Travel to Eat: My Favorite Food Moments of 2018

I write about food a lot on this site, but with good reason. I firmly believe that it’s the most important aspect of the travel experience, forming some of our strongest memories through taste and smell. It’s also the fastest way to learn about a new culture and what the people value. More than anything else though, it’s just a lot of fun. There’s nothing better than snacking your way through a foreign market, or tentatively ordering a meal, not quite sure what you’ve gotten yourself into. It c...
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Travel News: December 31, 2018

Eataly opens first 24-hour site in Las Vegas, with 7 specialty food counters LA Times Eataly Las Vegas opened Thursday in the Park MGM with seven specialty food counters, two restaurants, three bars, a chef’s demonstration table and a “kitchen of the market” concept that lets customers eat in or take home. It’s the first Eataly to offer 24-hour service too. So far, only the site’s Gran Caffé Milano, which serves coffees and cocktails alongside breakfast, lunch and dinner bites, will stay open 2...
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… And Back to São Paulo

It’s only minutes before landing in São Paulo for the second time in nine days that I realized I could barely remember the first three days we spent there when we came from Canada. Wait, did I get a haircut on the second day? Yep, my hair is definitely shorter and manageable. Did I find my favourite bakery right away? I think so, I vaguely remember biting into their delicious pão de queijo… but the empada was too crumbly. Did we shop, eat, walked around and everything? We must have. I have pictu...
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Colonial Town Square in Mazatlan, Mexico

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Singapur da 2 a 5 y prximo viaje

Da 2 La sudorosa boda Singapuri...Mas estricto ayuno y milagrosamente los pantalones entran quizs poda haberme tomado una sopa los ltimos dos dias. Espero que no exploten.La boda bien. El Pater filipino era un bartono y hablaba espaol c
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Best Tips for Planning a Trip to the Grand Canyon With Kids

If you are planning a trip to the Grand Canyon with kids, you are in the right place! In September we enjoyed an unforgettable two day Grand Canyon vacation as part of a four week road trip with my visiting family from Australia. My kids with my sister and her husband and daughter My parents, sister and her family flew into Phoenix from Sydney where I met them after flying in from our home in Raleigh, and high on their wish list was a family trip to the  Grand Canyon Arizona! Caz and I previ...
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The Year that was 2018

2018 got over really fast. Much faster than any other year I can remember. Quite a few things happened. I didn’t get much time to enjoy while I was in it. It could be, because we didn’t take our regular travel break. But all in all a great year. We are all healthy. Though max isn’t doing as great. He is still doing good for his age. I started Nagarathna Memorial Grant this year. Here are the first year results. I got more positive responses than I expected. I am very happy. From this year onwa...
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France, Strasbourg

Musée d’Art Contemporain, la voiture et les fusils de Joana Vasconcelos   Copyright Jacques Witt [Author: Jacques Witt]
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2018: A Look Back + The Year in Photos

Phew! We made it. Let’s all have a collective exhale… ♥ E X H A L E ♥ For me, 2018 kicked 2017’s ass! This year was soooo much better for me personally. And I’m so grateful for that. The most important thing that I need in my life is connection. And I’m so happy this year to be back in a relationship with someone I love dearly. You may recall from last year’s post that I was single again and spending a lot of time alone working on myself…and frankly, just being sad and depressed. Plus, you re...
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10 Countries Where You Can Enjoy The Most Beautiful Beaches In The World

In the world, there are destinations you may love because of their lush outdoor spaces or bustling cities. However, they may not top your list when you compare with the best countries that have the most beautiful beaches. If you have a plan for traveling to a more extended holiday, Opodo will help in booking flights and places to settle during your holiday. If you want various centers for your holiday surrounded by beautiful beaches, here are ten countries that have the best beaches worldwide. ...
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Best Beach in Los Angeles? El Matador in Malibu!

Best Beach in Los Angeles? El Matador in Malibu! One of our great travel pleasures of 2018, was discovering one of California's most beautiful beaches!  One of our great travel pleasures of 2018, was discovering one of California's most beautiful beaches! El Matador State Beach is one of the best kept secrets of Los Angeles. Not as popular as the beautiful beaches of Santa Monica, Venice, Hermosa, Manhattan or Newport beaches, but known by some photographers and filmmakers who like ...
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In the Footsteps of the Cast of Ben Hur

1964 Diary EntryThe next morning we started to pack for that day we were leaving for Rome. At about 12 o'clock we caught a taxi to the airport. When we got there we had our baggage checked had our passports stamped and then we went to the f
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6 Pitfalls of Gift Cards Which Can Cost You Serious Money

Unlike frequent travel loyalty program miles and points — in which I questioned in this article as to whether or not they are a currency — gift cards use actual currency to comprise its value. You can get gift cards for just about any company at many denominations of value — such as a gift card to a restaurant worth $25.00... ...but you also have to watch out for... The post 6 Pitfalls of Gift Cards Which Can Cost You Serious Money appeared first on The Gate.
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All of this blog was written months ago on my last trip but have only just got around to publishing. Since then iv'e returned home for nine months and am now back in Japan. Will update from that trip again soon. Hell's teeth its cold here.
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7 Things to Do Before Planning Next International Trip

A plan to visit a foreign land and to witnesses its food and culture is an overwhelming feeling. Before taking off for visiting that foreign destination, it’s obvious to start daydreaming about the upcoming vacation. But to enjoy your free time in a different country, it would be wise to spend some time in the planning of your next international trip. The planning for the international trip is not only about searching for cheap international flights. You are going to visit a different c...
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7 Things to Do Before Planning an International Trip

