DLNR land policies scrutinized, PUC chair Iwase retiring, new homeless camp for Waianae, lawsuit over Leilani access, Molokai plan advances, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Pololu Valley lookout ©2018 All Hawaii News Booming market, idle lands. Hard up for cash, the state Department of Land and Natural Resources nearly a decade ago identified 14 mostly vacant properties as having the best potential among its inventory of idled lands to start generating badly needed funds for park maintenance. Star-Advertiser.Examples raising questions about DLNR’s oversight of state land. The state Department of Land and Natural Resources has a poor track record of leasing i...
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Why you should consider a Disneyland vacation rental (It’s cheaper!)

One of the best ways to enjoy your time in Disneyland Anaheim from an accommodation perspective is to rent an apartment, especially if you are traveling in a large group, or staying in Disneyland for several days. Our family stayed for 10 and saved thousands by renting an apartment. There are plenty of vacation rental homes and apartments near Disneyland. It will save you money, be more convenient, and can often be closer to the park. Unless of course you stay at one of the Disneyland Hotel Reso...
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Yellow Tail wine Super Bowl campaign

For those who watch the Super Bowl exclusively for the commercials, this could be the opportunity of a lifetime. Yellow Tail, an Australian wine brand, is looking to create a Super Bowl commercial based entirely on user-generated content. To jump-start its “Tastes Like Happy” campaign, Yellow Tail is inviting fans to create and submit short videos of what makes them happy. The two winners will have their videos featured in the Super Bowl commercial, and get some pretty wide-ranging social med...
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How (And Why) I Moved to Ireland After Graduating

In my family—and in higher education culture in general—being successful means having a career lined up by the time you graduate college. Setting up a career after graduation had been my plan for as long as I could remember. I hadn’t even considered that there were options for a post-graduate lifestyle outside of committing to a 9-5 office job and (hopefully) doing something within the field of my major. My new plan started last summer after a month-long study abroad trip to the Netherlands, wh...
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How to Plan a Motorcycle Road Trip Across America

If you’ve never done a road trip across America, perhaps you should add it to your short-term bucket list. And if you’re a biker, perhaps you should do it in style, in the form of a motorcycle road trip. 6 Tips for a Fun, Safe, Economical Trip A motorcycle road trip offers a unique experience that very few people ever get the chance to enjoy. But in order to do it right, you must plan ahead. In particular, you’d be wise to keep the following in mind: 1. Be Realistic The first piece of advice ...
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10 Things to Consider When Planning a Trip to Spain

Are you planning a trip to Spain? Before you go, make sure you have everything in order by following our simple traveler’s guide. Are you the type of person who loves exploring the world? There’s nothing better than getting away from home and traveling to new destinations. The world is full of exotic beautiful countries just waiting to be discovered. And few are as exciting and mysterious as Spain. When planning a trip to Spain, there are so many things to do and see that you won’t want to m...
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HyperSurfaces turns any surface into a user interface using vibration sensors and AI

Imagine any surface, such as a wooden table, car door or glass wall, could be turned into a user interface without the need for physical buttons or a touch screen. That’s the ambition of HyperSurfaces, the London startup originally behind the Mogees line of music devices and software, which today is unveiling what it claims is a major breakthrough in UI technology. Dubbed “HyperSurfaces,” the new technology, for which the company has four related patents pending, combines vibration sensors and t...
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It’s happening again: Inside Western Washington’s ‘Twin Peaks’ tourism

David Lynch's "Twin Peaks" was filmed in locations throughout Western Washington. A one-man tour company will take you to see them, but it's BYOD (bring your own doughnuts).
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Use These Websites to Find Cheap Air Fares

There’s no shortage of travel websites and online agencies to search and book flights, but when it comes to getting the best deal, using a combination of sites will often give you the best results. If you have a little time and flexibility to play around, here are some to bookmark for your next trip.Read more...
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A Local, Italian Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide

