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New Data Suggests Luxury Marketers Might Be Missing a Huge Opportunity Right Now

With the country now experiencing unemployment nearing levels last seen in the Great Depression and with 70% of adults reporting that they're stressed over the state of the economy, it's little surprise that Americans are not racing to buy Rolex Submariners and Goyard Saint-Louis Claire tote bags just now. A recent report by consultancy Bain...
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Nike’s Anthem of Hope; Spam’s Big Moment: Tuesday’s First Things First

Welcome to First Things First, Adweek's daily resource for marketers. We'll be publishing the content to First Things First on each morning (like this post), but if you prefer that it come straight to your inbox, you can sign up for the email here. Nike's Latest Anthem, Narrated by LeBron James, Is Filled With...
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IAS to Provide Brand Safety and Fraud Protection for LinkedIn Audience Network

The brand safety conversation is making its way to the platforms as LinkedIn tapped digital ad verification provider Integral Ad Science as the exclusive and first brand safety and fraud protection provider for its LinkedIn Audience Network advertising offering today. The new integration is an expansion of the agreement IAS had with LinkedIn Audience Network...
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Mulino Bianco To Restart From The Little Moments Of Happiness With Publicis Italy

Forty-five years after its founding, Mulino Bianco – one of the biggest brands among the Barilla company and the leading brand of baked products in Italy with more than 140 references in its portfolio, the brand which has established the breakfast culture in Italy – launches a new advertising campaign that focuses on people and their personal pursuits of happiness. Especially in these moments marked by fears and uncertainties. In a campaign created by and directed by award-winning filmmaker Ga...
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Howard Luck Gossage, Ad Legend

Howard Luck Gossage is a cult figure. He is considered by some of today’s practitioners, myself included, as one of the greatest of all time. He converted an old firehouse in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco and began to “hold court” therein. Gossage was friends with Marshall McLuhan, Buckminster Fuller, and Tom Wolfe […] The post Howard Luck Gossage, Ad Legend appeared first on Adpulp.
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Why You Need Multiple Streams of Income

Bloggers love to develop multiple streams of income. Some realize that building a blog business from a single income stream is risky. Even if it’s a profitable stream of income, it could dry up if the market changes.  While the idea of money always rolling in is appealing, it’s challenging figuring out how to do more than one thing at a time.  Here are some suggestions on how to create multiple streams of income from your blog business:  Reinvest Your Blog Profits For Passive Income...
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Featured Creative Palak Kapadia Looks to Exceed Her Own Expectations as a Storyteller

Featured Creative Student, Palak Kapadia is a writer who has already created content for over 50 brands as she starts her career. Now that she's about to graduate from the Miami Ad School, NYC, she's looking forward to discovering new opportunities as a copywriter and hopes to find new ways to express herself through her words. Learn more about Palak in her Q&A profile below.Please tell us a little bit about yourself. What is your story? What do you want to share with other creative profession...
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going out vs going in / Bas les masques!

THE ORIGINAL? ManForce Condoms / Social media Post – 2019 Published during the 2019 air pollution crisis Click on the image to enlarge Agency : Unknown (India) LESS ORIGINAL Durex / Social Media Post – 2020 Published during the COVID-19 world crisis Click on the image to enlarge Agency : Unknown [Author: Joe La Pompe]
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The Biggest Customer Brands Are Missing Out on the Asian American Consumer

A surprising number of brands write off the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) consumer as a 5.6% niche and not a worthy investment. It is true that certain obstacles exist from a marketing perspective: our dozens of ethnicities, hundreds of dialects, a disparity in income and dispersion of cultures render engagement a unique challenge....
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Home Improvement Retailers Boast Sales Growth, Reaping Rewards From Tech Investments

While certain segments within retail are burning through cash, the landscape as a whole is not a wasteland. Leading home improvement retailers are among the best performers among legacy brick-and-mortar stores. "They were in the right place at the right time," said Sucharita Kodali, a retail analyst at Forrester. Home Depot, Lowe's and Ace Hardware...
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The Knot Worldwide's chief marketing officer on how the pandemic is reshaping weddings

Dhanusha Sivajee explains shift ceremonies, ‘mini-monies’ and the move toward weekday dates.
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What adland will be reading this summer

We asked 21 industry heavyweights what books are on their lists.
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Where the ad world's top execs are not going on vacation this summer

We asked 12 industry players about their travel plans sidelined by COVID-19.
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United Nations / COVID-19: Stabilize

To all the medics out there, all the nurses, carers, volunteers, epidemiologists, stretcher bearers, ambulance drivers, retired doctors, medical students, and all the healthcare personnel involved: WE ARE PROUD OF YOU. stabilize.jpg  
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United Nations / COVID-19: #ficaemcasa

