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FAD Market – a curated fashion, art and design pop-up marketplace – is joining forces with Made in NYC, the city’s weeklong celebration of makers and entrepreneurs – to host a market featuring some of New York’s most talented home-grown vendors. Come shop products made right here in NYC, including...
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Parisian photographer, JF JULIAN is doing a summer residency in Brooklyn with an open studio. «Since 2010, I m engaged in an ongoing correspondence with famous nude models. This is the first look at this 10 years night exploration with images gathered from all over the world. It’s project FIREFLY....
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The Hidden Nature of the Feminine Soul
Exhibition Luciana Gomez: The Hidden Nature of the Feminine Soul July 19 – August 27, 2019 Opening reception: Friday, July 19, 6-10PM Duetto Arts is pleased to present “The Hidden Nature of the Feminine Soul” the first solo exhibition in Brooklyn dedicated to the emerging Argentinian artist Luciana Gomez. A...
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BOROUGH5 Group Exhibition
Black Diamond Gallery is proud to present BOROUGH5, a group exhibition that embraces the NYC community by displaying the many faces of New York through the eyes of New York City artists. Including works of various mediums (painting, sculpture, photography and collage), this exhibition will feature portraits that portray the...
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‘Same Rivers’ and ‘Other Waters’ – Watercolor Today.
Collier West is pleased to announce the group exhibition ‘Same Rivers’ and ‘Other Waters’ – Watercolor Today. There is no medium that offers more spontaneity and directness of expression than watercolor. This exhibit demonstrates a range of expression from the traditional perceptual approach, to a more photo referenced base. This...
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Critical Feedback Program at Trestle
Trestle programs are designed to offer an alternative to the expense of higher education. The Trestle philosophy comes from a belief that artists can grow and learn from each other without the excessive student loans that can come with graduate work at larger institutions. With a studio in NYC, one...
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RIP Hal Prince I woke up today to the news that Hal Prince has died, at age 91.
I never met Hal, but his impact on my life is profound. Everything I believe about the theatre, everything I do in the theatre, everything I make in the theatre, it all has roots in the work of the great Hal Prince. He changed everything.
No other artist -- not Fosse, Tommy Tune, Sondheim, nobody -- has been more of an influence on the work I do with New Line. It was Hal Prince who taught me the poetry of staging a show, that audiences will accept abstract space, abstract staging, etc., as long as you tell them a great story. Hal taught me that blocking doesn't have to be "natural;" it can be expressionistic. In fact, it's often more powerful and more meaningful when it leaves the concrete world for more expressionistic movement.
Just look at Hal's original staging of Follies and Evita as examples...
He also taught me never to fear the audience. He taught me the only real concern for a director is Am I being clear, am I telling this story as clearly as possible? He taught me that audiences love to think, to discover; and if you do all the work for them, they'll be bored and restless. He once said, "Don't sell audiences short. They are open to the adventurous, the challenging, even the dangerous.” With every show, New Line audiences prove he's right.
Hal taught me that theatre is an incredibly powerful force for persuasion and for social change, and because of its emotional heft, the musical theatre is even more powerful. He taught me that a show about nothing important is a boring show. He taught me it's okay to ask questions and leave the answers to the audience. He taught me that audiences don't want escape; they want connection.
He taught me that my art form is literally capable of anything, that musical theatre can tell any story, it can explore any issue, and it can aggressively challenge and confront its audience.
Hal came of age during the first Golden Age of Musical Theatre, and he's left us in the middle of a new Golden Age. But we must never forget that all the amazing artists making amazing work in the musical theatre right now, were all influenced massively by Hal Prince and his work. He died but he will be with us forever.
Every innovation, every transformation, every ground-breaking experiment, all of it is part of the art form's DNA now. Hamilton isn't half as brilliant without the obvious influence of Hal Prince on the staging and direction. And the same is true for Falsettos, Sunday in the Park, Come From Away, Sweet Smell of Success, Floyd Collins, American Idiot, Rent, Passing Strange, The Great Comet, and so many other shows. (In fact, Hal's Candide in 1974 used all the devices that everybody thought were new and innovative in Great Comet.) Hal taught us all how to leave behind the creaky Rodgers & Hammerstein model for new forms and new conventions and new ways to tell great human stories.
Look at this list of shows he directed on Broadway -- She Loves Me, Baker Street, Superman, Cabaret, Zorba, Company, Follies, A Little Night Music, Candide, Pacific Overtures, On the 20th Century, Sweeney Todd, Evita, Merrily We Roll Along, A Doll's Life, Grind, Roza, Phantom of the Opera, Kiss of the Spider Woman, Show Boat, Parade, Lovemusik, and Prince of Broadway. (New Line has produced six of these.) And that doesn't even count the shows he only produced, like West Side Story and Fiddler on the Roof...
I wouldn't be who I am if not for Hal Prince. I don't mourn his death -- I celebrate the dozens of musicals he helped bring to life, and all the mind-blowing, life-changing lessons he and his work have taught me over the years.
Thank you, Hal. I will pay it forward.
Long Live the Musical!

[Author: (Scott Miller)]

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A World Full of Silly Monsters and Dorky Villains
Craig Gleason, founder of the Bad Guys Club, is an artist out of Arizona with over a hundred thousand followers on Instagram. With a large selection of rad shirts and prints available for purchase, you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t check out the wares of this silly monster obsessed illustrator. Gleason’s work is dominated with monster love, populated with gads of unique, silly creations. There’s a feeling that these guys are the dorks and less evil inclined of the monster world. Take the monster he posted on June 2 for instance. A green haired beast bodied monster with long arms and legs stares off to the side with their polygonal head. Body of a man killer with the head of a dork. It’s wearing brown pants up high like a nerd with cuffs ending above their shin. What a nerd. Or there’s the guy from May 27. He looks like a gleeful psychopath with his bald head, eye patch and grey skin with bleeding scars. And yet, he’s holding a dainty yellow hat in his black gloved hands and a red trench coat with yellow-red plaid pants. The kind of psychopath who is always going to be a D-list villain, a guy you can laugh at. Because that’s what’s central to Gleason’s style. The humor. And that sense of lightness, the silly monster-loving is most purely expressed by the cactus lady also from May 27. Just a classic cartoon cactus, anthropomorphized, doing a jig in red cowboy boots. Wearing undies and a little vest with an organic bra. She’s got flowers for eyes, she’s dancing, she’s happy to be alive. And Craig Gleason’s work can make you feel that way to. Happy to be alive. Alive in a world where people are thinking of and drawing this kind of stuff. It’s a beautiful world. See the whole series » ]]>
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