bank, Helps Rebuild a Community, a City, a State, and a Country

It seems that what's dictating the human agenda right now is fear. Each day we get our rationing of counts—who lived, who died, who told a story. Right out of Hamilton, the show. The avalanche of articles and news alerts seem to indicate that anything goes. In a business setting, which is what I'm used to, when a new situation like the one we're facing creates a change, the first line of defense from letting it overtake you is what you say to others and your internal conversation. Because those ...
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Coronavirus Live Updates: Job Losses in America Soar, Part of Global Economic Collapse

More than 6.6 million Americans filed for unemployment last week. Federal stockpiles of medical supplies are running low as the death toll rises and global infections approach one million.
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Son: Jazz great Ellis Marsalis Jr. dead at 85; fought coronavirus

By JANET McCONNAUGHEY and REBECCA SANTANA NEW ORLEANS— Ellis Marsalis Jr., the jazz pianist, teacher and patriarch of a New Orleans musical clan, died late Wednesday after battling pneumonia brought on by the new coronavirus, leaving six sons and a deep legacy. He was 85. “My dad was a giant of a musician and teacher, but an even greater father. He poured everything he had into making us the best of what we could be,”  his son Branford said. Four of the jazz patriarch’s six sons are musicians: W...
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National Small Business Week Postponed Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

The National Small Business Week joins the growing number of events that are being canceled and postponed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Initially, the National Small Business Week (NSBW) which is hosted by the Small Business Administration (SBA) was slated to take place from May 3- May 9, 2020. The SBA says it is postponing it until further notice. As per the Center for Disease Control (CDC) large events and mass gatherings can contribute to the further spread of COVID-19. This is b...
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America's labor market is hurting. But this jobs report won't show the worst of it

America's unemployment rate was near a 50-year low going into the coronavirus crisis. That will soon be a distant memory.
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France's coronavirus lockdown offers a preview of restrictions we may see in America

France is roughly two weeks ahead of the U.S. in the fight against the virus. What's happening there could happen to us next.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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10 Silicon Valley Facts Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Silicon Valley – a fantastic moniker that conjures lots of images, right? That’s because, in real life, it’s also a fantastic place. And entrepreneurs and business people agree! But just how interesting is this place outside of its fancy reputation and name? The following are some of the most interesting facts about America’s most popular technology hub. 1. It Started with a Garage. I know. You’re sensing a pattern here. Microsoft? Disney? Harley Davidson? Dell? Like all those giant companies...
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Taking Your Tea On The Road With You

Freelance contribution by: Lucy Wyndham Recycling in America is up by an impressive 35%, and this includes the paper cups that you get in most stores that serve drinks. Customers are becoming more aware of the amount of waste that they are responsible for. Rather than taking away disposable drinks cups, they are looking for alternative ways of transporting their tea. From travel mugs to Thermos flasks, you can always have a delicious brew, no matter where you are.  Trave...
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Donald Trump’s insult politics

Political commentators and satirists love to mock Donald Trump’s verbal gaffs, his simplified vocabulary and vague, boastful speech. But if you judge his oratory by its effect on the audience, Donald Trump’s rhetoric, particularly with large crowds of enthusiastic supporters, is undeniably effective. People have studied the art of rhetoric for millennia – so how does a style that runs counter to all established advice work so well? His use of simple vocabulary and repetition help him connect wit...
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One novelist who won't be writing about the coronavirus

One of America's greatest living writers says it would be "wrongheaded" to mention the virus in a book.
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Why Anne Tyler won't be writing about the coronavirus

One of America's greatest living writers says it would be "wrongheaded" to mention the virus in a book.
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Leadership in Crisis (FDR and the Rubber Band Effect)

To discuss a theme I'm seeing in my work with leaders on a daily basis I need to go back 80 years into the past. Why? Because from a certain angle, the year 2020 looks a lot like 1940... A Little History: America's Entry Into World War II As the Great Depression entered its second decade in the late 1930s, the world was lurching toward armed conflict, and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was faced with a profound dilemma: How to prepare the United States for the possibility ...
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The legacy of Tom Coburn

The country lost a great example over the weekend when former U.S. Senator Tom Coburn died from prostate cancer. He was 72. Like anyone, he had a mixed record. For example, he didn’t support same-sex marriage, which I believe was as misguided at the time as I do now. But he also left behind a legacy of principled support for limited government and thrifty use of taxpayer funds as well as having the character to develop friendships with people with whom he profoundly disagreed. That’s how I’ll re...
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Private sector working to ensure it doesn’t get worse before it gets better

