3 Outfits to Take on a Summer Vacation

Quick ways to look fabulous on your next trip!
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Is Your Hotel Website Secure?

A Hotel’s website is as important an asset as the Hotel itself. This is because the Hotel website is usually the first point of contact with a potential customer which means that it is the feature that can persuade or dissuade a visitor and how you present your brand to the world. It is important to take the time to craft an attractive, functional and easy to use the website, but it is also important that you take steps to ensure that the website is secure. The internet is a dangerous place and...
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Job opening in Canada: Farm Equipment Operator

Annual Salary:  $40,000 – $60,000 Job Sector:  Production/Farming Education Level:  High School Diploma/GED Job Overview:  A farm near Leader, SK is looking for a well-rounded individual to join us on our family farm. What You’ll Do:  Operate and maintain heavy equipment A grain bin and building repair Yard work General farm labour What You’ll Need:  Previous farm experience Class 1A license Ability to work in a team setting as well as independently Categories:  Driving, Operation,...
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Active hurricane season predicted, Ige seeks to hire top officials, Kealoha trial begins, firefighter killed in crash, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Hurricane Iniki NOAA Hawaii braces for another busy hurricane season. With El Nino conditions expected to persist into the fall, the Central Pacific Hurricane Center is predicting a 70% chance of above-normal tropical cyclone activity during the upcoming hurricane season. Star-Advertiser.Hawaii and the Central Pacific could experience more storms than normal during this year's hurricane season. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicted Wednesday there will be five to e...
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When to Fly to Avoid Flight Delays

Over the weekend, my 8pm flight from Chicago was delayed a total of four times; my plane arrived late, followed shortly by our crew who arrived at the gate from delayed flights themselves. Why is flying at night such a pain in the ass?Read more...
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Luxe Stays in Italy: Three New Choices for 2019

Two hotels in Rome and one in the countryside of Emilia-Romagna are some of the most-talked about new luxury properties in Italy. The post Luxe Stays in Italy: Three New Choices for 2019 appeared first on Italofile.
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Live Aqua San Miguel de Allende Ups the City’s Room Count

Despite a boom in tourism and more gringos moving in all the time, it has been quite a while since a new large hotel has opened in San Miguel de Allende. Most of the additions have been small boutique hotels or B&Bs like Casa No Name and Casablanca 7. That changed recently with the long-anticipated opening of Live Aqua Urban Resort, about a 15-minute stroll from the UNESCO World Heritage historic center of San Miguel. While the brand name may not be familiar to Americans and Canadians, the par...
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Hotel Expiration Dates: Fact or Fiction? | By Mark Lewis-Brown

Expiration dates: they're super common in some industries - they are regularly seen on consumer-packaged goods, food and drinks, medicine, etc. - but the idea of an expiration date isn't often applied to the hotel industry.

Deutsche Bank CEO Targets Investment Bank for `Tough' Cuts - Bloomberg

Deutsche Bank CEO Targets Investment Bank for `Tough' Cuts - Bloomberg:Deutsche Bank AG Chief Executive Officer Christian Sewing is targeting the investment bank for “tough cutbacks,” notably in equity trading, in a campaign to restore market confidence following the breakdown of takeover talks with Commerzbank AG.“I can assure you: we are prepared to make tough cutbacks” to the securities unit, Sewing said Thursday at the bank’s annual shareholders’ meeting in Frankfurt. The CEO said he’s “rigo...
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The habits you pick up bartending

You can take the bartender out of the bar, but…from overtipping, sleeping in, and being able to make everyone else feel comfortable, here are seven habits that are hard to shake even when you leave bartending. 1. Sleeping in No alarm clock, breakfast in bed, and leisurely mornings listening to music are standard. Living life in reverse has its challenges, but slow mornings are one of its perks. It can be a literal rude awakening adjusting to early mornings. As nice as it is to have nights o...
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How Smartconcierges Can Make Every Guest Moment Matter and Improve the Guest Journey | By Raj Singh

Today, brands are essentially collections of experiences. We're in an era where people remember moments and experiences, not ads or logos. In this age where "CX is the new UX," there are six common objectives in the digital transformation of travel's customer experience that hotels need to consider as part of their strategy to build their brands through personal interaction. These objectives include frictionless interactions at every touchpoint, the ability to communicate through preferre...
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Data Quality Vital To Total Revenue Forecasting | By Michael McCartan

Total Revenue Forecasting (TRF) enables hotels to get a better picture of both rooms revenue and ancillary revenue in order to plan more strategically. This may be in terms of resourcing. For example, anticipating demand before it arrives can enable you to spend marketing money more accurately. It can show where demand is weak, not only in rooms but also in other revenue-generating areas of your hotel.

STR: Central/South America hotel performance for April 2019

Hotels in the Central/South America region reported negative performance results during April 2019, according to data from STR.U.S. dollar constant currency, April 2019 vs. April 2018Central/South America

Three bears climb into man’s car

Southern hospitality is one thing, but allowing three bears to take up residence in your car might be taking it too far. When Chad Morris, a barbershop owner, parked his car in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, last Thursday, he returned to find a black bear cub climbing through his car window. Apparently, the first one was just a scout, as two more approached afterward, entering through the right driver’s side window while a mother bear watched from afar. Morris posted about the encounter of Facebook, ...
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Hyatt Announces New Lifestyle Division Following Its Fall 2018 Acquisition of Two Roads Hospitality Brands