Planning an International Trip and to witnesses its food and culture is an overwhelming feeling. Before taking off for visiting that foreign destination, it’s obvious to start daydreaming about the upcoming vacation. But to enjoy your free time in a different country, it would be wise to spend some time in the planning of your next international trip. Planning an International Trip is not only about searching for cheap international flights. You are going to visit a different country an...
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Tourists killed in Egypt blast

Roadside explosion hits tour bus near Giza pyramids
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KY eats – Sabak Salai, Pedas, Negeri Sembilan

Last weekend I made a short food seeking trip down south to this little kampung at Negeri Sembilan aptly named Pedas (or Spicy in English), as what we’re looking to eat is indeed something spicy! Sabak Salai, Pedas, Negeri Sembilan Our destination of the day was Resipi Sabak Salai, a rather popular spot located just 2 kilometers away from Pedas exit point on the North South Highway, which itself is about 20 kilometers south of the more popular Seremban exit. Sabak Salai has a very simple set...
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Lake Myvtan Tour

Last night went for the Northern Lights tour we did see them they're as enchanting as ever. My tripod wasn't cooperating and I didn't get good pictures but that's ok I was just happy to see them again. And happy that we got free hot chocolate while
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The Line Where the Sky Meets the Sea

The small craft bounced across the waters of the Gulf of Thailand. I had boarded one of the many small boats heading to Koh Tonsay or Rabbit Island from the Kep pier this morning. On the ride over I spent my time alternatively watching the sun dance off
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Union Properties approves share buy-back amid restructuring - The National

:Shareholders of Union Properties, the Dubai real estate developer restructuring to narrow losses incurred during the oil-price slump, approved plans to buy-back up to 10 per cent of its shares for the purpose of reselling it, the company said in a bourse filing on Sunday.The buy-back is intended to help the company shore up its finances as it continues to reorganise its business.The company’s third-quarter net loss widened to Dh61.8 million, from a Dh44.1m loss recorded in the year-earlier peri...
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The #Abraaj saga is far from over and questions need answering in 2019 - The National

The Abraaj saga is far from over and questions need answering in 2019 - The National:The collapse of Abraaj Group, once the Middle East’s biggest private equity firm, was a market-roiling business story of 2018, and it is far from over.“Given the challenging legal and governance complexities of the case, compounded with multiple geographies in terms of assets, I think this will take at least a few years to conclude,” said Khalid Howladar, managing director and founder of Acreditus, a boutique ri...
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Small stocks recover on #UAE bourses

Small stocks recover on UAE bourses:Small stocks in the UAE gained in trade on Sunday, recovering from their lows, when they witnessed profit-taking on Thursday. Gulf Finance House closed 9.15 per cent higher at Dh0.930, after gaining 10 per cent in the previous session. Union Properties closed 1.23 per cent higher at Dh0.410. Salama Insurance closed 3.77 per cent higher at Dh0.440. Union Properties closed 1.23 per cent higher at Dh0.410. Dana Gas closed 2.77 per cent higher at Dh0.85. Dubai Isl...
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#Dubai Duty Free sales soar above $2bn

Dubai Duty Free sales soar above $2bn:Annual sales clocked up by Dubai Duty Free (DDF) hit 7.3 billion dirhams ($2 billion) on Saturday morning, the emirate’s airport retailer said in a statement. The sales figure marks a record for DDF, which reported 7.05 billion dirhams in sales in 2017, although the rate of growth has slowed.The retailer reported sales worth 6.6 billion dirhams in 2016. “2018 has been a good year for Dubai Duty Free, and we have been building up toward the $2 billion sales f...
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GECF member-countries can emerge as global LNG bunkering hubs - The Peninsula Qatar

GECF member-countries can emerge as global LNG bunkering hubs - The Peninsula Qatar:The Doha-headquartered Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) has said that its member-countries have great potential to emerge as international LNG bunkering hubs. As LNG is all set to become a significant fuel in marine transport in long term, the GECF countries should consider becoming first movers instead of just taking a wait-and-see position, said Aydar Shakirov, Gas Transportation & Storage Analyst, Gas Mark...
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#Qatar’s fiscal position strengthens on oil, gas revenues: EIU

Qatar’s fiscal position strengthens on oil, gas revenues: EIU:The risk of capital outflows induced by the regional blockade on Qatar has largely subsided with the “recovery of foreign reserves and the return to a current-account surplus” in 2018, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit. Moreover, reserves at the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA, the sovereign wealth fund) are sufficient to maintain the currency peg to the dollar for several years, meaning that a “devaluation remains a distan...
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The Peculiar Case of the Somali Shilling

Sudipta, a dear friend in the Silicon Valley, asked me to comment on a March 2013 article titled “Orphaned currency, the odd case of Somali shillings.” The piece is about how the Somali shilling continued to circulate even after the Somali central bank was literally destroyed in the civil war around 1991. The bank notes … Continue reading The Peculiar Case of the Somali Shilling
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Two Problems With American Airlines Lavatories: Size and… Sexism?

Google's Head of Home and Nest Product Planning called out American Airlines lavatories not because they’re too small for baby changing, but because their baby changing sign is sexist. Continue reading Two Problems With American Airlines Lavatories: Size and… Sexism?...
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