Weekly Roundup, Friday 21 September, 2018

Can you spot three things that show this to be a fake staged picture with fake passengers? See article, below. Good morning I must start off by thanking everyone who generously responded to the start of our annual fundraising drive last week.  We had 40 kind people choose to send in some support. Depending on if one’s glass is half full or half empty, the half full glass perspective notes that we collected almost as much this week as we did the first week last year; but the glass half empty not...
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Where to learn new hobbies in the US

Scattered across the United States are a handful of cities dedicated to the pursuit of perfecting the art of various hobbies. From beekeeping to microbrewing, the US is leading the charge by offering both amateur and professional hobbyists opportunities to improve their art, skill, and knowledge of local pastimes. If you’re interested in taking up a new hobby this fall, here’s a selection of places around the US where you can sink your teeth into a new passion. 1. Astronomy — Catron County,...
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The Best Singapore Travel Tips From Our Readers

Like Tom Waits, we sailed this week to Singapore. We asked for your best travel tips for the tropical island city-state, and you gave us dozens. Below are some highlights, and there are more great recommendations in the original comment thread. Check them out!Read more...
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Museum Day is this Saturday

If there was ever a time to become a museum person, it’s this Saturday. As part of Museum Day, an initiative by Smithsonian Magazine, over 1,500 museums across the United States will be free for one day only. No matter which state you live in, you’ll be able to find museums participating in the special event. And if you happen to live in Florida, you might have a pretty full weekend ahead of you, as there will be 104 free museum options — more than any other state. To take part in this even...
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Beating a dead horse

Just so you don't think we keep our kitchen uncluttered, here's the reality. Once the appliances were back in place, we repopulated the space with our stuff. Lots of utensils, pans, and other things hanging from the racks. It's a jungle in there. And yes, we use it all. The reality of the kitchen. I have plans to re-do it all. Later. I'm very happy, so far, with the new dishwasher. It is quieter and, because it's new, it looks a lot cleaner. The interior configuration is different, so we're wo...
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Best bookstores in South America

Mention South America and people might think of hiking in the Andes or dancing at Carnaval. Perusing the titles at an urbane bookstore may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But in South America’s big cities, bookstores aren’t just pretty; they’re downright stunning. From a breathtakingly grand emporium in Buenos Aires to a sleek architectural bookshop in Bogotá, here are the loveliest bookstores in South America. 1. Librería Lerner — Bogotá, Colombia ...
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Travel News: September 21, 2018

United Airlines to add more Dreamliner flights at Newark hub, report says USA Today Expect to see more United Boeing 787 “Dreamliners” flying international routes from New Jersey’s Newark Liberty next summer. That’s according to trade publication, which reports United plans to deploy 787s on “six international Atlantic routes” from Newark – presumably to European destinations – once the carrier’s 2019 summer schedule begins March 31. United revealed the plans in an internal let...
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Reimagining Sales Leadership with Josh Lesnick, President & CEO, Associated Luxury Hotels | By Andrew Hazelton

AETHOS recently "picked-the-brain" of Josh Lesnick, President & CEO of Associated Luxury Hotels - the parent company of Associated Luxury Hotels International (ALHI) and Worldhotels. Both are leading global hospitality services organizations that specialize in luxury-level and upper-upscale independently owned or operated hotels and resorts around the world. Associated Luxury defines success as enabling their member hotels to maintain an independent identity while competing effectively wi...
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New dishwasher

The appliance guy delivered and installed the new dishwasher last evening. He was a little late getting here, but all's well that ends well. Of course, the kitchen now needs to be put back together. We didn't try to tackle it last night, so we'll do it this morning. The new dishwasher next to the stove. That's a glass trivet/tray to protect the top of the dishwasher because we keep ceramic pots filled with long-handled utensils up there. I had some difficulty getting the stove back in place an...
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Aloha Friday Photo: Duke Kahanamoku Statue on Waikiki Beach

Mahalo to Toni McIntire from Tampa, Florida for sharing this nice photo with us for Aloha Friday Photos. Toni’s photo features the Duke Kahanamoku statue, which is one of those must-see sights of Waikiki Beach. Happy Aloha Friday! The post Aloha Friday Photo: Duke Kahanamoku Statue on Waikiki Beach appeared first on Go Visit Hawaii.
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North American Hoteliers Kick Off Second Half of 2018 with Continued Steady Rates and Bookings; Q2 2019 Shows Signs of Softness

