Cool new things opening in 2019

In less than a couple of weeks, your social media will be inundated with inspirational memes that are all some iteration of “new year, new me.” Yay. But your motivational Instagram friends aren’t the only ones excited about new things in 2019. All around the world cities are welcoming new attractions, parks, art installations, and museums that create exciting reasons to jump on a plane and visit. Whether it’s a Star Wars-themed park in Disneyland, a newly discovered cenote with a zip-line in ...
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7 Things To Do In Vietnam

You looking for tourist attractions and things to do in Vietnam? Here are our top things to do in vietnam help you explore this wonderful country. 1.Take a cyclo ride around the old quarter in Ha Noi When visiting Hanoi you must make time to wander around the old quarter. Although Hanoi’s old quarter can be negotiated on foot, it’s more fun to ride through the narrow streets on a three-wheeled bicycle-powered rickshaw.Elderly riders pedal many of these rickshaws and are experts at pointing out...
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5 Thanksgiving Family Road Trip Products You Need Now

Family road trips are a great way for members to bond with each other and spread the love. Road trips are, however, incomplete if the element of comfort is absent from them despite the excessive amount of traveling. There are some products which can make your travel something the entire family can look forward to and can promote a safer outlook of the trip. Car baby Monitor by Infanttech When traveling with kids, it is essential that you can keep an eye on them throughout, beca...
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What Would You Add to the List if You Were Pregnant?

Photo: Chelsea 18 months old.     In the beginning, when I was pregnant with Chelsea, French Husband was jealous. He wanted to be the one pregnant. He wanted to be the one growing a baby inside. To appease his wishful thinking I let him tell me five things he would do if he were pregnant and that I would do those things for him. 1)  He wouldn't watch TV, nor watch any violent movies, nor be around any loud noises, he would turn off the radio, and never listen to rock music (I had to remind hi...
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Pantai Kelanang en Banting Sepang Port Dickson 90km Total 1300km

A las 7 despertar en el paraso esta noche a las 3 me han despertado lis chavales con el bacalao a tope. A las 8 vienen los monos a la playa de hecho son los mas listos se apoderan de la playa mientras hace fresco y cuando empieza a hacer demasiado cal
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Sekinchan Kuala Selangor Klang Pantai Kelanang en Banting 130km Total 1210

Ayer por la noche pasaron dos cosas buenas. La primera es que empez a llover y los chavales de los petardos se fueron y el del ford que se haba trado la chinita a la playa para ponerla mirando a sumatra tambin. Lo segundo es que vinieron dos chinos
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What to see and do in Moscow

If you think Russia is a frozen, barren land dotted with drab Soviet buildings, you need to make your way to Moscow. The city is filled with world-class museums, modern parks, and jaw-dropping architecture that’ll bust those stereotypes once and for all. As for food, it’s not all about spuds and thin onion soup either — once you try a hot, savory blini and a bowl of borscht, you’ll never want to have a can of Campbell’s ever again. Plan a trip to Moscow and hit these nine cool spots to experi...
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São Paulo Ain’t No Gotham City

You must have heard a thing or two about São Paulo. No, it’s not the capital of Brazil—that would be Brasilia—but it’s the country’s financial centre. It’s also South America’s largest city, with a metropolitan population of 21.5 million. Major protests usually start in São Paulo—you probably saw a few CNN “breaking news” about them, although chances are you had no idea why protesters were facing military police forces in riot gear because Brazilian political issues are rarely in the internation...
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My First Time Staying at a Hyatt Place Hotel Property — and The Verdict Is…

I have stayed in various Hyatt hotel properties in the past and have been a member of its frequent guest loyalty program before I became known as a Decemberist or a Architecturalist or whatever the whatever I am in their World of Hyatt program; but I never stayed at a Hyatt Place — until now. I checked in at the front desk at the... The post My First Time Staying at a Hyatt Place Hotel Property — and The Verdict Is… appeared first on The Gate.
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Happy Christmas from Manly

SC writesSome sort of normality has returned now I'm back in Manly Vale at Nik's. Final preparations are now underway for Christmas and the last few presents have been bought. No cards this year for obvious reasons so this the best way we have to wish
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How to do Nevada's 'Death Drive'

You might think that a Nevada route called “The Death Drive” would give you something to worry about, like getting stranded alone in the desert. In fact, the road is not barren. Not at all. The itinerary for this 365-mile road trip — a loop from Las Vegas to western Nevada and back again — is actually alive with excitement. You’ll head from the neon lights of Sin City toward the rugged beauty and history of the state’s wide open heartland. The route treks past forests and parks, among them t...
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Holiday desserts around the world

