Fuli Hot Spring Resort 馥麗溫泉大飯店

Fuli Hot Spring Resort 馥麗溫泉大飯店 Fuli Hot Spring Resort Taiwan We have not been blogging about Taiwan and time to share our stay on our last trip to Sun Moon Lake, Nantou County. This is one of the few hot spring resorts we visited during that trip which include Chuan Tang Spring Spa Hotel in Yilan ( 礁溪川湯春天溫泉飯店). Fuli Hot Spring Resort Taiwan This was our first time visiting Sun Moon Lake and this place is beautiful. The reason we stay at Fuli Hot Spring Resort as it offers t...
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FIAC outdoors ... in the rain

FIAC stands for “Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain” (International Contemporary Art Fair). It has been occurring on a yearly basis since 1974 and lasts only some three days. The main exhibition takes of course place indoors, in the Grand Palais, but there is also a lot to be seen in some temporary tents along the Champs Elysées. Part of the “show” takes place outdoors - here first a few things which you could find between the Grand and the Petit Palais. So… I m...
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Notes on Palembang – The port city of South Sumatra

Looking out of my window to the barely visible palm oil plantations below I was wondering what the hell I was doing voluntarily flying to Palembang in the midst of the great hazepocalypse of 2019. Apparently I was arriving on a good day. It got so bad later on that flights were being delayed due to the haze. In the weeks following my visit the pollution levels reached record highs. [Forests are burning to clear more land for palm oil plantations.] I thought about what the process is for buyin...
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Take A Moment and Go Visit Iceland Today

We have all been quite busy this year, but have we stopped and taken a breather? We made new year’s resolutions, stuck to a couple of them, made some progress, and stayed relatively healthy. But the fact is that we like, the fictional character Walter Mitty might be bogged down by our many day to day cares. Tunnel vision, myopic attitudes, and more significant concerns take us away from our dream of exploring fascinating places and countries such as Iceland or other Nordic countries. We might in...
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STR: Oyo And Jin Jiang Lead In Asia Pacific Hotel Presence

Oyo Hotels & Homes represents the largest hotel supply count in the Asia Pacific region, while Jin Jiang International leads in number of rooms in the development pipeline. As part of the STR 500, STR will release a list of the region's 100 largest companies during this week's Hotel Investment Conference Asia Pacific (HICAP) in Hong Kong. Public financial filings were used to supplement STR data to compile the list, specifically for companies whose own room counts do not match those of ST...

Travel Backpack Review by Nayo Smart – Nayo Almighty

With a family always on the move and a couple of extremely active sons, we are constantly looking for backpacks that we can use both on our family trips and during our daily routines. If we are not traveling, we are rushing from home to school, to the climbing gym and back. And we needed to find a travel backpack that we could put their school stuff in, along with their gym things but it should also work as a sturdy carryon for their travel essentials. Searching for such an item we found Nayo Sm...
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Checklist: preparing for a home swap vacation

Getting ready for your first home swap vacation? Here's a useful checklist to help you prepare for your upcoming exchange. Exchanging keys: decide how you will exchange keys (including car keys if necessary)? Meet your swap partners: it's often not possible but look if there is any way to meet your home swap partners (it can be great if there is a crossover period). Clean, clean, clean: make sure your home is clean and welcoming for your guest (some members arrange a cleaner to come at the ...
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Violent protests in Santiago, Chile

At least 11 people have been killed in violent protests in Santiago, Chile, sparked by anger over income inequality and the city’s high cost of living. Chile ranks among the worst for countries with a wealth gap between rich and poor citizens, and the recent unrest has only highlighted the already deep divisions in the country. Military and police have attempted to contain protests by using tear gas and water cannons, and imposing curfews, but the state of emergency in Santiago will neverthel...
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Salzburg Austria and the Wonders of Salzkammergut

Salzhammergut, a mountain region outside of Salzburg Austria is explored by cable car and by hiking trail, dining in Salzburg and visiting Mozart's home.
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Is Belize Safe to Visit?