The federal government’s efforts to combat the ongoing coronavirus pandemic illustrate why we shouldn’t put our full trust in government to find a cure. After all, they badly botched the testing, costing valuable time in identifying new cases and limiting its spread. Fortunately, private-sector innovators are leading where government has underwhelmed, conducting speedy research and development into potentially life-saving cures, while providing critical support in other areas where government ac...
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Actor Ali Wentworth Tests Positive For Coronavirus, Says She’s ‘Never Been Sicker’

The comedian and wife of "Good Morning America" anchor George Stephanopoulos said she is in "pure misery."
Tags: News, America, George Stephanopoulos, Ali Wentworth

Comedian Ali Wentworth Tests Positive For Coronavirus, Says She’s ‘Never Been Sicker’

The actor and wife of "Good Morning America" anchor George Stephanopoulos said she is in "pure misery."
Tags: News, America, George Stephanopoulos, Ali Wentworth

Russian plane with supplies for virus fight lands in US

A Russian military plane carrying medical supplies arrived in the United States on Wednesday, the Russian mission to the UN said, as the Kremlin flexes its soft power during the coronavirus pandemic. The Antonov-124, landed at JFK Airport in New York -- the epicenter of America's coronavirus outbreak -- pictures and video posted on the mission's Twitter page showed. Russia's defense ministry had earlier announced that the plane "with medical masks and medical equipment on board," left for the ...
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Why Do (Some) Originalists Hate America?

Imagine a regime whose fundamental law is only to be found in ancient archives, whose mysterious contents take years to unearth, layer by layer.  Each new discovery brings about a revolution, as large bodies of established law are unexpectedly discarded and others, previously rejected, spring back into life as the scholars revise earlier conclusions.  The operations of government are in constant confusion and disarray.  And this state of affairs is likely to persist indefinitely.    ...
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Outbreak could redefine labor in America

In Covid-19's upheaval of the American economy, supply-and-demand patterns were swiftly knocked out of whack.
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How Covid-19 could redefine labor in America

In Covid-19's upheaval of the American economy, supply-and-demand patterns were swiftly knocked out of whack.
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Washington State Commandeers Bankrupt Rural Hospital

Washington state officials took control of a recently bankrupt rural hospital to create additional capacity amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as dwindling numbers of rural health care providers brace to face the crisis. Though the hospital ceased operating due to its bankruptcy in early January, the takeover highlights the risk that rural America faces after a decade of hospital closures in sparsely populated regions around the country. The state government moved in federal bankruptcy court on Mond...
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Open Stage to Stream Online Performance of ANGELS IN AMERICA

Open Stage, a regional theatre in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, will be hosting a live-stream presentation of their upcoming production of Angels in America. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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The South, Sickest Part of a Sick America, Falls Prey to Virus

(Bloomberg) -- A virus that is particularly lethal for people with underlying health conditions is now spreading into the unhealthiest part of the U.S.: the South.For decades,­ people in the 11 states that seceded during the Civil War -- America’s poorest region -- have suffered from a scourge of obesity and hypertension, which intensify the danger of the coronavirus and the Covid-19 respiratory disease that it causes. Four of the five states with the highest diabetes rates are in the South. And...
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‘Tiger King’: O.J. Simpson Says Carole Baskin’s Husband Is Definitely Dead

As if 2020 was not mind-bending enough what with the coronavirus pandemic, a looming election, and a butthole cut of Cats floating around somewhere, O.J. Simpson just stepped in to up the ante—with a social media post about Netflix’s also insane documentary, Tiger King. The takeaway? White people are crazy and Carole Baskin’s missing husband is definitely dead.Simpson was tried and acquitted of the 1994 double homicide of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ron Goldman. In a later ...
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Automakers just reported big coronavirus-related sales dips, but the worst is yet to come (GM, F, FCAU)

Automakers reported declines in first-quarter US sales that were worsened by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. GM and FCA were down 7% and 10%, respectively. Toyota reported March sales that were down nearly 40%. 2020 got off to a decent start in January and February, but shutdowns in the second half of March had an immediate negative impact. The second quarter should be significantly worse: Vehicle production has been suspended in North America, consumers are reluctant to make big-ticket pur...
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