Holiday traditions vary from culture to culture, but there’s one thing that every holiday celebration has in common: food. No holiday is complete without a meal shared with family and friends. And the anchor for that meal is dessert — because we all know that no matter how full we are, there’s always room for dessert. Many cultures have a dessert tied to the holiday season, be it Christmas, Epiphany, or New Year’s. These are eight of our favorite holiday desserts from around the world that yo...
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Italian pasta and sauce pairings

Although pasta is good with almost any ingredient, there are rules about which pasta goes with which sauce in Italy — especially when it comes to fresh pasta (made with flour and water) and egg pasta (made with egg, flour, and water). These rules are well established in each region. You’d never put pesto on tortellini, for example, or a heavy meat sauce on a delicate noodle that can’t support the meat’s weight. And you’d never put alfredo sauce on…anything. When it comes to getting it right a...
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Gatwick drone arrests: two people held over disruption of airport

Two arrests made in relation to ‘criminal use of drones’, police say, as thousands remain stranded Two people have been arrested in connection with the “criminal use of drones” which has caused widespread disruption to flights at Gatwick airport, police have said.In a statement released in the early hours of Saturday, Sussex police said the arrests were made just after 10pm on Friday night. Continue reading...
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Holland America’s Newest Ship Arrives in Port Everglades

Earlier this week, Port Everglades welcomed the 2,666-passenger Nieuw Statendam to its new home port in Fort Lauderdale.  Sister ship to Koningsdam, Nieuw Statendam is… The post Holland America’s Newest Ship Arrives in Port Everglades appeared first on Cruise Maven.
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5 Religious Buildings You Should Visit Around the World

It is no secret that, around the world, there is an abundance of stunning architectural brilliance that attracts hundreds and thousands of tourists every year. Some even see tourists flock in their millions just to capture a glimpse of the world-famous buildings. Religion and architecture have long gone hand in hand, with beautiful places of worship erected over the years that still inspire visitors to this day. Here, we look at five religious buildings that simply must be on your bucket list. S...
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US to punish Chinese officials

In an effort to put pressure on the Chinese government with regard to its human rights violations in Tibet, the Trump administration has introduced the Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act, which punishes Chinese officials who prevent American officials, journalists, and other citizens from traveling to Tibet. Tibetan territory is under heavy watch by Chinese security officials, who make it difficult or impossible for foreigners to visit. The Communist Party has banned foreign diplomats from going ...
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Best way to see Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

One minute you’re marveling at the countless towers of rock rising up from the emerald green waters of Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay. And that’s all you get. Just one minute. Because every other second of your two-night boat excursion has you surrounded by countless other tour boats rather than the natural wonder you came to observe. Even at night, the serenity is usually shattered by an ‘OOMPH, OOMPH, OOMPH’ echoing off the moonlit cliffs from a closely anchored party boat. There is a better way to ...
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Best month for cheap flights

Traditionally, January is the epitome of winter misery. The bright lights and festive music of Christmas have all come down, and all you’re left with are 4:00 PM sunsets and an ice scraper to keep you warm. Tack that on to credit card bills from the holidays that literally make you avoid opening your mailbox, and it’s time for a little escape from reality. You shouldn’t let those astounding holiday bills keep you from it, either. Not that we’re preaching financial irresponsibility, but accord...
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El Salvador Honduras

Kaum in El Salvador angekommen haben wir auch schon die lokale Spezialitt Pupusas ausprobiert. Dies sind Teigfladen welche mit Kse Bohnen oder fr Nichtvegetarier auch mit Fleisch gefllt werden. Diese waren wirklich sehr gut und extrem preiswert.
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European Capital of Culture 2023

In case you’re really planning ahead and want to get the best European cultural experience in 2023, the Hungarian town of Veszprém needs to be at the top of your list. Home to one of the country’s earliest stone castles, Veszprém is located between Lake Balaton and the Bakony Hills and defined by its narrow streets, medieval architecture, historic fire tower, Hungary’s first cathedral, and a summer music festival. Last week, the European Commission thrust this small town into the spotlight wh...
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Trump Rocked Energy In 2018. 2019 Could Be Wilder - Bloomberg

Trump Rocked Energy In 2018. 2019 Could Be Wilder - Bloomberg:President Donald Trump’s love of coal, rejection of climate science and disdain for things like fuel efficiency hark back to a smokier, smudgier era. Yet if this year has shown anything, he is one of the biggest disruptors in energy. He just does a different kind of disruption.In a prescient essay published late last year, Jason Bordoff, founder of the Center on Global Energy Policy, wrote that Trump’s energy-specific policies would h...
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The Miracle of the Strawberry Tree