Posted: 10/21/2019 | October 21st, 2019 Whether it’s relaxing on a picturesque beach, exploring Mayan ruins, or snorkeling the world’s second longest barrier reef, you’ll discover that Belize is full of amazing and adventurous things to do. The country is one of the most unique destinations in Central America and among my favorite countries in the region. It’s also where I did my first solo backpacking trip and, since that first trip, I’ve loved every minute I’ve spent there. From the Latin cu...
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Traveling to Toronto in 2020: Top 10 Reasons Why Plan, Save, and Book Early

Anyone who has traveled to Toronto can attest to the fact that this city is highly underrated. Toronto gives you so many reasons to fall in love with it, if you take a chance and visit this city in Ontario, Canada. It is a beautiful city that is clean and diverse with lots of friendly locals.  But while Toronto has 14 million tourist visits each year, this city has so much more left that is undiscovered. You will learn about why the Toronto real estate market is thriving and why many people ...
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Ginger Partners With Institute Of Hotel Management-Aurangabad (IHM-A) For The ‘ginger Leadership Program’

Ginger has announced its partnership with the Institute of Hotel Management-Aurangabad (IHM-A), one of the country's top hotel management institutions, to launch the 'Ginger Leadership Program' that will enable IHM-Aurangabad students to achieve Hotel Manager positions, akin to General Manager positions, in a short span of five years.

The Case for Copa Defecting to American

As LATAM prepares to consciously uncouple from American, the discussion has centered around what American can do to shore up its already-solid Latin American network. In the vision I laid out recently, the least controversial piece was that American should use Gol (an airline that was unconsciously uncoupled from Delta as part of this) to feed its Brazilian network. That’s really a no-brainer. But my second suggestion of snagging Copa away from United was met with more resistance. Some of yo...
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Buy One-Way Frontier Airlines Tickets As Low As $20 Today

Earlier this month, fed up with baggage fees, one traveler wore what looked like every item of clothing from her suitcase to save on excess luggage fees, as seen in her Facebook post. But if you’d prefer not to wear all your clothes at once—and are willing to pay for your carry-on—Frontier is having a hell of a sale…Read more...
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Costume Quest

I really loved Double Fine’s two Costume Quest games, and when an animated series based on those games was announced, I was pretty excited to check it out. When the first season did come out, I remember checking on Prime Video here in Canada and not finding it, and then forgot to check again later. With the recent release of a second season, that prompted me to check again, and I found that both were now available. I’ve only watched the first episode, but it feels just like what I’d want f...
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Route barrée

Road closed. It's that sign we dread when we're in a hurry to get somewhere which, thankfully, isn't all that often these days. It's usually followed by a sign that says déviation (detour) and arrows that point the way. Funny, détour is a French word, but it's not used to mean detour in the American sense. The two words' meanings are subtly different. Road signs and barriers stacked up behind the construction trailers behind our house. Un détour isn't a temporary route around construction or o...
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Hospitality Financial Leadership – A Client Story: Anastasia | By David Lund

This is a story about a recent client who hired me to coach her. She was the director of rooms in a large hotel in Illinois and was told that it was possible for her to be promoted to a general manager role in the future in a smaller hotel with the same brand. She was excited and nervous. Excited because of the prospect of becoming a GM which she had longed for and worked hard for. Nervous because she knew, as did her whispering boss who said, "You better brush up on your numbers."


I loved Hereditary — it was part of my Halloween marathon last year — and this follow-up from director Ari Aster is just as interesting, if so incredibly different a kind of movie. It’s definitely not scary in the traditional sense, but features some incredibly shocking scenes. And it’s a very slow burn, but one I found myself completed sucked into. It’s definitely not for everyone, and I can see how someone could not really like it, but I quite enjoyed my time with it, and was mesmerized ...
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A late harvest

With all the rain we've had in the past week (and it seems to be over now), I wondered how long it would be before what's left in the vegetable garden begins to rot. I knew there were a few tomatoes out there as well as some peppers. So I went out on Friday to gather it up. The peppers may still turn yellow and red as they sit. The red bell and yellow long peppers that you see on the left were mostly green when I picked them a couple of weeks ago. I was surprised at how many long peppers there...
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Can Loyalty Points Transform Travel Metasearch? A Japanese Case Study

Industry observers have said it for years: Eventually, travel metasearch will evolve beyond being price comparison and click-through sites. The change is already nipping at the heels of the old metasearch model with Google tightening its grip around the travel search-and-refer game and with online travel agencies under pressure to reform "lowest-price" practices.