This past year at work I’ve been involved in a project called TCBL, a collaborative, EU funded project to increase sustainability in the textile and clothing industry. It’s one of a number of initiatives working in this direction, a more B2B than B2C one. But maybe you’ve heard of the Ellen Macarthur Foundation or the campaign “who made my clothes”? The driving content is basically the same. We’re living in a world covered in an unimaginable heap of stuff, stuff that won’t disintegrate for centu...
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How AccorHotels'JO&JOE Enhances Travel Experiences

You can do whatever you want when you're at JO&JOE. Between youth hostel and hotel, the brand's Open House is a space to live and share with a unique design. In collaboration with AccorHotels, Skift explains this hybrid concept designed for millennials in its "European Hospitality's Creative Renaissance" report.
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PHE Warns Hospitality Businesses To Cut Sugar Or Face Further Government Action

Public Health England (PHE) has called on the hospitality industry to step up efforts to reduce the sugar and calories in dishes or face further government action.
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You Know What? Go Ahead And Use The Hotel Wi-fi

AS YOU TRAVEL this holiday season, bouncing from airport to airplane to hotel, you'll likely find yourself facing a familiar quandary: Do I really trust this random public Wi-Fi network? As recently as a couple of years ago, the answer was almost certainly a resounding no. But in the year of our lord 2018? Friend, go for it.
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Ways to Say Thank You in the Italian Language

Thank you Italians don’t observe the all-American holiday of thanksgiving (la festa del ringraziamento). There are Italian words, but no cultural equivalents for the Pilgrim fathers (padri pellegrini) and the American Indians (Amerindi) who came together to celebrate the harvest (il raccolto) in the new world (il Nuovo Mondo). Italians do eat turkey (tacchino) and pumpkin (zucca) but not in the traditional way (modo tradizionale) that Americans prepare them on Thanksgiving. Yet Italian has a wo...
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Map of education years

If you’re thinking of studying abroad and sticking it out for a few years, you’ll want to go to a place that takes education seriously, so you can make the best out of your experience. A quick look at the map created by Redditor trinitronbxb will show which countries have the highest number of years of mandated schooling in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. The inhabitants of Nordic countries rank among those most educated, with people attending school in Sweden, Norway, and Iceland ...
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Day and Night

Once I am home, it’s very hard for me to leave at night leading to few night shots. I’m always sort of amazed by what I see when I happen to be out in Paris after dark.   Restaurants look a bit magical with their lighting. The column at Bastille looks even better in its night time light. Cocktails taste better at night too. Many mornings we are out walking in the Promenade Plantée with great Autumn light. Seen in Printemps. I was looking for a light coat to wear now when I should have been l...
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Hotel Occupancies, Rent Growth Remain Strong, with a Positive Outlook for 2019

Hotels are doing better than ever. More rooms have been occupied in 2018 at higher rents than ever before.
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New Mavic Drone Owners: 60fps Will Ruin Your Videos

 The DJI Mavic Pro drone, still in my opinion the best one of the bunch, shoots exceptionally crispy 4k video. Right out of the box the Mavic is configured in its sweet spot for video, that is 4k at 30fps. Try to mess around with those settings and well, you can see the results in the video above.   DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo: Foldable Propeller Quadcopter Drone For those of you getting a new DJI Mavic Pro soon, keep in mind 60fps is a setting you’ll want to avoid and remember to tap the...
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Getting to the Core of It: What Plate Tectonics and Guest Engagement Have to Do With Each Other | By David Millili

The hotel industry has talked ad nauseam about what guest engagement means, how it looks, what the methods should be. We know that it's not the one-way communication with a guest that the hotel industry long embraced, but, instead, a dialogue that creates emotional involvement and generates trust. A mechanism for earning a guest's loyalty via a combination of experience, service, and relationship. And this loyalty is more important than ever. According to Gartner, existing customers will ...
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Top 5 Blog Posts Hotels Should be Writing | By Kerryn Gower

The importance of having a blog on your hotel website can't be stressed enough. In addition to serving as a platform to share informational and inspirational content to past, current, and future guests, blogs can enhance your inbound marketing efforts—driving traffic to your hotel website and attracting even more prospective guests.
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Panoramic Views From the Top of York Minster

