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COVID deaths figures are so compromised they can no longer be used

I’ve written in some detail in my ICC complaint about the problems with COVID death counts. I also wrote earlier blog posts on this topic: The BIGGEST SCANDAL: Flu deaths being counted as covid deaths COVID-19 deaths are counted DIFFERENTLY to deaths from other causes: THIS IS A SERIOUS MISDEMENOUR. Dr Mark Hobart – who’s […]
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Dr Mark Hobart – who’s ACTUALLY worked in Melbourne nursing homes – confirms that MOST people dying WITH covid do not show respiratory symptoms

THIS IS FURTHER PROOF OF THE MASS FRAUD BEING PERPETRATED ON VICTORIANS BY DANIEL ANDREWS. Although from 4 September 2020, I was only sent this info recently. Mark Hobart practices in Sunshine. His views have been reported in The Australian on 16 September  2020: Melbourne GP treating aged care residents warns Victoria Government basing lockdown […]
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