Chances are you’ve never heard of a Strawberry Tree. When ripe, its strawberry-colored fruits are spiky and usually quite round. You wouldn’t mistake them for a real strawberry. You wouldn’t eat them, probably, because they don’t have much of a taste. Scientifically the tree is called arbutus unedo, a shrub in the family of Ericaceae. This Mediterranean native is highly widespread in Sardinia. Fruit of the Strawberry Tree by NzfaunaNzfauna [CC BY-SA 4....
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U.S. Oil Rig Count Rose Last Week - Bloomberg

U.S. Oil Rig Count Rose Last Week - Bloomberg:Crude drilling increased in American fields even as explorers face the biggest quarterly drop in oil prices since 2014.Working U.S. oil rigs rose by 10 this week to 883, according to data released Friday by oilfield services provider Baker Hughes. More than 100 additional rigs have been deployed across American fields this year.It’s likely one of the last increases, said James West, an analyst at Evercore ISI, as oil prices remain at the lowest level...
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As Oil Prices Plunge, OPEC Output Is at Risk From Social Unrest - Bloomberg

As Oil Prices Plunge, OPEC Output Is at Risk From Social Unrest - Bloomberg:Oil’s plunge has taken prices below the level all but one OPEC country needs to square their 2019 budgets, increasing the risk of supply disruptions from economic dislocation and social unrest. At today’s Brent price of $55 a barrel, only uber-wealthy and sparsely populated Kuwait will be able to make ends meets next year. OPEC giants Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran need much higher prices. So do the nations that have suffer...
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#UAE gross bank assets amount to $777bln | ZAWYA MENA Edition

UAE gross bank assets amount to $777bln | ZAWYA MENA Edition:The UAE gross bank assets amounted to AED2.854 trillion by the end of November 2018, 6.00 percent up from AED2.694 trillion by the end of December 2017, according to Central Bank of UAE statistics released today.Gross credit increased to around AED1.653 trillion by the end of November, a growth of 4.6 percent from AED1.58 trillion in December last year.Domestic loans received by the private sector rose from AED1.086 trillion in Decembe...
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Exclusive: Mitsui, Saudi Aramco, Russia's RDIF in talks to buy Arctic LNG 2 stakes - sources | Reuters

Exclusive: Mitsui, Saudi Aramco, Russia's RDIF in talks to buy Arctic LNG 2 stakes - sources | Reuters:Japan’s Mitsui & Co Ltd (8031.T), Russian sovereign wealth fund RDIF and Saudi Aramco are in talks to buy stakes in Novatek’s (NVTK.MM) Arctic LNG 2 project, with the size of the investments still to be decided, sources familiar with the talks told Reuters.Novatek plans to start producing LNG at Arctic LNG 2 in 2022-2023. The plant, which is expected to cost around $25.5 billion, will have an a...
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UPDATE 1-Pakistan to get $3 bln loan from #UAE, eyes deferred oil payments | Reuters

UPDATE 1-Pakistan to get $3 bln loan from UAE, eyes deferred oil payments | Reuters:The United Arab Emirates plans to deposit $3 billion in Pakistan’s central bank “in the next few days”, the UAE state news agency WAM reported on Friday, while a Pakistani official said Islamabad also hopes it will allow deferred payments for oil supplies.Pakistan is battling to bring under control a gaping current account deficit that’s wobbled its economy and lowered growth.Islamabad is engaged in bailout talks...
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U.S. shale producers hit the brakes on 2019 spending | Reuters

U.S. shale producers hit the brakes on 2019 spending | Reuters:U.S. shale producers are slamming the brakes on next year’s drilling with crude prices off 40 percent and mounting fears of oversupply, paring budgets that in some cases were set only weeks earlier. The reversal is alarming because blistering growth in shale fields has propelled U.S. crude output 16 percent to about 10.9 million barrels per day for 2018, above Saudi Arabia and Russia. Production has been expected to rise 11 percent m...
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Crude drops more than 11 percent in week as supply weighs | Reuters

Crude drops more than 11 percent in week as supply weighs | Reuters:Oil prices fell on Friday to their lowest since the third quarter of 2017, heading for losses of more than 11 percent in a week, as global oversupply kept buyers away from the market ahead of holidays over the next two weeks.Crude has lost ground along with major equity markets as investors fret about the strength of the global economy heading into next year. The prospect of a possible government shutdown in the United States, t...
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