TravelClick, a leading global provider of data and revenue-generating solutions for hoteliers, today released new data from the Company's August 2018 North American Hospitality Review (NAHR). According to this data, the second half of the year has stable rates and bookings across all travel segments, up 1.80 percent in average daily rates (ADR) and 0.51 percent in bookings in the third quarter when compared to the prior year. Group travel in Q3 is also up 1.81 percent in ADR and 0.50 perc...
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HFTP and Naseba Announce HITEC Dubai 2018 Advisory Council

Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP®) and Naseba are bringing back HITEC® Dubai this year from December 5-6 at the Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai, UAE. A regional extension to the world's largest hospitality technology conference brand, HITEC Dubai 2018 will feature 30+ speakers, 600+ hospitality stakeholders and 60+ solution and service providers. The show will give Middle East buyers - currently worth over USD 75 billion - access to global top solution providers in hospi...
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Best hot sauces around the world

There’s something about spicy food that unites eaters the world over who love nothing more than slathering their plates with sinus-clearing, tear-inducing condiments come meal time. Hot sauce is a standard table setting everywhere from South Korea to the American South, and much like currencies or passport covers, traditional chili-based concoctions say a lot about their countries of origin. Whether they tingle, sting, or simply add depth of flavor, these 11 hot sauces are essential to their ...
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PwC UK hotels forecast 2019

Our UK hotels forecast 2019 has launched today. We anticipate slower growth due to: Softer economic growth; High levels of new room supply and Weak business travel demand. The slower growth is especially apparent in London but the capital is still operating at the top of its game with some of the highest performance metrics in Europe.
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How To Stay Safe and Prevent Theft While Traveling

Traveling to a new state or country can be very exciting and relaxing at the same time. However, there are some vacation safety tips you need to keep in mind in order to protect yourself and your finances. Here are a few ideas on how to stay safe while traveling abroad or even during a simple weekend getaway: Before You Leave, Protect Your Home Safety while traveling begins at home before you ever leave town. To ensure your belongings stay secure while away, make sure no one posts on social me...
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We had what is called high tea in Chipping Campden. The town itself is really lovely. I liked their sign in the middle of town. An ancient covered market. I love seeing hand blown glass in doors and windows. The stairs in the hotel. Isn’t the wall paper in the dining room fabulous? It was cloth. I didn’t like the photos of what we ate. It was the usual assortment of finger sandwiches and sweets with tea of course.
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Hawaii volcanoes park to reopen after monthslong eruption

HONOLULU (AP) — The recent eruption of Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano has quieted to the point that federal officials are ready to allow people back to the dramatically changed summit crater, which has quadrupled in size, lost all of its lava and collapsed downward so far that the Empire State Building could now fit inside. Hawaii […]
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Download Gambar Persibday Bergerak Status DP BBM WA FB IG Twitter

Download GambarPersibday Bergerak Animasi Wallpaper Kata Gokil Lucu – Kolekso gambar keren terbaru kali ini menghadirkan kumpulan gambar persibday bergerak yang bisa dipakai untuk upload status whatsapp, facebook, twitter dan instagram juga dp bbm dan wa. Ada juga sebagian meme persib dengan kata-kata semangat supporter yang pas kamu unggah di jejaring sosial favorit sebagai bentuk dukungan kala persib bandung berlaga di gojek liga 1 indonesia atau di turnamen lokal dan mancanegara lainnya....
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The best Christmas markets in Europe

Christmas is already around the corner. You may be in denial because your tan lines have yet to fade, but summer is waning and it’s high time to start planning your holiday travels. Between the mulled wine, carols, and delicious sweet treats, organizing a trip to a Christkindelsmärik in Europe is a surefire way to make you want to skip fall altogether and head straight into December. So, this year, plan for a perfectly wintry holiday experience at one of these seven amazing Christmas markets ...
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Get paid $1 for every fall leaf

Leaf peeping might turn into leaf stealing when people get wind of this opportunity. Cash 4 Leaves, a website that creates fall-themed gifts and crafts for, is looking to enlist the average fall enthusiast to bolster its inventory of beautiful New England leaves. Participants will receive $1 for each maple leaf, provided that they come from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, or Connecticut, and are free from imperfections, mold, bugs, tears, or decay. ...
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5 Reasons to Add AV Management Software to a Hotel’s 2019 Capital Budget

