PHOTO: Golden Hall at Stockholm City Hall, Site of the Nobel Laureate Ball

The stunning Golden Hall at Stockholm City Hall is one of the highlights on the tour of the city’s municipal center. However, it is just one of many things that make this building so famous. The 348-foot tall structure, built entirely of brick, was completed in 1923. Nearly eight million bricks were used in its construction. The three golden crowns atop the central tower are a reflection of the Swedish Coat of Arms. Stockholm’s City Hall is perhaps best known as the venue for the annual Nob...
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Once We Lived Here at The Blue Room Theatre

On the surface, Once We Lived Here is the quintessential Aussie story, the stoic farming family (the McPhersons) doing it tough on their drought stricken property. A previous family tragedy has led to the family falling apart, but now a fast approaching crisis has brought them back to the homestead for what might be their last reunion. Set in the not too distant past, Once We Lived Here can be viewed as a microcosm of Australian life . [Author: [email protected] (Nita Teoh)]
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Silence Anti-Snoring Throat Spray Review

Silence Anti-Snoring Throat Spray Review For those who are looking for a solution for snoring, this is something you should really consider. There are many treatments out there that cost in hundreds or thousands and there is no guarantee that it will stop snoring. If you are going to spend so much of money, why not you try Silence Anti-Snoring Throat Spray. This is something new in Malaysia but it has been around in Europe for years. Silence Anti-Snoring Throat Spray is made in France and it is...
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Prototype Sandals

Prototype sandals for the high heel #smartdoll feet. スマートドールハイ足先専用サンダル試作。なかなかいい感じ。
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Dubai Job Market and Working in Dubai

Dubai is one of the best international tourism destination and people from all parts of the world come here on vacations. It is a place with a lot of expatriates who have settled here and working in various jobs. Foreigners often find Dubai as the most exotic place to live and work. One of the [...] The post Dubai Job Market and Working in Dubai appeared first on Dubai Expat Blog.
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NW Getaway Ideas on a Budget (New Deals Updated Weekly) – Prestige Oceanfront Resort Sooke – Sooke, BC starting at $63 per night and More!

Living in the Northwest we have so many wonderful options for budget friendly or cheap weekend getaways. Within driving distance we can see the mountains, wine country, beaches, and city getaways. We have access to family vacations, romantic escapes, outdoor vacations or urban site seeing. Plus, you can do many of these things on a budget too! Here are our favorite picks this week, for some great deals you can get on Pacific Northwest Getaways. Be sure to bookmark this page (or pin it to your t...
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Fire in the Italian Language

Dal paradiso all’inferno From Paradise to Inferno  “Che paradiso!” Italian friends often say when they visit the coast and grape-growing regions north of San Francisco.  Those of us who live in Sonoma and Napa counties agree—and feel lucky to make our homes amid such beauty.  However, we have learned how quickly a paradise can turn into an inferno. The fires (gli incendi) broke out in the middle of the night. The initial spark (la scintilla iniziale) may have come from a power line (una linea ...
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Cranky on the Web: More 747 Love

One of United’s last 747s comes to Houston once more before retirement – Houston Chronicle It’s like I’m an addict who can’t quit the 747 tributes. But hey, the Houston Chronicle asked me for a comment when the 747 came through to say goodbye in Houston, so I had to answer, right? RIGHT?!
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With single weekly flight, remote St. Helena extends welcome

JAMESTOWN, St. Helena (AP) — The Gates of Chaos, Lot’s Wife, Old Woman’s Valley, Man and Horse Cliffs. These are the names of places on St. Helena, an otherworldly Atlantic Ocean island far from anywhere whose British-ruled population of just over 4,000 is reaching out to the world. Charles Darwin, astronomer Edmond Halley and Napoleon […]
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October 2017 Instagram Photos

Autumn is full bloom and many of the photos this month reflect the foliage in the parks, courtyards, and sides of buildings. The leaves and ivy are turning burning red, mustard and ochre and piling on the ground. Fall fashion is also in full swing and I snapped a photo of a decadent pair of knee-high Saint Laurent boots studded with rhinestones. If you still haven’t followed me on Instagram yet, here are my tags.  
 @parisian_doors Boots at YSL Saint Sulpic...
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Tasmanian Seafood Seduction Cruise Experience and Review

Tasmanian Seafood Seduction Cruise Experience and Review When you fly into Hobart Airport in Tasmania, you will be greeted by a ‘seal’ on top of the luggage conveyor belt. The iconic seal is an advertisement by Pennicott Wilderness Journey travel company. They are very popular with their cruise and hiking tours. One of their most luxurious tour they offer is the Tasmanian Seafood Seduction Cruise. It is a day cruise in a speed boat with limited passengers and it includes unlimited seafood and dr...
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Moving the burn pile

Four and a half years ago, we had the line of hazelnut trees along the north side of our back yard cut down to hedge size. I asked the guys who did the work to leave the trunks in piles in the yard so I could saw them into firewood. There were three big piles. One I took care of that year. The second, I think, I sawed up the following year. The third, however, sat there under our large fir tree for over four years. Until yesterday. You might be able to see the moved pile out in the garden plot...
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Jackets For School Uniforms

Making jackets for the school uniforms I showed you the other day. 先日見せた学生服のジャケット作ります。#smartdoll
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Aloha Friday Photo: East Oahu Tour Stop

