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Legal hiring managers who are snoozing are losing, as the hottest legal market since the late 1990s shows no signs of abating. Legal hiring managers must be efficient, organized and diligent to land the candidates they want and to beat out their competition. Even if you are in-house already, make sure your legal hiring managers are at the top of their game so that you can .

“Depending on where you live, the legal market ranges from toasty to sizzling. The economy seems to be holding steady and the “next generation of technologies” is the driving force behind continued innovation, investment and growth…the demand for lawyers is high. But the candidate supply is not keeping pace… As a result, titles are inflating and compensation rising. Candidates are also enjoying a smorgasbord of opportunities from which to choose and are fielding multiple offers. They are also rejecting more of them. This dynamic has created one of the most competitive markets for talent the profession has experienced in many moons.”

Read: You Snooze…You Lose. at The Lawyer Whisperer

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