Hyatt Hotels Corporation (NYSE: H) announced the organization of a new, dedicated lifestyle division, which brings together Hyatt's and former Two Roads Hospitality's lifestyle brands, including Andaz, Alila, Hyatt Centric, Joie de Vivre Hotels, Thompson Hotels and tommie. Announced as global head of lifestyle operations, Frederic Flageat-Simon, former CEO of Two Roads Hospitality Asia, is responsible for developing the global operations strategy for Hyatt's new lifestyle division, workin...
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Why associations matter | By Michael Blake and David Sjolander

Ever wonder what all the hotel industry associations out there do? Michael Blake of HTNG and David Sjolander of OpenTravel Alliance walk us through the maze of acronyms and explain why they are an indispensible part of the industry landscape: they’re in it for the long-haul, and their continued success depends on serving the needs of their members

Oomph Launches Plastic-free Hotel Key Card

UK company Oomph has launched a plastic-free hotel keycard for the sustainable hotelier, made entirely from wood fibre. With similar performance to plastic, the FSC approved Pulper™ paper key card works with leading door lock manufacturers using contactless RFID and magnetic stripe technology.
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Send Your Name to Mars with the 2020 Rover

If you’ve ever yearned to travel to Mars, now is your chance. Well, okay, you can’t travel to Mars, but your name can, and that’s as close as you’re ever going to get. Read more...
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Where to eat in Miami’s Little Haiti

Miami’s Little Haiti has been an enclave since a large number of people started immigrating to the US from Haiti in the 1980s. Yet the area and the culture didn’t receive the same recognition as other immigrant communities in Miami. While tourists come in droves to Little Havana to try cubanos and puff on cigars, hardly anyone sought out Little Haiti. It wasn’t even officially designated “Little Haiti” until 2016. Today, the neighborhood is finally starting to get the attention it deserves, ...
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Hilton’s Commitment to Diverse Leadership

This month Hilton is celebrating Asian & Pacific Islander Heritage Month with events across its U.S. corporate offices. These explore the culture of Asian communities, share career stories and personal reflections from Asian & Pacific Islander Team Members and feature talks from executives who are also part of the Asian & Pacific Islander community.

Hiker's guide to Gros Morne NP

N ewfoundland and Labrador, Canada’s easternmost province, is a pretty magical place. Gorgeous unspoiled wilderness, spectacular hiking trails, icebergs, whale watching, and a Viking history make this an easy spot to fall for. And Gros Morne National Park, on Newfoundland’s west coast, is a world-class introduction. We’re talking dramatic mountain peaks, glacially carved fjords, and some of the best hiking anywhere. You know America’s national parks — now it’s time to explore one of Canada’s ...
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Practical Advice for Visiting Barcelona | By Ismael González Serrano

Barcelona is one of the greatest cities in the world. Home to sublime and amazing architecture, vibrant nightlife, and is a truly wonderful coastal location. It has great accommodation options from budget to luxury hotels and Barcelona holiday apartments are plentiful.

Ireckonu confirms renewed partnership with Mandarin Oriental

Hong Kong, Amsterdam, 23 May 2019 - Ireckonu has announced that Mandarin Oriental has renewed its partnership to utilize its Core and IKnowU products to better understand guests' preferences and needs.
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Good Leadership And Values Key To Staff Satisfaction, Study Finds

Tourism and hospitality firms that score highly for leadership and cultural values see higher staff satisfaction, according to a new study by the University of East Anglia (UEA).

Worry-Free Vacations: Planning Tips & Useful Travel Resources

When you’re on vacation, the last thing you want is for stress and worry to distract you from the fun and relaxation of the trip. Unnecessary worries — be it anxiety about your pet’s care, the security of your home or the many, logistical moving-parts of your itinerary — are easy to prevent with smart planning and digital resources. Don’t let any stress get in the way of your much-deserved break. Here are some tips for how to plan ahead for a stress-free vacation. Worry-Free Vacations: Planning...
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Escape to the Bavarian Alps in a charming A-frame that produces surplus energy

An A-frame house from the 1970s has been converted into the Solarferienhaus S3 (Solar Holiday Home S3), an energy-positive holiday home located in a former holiday village in the hilly Chiemgau landscape of Upper Bavaria. Redesigned last year by German architect Thomas Ziesel, the innovative modern home is primarily powered by large photovoltaic panels mounted on both sides of the steeply sloped roof. Natural light floods the interior, which follows a minimalist design to keep the focus on the ...
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Weekend getaways: With Legoland, grizzly-watching and other kid-friendly delights, parents can’t lose in San Diego

My wife and I wanted a vacation that would expose our 4-year-old to textures, sights and smells that feel foreign, and southern California is close enough to be convenient, yet exotic enough to feel otherworldly to a child. With pelicans, beach jaunts and (of course) Legoland, San Diego can be a child-friendly paradise.
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This Was The Best Big Game Ad | By Larry Mogelonsky

As a former adman, I always relish the yearly football showdown in early February, not just for the game itself and all the glutenous overeating that accompanies it, but for the television ads.

How Hackers Can Steal Your Data at Airports

Ever wonder if it’s a bad idea to surf the web using a heavily trafficked public wifi network at an airport? For the most part, it’s safe; your information probably isn’t at risk as long as you connect to the right network. On the other hand, you might want to rethink plugging in your phone to one of those USB power…Read more...
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New Study Reveals Gig Economy Is Alive And Thriving In The Hospitality Industry With Nearly 76% Of Hotels Using Contractors For Senior Hires

While there's much discussion around the gig economy and what business models are the best fit for it, the new Gig Economy in Hospitality 2019 study by Strategic Solution Partners (SSP), a leading hospitality solutions provider, and SearchWide Global, a full-service executive search firm, revealed the hotel industry is, in fact, benefitting from the contractor workforce model mainly due to three factors: speed to market, senior expertise available on demand, and seamless transition.
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