Recent reports are showing that the meetings segment of hospitality is flourishing, and technology is of critical importance to event planners in venue selection. Meeting facilities with lodging - which hosted 87% of meetings 2016 according to the PwC Conference Center Report - need to put more focus on managing their built-in and portable audiovisual equipment to meet planners' expectations in 2019. Inventory management, break/fix ticketing, cost accounting and expense management of a ho...
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Northern Ireland outdoor adventures

Mention outdoor adventures in Northern Ireland and most think of one thing: The Giant’s Causeway. While the Causeway is a mesmerizing natural feature, and an absolute must-visit, it’s far from the only outdoor activity worth trying in the green isle. In fact, this tiny corner of the UK is one of the most underrated hubs for outdoor adventures in all of Europe. From hitting gnarly waves to traversing through awe-inspiring caves and alluring forests, here are eight activities you never though...
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Phan Boi Chau Night Market – Is Ho Chi Minh’s Central Night Market Worth Visiting?

Visiting night markets in any country is one of the best things to do to truly soak up a country’s culture, largely due to the amount of local street food, people and shops present. In Saigon, the popular Phan Boi Chau Night Market is a hit among tourists. In the day, Ben Thanh Market is bustling with locals and tourists buying fresh produce and knick-knacks. When night falls, the area surrounding Ben Thanh Market comes to life and the Phan Boi Chau Night Market emerges. In District 1, Phan Boi...
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Sony grant for female photographers

Great news for female photographers looking to take their profession to the next level. As part of its Alpha Female program, Sony is looking for five female photographers or filmmakers to help add some balance to a traditionally male-dominated industry. Those selected will receive a $25,000 grant to support their work, $5,000 to spend on Sony gear, some priceless mentorship from Sony Artisans, and the opportunity to have their work displayed in New York and Los Angeles exhibitions. As fo...
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French Armchair Contest

  Before the French Armchair Beauty Contest began, the French Armchairs quickly glanced over their shoulders to see who was who and who was wearing what. As the curtain rose the French Armchairs straighten their backs, tucked in their tummies, lift their chins, strutting their stuff in front of the adoring audience of Sofas and Tables hoping to find a clever match.     Miss Smooth Velvet-   She thought she stood a chance as monochrome colors were in. Though her bone structure was not as clas...
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Travel: Hong Kong is an easier way to experience exciting China

If the thought of vacationing in China causes some anxiety with all the political, economic, humanitarian and cybersecurity friction going on, not to mention the language barrier and intimidation of a culture so different, consider Hong Kong as a happy alternative. The world’s most visited city effortlessly blends East and West, and like unique sights, sounds and smells, English is omnipresent. Over 150 years of British rule will do that to a place. Those who’ve been there know how much there is...
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U.S. hotel results for week ending 15 September

The U.S. hotel industry reported negative year-over-year results in the three key performance metrics during the week of 9-15 September 2018, according to data from STR. In comparison with the week of 10-16 September 2017, the industry recorded the following:
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Home Swap Travel Photography: Competition Winner

Winning photo: family's home swap in Yorkshire, England Thanks to everyone that sent in their fabulous photos in our recent travel photography competition to win a Kindle Paperwhite. We received so many lovely holiday photos and trip reports, making it very hard to select a winner. However, Jacqueline and Richard's photo (above) of their two boys in fancy dress during a home swap in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire was chosen as the winner of the Kindle Paperwhite. "14 house swaps and coun...
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Hospitality & Technology – Innovation is Being Stifled By Lack Of Leadership | By Thomas Mielke

Whenever a company is merging with or being taken over by one of its competitors — something increasingly commonplace in 2017 and 2018 (thanks largely to Accor's busy buying spree) — AETHOS is keen to point the sector's attention to the importance of senior leadership "stepping up its game" to proactively manage transition periods. The same, of course, is true for times of major industry shifts which alter the conditions and the environment businesses operate in. Sadly, it seems, ignoranc...
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Looking to Drink with a View? These 4 San Diego Rooftop Bars Will Steal Your Heart

When it comes to big city living, there is nothing better than gazing at that city from beacons high in the sky. Rooftop Bars scream fun times, great company, fantastic drinks and the filling of sitting on top of the world. So, look up to the cosmos and raise your glass high to this list of four San Diego rooftop bars that will steal your heart. The Pool House The Pool House at Pendry San Diego is hailed as having some of best views in the Gaslamp Quarter. The San Diego rooftop bar embodies...
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