The post Panoramic Views From the Top of York Minster appeared first on LandLopers.
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Central Park’s alternative design

F. L. Olmsted and C. Vaux are near household names among long-time New Yorkers. The two urban designers created what is perhaps the most famous spot in New York City — Central Park. But what many locals don’t know, however, is that the Central Park they know today almost didn’t come to be. The layout of Central Park was handpicked from a series of options entered into a contest back in 1858. While Olmsted and Vaux submitted the winner, their design was actually one of 33 under consideration. ...
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Here's How Much to Tip at a Hotel

For such a small act, tipping can seem overwhelming. We know it’s customary to give a little something to the people helping make our vacations and travels better, but how much is enough? Should you tip the bellhop as much as the housekeeper, and what about the concierge? Does staying at an all-inclusive resort mean…Read more...
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Petite Aquarelle

Bright Awning Light 12" x 16" framed size $140 including shipping  available at           Related Stories Friday's Petite AquarelleFriday's Petite Aquarelle Brantome, Dordogne, France  [Author: [email protected] (Susan Vieth)]
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7 Tips on What to do During Your Honeymoon in Milan

It’s true that when people hear about Milan, they almost instantly think about fashion, but Milan is not about that. It has a large range of activities to offer to its visitors and it can be quite romantic if you choose to spend your honeymoon there with your loved one. If you’re newlyweds looking for interesting and romantic things to do and see in this amazing Italian city, you’ve come to the right place. We will provide the best 7 tips on what to do during your honeymoon in Milan. Great expe...
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IDS Next to Exhibit at HITEC Dubai and Promote It’s New, Innovative FX1 Platform

IDS Next, a leading global provider of next-generation technology solutions for the hotel industry, will be showcasing the world's first "Intelligent Hotel Platform" at HITEC Dubai 2018. FX1 is the revolutionary solution designed to decrease operational costs, increase guest satisfaction and help hoteliers drive incremental revenues. Attendees and media are invited to meet with the IDS Next team at HITEC in Dubai and view live demos.
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Why the bartender is ignoring you

Have you ever wondered why your bartender hasn’t refilled your half-full water glass yet? Or why they seem to be polishing and re-polishing the same liquor bottles? Or why they’re hunched in the corner of the bar looking up “drink recipes” on their phone? They might be politely ignoring you and here’s why. 1. They’re busy. Nine times out of 10, if a bartender is ignoring you, it’s because they’re doing something else. Even if the bar doesn’t seem that busy, bartenders are responsible for a...
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Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Review: $700 Towards Any Travel + Annual Fee Waived First Year (Limited-Time Offer)

Limited-time offer; Highest bonus ever! The Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard® is a travel rewards card that has just increased their sign-up bonus to 70,000 points (worth $700 towards any travel), and the annual fee is also waived for the first year ($89 annual fee after that). This is the highest total incentive ever for this card. Here are the highlights: Limited Time Offer: Enjoy 70,000 bonus miles after spending $5,000 on purchases in the first 90 days. Earn unlimited 2X...
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46 Hidden Travel Costs You Can Avoid To Save Money (like airline fees, hotel fees, & more)

This post 46 Hidden Travel Costs You Can Avoid To Save Money (like airline fees, hotel fees, & more) appeared first on The Professional Hobo. When I travel, I’m perpetually afraid that I’m getting ripped off – by airlines, by taxi drivers, by hotels – you name it. If I have to pay for it, I figure there’s a good chance I’m paying too much. While I might be a touch paranoid, my fears aren’t entirely unrealistic. Unwitting travelers constantly overpay for all kinds of things, often in the form...
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London’s latest skyscraper

The London skyline is about to get a facelift, courtesy of this new building shaped like a flower. Aptly named the “Tulip,” the tower will be 1,000 feet high, making it the second tallest in London (just four feet behind the Shard). British architects Foster + Partners revealed plans for the building on Monday, with construction starting in 2020 and a completion date of 2025. Photo: Foster + Partners While it’s still unclear exactly how the building will be used, the architects say it will...
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