The 2020 Virtuoso® Luxe Report: "Carpe Diem," Croatia, Antarctica And Greece

Travelers in 2020 are seizing the day and prioritizing trips now, powered by the belief that customized experiences are the best investment of their money and time, according to the latest Virtuoso® Luxe Report. Global luxury travel network Virtuoso annually surveys its industry-leading travel agency members and their advisor sales force across 50 countries to predict what lies ahead in the coming year. The Luxe Report, which has earned Virtuoso its reputation as a respected trend forecas...

More than 27,000 business appointments made at ITB Asia 2019, exceeding past years’ performances

ITB Asia, 'Asia's Leading Travel Trade Show', came to a close today at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, having attracted a record number of 13,000 attendees from 132 countries and territories. The show saw strong participation this year with over 1,300 exhibitors and more than 1,250 buyers. The three-day exhibition also saw more than 27,000 business appointments made, a 7.4% year-on-year growth.

Barcelona independence protests

After hundreds of pro-independence protesters marched in Catalonia this weekend, members of the Spanish opposition party are calling on Madrid to impose direct rule over the region to restore order. The demonstrations were in response to the jailing of those who organized Catalonia’s independence referendum in 2017, but the Barcelona protests have gotten so out of control that at least 184 people have been arrested and 13 have been hospitalized with injuries, including four who were partially...
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Is Azerbaijan Safe to Visit?

Posted: Azerbaijan is one of those emerging destinations that tourists are finally starting to discover. Until 1991, it was part of the Soviet Union, and ever since it became independent, travelers have increasingly started to visit this lesser-known country. The number of foreign visitors has nearly tripled in the last decade, to almost three million in 2018. While the sightseeing hot spots might not be well known, there are plenty of things to see and do in Azerbaijan. The capital, Baku, has ...
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Twilight Zone (2019)

I started watching the Jordan Peele-produced reboot of the series when it was airing earlier this year, but hadn’t gotten around to watching the last three episodes, which I finally did now — a good time to watch them, as part of my Halloween marathon. I quite liked this series, and I’m hoping they do more (it sounds like it was indeed renewed). As with any anthology series, I can’t say that I enjoyed every episode evenly, but overall I had a really good time watching it, and felt like the...
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Singapore Ranked as World’s Best City For Street Food

Singapore Ranked as World’s Best City For Street Food You are reading this right, Singapore Ranked as World’s Best City For Street Food. According to CEOWORLD Magazine, Singapore has been recognised as the world’s best city for food-obsessed travellers in 2019. CEOWORLD magazine has ranked 50 cities from around the world to reveal the best cities for street food-obsessed travellers. The data come from an annual survey of 92,000 business travellers and 1,400 corporate travel agents i...
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Royal Caribbean bans woman for photo

The point of taking photos of yourself in precarious situations is to get attention, but this woman didn’t get the kind of attention she was hoping for. A female passenger on Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas ship was posing for a photo while standing on her balcony railing several stories above the ocean, when she was spotted by a fellow passenger. This passenger, Peter Blosic, couldn’t tell if she was taking a photo or considering jumping, so he snapped a picture of her and alerted the s...
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The Purge (Season 2)

As I’ve written in the past (last year’s Halloween marathon included quite a bit of Purge releases), I quite like this series, and so I was excited at the prospect of a second season of the TV show. Only one episode has aired so far, but I already like the premise, which proposes that we spend the season looking at the year leading up to the next Purge (and the fallout from a Purge that has just ended). At least that’s what it looks like we’re going to get.
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In the Tall Grass

When October hits, it’s always good to see a new Stephen King-based movie pop up on Netflix. This is in fact based on a short story by King and his son Joe Hill — whose comic work I’ve quite enjoyed (Locke & Key), and I’m now reading his short story collection which includes this very story. I thought the movie itself was pretty good — nothing that blew me away, but it has some interesting ideas, and I liked how it wrapped up in the end. I think it’s well worth your time, if you’re in the ...
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Accor Team Members ‘Race to Survive’ on the Gold Coast

More than 280 Accor team members from across Australia and New Zealand converged on the Gold Coast last week (15 - 18 October) to successfully complete the hospitality group's bi-annual four-day 'Race to Survive' adventure challenge, raising over $530,000 for the Accor Community Fund to date.