Mahalo to Andrea Thomas for sharing this nice Oahu view with us for Aloha Friday Photos. Andrea’s photo is from the Makapuu Point Lookout on the eastern side of Oahu. She tells us that she took this photo while on a tour around Oahu. The view at Makapuu Point is truly stunning and well worth planning into your Oahu vacation itinerary or for a sightseeing day trip to Oahu from one of the other Hawaiian Islands. Happy Aloha Friday! The post Aloha Friday Photo: East Oahu Tour Stop appeared first o...
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Questions and answers on proposed ban on laptops in luggage

WASHINGTON (AP) — First the U.S. government temporarily banned laptops in the cabins of some airplanes. Now it is looking to ban them from checked luggage on international flights, citing the risk of potentially catastrophic fires. The Federal Aviation Administration recently recommended that the U.N. agency that sets global aviation standards prohibit passengers from putting […]
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Orange is the new white? Unique amber wine creates buzz

BURDETT, N.Y. (AP) — The sloping vineyards of New York’s Finger Lakes region known for producing golden-hued rieslings and chardonnays also are offering a splash of orange wine. The color comes not from citrus fruit, but by fermenting white wine grapes with their skins on before pressing — a practice that mirrors the way red […]
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France, Paris

16h Bld Lefebvre, affiche Copyright Jacques Witt [Author: Jacques Witt]
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Mirai's Kinda Place

Mirai’s kinda place - a retro arcade in Osaka.
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What To Do When Your Flight Is Delayed

Every year, thousands of passengers find themselves stuck in airports for hours due to delays, overbooking, and cancellation. This, in turn, equals to costly work or holiday time. Unfortunately, flight delays and cancellations are an everyday part of the air travel experience. As much as airlines avoid these disruptions, sometimes problems just occur. During such times, knowing your options can help you get your travel plans back on track. Use technology There are some great apps that can help ...
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Lourmarin and Around

                                Related Stories Creative FriendsSecond Wonderful Day with the MuseAutumn Feast  [Author: Tongue in Cheek]
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On Sale First This Sunday

I think you may like these. On sale first at this Sunday. 今週日曜のミライストアで先行販売します。#smartdoll
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I make lists. I have a little pad of paper on my desk, always at the ready, for a list or two. Often, it's a list of items that have to be entered into the check register that I keep on the computer. I have a shopping list that I keep for our trips to the US. I have a list of things we want to get on our next trip to the Asian grocery. Right now, I have a list of things that I wanted to get done while Ken is away. Of the ten items on that list, three remain to be completed. One of the vineyard...
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Thank you Sarah

         [Author: Tongue in Cheek]
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Name This Dress

I’m making this dress but what would you name it? このアパレルアイテムなんと呼びましょうか?#smartdoll
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5D4N Kyushu Itinerary – 15 Best Things To See, Do & Eat

There is nothing not to love about Japan—the beautiful landscapes, rich history, scrumptious local delicacies and exciting seasonal activities to take part in. Japan is a country that is worth visiting countless times because there is just so much to see and do there. When we talk about Japan, most of you would inevitably think of the more popular destinations such as Tokyo, Osaka and Hokkaido. For your next trip to the land of the rising sun, why not take the road less traveled and venture to ...
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Why I’m Now a Carry-On Traveler

I swear I haven’t become that person. You know, that traveller that’s carry-on only and then talks non-stop about being carry-on only. I’ve always been able to detect this sense of superiority from much of the carry-on traveller crowd. But also: I have to hold my hands up here, too, because there have definitely been times in the past where I’ve spotted a traveller in Southeast Asia with a backpack totalling 100 litres and pointed it out at Dave with a snicker. I try not to be judgmental towards...
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Old World Elegance at the Incredible Strand Hotel in Yangon

When talking about not only the world’s great hotels but also the most remarkable travel experiences, they fall into a variety of different camps. Among the standouts though are those who have not only proven the test of time, but whose service and refinement has become the stuff of legends. The Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok, Raffles in Singapore and yes, The Strand Hotel in Yangon are all members of this exclusive group of leading hotels. I had the great opportunity to be the guest of The Stran...
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Travel News: October 20, 2017

New York and Toronto doing reciprocal tourism promotion Travel Weekly NYC & Company and Tourism Toronto have formed a two-year alliance to help boost tourism to their cities. The partnership is the first city-to-city partnership for Tourism Toronto. It’s the first Canadian partnership for NYC & Company. Under the agreement, the destination marketing organizations will collaborate and share best practices. Both cities will exchange $500,000 in marketing and advertising assets to help promote the...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 20 October, 2017

An image of a rider about to take-off on a Russian ‘Hoversurf’ hoverbike. Can you see the appalling problem present? Answer at end of newsletter. Good morning A nostalgic farewell wave to AOL’s Instant Messenger – another technology and company that started off on the leading edge of something that had yet to be given the name of ‘social media’, but which failed to keep moving forward, and instead fell further and further back into the oblivion of irrelevance.  December 15 sees its closure.  T...
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Smart Doll Bewbs

Do you need #smartdoll bewbs without headlights? If so M or L? B地区が付いていないスマドおっぱい欲しければ教えて。作るから。何サイズがいい?M?L?
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