In a world of pandemic where people are very scared and children are lost without knowing what is going on, we thought it would be interesting to make a film that provided the main information about the virus but in a playful way, showing that the changes they are experiencing, such as being isolated at home, can be experienced in a lighter and more fun way!
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United Nations / COVID-19: Cheer For the Stay-at-Home Team

We're rooting for the home team! The classic 'wave' seen at sporting arenas around the world is here to encourage everyone who can to stay home to do so. We think this concept puts a positive spin on social distancing and emphasizes our global solidarity. We're all in this together! The audience can post their own wave to social with the hashtag #StayAtHomeTeam to add to the biggest wave to flatten the curve. The more people we have doing the wave, the more impactful the visua...
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United Nations / COVID-19: Stop The Spread of Covid-19

We are BLKBX, a group of creative problem solvers, compelled to make a difference during these challenging times. We aim to help stop the spread of Covid-19 the best way we can through our ideas. We combine our creative execution with United Nation’s key messaging on how to slow the spread of the virus.
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United Nations / COVID-19: Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds

covid.jpg   covid1.jpg   covid2.jpg   covid3.jpg  
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United Nations / COVID-19: Corona Se Darona

A free to use, no-panic, children's safety song on COVID-19 in Hindi so that parents across India can talk to children about personal hygiene in a child friendly way. Children are feeling overwhelmed and scared with all that's going on. And there is a dearth of localized content that make communication easy and stress free especially in Tier 2, Tier 3 cities and villages across India. This video is being used by parents, preschool teachers, NGOs for their outreach initiatives ...
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United Nations / COVID-19: Symptoms

The most common symptoms are dry cough, high fever and fatigue. A large number of infected people has also described a loss of smell and taste for several days. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, call a doctor or emergency medical services and stay home!
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United Nations / COVID-19: #StayHome

Physical distancing is one of the most important actions we can take to flatten the curve of COVID-19. However, as the images of crowded parks show, many are still not taking the need to avoid non-essential travel seriously. Despite its importance, physical distancing can feel more like giving up something, not taking action to help your community. #StayHome turns the individual choice to stay home into a collective fight against COVID-19. It is an integrated campaign that us...
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United Nations / COVID-19: Rock, Paper, Scissors

A simple way for people of all ages to remember to always wash their hands.#WashingBeatsCovid
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United Nations / COVID-19: The Handwash

The message in how to wash our hands properly against the spread of Covid-19 is everywhere. But it’s dry. So let’s make it FUN. It’s time to reclaim hand washing as a feelgood investment in personal hygiene. In fact, the more enjoyable it is, the more we will all do this life saving task. We MAY even do it better because we’re having so much fun while we do it. So every time we wash our hands - let’s all dance and do ‘The Handwash’. Cup your hands to the music, get into the g...
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United Nations / COVID-19: Stay at Home Poster

This poster (the french version) went viral on social network and in medias. Even official french communications used it. I translated it into 22 languages and created a website so that everyone can download HD version and print it to spread the world. stayathomeposter_resize.jpg  
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United Nations / COVID-19: We are New York. Inside and Out.

We are still New Yorkers. Inside and out. Shout out to all the first responders and essential workers who keep our city functioning. Shout out to LCD Sound System for the perfect song (we do not have the rights but we couldn’t help ourselves and we are forever sorry and grateful). And a huge THANK YOU to all the wonderful New Yorkers who worked on this video, both on and off-camera. You are what makes this city special. This was entirely filmed from our individual apartment, a...
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United Nations / COVID-19: Climb 4 Corona

Imagine there is a staircase up to the moon. How long would it take you to climb up 250,000 miles or 385,000 km alone? Well, together we can do this in just a few weeks. This is ‘# Climb for Corona.’ A global initiative to keep the world, fit, healthy and united whilst we are locked-down at home. In response to the UN’s Social Distancing brief, we want to create a social media challenge issued to the world. Climb 100 stairs at home. And share your films at #climbforcorona We’l...
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United Nations / COVID-19: Know the Symptoms

In the style of a Public Service Announcement or old educational video, this short film clearly identifies the symptoms of the COVID-19 virus and how to respond if you experience them. Visual metaphors explain fever, coughing and difficulty breathing with the direction to follow directions of your local health authorities.
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United Nations / COVID-19: Safe Hands Challenge

Wash your hands!
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United Nations / COVID-19: How Not To Touch Your Face In Contagious Times

I wish I could do more to help people directly, but as a storyteller, I can only use the skills I have. Aside from actually reminding people not to touch their face when out in the world, I wanted to bring some levity to this absurd and awful situation. As laughter is not the BEST medicine, in this case, it is a good one. The idea for this came about when Covid really started picking up in New York, but before any sort of measures were taken. Experts were talking about how tou...
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